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Best Single Dose Grinder in 2023: Picks for Coffee Fanatics

Coffee trend watchers have surely noticed the influx of single-dose coffee grinders in recent years. They simplify workflow, make it easy to change coffees, and avoid the risk of beans going stale in a hopper. 

If that sounds appealing, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up the six best single dose grinders this year and compiled a guide to help you choose.

At A Glance:

  1. Top pick: Ceado E5SD
  2. Best for espresso: Eureka Mignon Oro
  3. Great value: Turin DF64

The 6 Best Single Dosing Grinders in 2023

The release of the Niche Zero in 2017 kicked off a boom in single dose grinders. According to Mattia Sgreccia of Eureka, it is one of the fastest-growing trends in grinding coffee (1).

Single-dose grinding has been experiencing significant growth in the last few years. At its origin a few years ago, this segment represented a very small niche.

It can be hard to keep up with new products – and even harder to know which are worthwhile versus those rushed to market to capitalize on a trend. So our editorial team did the work for you. Here are six fantastic grinders for every brew method and budget.

image product details
Best Overall Best Overall Ceado E5SD Ceado E5SD
  • Capacity n/a
  • 64 mm burr size
  • Flat burr
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Best All-Around Grinder Best All-Around Grinder Niche Zero Niche Zero
  • 55 g capacity
  • 63 mm burr size
  • Conical burr
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Best Single-Dosing Espresso Grinder Best Single-Dosing Espresso Grinder Eureka Mignon Oro Eureka Mignon Oro
  • 45 g capacity
  • 65 mm burr size
  • Flat burr
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Best for Filter Coffee Best for Filter Coffee Fellow Ode Gen 2 Fellow Ode Gen 2
  • 100 g capacity
  • 64 mm burr size
  • Flat burr
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Budget Pick Budget Pick MiiCoffee MiiCoffee C38
  • 30 g capacity
  • 38 mm burr size
  • Conical burr
Best Value for Money Best Value for Money Turin DF64 Turin DF64
  • 50 g capacity
  • 64 mm burr size
  • Flat burr
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1. Ceado E5SD – Best Overall


  • Capacity: n/a

  • Burr size: 64 mm
  • Burr shape: Flat
  • Grind settings: Stepless

The Ceado E5SD is the most expensive grinder on this list, but for all the right reasons. If you take coffee seriously, this is the serious grinder you need – especially if a clean-tasting espresso is your goal.

The E5SD features Ceado’s patented Opalglide 64-mm flat burrs, the only burs on this list designed specifically for single dosing. Opalglide burrs minimize friction while promoting outflow. Coupled with a bellow on top, grind retention is practically non-existent.

The stepless grind adjustment knob makes it easy to adjust grind fineness and has the precision to dial in for good espresso. Ceado’s Steady Lock technology is a burr alignment system that maintains the precise distance between the burrs, yielding uniform grind quality and a clean cup.

Ceado espresso grinders are handmade in Italy to impeccably high standards, and the E5SD has the quality for home or commercial settings.

2. Niche Zero – Best All-Around Grinder


  • Capacity: 55 g

  • Burr size: 63 mm
  • Burr shape: Conical
  • Grind settings: Stepless

The Niche Zero wasn’t the first single-dosing grinder but it kicked off the current trend (2). When it was released in 2017, coffee lovers fell for its friendly design, easy workflow, and grind quality of its Mazzer burr set. It quickly became one of the most popular coffee grinders for home use.

We love how it is easily adjusted between settings, making it our favorite all-around grinder to accompany your coffee or espresso machine.

It was designed with the goal of zero retention of coffee grounds, hence the name. Its conical burr set and forward-leaning design both contribute to this aim. While zero is an impossible target, performance is impressive, retaining less than 0.5 g per cycle.

The aluminum Niche is available in black or white, with attractive wooden accents. Rather than a portafilter holder, it comes with a stainless steel dosing cup.

3. Eureka Mignon Oro – Best Single-Dosing Espresso Grinder


  • Capacity: 45 g

  • Burr size: 65 mm
  • Burr shape: Flat
  • Grind settings: Stepless

The Eureka Mignon series is a popular set of prosumer coffee bean grinders, balancing build quality, technology, and reasonable prices. There are now two single-dosing options in the series, the Oro and the Zero, with the Oro being higher-end.

The Eureka Oro Single Dose is clearly designed to take on the Niche Zero. It has the same inclined design for very low retention and attractive wooden accents. However, it is a step up in quality and grind performance – and, inevitably, price.

The Oro is beautiful, handmade in Italy to high standards. It features Eureka’s patented Diamond Inside 65-mm flat burrs, which outlast and outperform standard stainless steel. And the powerful motor outputs between 2.8 and 3.3 g/second. The micrometric grind setting adjustment makes the Oro a wonderful espresso-focused grinder.

4. Fellow Ode Gen 2 – Best for Filter Coffee


  • Capacity: 100 g

  • Burr size: 64 mm
  • Burr shape: Flat
  • Grind settings: 31

Fellow released the original Ode Grinder to equal parts fanfare and disappointment a few years ago. A few flaws kept it from living up to the hype. Fortunately, those flaws have all been addressed in the new Ode Gen 2, while keeping the attractive design of the original (3).

I’ve been really impressed by the latest upgrades in the Ode. The new burrs help create consistently impressive cups of coffee, both in flavor and in improved workflow.

The Ode Gen 2 has 30 stepped grind settings, making it suitable for Aeropress, pour-over coffee, and French press. It is not designed to be an espresso grinder. Steven Holm from Home Grounds gives you a detailed rundown in this video:

The Gen 2 has an upgraded set of 64-mm flat burrs and improved anti-static technology. It keeps the knocker from the original, making retention a non-issue. The expanded grinding chamber holds up to 100 g of coffee, enough to brew a 10-cup carafe.

5. MiiCoffee C38 – Budget Pick



  • Capacity: 30 g

  • Burr size: 38 mm
  • Burr shape: Conical
  • Grind settings: 120

Single-dose grinders are usually expensive prosumer models because serious coffee geeks tend to be the ones interested in single dosing. But to sample this workflow without spending a fortune, try a basic model like the C38 from MiiCoffee. We aren’t always fans of cheap knockoffs on Amazon, but in this case, the value for money is excellent.

The build quality of this conical burr grinder is very good; happily, this is not why it is inexpensive. It’s made of aluminum, not plastic, and has an attractive wood-accented lid. It’s the most compact grinder on this list, measuring just 3.5” x 4” at the base and only 9” tall.

The cost savings come mainly from a smaller burr set and less powerful motor. With a 38-mm burr set, it grinds slower than the rest. And it may stall when faced with super-dense light roasts. It has a stepped grind adjustment, but with 120 settings, you can still dial an espresso reasonably well.

6. Turin DF64 – Best Value for Money


  • Capacity: 50 g

  • Burr size: 64 mm
  • Burr shape: Flat
  • Grind settings: Stepless

The Turin DF64 was originally billed as a “Niche Killer,” offering many of the same features at a lower price and with wider availability. While the Niche is still alive and well, the DF64 does offer incredible value. You can watch Home Grounds’ Steven Holm review it here:

This grinder has a 64-mm flat burr set and stepless grind adjustment. Like the Niche, it is suitable for all brew methods. It features the now-classic inclined design plus a bellow at the top to minimize retention.

The DF64 didn’t kill the Niche because it lacks the build quality and thoughtful design of more expensive models. The burr set is lower end, and static is an issue, so you’ll definitely want to use the Ross Droplet Technique.

This is an excellent grinder for someone who likes to tinker. It is easy to upgrade the burrs, add a metal dosing cup, and change the output to minimize static. With a few little changes and some know-how, you can have a premium grinder at a fraction of the cost.

How to Choose the Best Single-Dose Grinder

Every grinder on this list is excellent; otherwise, we wouldn’t recommend it. Which is right for you? It isn’t necessarily the top pick. You must balance your needs with your budget, and this buyer’s guide shows you how.

What Is Your Go-To Brewing Method?

Your choice of drink – coffee, espresso, or both – quickly narrows down your options.

Pulling a shot of espresso is less forgiving than brewing coffee when it comes to grind size. Most prosumer espresso grinders should be stepless or have many settings to dial in the perfect grind setting for your brew.

Grinders for filter coffee can have stepped settings, which makes them easier to use and often cheaper.

If you enjoy both coffee and espresso, you need an all-around grinder. It must have fine enough steps to dial in espresso and a wide enough range to hit every grind size. Ideally, it will also have a grind adjustment mechanism that makes it easy to switch back and forth between the two brewing methods.

What Capacity Means For A Single-Dose Grinder

Hopper capacity in a traditional grinder refers to how many beans can be stored in the hopper, typically between 4 and 12 ounces. For a single-dose hopper, capacity is how much coffee it can grind at a time.

Bare minimum, a single-dose grinder should have a 20 g capacity, enough for a double shot of espresso or two drip coffees. A capacity of 50 g offers more flexibility; you can brew a 6-cup Chemex or French press, for example. If you want to brew full carafes of coffee, the Fellow Ode has a 100 g hopper, but you will find more options if you expand your search beyond single dosing.

Grind Retention

Grind retention is the coffee that is trapped in the grinder with each cycle. These stale grounds disrupt the accuracy of your dose and negatively impact the coffee flavor. The best coffee grinders should have one or more features to minimize retention, such as a straight-down grounds shute, a bellow, or a knocker.

methods to limit grind retention

The Influence of Burr Size and Shape

The burrs are the heart of your grinder. We won’t go too in-depth here, but it is good to understand the basics.

Burr Size

Bigger burrs are usually better, all other things being equal, and larger burr grinders will be more expensive. Larger burrs grind faster, resulting in less heat generation and better-tasting coffee.

Burr Shape

The main grinder burr shapes are conical and flat, with different brands offering variations on these main designs. Burr shape impacts the texture of the coffee, so some people prefer one shape to the other.

  • Conical burrs produce more fines, which gives a fuller-bodied coffee with a heavier mouthfeel. They are more common for espresso grinders.
  • Flat burr grinders yield more uniform grinds, resulting in a cleaner cup often preferred for pour over.

These generalizations, however, should not be taken as gospel. Let your tastebuds be your guide.

The Verdict

Home Grounds’ top pick for single-dosing grinders this year is the Ceado E5SD. It has a revolutionary burr set designed specifically for single dosing, a bellow to minimize retention, and Steady Lock technology to ensure grind consistency. Coupled with its exceptional build quality, this grinder will take your coffee or espresso to the next level.

Ceado E5SD - the best single dose coffee grinder


The Ross Droplet Technique is adding a tiny spritz of water to whole coffee beans before grinding. It has been proven to minimize static, leading to minimal retention and less mess (4).

A prosumer coffee grinder has commercial-grade components but is marketed more for a home setting. Prosumer coffee gear – a portmanteau of “professional” and “consumer” – is a relatively new phenomenon, with brands noting that serious home users were buying coffee shop gear.

SSP burrs are high-quality coffee grinder burrs designed by the Korean company Sung Sim Precision (SSP). They last longer, grind faster, and improve grind quality. Swapping cheaper burrs in favor of SSP burrs is an easy way to improve the quality of a coffee grinder.

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