Best Coffee Maker With Grinder of 2019 (Our Top Picks)

As much as I love the process of manually preparing a cup of coffee, there isn’t always enough time (or patience) to go through the long process.

If you’re in a pinch, minimal brewing effort can be a very valuable commodity.

What’s the best grind and brew coffee maker? Today, that’s exactly what we’ll be revealing.

Unlike other brewing methods, a straight bean-to-cup coffee machine can deliver fresh coffee at the push of a button.

Its primary value is in its convenience, but there are many reasons why you may consider purchasing a machine like this...

TOP PICK: Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control

Breville grind control

For a more affordable option while still having the best quality and features, this coffee maker wins the game.

We love its straightforward interface where you can have multiple grind and strength options, and it brews at a more consistent temperature.

This has got the right mix of affordability, quality, and flexibility.

Why Should I Choose a Grind and Brew Coffee Maker In the First Place?

If you are anything like me, then you might frown on all-in-one coffee makers.

However, I will be first to admit my bias:

I just love manual coffee.

When it comes down to it, it's not only a question of quality for me, it's also a question of process; and I enjoy the hands-on approach – hence my constantly growing pour over collection.

However, a simple process can save valuable time, so for today’s post I am going to lean out of my box, and consider what a truly good, all-in-one coffee machine is made of.

As with any machine, brew quality is critical.

Regardless of how many gadgets a machine comes with, it is worthless if it can’t produce a drinkable cup of coffee. Luckily enough, there are plenty of machines out there that can!

The following benefits make a strong case for using a coffee maker with attached grinder:

You'll Always Get a Fresh Grind

Best coffee maker with grinder being used

One of the major benefits of these types of coffee machines is that your beans are ground just before they are brewed.

Letting coffee grounds sit for extended periods of time can cause them to lose their flavor and aroma.

By grinding immediately before brewing, a bean-to-cup coffee machine ensures that you get the most flavor out of your grind.

Of course, if you’ve invested in a nice burr grinder already it won’t make sense to buy a coffee maker that grinds for you – but if you haven’t, it sure is tempting to bundle to two.

It's Very Damn Convenient

​Look - Having a manual or machine burr grinder is common in this world. Having less coffee gear, is more convenient, put simply.

These machines allow you brew a single cup, or an entire carafe, with just one button.

In all honesty, there just isn’t a simpler, or faster method of brewing coffee. (well, maybe these machines are faster, but nothing else!)

All it takes to brew coffee with one of these machines is to pour in the beans, pour in the water and press go.

It’s as easy as that!

Now you can finish trimming your burly beard, or making yourself an Austin-esque breakfast taco.

Customizable Features

Many machines come with different settings, which allow you to control the grind, the brew time and the brew amount.

These features allow for greater flexibility depending on your immediate desire.

Additionally, some all-in-one machines even come with built-in features for making an espresso or a cappuccino or some other type of coffee drink.

Before Purchasing, Ask Yourself the Following

Choosing the right all-in-one coffee maker can seem like a difficult choice with so many different options to consider. However, asking yourself these three simple questions will help you decide:

What's My Budget?

Bean-to-cup coffee systems can get quite expensive, which makes this an important first question.

You can find machines for as little as $100, or as high as $1,500 (!) - meaning there is plenty of room to move.

These machines aren’t called “all-in-one” for just any reason, and the price usually reflects this. Once you know your budget, then you can begin to consider some of the other features.

How do I Plan to Use this Machine?

If you are just looking for a machine that can reliably make you and yours a good cup of coffee every morning - with the absolute least amount of effort - then your choices will be fairly simple, and your primary concerns will only be brew consistency, grinder type and timer functions.

Try and think of this in terms of buying a cake - it is important to know what flavor of cake you want before considering any extra icing.

Do I Want Something with More Flexibility?

Now that you know your buying capacity, and which products fit your specific needs, you can start considering your wants.

There are varying additional features for you to choose from. Depending on how much room is in your budget you can find products with additional grind settings, or even the ability to make different style coffee drinks.

Once you’ve gone through those three questions then you can start comparing machines.

Below is a list of features you should consider when looking:

  • The amount of coffee the machine can brew in one session.
  • The overall size of the machine, and how much space it will take up.
  • The type of water filter it uses (if at all).
  • The amount of time it takes to brew.
  • The amount of noise it makes when brewing or grinding.
  • How many programmable features it offers.
  • If it has an automatic shutoff safety feature.
  • How many available settings it offers for coffee strength.
  • How many grind settings it offers.

If at this time you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, I can completely sympathize with you.

There is a lot to consider when shopping for an all-in-one coffee maker.

Which is why I have provided you with my list of my top four coffee makers with attached grinders, to help narrow down your search.

4 of the Best Coffee Makers That Have Built-in Grinders

By now you should have a solid understanding of the good vs the bad of all-in-one machines, and what features may (or may not) be important to you.

The following 4 machines, in our opinion, are worthy...​

hg-table__imageBreville BDC650BSS Grind Control
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe can keep your coffee hot for up to 3 hours
  • 6 adjustable, burr-grind settings
  • Programmable timer
hg-table__imageKenmore Elite 12-Cup Coffee Grinder/Brewer
  • Hot plate to keep your coffee warm
  • Most inexpensive in our list
  • Adjustable grinder and coffee strength settings
hg-table__imageDeLonghi Magnifica
  • Lets you make an extensive range of drinks
  • Easy disassembly allows for hassle-free cleaning
  • Lets you customize your drink
hg-table__imageJura ENA 9 One Touch
  • Offers many drink options
  • Simple, compact, and easy to use

Breville grind control

The Breville Grind Control coffee maker is simple, efficient and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The most distinctive feature of the Grind Control is, undoubtedly, its six different burr grind settings.

This allows for greater opportunity to get the most out of your beans, and not many other all-in-one coffee makers offer this.

Additionally, the Grind Control allows you to calibrate your brew depending on how strong of a cup you desire. Smaller grain sizes means stronger brews, and vis-versa.

The machine also features a “steep and release” system, which allows the hot water to absorb more of your beans flavor before dripping into the carafe.

The Breville can also be completely disassembled for cleaning; however, this can be a long and complicated process.


  • Options for brewing a single cup or full 12-cup carafe
  • Brews coffee at consistent 200°F
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe can keep your coffee hot for up to 3 hours
  • 6 adjustable, burr-grind settings
  • Programmable timer


  • Inconsistency with grinder feeding system, which can affect the strength of the coffee
  • Can be a little tricky to clean

Kenmore Coffee Grinder and Brewer

Like the Breville, this coffee machine utilises a burr grinder and offers multiple grind settings. '

Unfortunately, it also shares the same grinder feed issues as the Breville: the slope of the hopper isn’t steep enough to ensure a consistent grind with different bean types.

Aside from that issue, the Kenmore coffee maker does feature a hotplate to keep your coffee hot for longer.

It’s also fully programmable, allowing you to set the start and shutoff time.

Compared to the Breville’s maximum of 12, the Kenmore can make up to 14 cups of coffee.

One thing to consider before buying this product is that it has a shorter lifespan than the Breville, and cannot be disassembled for cleaning.

However, it does have a much lower price tag.


  • Fully adjustable grinder and coffee strength settings
  • Programmable timer
  • Hot plate to keep your carafe warm
  • It’s the best priced machine on our list


  • There is no single-cup option programming option
  • Inadequate grinder feed system can lead to inconsistent brews
  • Short lifespan of about half a year to one year

Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Machine

With all the options this coffee maker comes with, I am surprised it doesn’t have an even longer name.

With just the click of a button you could have an espresso, a latte, a cappuccino or a simple cup of black coffee in only a minute.

As if all those options weren’t enough, the DeLonghi also offers a hotplate on top of the machine, just to preheat your cup (because pouring coffee into anything but a warm cup is just too low-class).

This machine is all about luxury, and so it is the second most expensive coffee maker on this list.

However, this machine is only capable of producing one cup at a time, and cannot fill an entire carafe.

Despite this, the machine works quickly, and is able to yield consistent quality from cup to cup.

If you are looking for something with all the bells and whistles, and don’t mind shelling out an even thousand, then this might the machine for you.


  • Offers an extensive range of drink options
  • Variable programmability, including brew timer, grind and boldness settings
  • Easy disassembly allows for hassle-free cleaning, and each part is also dishwasher safe
  • Offers an additional hot water spout for tea


  • It’s quite an investment (its expensive)
  • The machine is very complex, so repairs can be costly and typically require sending the product in to the manufacturer
  • It is also very large, and would take up a significant amount of space on any counter

Jura ENA 9

The Jura One Touch coffee maker is very similar to the DeLonghi, however the Jura is much more compact.

The Jura is also optimized for simplicity, but this means it does not have quite as much flexibility as the DeLonghi.

The coffee maker has a very sleek and modern design, and it does not take up much of your countertop real estate.

Its interface is also very user friendly, which makes getting your cappuccino that much more enjoyable.

However, this level of convenience comes with a price, as the Jura is about $500 more than the DeLonghi, making it the most expensive machine on our list.


  • It offers just as many drink options as the DeLonghi
  • Easy to use interface, with programmable features
  • Simple, compact design


  • Most expensive machine on on this list
  • Makes only single cup drinks
  • Inconsistent heating mechanism

If you are interested in the Jura coffee makers, make sure to check out our review on the whole Jura family

THE VERDICT: What's The Best Coffee Maker With Grinder?

Our vote goes to the Breville Grind Control as the winner, and here’s why: the Breville offers the greatest programmable control and consistency of quality, without breaking the bank.

Its straight forward interface allows for multiple grind and strength options, while not overwhelming the user, and it brews at a more consistent temperature than any of the other machines.

Breville grind control

Although it cannot make any espresso drinks, it is able to brew either for a single cup or a carafe.

And its lower price makes it more affordable on smaller budgets.

That's why we love it, and that's why we've dubbed it as the best grind and brew coffee maker.

You may decide that you must have a machine that can make you a latte at the push of the button, but if that is a feature that you could do without, then I recommend the Breville as the best union between price, quality and flexibility.

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