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Unlock the Best Coffee Subscription for Your Palate

Coffee subscription clubs have grown in popularity over the past few years. This popularity coincides with the ever-growing specialty coffee movement and a Third-wave counter culture. And that's great. But, as a result, there is an overwhelming number of companies offering online coffee subscriptions. While some of these offer excellent coffee, there are many others that are thinly veiled cash grabs.

Choosing a monthly subscription can be time-consuming, especially if you care as much about your cup of Joe as we do. Luckily, Homegrounds has done the hard work for you. We've subscribed to more than 100 of the top-rated coffee clubs and summarised eleven picks for the best coffee subscription below.

  • Exotic, single-origin coffees
  • Sourced around the world
  • Prices from $9
MOST SUSTAINABLE MOST SUSTAINABLE Driftaway Coffee Subscription Driftaway
  • Personalized
  • Guided blind cup tasting
  • Prices from $14
MOST VARIETY MOST VARIETY Trade coffee subscription Trade Subscription
  • 400+ beans to choose from
  • Fast and simple ordering
  • Prices from $17.35
BUDGET PICK BUDGET PICK Volcanica Coffee Logo Volcanica
  • Top coffee beans from around the world
  • Never run out of coffee
  • Save 25% by subscribing
  • Gourmet coffee only
  • Ethical sourcing
  • $5 starter pack
  • 50 top roasters
  • Simple and seamless experience
  • Prices from $10.95
  • Curated to taste
  • Unique cupping experience
  • Prices from $8.99
  • Reliable delivery
  • Gold-class sourcing/roasting
  • Prices from $13
Healthiest Choice Healthiest Choice purity coffee packs Purity Coffee
  • Not a curated subscription
  • Organic, shade-grown, low-acid, high-antioxidant coffee
  • Starts at $19.20 per month
BEST VALUE BEST VALUE peets coffee subscription review Peet's Coffee
  • Choose one of four curated subscriptions to suit your taste
  • Receive 1, 2, or 3 pounds once a month
  • Starting at $18.95 per month
DISCOVER NEW COFFEES DISCOVER NEW COFFEES yes plz coffee subscription Yez Plz Coffee
  • Choose Mix, Single Origin, Espresso, or Decaf subscription
  • Shipping is free for all subscriptions
  • Starts at $17 per week for an 8.8 oz bag

As a bonus, we've managed to secure some unique discount codes for HomeGrounds readers.

We promise you'll find the best coffee subscription service for you. How? In our buyer's guide, you'll learn what type of caffeinated drinker you are. You'll then know how to choose the best subscription box from our curated list below.

How We Choose The Subscriptions for you

Choosing the best coffee often comes down to personal taste, and we didn’t want to let ours influence this list. Whether you prefer light-roast single origins, dark espresso blends, or even coffee pods, there is a great coffee subscription for you. However, there are a few non-negotiables that have nothing to do with your palate:

  • Every subscription we endorse must offer high-quality coffee. That means premium coffee beans from top coffee-growing regions. They are processed to high standards and roasted with skill and experience.
  • The best coffee subscriptions all deliver fresh coffee. The peak time to enjoy a coffee is between one and four weeks after roasting, so you should receive your beans well within that window. If the subscription offers a pre-ground coffee option, it is even more important that it ships and arrives soon after grinding.
  • The frequency of the subscription should be tailored to meet your consumption needs. You can control how much coffee you receive and how often. Because the only thing worse than getting too much coffee and seeing it go stale is getting too little coffee and having to skip your morning brew!

1. Atlas Coffee Club – Best Overall


  • Amazing, rare micro-lot single-origin beans sourced from all over the world

  • Feels like you're on a guided tour of the world of coffee'
  • Prices start at $9 (but you can take 50% off with this coupon for larger orders, or $10 off with this coupon for smaller orders)
  • Shipping locations: USA and Canada.
  • Free shipping available

Best Overall: Each month, Atlas ships new single-origin micro lot coffees from around the world. They offer various roast levels, flexible scheduling options, and whole bean or pre-ground coffee. Each coffee arrives with a beautiful postcard detailing its origin and tasting notes.

How it works: Choose a shipment size, delivery frequency, roast type, and grind size (or whole bean). They then send you the best single-origin beans from all over the world, along with a postcard, tasting notes and brewing tips. You'll never get bored.

Atlas feels like an educational experience. Each craft coffee bag features custom designs reflecting the culture and environment of the origin (1). The postcard teaches you about the region and its coffee, and you a handy little card revealing tasting notes, flavor notes and best ways to brew.

If you want more of the juicy details read our full Atlas review here….or check out a video breakdown on why we feel Atlas is the best coffee club subscription:

2. Driftaway Coffee – Most Sustainable


  • Personalized subscription catered to your taste.

  • Guided blind tasting with a cupping expert using a coffee flavor wheel.
  • Committed to price transparency and paying farmers well above Fair Trade prices.
  • Offer whole bean, pre-ground, and special blends for cold brew.
  • Prices start at $14.40 per shipment.
  • International shipping

Most Sustainable: Driftaway has truly gone above and beyond regarding sustainability. They work directly with farmers and pay well above-average prices, and thanks to their transparency pledge, you can check those prices yourself. Driftaway uses compostable and recycled packaging and purchases carbon offsets to ensure carbon neutrality. They donate 5 cents to World Coffee Research for every pound of coffee sold – helping guarantee the future of coffee.

How it works: Driftaway is the only personalized subscription based on a blind taste test. Your subscription will kick off with the arrival of five unlabeled coffee's from around the world. You’ll then conduct a proper taste test, either self-guided or on Zoom with a cupping expert – an experience available exclusively to members. Using the results of your coffee-tasting, Driftaway will cater your subscription to your taste. It’s a wonderful way to discover new coffees and origins! Read our fresh full review of Driftaway.

3. Trade Coffee – Best Variety


  • Over 400 quality beans in their library. New coffeebag will become a regularity.

  • Are committed to matching you with your perfect option
  • Easy to order and shipped very quickly
  • Prices start at $15.75
  • Shipping locations: USA only

Best Variety: Trade isn’t a roastery. Instead, this subscription sources from dozens of independent roasters around the US. As a result, they offer a tremendous variety of over 450 coffees. That's why we awarded it the best coffee subscription for variety. You can find single origins and blends, all roast levels, and even decaf and half-caf options. The selection is constantly changing to ensure whatever is on offer is always fresh.

How it works: You opt for a blend or single-origin as they take you through a quiz that finds your first perfect match. They put themselves in YOUR shoes when creating their quiz, rather than getting a bunch of hard-to-answer questions. Based on your feedback, they'll start recommending different types of beans.

Trade keeps things simple, while slowly learning about your coffee preferences. How? Well, you take the short survey, and they'll deliver fresh beans each month. Then you give them feedback. Trade will learn about your style and build a profile for you;

Read our full Trade review here. Or watch our YouTube review below.

4. Volcanica Coffee – Budget Pick


  • Hundreds of products to choose from, including blends, single origins, decaf, and flavored coffee.

  • Not a curated subscription; you choose your own picks.
  • All 100% Arabica from the world’s top growing regions and freshly roasted each week.
  • 10% discount for subscribers.
  • Prices from $19.99/pound, before discount.
  • Worldwide shipping

Budget Pick: Volcanica doesn’t offer curated subscriptions. Instead, you subscribe to receive your favorite Volcanica beans on a regular schedule. Signing up nets you a 10% discount from Volcanica’s already very reasonable prices. But budget-conscious Home Grounds readers can do even better by using the code SUB25 for 25% off their first order.

How it works: Volcanica’s subscription is brand new. It’s not a curated tasting experience but rather a way to ensure you never run out of fresh coffee — and net yourself a nice little discount in the process.

Volcanica offers hundreds of high-quality coffees sourced from around the world, primarily from renowned volcanic-growing regions. Volcanica's products are among the best coffees in the world! They roast their beans fresh each week, and grind to order for whatever brewer you choose. 

For more on Volcanica subscription, read our review.

5. Purity Coffee – Healthiest Choice


  • Organic, shade-grown, low-acid, high-antioxidant coffee

  • Not a curated subscription
  • Starts at $19.20 per month
  • Free shipping included with US gift subscription
  • Can choose whole beans or coffee pods
  • Only ships to US and Canada

Healthiest Choice: Purity coffee is one of the first brands to source and roast coffee with your health in mind. They choose the best coffee beans, which are naturally rich in nutrients in free from contaminants, and then roast them carefully to preserve those properties. Third-party laboratory testing is used to back up their health claims.

How it Works: Purity Coffee isn’t a curated subscription. You choose which coffee you want and the quantity, and your beans will arrive once a month. With a Gift Subscription, you can prepay for either 3 or 6 months, and Purity will ship it to you free of charge (in the US). Or you can choose the Subscribe & Save option to avoid the set term. In either case, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount.

Purity Coffee has a small but well-chosen selection of four coffees – one dark roast, one medium roast, one light roast, and one decaf option. Each one targets specific health benefits, though all boast exceptional quality and high antioxidant content. Every Purity Coffee is Organic, Bird-Friendly, and Rainforest Alliance certified. The Gift Subscription is available with whole beans or coffee pods. For Subscribe & Save, they also offer coffee sachets.

Bags of whole beans are nitrogen flushed before shipping to ensure your coffee arrives as fresh as possible.

Learn more in our full Purity Coffee Review.

6. Bean Box – Best for Coffee Geeks


  • Extremely picky sourcing (from the best coffee roasters in the best coffee city in the world)

  • Supports ethical coffee only (they carefully vet the sourcing of each roaster they work with)
  • Feels like you have an expert coffee sourcing advisor handpicking great coffee for you.
  • Prices start at $20
  • Shipping locations: USA only.
  • Free shipping for orders over $30

Best For Coffee Geeks: Bean Box has two features that serious coffee geeks won’t be able to resist. First, they are extremely picky with their sourcing, so you only get the best-of-the-best coffee. Second, they offer a very popular Coffee Sampler subscription. With this, you get four small bags of coffee each cycle. It’s an easy way to explore new origins and flavor profiles to expand your coffee palate.

How it works: Bean Box handpicks the best beans from the best roasters in Seattle, then ships them to you based on your preferences. Seattle is known as one of the leading third wave coffee cities in the world. So the quality is amazing (2)!

Bean Box works with 30 different roasters who source from some of the world’s leading green coffee buyers. They’ve built an impressive library of coffees. You'll never get bored.

Read our full Bean Box review here, or see what you get in this video:

7. Mistobox – Most Personalized Subscription


  • Easy to order with: fill out a quiz, get coffee sent, and start brewing.

  • Source from the top 50 roasters in the US. Many chances to try new types of coffee.
  • A very simple and seamless experience
  • Prices start at $12.71
  • Shipping locations: USA only

Most Personalized: MistoBox may not offer the same unique specialty coffees as Atlas, but that doesn’t mean it’s not right for you. We love this subscription service for its excellent selection of top coffees and user-friendly experience. If you’re new to specialty coffee or coffee subscriptions, this is a great place to start!

How it works: Once you sign up, you fill out a simple quiz that helps you choose. you select the roast (but not the grind) and can opt for single origin coffee, espresso, or blends. Every 1-4 weeks (you choose) they ship 12 ounces of gourmet coffee directly to you.

Mistobox is one of the biggest names in the coffee subscriptions game. They source from the top 50 US expert roasters such as Ruby and Verve. Unfortunately, they only ship within the US. Mistobox is popular because they score VERY high for user experience. They walk you through a short quiz to find the best option for your needs. They also plenty of information about their coffee how to best brew it.

Read our full Mistobox review here.

8. Angel's Cup – Most Unique Experience


  • The most exciting way to discover gourmet coffee

  • A HUGE library of beans. You'll never get bored
  • Fresh roasted and shipped internationally
  • Prices start at $9.99
  • Shipping locations: USA and Canada

Most Unique Experience: The Angels’ Cup coffee subscription is perfect for anyone who wants an experience and not just a drink. The four coffees of your subscription arrive unlabeled, clad in plain black packaging. You get to brew and taste without any preconceived notions before looking up the details. It’s a fun way to develop and evaluate your coffee-tasting skills.

How it works: you simply choose one of 4 options and they will send you simple looking black bags of coffee, identified only by a number. No fancy branding or hype. After you’ve tried the brew, you can look up the origin and roast.

Angels’ Cup is big on the “discovery” aspect; sourcing high-quality gourmet coffee from a variety of underground roasters. Their philosophy is “Never the same thing twice – once something is gone, it's gone forever.“ You'll get the chance to try 208 different coffees in a single year if you play it right. They offer whole beans and ready-ground options. They also let you select your roast preference (light, medium or dark roast – they can do it all)

Read our full Angels' Cup coffee review here, or watch our video review here:

9. Blue Bottle Coffee – Best Luxury


  • You get sent high-quality beans from roasters you know and like.

  • More like a regular home delivery of quality beans
  • Gold class in sourcing and roasting
  • Prices start at $13
  • Shipping locations: Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and USA.

Best Luxury Subscription: Blue Bottle Coffee doesn’t come cheap, but its premium pricing is for a good reason. They source specialty coffee from among the best lots in the world, available exclusively through Blue Bottle, and then roast it with unmatched expertise. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a Blue Bottle Cafe in you city, a subscription is the best way to experience the brand’s famed quality.

How it works: Unlike with many monthly coffee subscription boxes on this list, you’ll have to choose the coffee for yourself (though they do have a quiz to find your coffee match). They offer subscriptions to any of their 8 blends as well as espresso, blend and single origin assortments. Blue bottle is always a good choice, and their subscription is no different.

Read our full Blue Bottle Coffee subscription review here.

10. Peet’s Coffee Curated Subscriptions – Best Value


  • Choose one of four curated subscriptions to suit your taste.

  • Available whole bean or pre-grounds.
  • Starting at $18.95 per month.
  • Free shipping within the US.
  • Ships worldwide, with pricing based on weight.
  • Receive 1, 2, or 3 pounds once a month.

Best Value: Peets is one of the largest coffee companies on this list, which means they have the clout to source the best beans and the volume to sell them at reasonable prices. This combination means great value for coffee lovers. Plus, they offer tons of discounts, like 30% off new subscriptions, free shipping, and buy-more-save-more options.

How It Works: Peet’s offers four types of curated subscriptions – single origins, blends, small batch, and seasonal essentials – all of which are a wonderful way to explore new coffees while sticking to a style you enjoy. Coffee only ships once a month, but you can choose to receive 1, 2, or 3 pounds at a time. Coffee is available whole bean or pre-ground.

Peet’s coffee has been in the game for a long time. Founded in 1966, it made its name crafting beautifully balanced blends. If you’re a fan of Peet’s classics like the Major Dickason blend, the Signature Blends Series is the best subscription for you, with a different blend shipped each month. If your tastes are a little more diverse, consider the Single Origin Series, which highlights a new growing region each month. The Small Batch Series takes that a step further, offering rare micro-lot coffees that coffee geeks are sure to appreciate. Finally, there’s the subscription for the Peet’s superfans, the Seasonal Essentials Series. It guarantees you never miss out on Peet’s limited edition releases. 

No matter which curated subscription you choose, expect to receive top-quality coffee with various roast levels and flavor profiles.

11. YES PLZ – Best for Discovering New Coffees


  • Choose Mix, Single Origin, Espresso, or Decaf subscription.

  • Only the best coffees are sourced and roasted in small batches.
  • Only available within the US.
  • Shipping is free for all subscriptions.
  • Starts at $17 per week for an 8.8 oz bag

Best For Discovering New Coffees: With a YES PLZ subscription, you get a new coffee every single week! By signing up with YES PLZ, you can discover up to 52 new coffees over the course of a year, all carefully selected and roasted fresh. It’s the perfect option for the coffee drinker who wants to try it all.

How It Works: YES PLZ offers four subscription options depending on the type of coffee you enjoy. For the best variety, choose The Mix, which is just a bit of everything. But if you prefer having more say, you can select Single Origin, Espresso, or Decaf. You can choose an 8.8-oz or 12-oz bag to arrive weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks, or every four weeks.

If the idea of giving YES PLZ total control over your coffee habits via The Mix subscription scares you, it shouldn’t. The brand has an impressive commitment to quality – all the more amazing given that they source and roast a new coffee each week. You never need to worry about getting a bad coffee, though espresso fans will get more out of the espresso subscription.

Decaf drinkers should take particular note of YES PLZ. Few roasters put effort into developing even one flavorful decaf, but YES PLZ produces a new one every week! If you’re avoiding caffeine, this subscription ensures you still get to explore varied and flavorful coffee.

How To Choose The Best Coffee Subscription

How to choose best coffee Subscription

Every coffee subscription on this list offers high-quality, fresh coffee delivered to your doorstep. Choosing the right one comes down to your needs.

Your Preferred Coffee Style

Look for a coffee subscription with the style of coffee you enjoy, whether that is particular roast levels, flavor profiles, or origins. If it’s important to you, consider certifications – like Organic, Bird-Friendly, and Fairtrade – or company ethics around sustainability and environmental protection.

Think about your coffee habits

If you enjoy sampling new and interesting coffees, look for a subscription that ships you a new coffee every time. Many subscriptions let you rate the coffee you receive and use this feedback to tailor subsequent deliveries to your taste. If you already know what you like, choose a basic subscription that sends your favorite coffee on a schedule of your choosing – and usually at a discount.

How much coffee do you drink?

The frequency of coffee delivery is important to avoid running out of beans or having them go stale. Take stock of your coffee consumption habits, and choose a brand that can deliver to meet your needs. A coffee club that offers pre-ground coffee for your favorite brewing method is crucial if you don’t have a quality burr grinder at home. In this case, a subscription that offers more frequent delivery of smaller quantities is preferred.

The Verdict

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to selecting the best coffee subscriptions. The market is saturated and unfortunately, they are not all great offerings. This list has been curated by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers, and we update it a few times a year. We're here to make sure you get your delicious cup of coffee every day.


A coffee subscription is a service that delivers freshly roasted beans to your door in a quantity and at a frequency of your choosing. Some coffee subscriptions just deliver your chosen coffee on a set schedule, ensuring you never run out. Others offer a curated experience. They choose the coffee for you based on your preferences, helping you explore new roast levels and origins. In most cases, they roast only specialty beans and often have the special monthly offers.

You subscribe to a coffee service by visiting the website of the coffee company that interests you and signing up. In most cases, you will need to answer a series of questions in order to tailor your subscription to your needs. This will ensure you get world/s best beans you enjoy and that you get the right amount delivered to fit your coffee drinking habits.

Yes, coffee subscription services are worth it, as long as you find the right one to meet all your needs. With any subscription, you always enjoy freshly roasted coffee, and you never have to worry about running out. With a curated subscription, you can discover new favorite coffees you might otherwise have missed.

Yes, most coffee subscription services offer holiday deals. Check our Black Friday, National Coffee Day, and other deal pages to learn more. Some of them even offer free coffee during holidays, so keep an eye on the deals around holidays. Alternatively, visit your local coffee roasters or shops to see what they offer on holidays.

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