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8 Best Office Espresso Machines To Boost Your Work Atmosphere

A lot of factors go into picking an espresso machine for your office. The best espresso machine for the office is the one that fits your needs specifically. Do you need a big or small machine? One that’s automatic or one that requires some elbow grease? Does everyone in the office like lattes and need frothed milk? Or are you all just espresso lovers?

Answering those questions will go a long way in making your decision. To help you along the way, we created a list of the best options to fit a range of needs. In this article, we’ll talk about the best espresso coffee machines for office.

At A Glance:

  1. Best Overall: Jura Z10
  2. Budget Pick: Nespresso VertuoPlus
  3. Best Office Cappuccino: Jura D6 Espresso Machine

Best Office Espresso Machines For Your Workplace

There are a lot of different espresso machines in the market and each model and brand have their specializations. In this round-up, we chose the best espresso machines for office use and ranked them according to the variety of coffee drink types they can make, ease of use, their size, the number of cups they can make, their features and more.

Jura Z10
Best Overall

Jura Z10 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Super-Automatic
  • Milk System
  • ~60 oz reservoar
Nespresso VertuoPlus
Budget Pick

Nespresso VertuoPlus

  • Pod machine
  • No milk system
  • 40 oz reservoir
Jura D6
Best Office Cappuccino Machine

Jura D6 Espresso Maker

  • Automatic espresso machine
  • Milk System
  • 64 oz reservoir
DeLonghi Dinamica
Best For Iced Drinks

DeLonghi Dinamica

  • Super-Automatic
  • Milk System
  • 60 oz reservoir
Nespresso Gran Lattissima
Best Nespresso For The Office

Nespresso Gran Lattissima

  • Pod machine
  • Milk System
  • 34 oz reservoir
Breville Barista Pro
Best Semi-Automatic

Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Steam Wand
  • 67 oz reservoir
Nespresso Inissia D40
Best For Small Office

Nespresso Inissia D40

  • Pod machine
  • No Milk System
  • 24 oz reservoir
Jura Giga 6
Best For Big Office

Jura Giga 6

  • Super-Automatic
  • Milk System
  • 88 oz reservoir

1. Jura Z10 Super Automatic Espresso Machine – Best Overall


  • Type of machine: Super-Automatic

  • Milk System: Yes
  • Reservoir Capacity: ~60 oz

The Jura Z10 is the all-around best option for offices. It’s a super automatic espresso machine that makes a huge range of drinks from straight espresso to cold brew latte macchiato. That means that no matter the varied tastes in your office, everyone will find something they like that this espresso maker brews.

The integrated milk system means that at the push of a button, you can have frothed or steamed milk added to your coffee. There isn’t any extra work you’ll have to do to brew a cappuccino, just find the button on the touchscreen display and wait.

The water capacity is a fairly large 60 oz, which means that you don’t have to worry about refills too often and can brew a lot of coffee at once without waiting. Plus, the Jura Z10 has a cold brew extraction. 

Every drink the Jura Z10 makes hot can also be made cold. It’s a special pulsing cold brew extraction that speeds up the process.

Lastly, it’s the first Jura espresso machine to have the Product Recognizing Grinder. That means that the machine recognizes which drink you select and adjusts the grind size automatically before brewing. Having the right grind size for perfect brewing means you’ll get a better-tasting coffee.

The Jura Z10 is the most capable machine that suits every type of office. The range of drinks means everyone will find their preferred drink. The milk system takes all the work out of your hands. And the Product Recognizing Grinder makes sure you always have tasty coffee.

2. Nespresso VertuoPlus – Budget Pick


  • Type Of Machine: Pod

  • Milk System: No
  • Reservoir Capacity: 40 oz

Pod-style espresso makers are a great budget buy for any office. That’s because single-serve espresso machines don’t use as much of the high-tech inner workings of more intricate machines. They are simpler and still produce pretty good coffee.

Plus, Nespresso has a ton of different capsules that work with the VertuoPlus. That means that no matter what sort of coffee everyone in the office likes to drink, there will be a capsule that fits their palate.

The VertuoPlus doesn’t have a milk system, but that actually helps keep the price down. In more expensive machines, the milk systems are actually a big part of the price. The VertuoPlus not having a milk system means it’s more affordable. And if you find yourself needing frothed milk, Nespresso has a separate milk frother that pairs nicely with the VertuoPlus.

As far as pod-style espresso makers go, the VertuoPlus has a respectable 40 oz water reservoir. That’s plenty big enough to make a handful of coffees at a time without refilling. But it’s not too small that you’re refilling all the time. It’s a happy medium.

But the best part of the VertuoPlus is the Centrifusion brewing. Each Nespresso Vertuo pod has a specific barcode on the rim. The machine scans the barcode and adjusts the water temperature and brewing time for that specific coffee. That means that with every unique pod, you’ll still get a phenomenal taste.

3. Jura D6 Espresso Machine – Best Office Cappuccino Machine


  • Type Of Machine: Automatic

  • Milk System: Yes
  • Reservoir Capacity: 64 oz

The Jura D6 is a simple yet powerful automatic espresso machine. It’s a streamlined machine without a ton of frills or extra features. That means that the price is kept relatively low without sacrificing coffee quality or convenience.

The D6’s milk steam system is specifically designed for producing cappuccino foam. It makes it super easy to produce consistent and tasty cappuccinos for everyone in the office. Not only that, but the Jura D6 has seven pre-programmed coffee drinks to choose from. And with a 64 oz water reservoir, you can make a lot of drinks before you’ll need to refill.

The Jura D6 has Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process. That means the brewing parameters are standardized for each coffee drink to ensure you get consistent results with every brew. Plus, there’s a built-in grinder to speed up the brewing process and simplify craft drinks.

The bottom line is that this machine is a great mid-sized office machine. It doesn’t have all the fancy technology of a super-automatic, but it is still incredibly easy to use and can make excellent cappuccinos. Plus, the size of the water reservoir means you can make drink after drink without having to spend time refilling and waiting for the machine to heat up again.

4. DeLonghi Dinamica – Best For Iced Drinks


  • Type Of Machine: Super-Automatic

  • Milk System: Yes
  • Reservoir Capacity: 60 oz

DeLonghi has been in the espresso machine game for a long time. And the Dinamica is one of the better-known super automatic espresso machines in the lineup. It’s another super-automatic bean-to-cup style brewer. It takes your brew from whole coffee beans to brewed coffee with the push of a button. You don’t need to understand the ins and outs of coffee extraction to get great results.

With the integrated milk system, you can whip up cappuccinos and lattes, which means that everyone in the office will have a drink that suits their taste. The machine itself also has a quick, 40-second heat-up time. You won’t be standing around waiting to brew your next coffee. It’s a powerful machine with a quick turnaround, which means it’s a great choice for busy offices or for a high-traffic machine.

Add the quick heat-up time to a 60 oz water reservoir and you’ve got a machine that doesn’t take much maintenance. The 60 oz tank will last for a lot of drinks before you’ll need to spend time refilling. Plus, the brewing unit is removable and the drip tray is dishwasher safe, which means that when you do need to clean the machine, it’s super simple.

But maybe the best part of the DeLonghi Dinamica is the “Over Ice” button. It’s a button on the display that adjusts your brew to account for the diluted nature of iced drinks. You’ll still get a great-tasting iced coffee.

5. Nespresso Gran Lattissima – Best Nespresso For The Office


  • Type Of Machine: Pod

  • Milk System: Yes
  • Reservoir Capacity: 34 oz

What’s better than pod-style office coffee machines? A pod-style espresso machine with an integrated milk system. That’s what the Nespresso Gran Lattissima gives you. It’s all the benefits of a Nespresso machine with the added benefit of being able to craft lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty coffee drinks.

The milk system is also fully automatic, which means you don’t have to spend time learning how to correctly froth milk yourself. The machine froths all the milk for you. Plus, the milk system works with any type of milk, from cow’s milk to oat milk, so everyone in the office can have a latte that works for them. Not to mention that there are already nine pre-programmed recipes.

The water reservoir is 34 oz, so it’s not the biggest tank on the market but it is big enough for a few drinks before you’ll need to refill it. It’s also removable to make cleaning and refilling that much easier. Simply put, it’s perhaps the most cost-effective way of getting a fully capable espresso machine into your workspace.

The number of different Nespresso capsules available for the Gran Lattissima with the integrated milk system for specialty drinks makes this one of the most versatile machines on the list. It’s a must-consider for any size office.

6. Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine – Best Semi-Automatic


  • Type Of Machine: Semi-Automatic

  • Milk System: Steam Wand
  • Reservoir Capacity: 67 oz

The Breville Barista Pro is the best option for an office full of coffee aficionados. It’s a semi-automatic machine, which means you have to put in a bit of work to make your coffee. That’s not to say you need to be an expert, but you do need to fill, tamp, and start your own espresso shot. But the nice part is that the Barista Pro has an integrated conical burr grinder, which means you won’t need a separate grinder. 

As for a milk system, the Barista Pro has a manual steam wand. Manual steam wands are nice for creating exactly the kind of milk you want for your espresso drink. You can make anything from hot milk with no foam to cappuccino foam with the same wand. Plus, it works with any kind of milk you can think of.

And the water reservoir is huge. At 67 oz, you will barely need to think about refilling this beast. It’ll last you a long time. The ThermoJet heating system prepares the machine in just 3 seconds for brewing. That’s one of the quickest heat-up times out there, and it means you won’t spend any time waiting for the machine to get ready to brew. 

And add all of that to the fact that you have a lot of control over the brewing parameters and you get a mightily capable machine that’s perfect for the coffee lovers in your office. It’s best for an office that knows about espresso extraction or is willing to learn. You will need to know the basics of how to make espresso to get the best results out of the Barista Pro. But once you have it down, you’ll get consistently tasty coffee.

7. Nespresso Inissia D40 – Best For Small Office


  • Type Of Machine: Pod

  • Milk System: No
  • Reservoir Capacity: 24 oz

Now, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to espresso makers. Size and capability aren’t always tied together, and sometimes the smaller the better. If you have a rather small office or just don’t have a lot of counter space to dedicate to an espresso machine, then you should consider the Nespresso Inissia D40. It’s on the smaller end of the Nespresso lineup, but still has all the benefits of the Nespresso machines.

It doesn’t have a milk system attached to it, but Nespresso does have a huge lineup of capsules to choose from. That means that no matter your preferred taste, there’s a coffee that will fit your needs. And Nespresso does have a separate milk frother if you decide you need to make specialty coffee shop drinks in the future.

The water reservoir is 24 oz, which might seem small, but it’s still big enough to make a handful of drinks per fill. If your office is on the smaller side, it’s actually a pretty decent size, and it makes cleaning and maintenance super easy. It’s the perfect machine for an occasional espresso or Lungo. The foldable drip tray makes the machine even smaller so that it can tuck away into a cabinet. 

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, and the Inissia D40 is the best option for a simple machine that’s affordable and small enough for even the smallest workspace.

8. Jura Giga 6 – Best For Big Office


  • Type Of Machine: Super-Automatic

  • Milk System: Yes
  • Reservoir Capacity: 88 oz

For the big offices, you should consider the Jura Giga 6. This behemoth of an office espresso machine is as powerful as it is massive. It’s super-automatic that goes from nothing to fully-crafted specialty drinks in a matter of minutes. And you can choose from 28 different recipes. Everyone in the office will certainly find a drink that suits their taste.

The Giga 6 has one bean hopper of 10 oz on each side of the machine, which means that you can fill the hoppers and not worry about running out of coffee for a long time. Pair that with the 88 oz water tank and this becomes a mostly hands-off type of super-automatic machine. Not to mention the integrated and automatic milk frothing system. The milk system froths at the same time as your coffee brews, which speeds up the process of creating your drinks. The Giga 6 is as super-automatic as it gets.

The Pulse Extraction Process adjusts the brewing parameters for each recipe so that each time you brew you’ll get the best coffee possible. And it’s compatible with the Jura Operating Experience, which is Jura’s WiFi-connected controlling system. You can adjust and even brew coffee with the Giga 6 straight from your phone. It’s simply the best option for high-traffic and high-use offices.

How To Choose The Best Office Espresso Machines

There are many espresso machines out there that could work in your office. But there aren’t actually that many once you narrow down your options. Here’s how to choose the right espresso machine for your office.

Do You Need a Super-Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Pod, Or Manual Espresso Machine?

A few subcategories of espresso machines will fit different office spaces, based on what you’re looking for. The four main categories are manual, semi-automatic, super-automatic, and pods (1).

The sleek design can hide significantly different mechanisms.

  • Manual espresso machines are ones that require you to grind, tamp, and pull your own shot of espresso. There’s a huge learning curve and you really should have some understanding of coffee extraction in order to get the best results. They’re not really for offices, but they can be a great prop for home use.
  • Semi-automatic espresso machines are in some sense the most versatile. They take some of the guesswork out of pulling a shot. Higher-end semi-automatic is typically what you’d find as an espresso machine for a coffee shop.
  • Super-automatic machines are the easiest to use. With the press of a button, the machine will grind your coffee, tamp, pull the shot, and sometimes even froth, and add milk to your espresso. 
  • Pod-style machines are ones that use coffee pods inserted into the machine, all you have to do is press brew (2). A pod-style machine is great for convenience and space-saving. They are technically automatic machines, which means you don’t need to know about coffee extraction or the brewing processes.

You need to ask yourself how people in the office will use the machine.

Ask Yourself The Following

  • Do you need an office espresso machine that will get heavy, constant use? 
  • Or do you want a machine that will see occasional but dedicated use? 
  • Or do you just need something to sit in the corner on the off chance that someone someday might need a coffee?

It’s best to go with a super-automatic machine for most offices. It allows the flexibility to make your own coffee without much thought or taking too much time out of your day. They’re also best for bigger offices or for heavier use.

Pod machines are probably the best choice for smaller offices or offices that don’t have a high-traffic coffee culture. Why? Well, they’re mostly single-serve options and that’s counterproductive for more than two people.


Do You Need A Milk System?

Another way to think about espresso machines is with or without a steam wand or milk system. Some machines only pull espresso and can’t froth milk. Other espresso machines might have a manual steam wand. Still others might have an entire milk system integrated into the machine.

Coffees that combine espresso and milk are by far the most popular choice for most coffee lovers

As a general rule of thumb, super-automatic espresso machines almost always have integrated milk systems. Semi-automatic machines usually have a manual steam wand, but some have integrated systems. And manual machines often don’t have a steam wand at all.

What’s the benefit of a milk system or steam wand? You can make specialty drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, or even a flat white. It opens up an entire menu of different drinks and drink styles for your office instead of just straight espresso. The downside, though, is that steam wands typically take some practice to steam milk well and can start to get gross without regular cleanings.

Having an automatic milk system is nice because it takes the guesswork out of frothing milk. 

The question becomes whether or not you need to have the option of creating specialty drinks. If you don’t there’s really no need to spend a little extra for a milk system or steam wand. It’s better to get a machine that’s really good at just pulling an espresso shot. But if many people in your office enjoy lattes or cappuccinos, then it would be a good idea to get a machine that has a milk system.

Water Reservoir Capacity Is Important

As mentioned earlier, one thing to consider is how much the machine will get used each day. If the answer is a lot, then you absolutely need to get a machine with a bigger water reservoir. But if it’s only occasional use, then you can get away with a machine that has a slightly smaller water capacity.

Usage is a big question because it determines how often you’ll need to refill the water reservoir. Espresso shots are typically small, but they still use water. So, a shot of espresso takes about 2 oz of water (3). That means that a water reservoir of 50 oz will produce a little under 25 shots of espresso. But if everyone in the office prefers double shots, you’ll need to refill after every 12 drinks or so.

And remember, each time you need to refill, you’ll also need to wait until the machine warms up and heats the water again. Waiting around can get old, especially when you’re waiting on your coffee.

But bigger isn’t always better. Using fresh water that isn’t old or hasn’t been sitting around for a few days can make a difference in how good your espresso is (4). Still, as a general guideline, the bigger the capacity, the longer you’ll go between refills. The smaller the reservoir, the more refills. That’s why it’s best to get a bigger reservoir for a bigger office and save the smaller reservoirs for smaller offices.

The Verdict

If you ask us, the Jura Z10 Super Automatic Espresso is the best machine for your office.

It’s a super-automatic machine with an integrated milk frothing system and a 60 oz water reservoir. It’s a machine that will fit most offices, big or small, with enough pre-programmed drinks to make everyone in the workplace happy.

It’s just the best all-around option for any office.

Jura Z10


Having an espresso machine in the office is great for productivity, collaboration, and creativity. Coffee is, after all, a stimulant, so having access to coffee is a great way to keep everyone in the office alert and excited.

Using fresh coffee is the best way to make office coffee taste better. Coffee ages quickly, so using fresh coffee will taste significantly better than older coffee.

Nespresso machines use pre-dosed capsules while espresso machines use loose coffee grounds to make espresso. We compared both machines in this detailed espresso vs Nespresso article.

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