25 of the Best Cities in the World for Coffee Lovers


If you are a coffee fanatic, you probably know a lot of excellent local café stops as well as a few places to find good coffee in places you visit frequently.

After all, you can never have too much caffeine, right?

But there are a number of places across the world that are incredible simply because the entire area provides excellent coffee.

Maybe next time you plan a vacation, you should take a trip to one of the best cities in the world for coffee lovers and see what amazing discoveries you can make.

#1 Rome

Rome: perhaps one of the most romantic cities in the world. Italy is known for coffee, and Rome is the heart of the country, with so much historical and architectural significance.

So heading to Rome to visit the lovely Caffè Propaganda makes perfect sense.

Frequent the cozy café with the romance that matches the atmosphere throughout the city while spending your days exploring one of the greatest, oldest cities in Europe.

Don’t stop with the caffeinated beverage; order something off the menu. 

Everything served is aesthetically pleasing as well as a delicious treat for the taste buds.

#2 Vienna

The old world feel of Vienna can creep into your soul, and you can easily fall in love with the Austrian city.

But there’s a reason the Café Vienna brand is so popular for coffee drinkers worldwide. Vienna has much to offer the coffee lover: Café Central.

There is often a line of patrons at this prime location, which makes delicious food and the best cup of coffee around for warming up on a cold, snowy day.

The service is as exceptional as the fare, and you’ll have the experience of a lifetime that you can talk about for years to come.

#3 Havana

Cubans know their espresso as well as they know their cigars and rum. Havana is the capital of coffee, with Café El Escorial taking the lead among coffee shops.

They roast their beans in-house every morning, starting the day off with the perfect aroma.

It sets the tone for a day filled with excellent service (and smiling faces) in Plaza Vieja, a district of the old city.

Other than coffee, Cuba is known for its great beaches, so fuel up with caffeine, head to the pristine coastline, and come back to reinvigorate at the end of the day.

#4 Taipei

Taiwan may not inspire thoughts of coffee and espresso. In fact, you probably think more of the national palace or the awe-inspiring architecture of the temples, but the Far East is an excellent place to find culture, company, and coffee.

In Taipei, Rufous Coffee, which offers a beautiful, well-lit space where you can consume caffeine in comfort.

Aside from exquisite coffee, you’ll find intriguing furnishings, which are unique and inviting, and a social environment, especially if you’re sitting at the bar.

Coffee and drinks are served in lovely glassware, and you can order something sugary to satisfy your sweet tooth.

#5 Buenos Aires

Any Latin culture is going to offer some of the best coffee beverages known to man, and even the urban Buenos Aires in Argentina has a lot of old-world charm, including java that will knock your socks off.

Such is the case at Lattente on Thames, which is built on a specific idea of how to roast.

The owners are demanding of the baristas, who take their time and do the job right.

Between the perfect brew and a cozy spot to join fellow coffee lovers at the bar, this place alone rates Buenos Aires on the list of must-visits.

#6 Lisbon

Portugal sometimes gets overlooked as a vacation destination, overshadowed by France and Spain and even Great Britain nearby.

But consider that Lisbon offers a great collection of cafés for your caffeine consumption, and you might change your mind about where you travel next.

BI+CA is an interesting location, inside the LX Factory and serving incredible coffee roasts.

The industrial feel is a bit steampunk and very hipster, and this is a great place to invite friends for a long Sunday lunch or to have a business meeting. There are also separate rooms you can book for larger groups.

#7 Byron Bay

Australia has become a powerhouse in the coffee industry, so it’s no surprise that Byron Bay in the land down under ranks high on the list of cities for coffee lovers.

Take a stroll over to the Roadhouse Café Bar, which offers not only the best of the best in locally grown and roasted coffee but also amazing dishes that satisfy any appetite.

The café is also a guilt-free choice of eateries, since they focus on sustainable farming and whole foods in everything they serve.

You aren’t just enjoying a fine meal and great coffee; you’re supporting local growers!

#8 Melbourne

While you’re in Australia, check out one of the island’s larger cities. Melbourne is full of tourist attractions and a great coast where you can enjoy the beach and all the ocean has to offer.

On the interior, you’ll want to track down the best coffee because Aussies know their way around a coffee bar.

Market Lane Coffee is one of the best cafés around, with artisan brews and food to please the palate. 

The environment is light and airy, and the coffeehouse creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a solitary cup or to stick around and talk to locals and other tourists.

#9 Manhattan

New York is always on the go and, especially in downtown Manhattan where business thrives, you can find superb little coffee bars.

Since the city is littered with the likes of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts you should consider Kaffe 1668, owned by two Swedish brothers and located in the trendy Greenwich Village area.

As you might imagine, this part of town caters to the hipster crowd, so you can expect the vibe to continue in this café. And that’s great because there are few things hipsters love more than a cozy atmosphere and incredible coffee.

#10 Portland

The Pacific Northwest is a haven for coffee lovers, clinging to the brew especially during the heavy rains and cloudy months.

Portland is no different and, with its diverse population, you’ll find a variety of vibes in the many coffee bars across the city.

Check out Tōv on Hawthorne Avenue, a premier destination coffee shop in the heart of the city.

Housed in a bus, this is a tourist attraction because of the novelty, but it’s an old standby for locals, who know just how great the coffee is and consider it a staple for the start of a good day.

#11 Paris

Like Rome, Paris is full of romance, from idealistic to realistic locations that inspire all kinds of love and friendship.

Maybe that’s why the coffee is so good in the glorious French city. After all, what better way to make new friends or fall in love than over a cup of coffee?

Make sure to stop at Ten Belles, a premier café where the forward-thinking design work is as noteworthy as the designer coffee that they serve. 

Berry bouquets, folding stools, and the best coffee in Paris have made this a favorite for locals and another reason for tourists to come to the city.

#12 Strasbourg

While in France, you’ll find that Paris isn’t the only Mecca for coffee lovers.

Strasbourg may not be the first place you think to visit in the country, but it should make your list, especially if you like artisan coffee such as what is brewed at Oh My Goodness café.

The name says it all; you’ll be floored at how great the brew is. 

On top of that, expect excellent service (and baristas and waiters who speak English).

Best of all, enjoy the rock music that plays in the place: a different sort of vibe from the pop and indie music piped into so many cafés.

#13 Luzern, Switzerland

Switzerland may be neutral in times of war, but there is nothing neutral about their coffee! If you’re going to be in the Alps, you’ll need a tasty way to warm yourself and get infused with energy.

Alpineum Kaffeehaus is more than just a typical café: it’s a cozy place to warm your bones after a good ski trip and refuel.

It’s also excellent for conversation with friends and strangers who will soon be friends.

The Swiss are all about tourism, so you can expect to be pleasantly accommodated with comfortable seating, excellent service, and a welcoming environment.

#14 NYC

Should it really be surprising that one of the world’s busiest and fastest moving cities is wholly dependent upon caffeine?

New York City has coffee on every corner, from standard corporate stores to bodegas serving single cups of drip or espresso with no frills. But it would be a shame to ignore the many indie coffee houses throughout the city, including Happy Bones. 

Expect to have ecstatic bones, muscles, and organs after a cup of java here, coupled with one of their fine food offerings.

The artisan coffee is to die for, and it’ll keep you fuelled up for sure!

#15 Chicago

Like New York, Chicago is a bustling city with a penchant for excellent food.

But between fabulous meals (or before, during, and after as it sometimes happens), the residents of this city seek out specialty servings of stout coffee.

For a trip back to the 80s with your cuppa, visit the Wormhole, where you’ll find the full-scale model Back to the Future time machine/car. 

All the décor is from 80s and 90s movies and pop culture, prompting you to reminisce on simpler times when you could sip hot chocolate, didn’t need caffeine, and didn’t have adult responsibilities!

#16 Mexico City

Sure, you can visit touristy Cancun and get a decent cup of coffee, but forget the Americanized trap and visit Mexico City instead.

You’ll get more culture and a better mug of caffeinated goodness.

Real Mexican coffee is stout and might put hair on your chest, but it’s delicious and a must-try when you visit the country’s capital city.

Cielito Querido serves up delicious conchitas baked fresh daily with their coffee, and the espresso drinks will have you flying and still craving more.

The café is cutely adorned and welcoming as well, making it a must-see in Mexico City.

#17 Lincoln City

With an application to become the smallest café in the world, Little Espresso Co just might get the nod from Guinness. With two seats and a 5-foot-long bar, this tiny treat still takes the cake when it comes to great coffee.

Watch how easily accommodating owner Adam can be as he offers the people of Lincoln City coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and even sandwiches and paninis from his little cubicle.

It might seem like a novelty, but really, it’s intriguing in a different way. It’s intimate, and you’ll really get to know your fellow coffee lovers in this small spot.

#18 Las Vegas

With the bright lights in the casinos and the late-running shows of Las Vegas, it’s easy to lose track of day and night until you start to feel exhaustion creeping up on you.

So, to solve this problem, the city has become a leader in supplying good, tasty coffee to its patrons.

To find the best roasters, step off the Las Vegas Strip into the “real world” area and visit Mothership Coffee Roasters. 

One of few actual roasters in town, they serve incredible coffee with farm-to-table pastries that will remind you what it’s like to eat fresh.

#19 London

Yes, even the Brits will trade in their traditional tea time for a cuppa, and not just on a rare occasion.

And who can blame them?

London can be drab at times, and a caffeinated pick-me-up comes in handy.

One of the best things about some of the cafés in London is that each one works hard to assure you that they really know how to roast and brew to perfection.

This is true of Nude Espresso, where you can expect either location to provide you with incredible coffee and options for a brilliant breakfast that will fill you up.

#20 Stockholm

Living in a place that is dark almost round the clock for half the year may have been the motivating factor for the Swedish to enter into the world of gourmet coffee.

Visiting the northern European country can lead you to a great many cafés that offer a variety of good coffee.

Try Drop Coffee, where they roast their own brews and offer classes to patrons who truly appreciate the art of brewing and roasting. 

Be sure to buy some beans to take home. You can even order online so you always have access to the best of the best!

#21 Tokyo

Japan is an industrial and business powerhouse with a thriving economy, and nowhere is this more obvious than in Tokyo.

Like New York City, you’ll find high rises and people always on the go to and from the financial and commercial districts. In the mix are the coffee joints necessary to keep them on their toes.

Check out About Life, a trendy little corner spot in Shibuya that’s frequented by tourists and Japanese third wavers. 

The sleek design of the tiny location has made it popular for photographing, which means it’s busy, so be prepared for a wait. The coffee is worth it!

#22 Toronto

Canada gets cold. That’s the long and short of it, so warm brews like coffee are ever popular (when people aren’t snowed in).

Toronto, a progressive city anyway, is one of the biggest coffee cities in the world, with much to offer the caffeine addict and the coffee enthusiast.

Dineen Coffee is one of the best examples, with a cool ambience and friendly service to complement the incredible — if simple — coffee and pastry menu.

They even create some of their own flavor syrups in house, so you can expect greatness on all fronts without worrying so much about preservatives.

#23 Seattle

As the home of Starbucks and rain nearly 300 days a year, Seattle is all about coffee.

Staying warm and lively during the cloudy, drizzly days has prompted Seattle to be known for its coffee worldwide, and with good reason.

You’ll find big box corporations and indie shops everywhere, including Elm Coffee Roasters in the heart of the beloved Pioneer Square.

Sip your coffee and peruse local art and artistry, as well as fresh fish, flowers, and produce (fragrant enough to cover up the fish smell).

The brews are strong and varied, and you’ll appreciate the warmth during the cool days of fall.

#24 San Francisco

Considering that San Francisco has a large hipster community and coffeehouses cater to hipsters with chill, inviting vibes, it goes without saying that San Francisco offers coffee lovers a vast array of coffee bars for their drinking pleasure.

Make sure to try a cuppa at Provender, owned by two Italian brothers. It’s a tiny place but it’s cozy and welcoming to all.

Best of all, the coffee — drip, espresso, whatever — is amazing, and you have to try the black sesame banana bread, which is served up in slices that are thick, more like slabs.

#25 Berlin

Germany doesn’t necessarily inspire thoughts of lattes and espresso, but you’d be surprised how much of a coffee country it’s become over time.

Maybe it has something to do with the remaining old-world charm from before the World War II era, the eastern part of Berlin still having areas behind the times.

Stop in at The Barn for the most incredible coffee in the city, and experience the quiet of a place with policies against laptops (they also have “scandalous” outlooks on dogs, sugar, soy, and strollers, so ask questions about what is and is not okay for them).

A trip to a new place can be an exciting adventure, regardless of the purpose for your visit. But let’s face it — people make destinations their goals for wine tastings, specific historic sites, and even architectural tours.

Why wouldn’t coffee lovers do the same, choosing to visit some of the best places in the world for great coffee?

With these suggestions in mind, you can plan an entire long weekend in a foreign destination that offers you the chance to experience the best the world has in terms of your favorite caffeinated beverage!

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