What's the Best Blender for Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is a pretty incredible way to fuel your body.

But, just like any superhuman formula for success, it needs to be made correctly if it’s going to work, and one of the most crucial parts of that process is getting a good blender for your bulletproof coffee.

Seriously, it’s more important than you might realize! Blending the ingredients in your BPC is an essential step in the process, and if you don’t do it long enough and with the right power, you might as well be pouring those ingredients right down the drain.

But chances are you already realized that, and that’s why you’re here. So enough said. Here’s our list of the best blenders for bulletproof coffee.

TOP PICK: Blendtec Blender

Blendtec Blender

The ultimate powerhouse blender that delivers a Hulk-like punch and is synonymous with bulletproof coffee.

Features 6 pre-programmed blending cycles: Batters, Ice Crush, Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup with easy to read touchpad controls and 10 speed plus Pulse.

This blender comes with an incredible 8-year warranty that will give you peace of mind as you blend away to your heart’s content.

How To Choose The Right Blender For Coffee

If you're blending something like butter or coconut oil into your coffee; you need to make sure it emulsifies (rather than sitting on top of your coffee).

Before we look at the blender options for your bulletproof coffee, here are a few things to consider when it comes to preparing bulletproof coffee.

Make sure you’re handling the entire process with care

Just in case you’re on the fence about this, you need to use a blender to make bulletproof coffee. You have to blend at HIGH SPEEDS with LOTS OF POWER in order to get the oils, butter, and coffee to properly blend together into one bulletproof drink.

If you need a refresher on why this stuff works, and how to properly go about making it, here’s the bulletproof founder Dave Asprey explaining the method.

Note: Here’s a checklist of best practices regarding bulletproof coffee in general.

Familiarize yourself with the different blender options out there

Immersion Blenders

Handheld immersion blenders allow you to blend the coffee right in the container rather than in a typical blender carafe.

While going this route is typically more affordable, it is also a legitimate (and sometimes preferred) method. This is because there’s less transferring of the liquid and thus less heat lost in the process.

Countertop Units

The other kind of blender that is typically used is a countertop unit. These have solid bases and carafes that lock into place.

While they are much less convenient than immersion blenders, they contain the mess while blending and bring a considerably larger amount of blending power to the table.

Check if the device can handle hot liquids

This one is important. Remember that you need a blender that can handle HOT coffee. Not all blenders can.

For example, for all of you NutriBullet fans out there, we did not include them on this list because there have been reported issues with NutriBullets and hot liquid, with machines allegedly even exploding and liquids severely burning users. In response, NutriBullet explained that their devices are not meant for hot liquids, as it says plainly in the user manual.

So do your homework and make sure the device you’re using is capable of handling hot coffee.

Note: The freshest coffee is brewed at around 200°F, according to the SCAA Golden Cup Standard,” so by the time it finishes and gets into your blender along with your butter, it should be slightly cooled down by then.

Warranty, please?

Another important factor to keep in mind is the warranty. These can vary from limited and as short as a year, to comprehensive and spanning several years. This is a huge factor of your purchase, as you won’t be pulling it out every once in a while, you’ll be using it every day, and you don’t want it quitting on you before it should!

A Few Notes on Bulletproof Coffee for the Road

While most of our blender suggestions are industrial sized, there are a few options available if you want to take butter coffee with you when you travel.

Neither of these is ideal, so we wouldn’t suggest them for long-term solutions, but they are decent as a quick fix.

PowerLix Milk Frother

If you want to make bulletproof coffee while camping, try using a milk frother. Alternatively, a bulletproof coffee shaker or portable hand-held mixer (something like this) can also work in a pinch. Consider it a sort of bulletproof coffee travel blender.

Top 5 Blenders for Bulletproof Coffee

Without further ado, here are our choices for your humble consideration.

hg-table__imageKitchenAid Immersion Blender
    An immersion mixer that is both affordable and convenient.
hg-table__imageXProject 800W 4-in-1 Hand Blender
    An immersion mixer that combines convenience with power.
hg-table__imageOster Versa Pro
    A great middle ground delivering respectable power at a decent price.
hg-table__imageVitamix Blender
    A high-end model that is built for heavy use and heat.
hg-table__imageBlendtec Blender
    The ultimate powerhouse blender that delivers a Hulk-like punch and is synonymous with bulletproof coffee.

KitchenAid Blender

If you prefer to go the immersion route and you’re looking for something affordable yet backed by the prowess and track record of a larger company, you may want to consider the KitchenAid immersion Blender. This slender beauty can pack a punch, which is important to get that butter, oil, and coffee to blend together!

The blender is equipped with 3 speed options and has a detachable 8 inch blending arm, making it easy to keep the mess to a minimum.

While it only boasts 85 watts of power, it is a mere 2 pounds and measures 2.3” x 2.3” x 15.8”, making it easy to wield in even the smallest of kitchens. The blending arm and accessories are dishwasher-safe, as well. Just don’t put the actual motor in there!

The unit also comes with a dishwasher-safe lidded mixer, which can be a huge help in keeping the bulletproof coffee from splashing out of the cup – a genuine concern with a handheld option.

Keep in mind, though, that if you transfer everything to multiple cups, you’re going to lose some of your heat!

Finally, it comes with a 1-year hassle-free replacement warranty. Not bad for such an affordable option, and a good thing to know if you’re going to go the cheaper route and still want your bulletproof coffee every morning.


  • Affordable, lightweight option
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Small (doesn’t need to be kept on the counter)


  • On the lower end of blender power
  • Can make more of a mess
Best Suited For: Those who prefer both the immersion method and affordability. 

XProject Blender

The next choice on our list might not come with that KitchenAid reputation, but it sure does take the immersion blender game to the next level. The XProject Hand Blender is an incredibly powerful handheld unit that can deliver a massive 800 watts of power.

It is similar to the Kitchenaid in that it is great for use with hot liquids, comes with an array of dishwasher-safe attachments (which gives it diversity beyond your bulletproof needs), and has both a spill-proof and an open-topped cup.

But that power… phew! With nearly ten times the power of the Kitchenaid mixer, this unit is the mack daddy of immersion blenders, ensuring that you’ll have enough oomph to blend that coffee into one, smooth, buttery cup of goodness every morning.

It only comes with a 1-year warranty, but at such a low price it’s hard to expect more than that.


  • Very powerful for an immersion blender
  • Affordable


  • Can make a bit of a mess
  • Low price means less durable parts
Best Suited For: Those looking for an immersion option that still delivers a large amount of blending bravado.

Oster Blender

Making your bulletproof coffee in the Oster Versa Pro Performance Blender is a great way to upgrade to a countertop unit while keeping costs from getting too prohibitive.

When it comes to blending prowess, the Oster Versa Pro leaves the handheld blenders in the dust, bringing a respectable 1100 watts to the table. It even comes with a “soup” button for hotter liquids, so you know it can handle your coffee.

It also has a very roomy 64 oz container, with the overall unit coming in at 12.1” x 16.8” x 11.6” and weighing 11.8lbs – so you’re going to want to either clear significant space to store it or make room for it on the counter.

It’s a solid option and can be a great workhorse for your morning bulletproof coffee. Not only that, but it comes with an impressive 7-year limited warranty. Now that’s a guarantee that we like to see!


  • Affordable mid-range option
  • A workhorse
  • 7-year limited warranty


  • Unit is not as durable as higher-end blenders
  • Limited warranty doesn’t cover the jar
Best Suited For: A coffee aficionado on a budget. It gives you a heck of a lot more power than your typical immersion blender but still remains comfortably on the affordable end of the scale.

Vitamix Blender

Vitamix bulletproof coffee has remained one of the two premier options ever since the oil- and butter-infused java became popular. And it’s no wonder!

The Vitamix 5200 Blender is as powerful as all get out! It comes with a whopping 1490 watts (that’s a full 2 horsepower!) and stands a towering 20.5” high with a 7.2” wide and 8.8” deep base.

The unit has a 64 oz container and comes in black and white with old-school buttons on the front. No fancy futuristic-looking panels here. Just good old knobs and switches. It’s the sign of a dependable unit that should keep your bulletproof coffee flowing each and every morning no matter what.

The unit is also built for heat. It’s so strong it literally can heat things up if given enough time to create the friction! This is helpful when you’re pouring coffee from one container to the next. You don’t want a lukewarm cuppa crap at the end of the deal! And the Vitamix will keep that cup from cooling off for you.

Now, this one is one of the two most expensive blenders on our list, but the thing that makes the cost bearable is the 7-year warranty. It’s the kind of dependability you would expect with a name that is so closely connected with bulletproof coffee.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Great with hot liquids
  • 7-year warranty


  • Very expensive
Best Suited For: The devoted bulletproof coffee drinker who cares more about dependability and longevity than cost.

Blendtec Blender

This last blender on our list is another powerhouse. The Blendtec Blender brings a commercial-grade level of power to your coffee adventures, at a similar cost to the Vitamix.

With an astronomical 1560 watt motor, this blender will have your ingredients mixed into a frothing cup of bulletproof magic in seconds.

With its iconic, easy-to-clean FourSide Jar and easy-to-use touchpad controls, this blender comes ready to work. Standing at 7” x 8” x 15.5”, it is sure to impress anyone who steps foot in your kitchen. And, once again, this thing is also specially designed to handle hot liquids and even has a “hot soup” preset!

The Blendtec blender also happens to be the very blender that Dave Asprey uses in the video from earlier in the article! That’s right. Used by the bulletproof coffee founder himself!

The final kicker here: the warranty. How long is it, you ask? Try combining the KitchenAid AND Vitamix together! That’s right, this thing comes with an incredible 8-year warranty that will give you peace of mind as you blend away to your heart’s content.


  • Incredibly powerful motor
  • Commercially solid design
  • 8-year warranty


  • Very expensive
Best Suited For: This is for a user who is committed to their bulletproof coffee and isn’t looking to cut any corners.

The Verdict

So, if we consider things like heat and durability, we find that there are a few blenders that stand above the rest (literally, they’re huge!). And of these few brave machines, the best blender for bulletproof coffee is the Blendtec. Of all the options, this beast-of-a-machine is the model that we just can’t get over.

Blendtec Blender

Powerful, durable, able to take the heat, and used by the bulletproof founder himself, the Blendtec Blender is a safe option that is worth the upfront investment.

Once you have it, you’ll be set to make your bulletproof coffee for years to come, especially with that 8 year warranty in your back pocket!

Now all you need to do is get blending! If you’re interested in some bulletproof coffee recipes, check out our ultimate guide to BPC recipes and get started!

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