The BeanBox Coffee Subscription Review

Are you an avid coffee drinker? Are you also a human? If you answered yes to both questions (and we hope you did) then there’s a good chance that you drink a lot of coffee, and occasionally get bored of too much of the same thing.

Sometimes we just need a change. And that’s where a good coffee subscription can be just what the doctor ordered. On that note, we recently tried a Bean Box coffee subscription and reviewed it. Its great for some but terrible for others, so keep reading to find out if its good for you.

MOST LOVED SUBSCRIPTIONS: Our 2019 top coffee subscription services are Atlas Coffee Club (consistently best overall), Driftaway coffee (our choice for freshness) and Angels' Cup (“black box” tastings add mystery and fun).

The Bean Box Coffee Subscription 'In a Nutshell'

The BeanBox Coffee Subscription
  • Quality of Coffee
  • Varieties of Coffee
  • Freshness of Roast
  • Price
  • Customer Service/Care

IMPORTANT: Bean Box Coffee is not a coffee roaster, but a company of artisan coffee experts who work with dozens of local roasters located around the coffee hub of Seattle. They carefully select the best coffees and roast them to peak flavor.

These delicious coffees then make their way into your subscription box, which you can choose to come weekly, every other week, or monthly (and either in a sampler or ‘coffee of the month’ box).

This subscription encourages you to specify what roasts you want to try, but also makes it easy to change your preferences at any time. All these factors together make it one of the best coffee subscriptions available right now.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Coffee Subscription

There are several things you want to keep in mind when choosing a coffee subscription.

This is Artisan Roasting, NOT bargain buying

You may have heard the term “artisan roaster” thrown around (especially if you have any hipster friends… or are a hipster yourself). It refers to when coffee farmers and roasters go the extra mile to prioritize quality in sourcing your coffee beans.

They want to see that every step, from the farm to the roaster to your coffee cup, is micromanaged to perfection. Why does this matter when it comes to choosing a coffee subscription?

Well, it’s good to keep the superior quality in mind in order to help understand that it comes with a price. Like, literally... a price tag.

What we’re saying here is that it’s simply more expensive than buying bulk coffee at the store.

But before you see that price on your screen and are tempted to chuck your laptop across the room, remember that you’re not paying a ridiculous mark-up for the same repackaged coffee.

You’re paying for the process, the premium content, and the experience of having ethically grown, professionally selected and roasted premium coffee. It’s just better stuff. And it’s worth it, guys, really!

Who is the Subscription For?

This is an easy, but important step when it comes to choosing a coffee subscription. You’ve got to ask yourself: is it for you, or is it a gift for someone else?

If it’s for you, it’s pretty easy moving forward since you know what kinds of coffee you like. But if it’s for someone else, it’s critical that you find out what their preferences are, or perhaps consider getting something with a bit more variety, like a coffee gift box with samplers.

A sampler is a great way to say you’re thinking of someone, while also saying, “Hey, turns out I don’t know you that well!” But in all seriousness, a sampler is a fun way to expand either your own coffee world (if you’re at all adventurous), or that of a friend, and so it can be a wonderful solution if you’re not 100% certain what coffee you’re after.

if you need more help finding a perfect gift for that coffee lover in your life, check out our list of The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

What Kind of Roasts Do You Like?

What is French Roast Coffee - Dark Roast

With Bean Box this is one of the most important parts of the subscription, as you have full control over the roast.

Are you a light roast fanatic, craving that stronger caffeine boost? Do you prefer a milder, medium cup of coffee? Or are you a fan of a smooth but bold dark roast when you brew your coffee? It’s important to brew your coffee as well as your own preference, as you’ll be choosing between these options at some point in your subscription!

The Bean Box Review 

Now on to the Bean Box review itself!

What is Bean Box?

Bean Box is a Seattle-based company that was founded in 2014 by two software engineers.

The founders combined their coffee knowledge and technical skill to build an incredible online experience that offers some of the best artisan coffee in the world… and delivers it right to your door.

They bring dozens of smaller roasting professionals in and around Seattle together into one unified artisan coffee hub that specializes in serving you, the coffee drinker.

While they offer countless options of coffee to straight-up purchase, their subscription allows you to hand over the reins and let them use their expert knowledge to guide you through an artisan coffee adventure each month.

Here’s a quick video they created that demonstrates their commitment to getting you the best coffee possible.  


  • User-friendly. They make it easy to cancel subscriptions, skip months, and change your coffee preferences.
  • Tons of coffee options!
  • They ship coffee beans within 48 hours of being roasted
  • Free shipping on paid subscriptions


  • You still have to pay shipping on that first free month trial (nothing is ever really free, right?)
  • Can be on the higher end, cost-wise, even for an artisan coffee subscription, though the price is by no means prohibitive

The Bean Box Sampler Gives You the Best of the Best

Their sampler comes with four 1.8 oz bags of coffee. Here’s what our experience with the sample pack gave us:

Sample #1: Diablo Dark Roast

This very dark roast is loaded with the bittersweet taste of tobacco, brown sugar, and dark chocolate. It is powerfully smooth and leaves you feeling invigorated.

Sample #2: Twilight Blend

Slightly less bold than the Diablo, this dark roast still brings a dusky overtone of spice and dark chocolate, while mixing in a hint of cherry that serves to brighten things up. Serves up a rich, bold flavor.

Sample #3: Johnson House Blend

Big, exciting, old-fashioned: this medium-bodied coffee has an undercurrent of baker’s chocolate (a lighter, smoother chocolate than the dark), and toffee.

It’ll take you back to a time long gone by, giving you a dose of coffee as it once was, and making it no surprise that “nostalgia” is listed as a flavor note.

Sample #4: Kenya Ichamara

As light as coffee gets, this high-profile Kenyan shouts of sweet honey, tangy cranberries and lemon. It is fruity, smooth, and an all-around exciting cup of coffee to drink!

And those were only four samples… out of 655 different coffees (at the time of this article)! Here are some of their best sellers.

Our experience with the Bean Box sampler showed it was one of the best coffee bean samplers out there!

The free coffee samples came by mail in their coffee subscription box with lightning speed and offered a variety of options from light to dark roasts, all freshly roasted, pleasantly different in their flavor profiles, and all just plain delicious.

They Know How to Get You the Best, High-End “E-coffee”

Bean Box is not only adept at finding coffee at peak flavor from the best roasters (a big deal for them!); they’re masters of making the online experience as smooth as that cup of Kenya Ichamara.

They’ve laid things out so simply on their site that in a matter of a few clicks, you’re signed up and ready to go! 

They Serve You by Streamlining and Personalizing Your Experience

Their online system allows you to choose things like frequency of delivery (the coffee of the month comes in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options), and roast preferences.

Upon delivery, your box comes tastefully decorated with a piece of caramel candy as well as a note addressed to you personally, offering assistance for any questions you might have. 

We like this because it demonstrates a care for the end consumer as well as the artisan farmers and roasters.

This shows a truly holistic, artisan approach that isn’t just taking your money and dumping expensive coffee beans in your lap and then leaving you to figure out what to do with them. 

Coffee is an experience! And any good subscription will take into account the fact that YOU are the one brewing and drinking it.

So You Want to Try It, But You’re Not Sure Where to Start? Use the Bean Box Free Trial!

If you’re seriously considering Bean Box, check out their first month free trial, or generous 30% off discount - available through THIS LINK on HomeGrounds only.

It’s a great way to sign up for the subscription and get a free coffee sample in the process (keep in mind that you do need to pay for the shipping on that first month, although after that it’s built into the monthly cost).

They have a sampler that changes every month as well as a coffee of the month. That gives you two easy options to help you dive in and try it out!

If you’re already sold on getting a long-term subscription and you know that you definitely want to go with Bean Box, you can also get six-month and twelve-month subscriptions at small discounts per month.

Not Sold on Bean Box? Here are 3 Alternatives

So you know you want a subscription, but you're just not sold on Bean Box. That’s okay!

Here are some of our other top choices for great coffee subscriptions!


“If you’re a coffee Instagram enthusiast, keep the bag nearby—graphically gorgeous, colorful packaging reflects the beans’ origins, inspired by local textiles and landscapes.”  - The Boston Globe

Atlas Coffee Club sends you a new micro-lot coffee each month. They also send information on brewing methods, flavor profiles, and a postcard from the coffee growing region. Their flexible preferences let you control the roast, grind, and quantity of coffee you receive, and offer a truly global experience. 



"...You’ll get a personalised, fresh roasted coffee subscription box that connects you to your coffee farmer, all while contributing to their livelihoods" - Urban Tastebud

Driftaway’s coffee subscription takes top marks for customer satisfaction. You receive four samples, then select a favorite and let them know. After that, they guide you to find your favorite beans at great prices. Naturally, these are ethically sourced and insanely fresh.



"...You’ll get a personalised, fresh roasted coffee subscription box that connects you to your coffee farmer, all while contributing to their livelihoods" - Urban Tastebud

Driftaway’s coffee subscription takes top marks for customer satisfaction. You receive four samples, then select a favorite and let them know. After that, they guide you to find your favorite beans at great prices. Naturally, these are ethically sourced and insanely fresh.



"True coffee nerds are always looking for their next great sip. Angels' Cup makes it easy." - Uncrate

Surprise, surprise! Your Angels’ Cup subscription brings you blind tastings of a number of artisan coffees. Use the Angels’ Cup app to record your reactions to each bean. In addition to learning about coffee tasting and sourcing, you can participate with an active community of Angels’ Cup members.


The Verdict – What Do WE Think of the Bean Box Coffee Subscription?

So, if you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably interested in Bean Box. Well, it probably won’t surprise you that we’re fans.

They provide one of the best coffee subscriptions out there, especially for anyone who is sputtering in a bland, boring coffee cycle.

Bean Box will break you out of that rut with an incredible, carefully curated flow of coffee beans from one of the best artisan coffee hubs on the planet.

When you couple that with their Bean Box free trial, there’s really no reason not to try them out! They offer variety, quality, and adventure, all in one little box, shipped right to your door.

Once you’re signed up, tell us what you’re getting first. A sampler? The coffee of the month?

Come back and comment how it tasted once you get your first batch. We know it won’t be long before it arrives!


Alex is the Founder and Editor of He is passionate about brewing amazing coffee at home, and teaching others to do the same.

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