Coffee Region Guides

Coffees from around the world do not taste the same. Ethiopian coffee has a bright and floral taste while Papua New Guinea coffee has quite an unpredictable taste. Beans from different coffee regions vary in aroma, too. With coffee being grown different places, your taste buds can take a trip around the world simply by tasting beans from different regions and plantations.

Our coffee bean guides below aim to help you understand and enjoy quality coffee beans from all corners of the globe.

Are you looking for some authentic Kona coffee, Peruvian coffee, Sumatran coffee, or any coffee from a specific region, but don’t know where to look? What’s the best roast type and brew type for each one?

We have everything you need to know right here. Click the region you want to explore on the map - or browse through our guides below.

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Coffee Beans World Map
Sumatra Coffee Guide: Buying, Roasting and Brewing Tips
Sumatran coffee beans are rich and full-bodied. This coffee is definitely a must have in your pantry.
Best Costa Rican Coffee [Buying, Brewing and Roasting Advice]
Costa Rica coffee is super special. We'll reveal the growing regions, and where to buy the best beans without getting ripped off.
Best Colombian Coffee [Beans, Buying and Brewing Advice]
Colombian beans are prized worldwide. Read our review and start enjoying Colombian coffee the right way.
Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee: Where To Buy + SCAMS To Avoid
The Jamaican Blue Mountain beans are simply exquisite. What make them an excellent choice? And what the 'JBM scam'? Find out here
Australian Coffee: Everything You Need to Know
Australia is obsessed with coffee. From coffee roasters and shops to coffee crops, check our Australian coffee review here.
Papua New Guinea Coffee: Buying and Brewing Tips
PNG coffee has a unique flavor as well as interesting coffee industry. Find our complete review here.
Haitian Coffee: Buying, Brewing and Roasting Tips
Once upon a time Haiti was the biggest coffee producer. Organic by nature, these beans have a mellow profile. This is our take on Haitian coffee.
Rwanda Coffee: Everything You Need to Know
Rwandan coffee has an exciting taste as well as a colorful history. Learn everything about it here.
Nicaragua Coffee: Buying, Brewing and Roasting Tips
NIcaraguan coffee not only grows in top-notch geography, but also has a well-balanced flavor profile. Learn everything about it here.
Yemen Coffee: Buying, Brewing and Roasting Tips
Yemeni coffee is a drink filled with history. Check our take on this exotic beverage.
Peruvian Coffee: Buying, Brewing and Roasting Tips
Peruvian coffee is one of the best on the market these days. Check our review on this mild, yet flavorful coffee.
Sulawesi Coffee: All You Need to Know
Sulawesi coffee beans are incredibly delicious, but it can be utterly hard to find the perfect bean supplier. Dive into a complete review here.
Kenyan Coffee Guide: Buying and Brewing Tips
Kenyan coffee is considered the elite. These beans have balanced complexity and deep dimension. Learn more here.
Ethiopian Coffee Guide: Buying and Brewing Tips
Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and produces one of the best coffee in the world. Check our review and become an Ethiopian coffee expert.
Guatemalan Coffee Guide: Buying and Brewing Tips
If you are a true coffee lover, then you need some Guatemalan brand in your life! Check our review on this outstanding coffee.
Hawaiian Coffee: Everything You Need to Know
Hawaiian coffee is quite delicious, but can be pricey. Learn more about it and where to buy the real stuff.
Brazilian Coffee Guide: [Buying + Brewing Tips]
Brazilian coffee is super popular worldwide. Learn what makes it special in this complete review.
The 8 Best Cafes in Chiang Mai, Thailand
In a city like Chiang Mai, where there are hundreds of coffee shops, choose one can be overwhelming. Check our top choices here.
A Coffee Tour of Ubud, Bali [5 Best Cafes]
Indonesia is a great source of amazing beans, but has a vibrant cafe culture. Check our tour of Ubud and our top Cafes pick.