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25 of the Most Hipster Coffee Shops in the World


The word “hipster” inspires a sort of special intrigue in most people. The hipster vibe trends toward the latest in high fashion and design while skirting societal norms.

Hipsters like to be a bit “different,” to say the least, and it makes them striking, standing out in the crowd rather than blending in.

You’ll find that coffee shops have become havens for hipsters, and often they carry an atmosphere that caters to such a crowd.

If you enjoy that sort of environment, you’ll love these coffee shops around the globe that offer a complete hipster vibe.

#1 The Bicycle Cafe

Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? Here’s your first good reason to set foot in the city of the Steelers. With a kitchen and coffee bar that are open all day, you don’t want to miss out, especially on the brunch offerings.

But stick around: the cocktail bar is open till 2 a.m. They have an extensive list of beers on tap for the enthusiast. More to the point, though, they serve a mad-good coffee. And the overall vibe is welcoming to anyone who likes the hipster scene. Don’t expect to find that just anywhere in Pittsburgh!

#2 Snakes and Lattes

Are you a bit put off by the fact that every coffee bar has become a cyber café? You aren’t alone, and this specialty location in Toronto takes the cake on nixing the Netbooks. They have board games — hundreds of them — and the baristas will not only bring your coffee but also instruct you on how to play even the most obscure games they have collected.

Nostalgia and style come together to make Snakes and Lattes the type of place that easily appeals to hipsters…and to the child in all of us! Put down the work and play a while!

#3 The Wormhole Coffee

Chicago is a “foodie” town, so you may not think as much about the atmosphere of a coffee shop as you would a restaurant. But a visit to The Wormhole Coffee will change your mind, transporting you back to a time when comic books and 80s movies were popular.

Described as cozy with couches, you can expect knowledgeable baristas, incredible coffee (try the lattes), and loads of fun décor. Don’t forget to try the filled croissants with your cup of joe; they’re to die for. And have fun ordering your drink — get the Cool but Rude latte or the Vanilla Bear.

#4 L’OisiveThé

High class and high fashion should be expected in Paris, and this little gem is full of both. Hipsters will find classy tea and coffee cups that are decorated like true china, and the baubles you can purchase are endless.

Besides, you’re in Paris, which is one of the biggest hipster cities in the known world. Even if you aren’t into coffee, it’s worth visiting, since they have an incredible selection of Parisian teas as well. There is something for everyone at this fancy tea room, including a variety of coffee drinks that will have you coming back for more.

#5 The Breakfast Club

Dear Brat Pack Fans: yes, the original idea behind London’s little gem (which now has multiple locations) was to please you. It was an homage to John Hughes and perhaps the best hipster movie of all time. The movie inspired a generation, and then another, and now it is iconic and blasted by the décor in the small restaurant.

However, since it does use the word “breakfast” in the name, the place also serves amazing morning foods and, best of all, a variety of caffeine options, which might have been helpful in keeping the high schoolers awake during Saturday school.

#6 Café Brecht

Everything in Amsterdam caters to those who walk their own path, and none of those paths is the “beaten path.” And there is no shortage of hipster vibe in the city. But for a great cup of java and an atmosphere the likes of which you can’t find anywhere else, check out this East Berlin–inspired café.

With German offerings and European appeal blending with the worldly hipster attitude, you can’t go wrong in this cozy little spot. Sure, it’s a bit far for some of us, but it’s worth the trip. Besides, everyone should experience Amsterdam at least once in their life!

#7 Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar

The coffee cups are personalized, the menu is handwritten, and the space is bright and airy. Consider the anti-mystery vibe that brings hipsters to Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar, whether to work or to share a cup of coffee with a friend.

It’s a great first-date place, too, or you can just sit alone and ponder the meaning of life while flipping pages in a book that you may or may not be reading. It doesn’t get much more inviting to people from all walks of life than that! Hungry? Order a sandwich, salad, or something from the “Toast Bar.”

#8 Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Do you know the difference between cream tea and high tea? Do you like to sit and chat with friends for hours while sipping tea or coffee? Then Lady Dinah’s is the place to be. Located in (where else?) London, the high society–style tea room is hipster mainly in its menu, catering to the “alternative” diet crowd that seems to run with hipsters.

Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free — these are all readily available on the menu. And if you have other allergies or needs, you can make requests when you call to book your slot!

#9 Stable Café

San Francisco is a great destination for any hipster, since the entire city wraps itself around the unique and offbeat. So it’s no surprise that you can find coffee houses in San Fran that cater to the popular culture. For example, the Stable Café is located on Folsom Street in a converted carriage house.

The gorgeous California coast weather makes the patio a wonderful option for dining and sharing conversation over a cup of java. Or you can sit inside, upstairs or downstairs, and carry on intellectual discussions. The hipster vibe is continuous throughout, making it a number-one destination.

#10 F’Coffee

Maybe it’s because of the type of artist that seeks out coffee shops for performance venues, but live music seems to be one of the main offerings in hipster cafés. F’Coffee in Toronto (now called the Cannonball Café) fits the bill perfectly. Come for coffee, enjoy some baked goods and a light lunch, and stay for a beer and live music.

The atmosphere is conducive to getting a little work done when you don’t feel like being in the office, and you can hold a casual business meeting on the patio with a pint rather than feeling formal and awkward.

#11 Four Barrel Coffee

Let’s head back to San Francisco for another great place to catch the hipster vibe while consuming caffeine. Four Barrel Coffee proclaims proudly on their website that they do their best not to suck, and that’s all anyone can really do, right? They definitely succeed, with some of the best coffee around and a comfortable environment that invites people from all walks of life.

They’re relaxed, offer great service and a listening ear, and do little things that help build the community and make sure that everything goes smoothly. And that’s what promotes the overall hipster feel in this cozy shop.

#12 Gaslight Coffee Roasters

What is it about this Chicago coffee shop that attracts the crowd? Maybe it’s the location, on the edge of the Logan Square foodie district. Perhaps it’s the décor, reminiscent of a hunting lodge with wallpaper that seems to come straight out of the 1600s.

Maybe it’s the clientele, the baristas, or the overall vibe of the place. Whatever it is, it works, and best of all, you can expect great coffee and real breakfast food, not just pastries. Be sure to grab a bag of beans — you get a free cup of joe with the purchase.

#13 Liebling

A lot of people overlook Austria unless they want to go skiing or snowboarding. The truth is there’s a lot of culture to find in Vienna. It’s old and has class and architecture. It also has Liebling, a cozy coffee shop that is a favorite among locals and rarely overrun by tourists.

The interior is described as shabby-chic, which is popular among the hipster crowd. It’s stylish with a lived-in, comforting feel. And the coffee is great, so you can sit and enjoy a book or meet some of the regulars over a cup or two of excellent brew.

#14 Monocle Café

For another look at the epitome of “hipster,” we go back to London and visit the Monocle Café, renowned for its fabulous coffee and modern vintage appearance. The comfort here comes from the traditional approach to décor as well as the warm welcome and vast knowledge of the baristas.

And the place inspires conversation between strangers, who are friends by the time you leave. Hipsters can relax or work in the space as needed, and you are welcome to stay for some baked goods or pick up a few items in the small shop area.

#15 Front Coffee Company

The team behind Front Coffee built the entire brand on being hipsters. They started by putting their shop in the front of an old industrial loading dock, and then they worked to perfect food and drink — especially coffee — through experimentation and artistry.

They continue to invent and inspire, which is part of what makes their little shop the perfect destination, urging others to express themselves fully through art, speech, and any other method preferred. What better way to promote individuality in the true spirit of the hipster movement than to sell your own penchant for the culture?

#16 Beter & Leuk

Heading back to Amsterdam for another dose of local brew and crazy caffeine, you’ll experience the height of hipster throughout the city, with an especially strong dose at Beter & Leuk (to match their coffee). Rich brews, sweet treats, and comfortable seating are just a few of the things you can expect here.

Check out the old-school European atmosphere, relaxed and accepting, that really sets this café apart from the average. Stick around and listen to good tunes that play at a moderate level, and be sure to talk to the baristas, who are experts on coffee and the local culture.

#17 Bitte! Coffee House

We’ve sampled Amsterdam and Vienna. Now, let’s take a train over to Berlin, a thriving city that has overtones remaining from the World War II era. You’ll be saying “Bitte!” (Please!) when you step into the coffee house on Glogauer Straße (Street), begging for more of the coffee and the atmosphere, which is thick with hipster delight.

Try a variety of roasts, and order some Greek-inspired cuisine, including a simple Greek yogurt with fruit, that is healthy and different from the usual café menu. You might also find the décor, a maritime-inspired design, a little refreshing.

#18 Café Pförtner in Berlin

While you’re in Berlin, check out Café Pförtner, which offers an environment with nice lighting and Italian dishes, as well as wonderful breakfast options and incredible coffee. Dine in the bus at the back of the interior, or people-watch as you enjoy the outdoor seating.

The versatile location offers a variety of accommodations for any mood you might be in, all of them infused with the spirit of the hipster movement. Eclectic mixes of seating make this space feel like it was thrown together for comfort and not specifically designed for appeal, which only makes it more intriguing!

#19 Café Le Falco

Wide open and inviting with large windows and lots of natural light, the décor at Café Le Falco in Montreal might confuse you a little. But rest assured, the bicycles hanging from the ceiling are secure and won’t fall down! In fact, they call attention to the high ceiling that gives the space an “exposed” look and feel, keeping it charming and intriguing.

The coffee house is large and spacious, with enough seating for a crowd, but tables and chairs aren’t so close together, leaving plenty of room to stand around and talk to people coming and going.

#20 The Coffee Bar

When you think of Washington, D.C., the word “hipster” probably doesn’t come to mind.. But any location with museums galore should cater to the hipster community, considering their penchant for art and architecture and philosophy.

The Coffee Bar, simply named for what it is, can be found in two locations in the US capital city, and both offer excellent coffee, a smooth hipster vibe, and service with a smile. It’s cozy, and they cater to your sweet tooth as well as to the traditional afternoon tea, for those who desire.

#21 The Howling Owl

When it comes to cultivating coffee, Australia is the new Italy. Imagine time on the coast of the country-continent-island, surfing and scuba diving and generally enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Now, realize that you also need coffee to make it through such a busy day.

While some cities in Australia don’t necessarily incorporate the hipster vibe, you’ll find quite a few places in Adelaide that hit the mark, including The Howling Owl. The name alone makes it interesting, and aside from excellent coffee and sweets, the location has a gin bar that opens up in the evening.

#22 Shoreditch Grind

What makes the Shoreditch Grind such a great spot for hipsters? First, they are a late night café, which isn’t common in London. Second, while the place is always busy, it’s also intimate — small but not pressing.

Located in the Old Street area, you can expect a particular atmosphere that speaks to how important the coffee bar is to the locals, and you’ll be hard pressed to find high-quality coffee like this anywhere nearby. Be sure to strike up a chat with a Londoner: they are talkative here, and you can learn a lot about the history and culture of the city.

#23 STEAMpunk

When you imagine visiting South Africa, you aren’t thinking of coffee…or hipster. But even the strangest of places have come to appreciate the cultural movement, and at Truth Café in Capetown, you’ll find the entire café is one incredible work of art.

You will never find another coffee bar in the world that is truly steampunk from top to bottom, including the way baristas dress. The tabletops are saw blades, and décor includes vintage typewriters and sewing machines. It’s like stepping into the pages of a novel set in a Victorian future. What could possibly be more stunning than that?

#24 Abraço

Abraço Espresso in New York City is smartly located in the East Village, near NYU and amidst the anti–pop culture popular in this part of Manhattan. Beatniks, intellectuals, and philosophers are everywhere, and these are the core of the hipster crowd. Abraço, which means “hug” in Portuguese, is small and cozy…and very busy.

It could be the brewed-to-order drip coffee, the high-quality espresso, or the tapa style plates, or it could just be a friendly atmosphere that opens the door for pondering the meaning of life or talking about the weather. Whatever the draw, it is the epitome of the hipster coffee house.

#25 Silo Coffee

Wander back over to Berlin one more time for a satisfying breakfast complete with sensational coffee. Silo Coffee is the home of Fjord Coffee Roasters, an in-house brew that has an incredible taste and even better aroma.

The café is Australian and serves plenty of treats, with the baked eggs and avocado on toast recommended by several patrons. New items pop up all the time, based on the chef’s whim and available ingredients, and you can’t go wrong with espresso or drip coffee. The easygoing atmosphere and the beautifully plated food make this a hipster haven for sure.

It doesn’t take much stretching of the imagination to see why the hipster vibe holds such appeal, and being part of the crowd in a place that oozes the incredible atmosphere can get your blood pumping. Cafés across the world strive to create the perfect location for such gatherings, prompting intellectual conversation and comfortable silence.

This list of the most hipster coffee shops in the world is a great place to start if you’re searching for that perfect place to join in the trend. Make it a destination trip, and visit some of these the next time you plan a vacation, and satisfy your inner coffee lover!

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