Black Friday And Cyber Monday Coffee Deals 2021: Coffee Makers, Espresso Machines, Gourmet Coffee

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Black friday and cyber monday coffee deals in 2020
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Black Friday Coffee Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday for 2021 is almost upon us. Deals on coffee makers, coffee beans, espresso machines and everything in between are popping out of the woodwork. And they’re popping out fast!

Right now is the perfect time to pick up that expensive coffee gear coffee gift you’ve been eyeing off for Christmas.

Below you’ll find the best deals, with the biggest savings, for coffee deals in Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

But first, here are our personal favorites.

The Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Coffee Deals

Ok, lets get into it.

Here are some of the best deals with the biggest savings for this upcoming sale season in 2021. Further down the page we’ve broken deals down by category.

Check this page daily as we update it to bring the best coffee deals to you on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Jump to:

  1. Biggest deals
  2. Semi-Automatic Espresso machines
  3. Super-Automatic Espresso machines
  4. Drip coffee makers
  5. Keurig & Nespresso
  6. Coffee Grinders
  7. Manual Brewers
  8. Coffee Accessories
  9. Gourmet Coffee
  10. Coffee Subscriptions

SUMMARY: The Really Big, Juicy Deals

For the most bang for you buck – check out the following deals. They don’t come around often, so now is the best time all year to save!


Atlas Coffee Club is offering huge discounts (of up to $55 off) on their coffee subscription gift options. Limited time and limited supply offers, so try to claim these before they are gone!

Make sure you’re shopping in the “Gifts” section of their site. The discount will be applied automatically.

CLICK HERE to claim up to $55 off any coffee gift


They have huge discounts on a wide range of coffee makers and espresso machines. If you need an automatic espresso machines – this is where you’ll find the biggest discounts of the year. They even have FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50. Again, these go super quick (especially the refurbished stock) so click the links below to see if there is any Black Friday Stock left.

HUGE discounts on Jura super automatic coffee machines:

Save $400 on the Jura S8 Black (valid until 11/27)

Save $500 on the Jura Z6 (valid until 11/27)

Save $600 on the Jura J6 (valid until 11/27)


For fresh roasted, gourmet coffee beans delivered to your door – you can’t go past Volcanica Coffee. They have some amazing deals going on right now, so if you’d like to treat yourself to some gourmet beans, now’s the time to pick them up.

15% off ​SITE-WIDEthis deal is exclusive to readers, so use code “BF20” when checking out. The offer is available only once a year, so better hurry.  


Driftaway is offering an exclusive Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for readers…

25% OFF On An Annual Gift Subscription – use code “HGTHANKS” at checkout.

If you’re after a shorter subscription (3 or 6 months), you can get 15% OFF – use code “HGTHANKS15” at checkout.

Bear in mind that shipping is included in the cost and that deals apply to whole bean, ground, and cold brew options.


This year, Prima Coffee is being super-generous by offering tons of discounts for Black Friday:

$300 off all La Marzocco Linea Mini Home Espresso Machines

20% Off Fellow Products Kettles, Atmos, Cups, & Mugs

15% Off Peak Water Pitchers & Filter Sets

10% Off Mahlkonig EK43, EK43 S, E65S, & K30 Twin Grinders

And you can get $15 – $150 discount on all orders on Prima Coffee


Another one of our favorites – Trade Coffee! This year, they’re giving EXCLUSIVE discounts for YOU!

Here we go:

– readers can save 50% off their first bag of coffee when they subscribe (instead of 30%, as advertised on the site) – use code “HOMEGROUNDS50” at checkout. readers can also save up to $60 off gift subscriptions of 6-bags or more by using code “COFFEELOVER” when checking out

​Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Espresso Machine Deals (Semi-Automatic Machines)

Looking for a semi-automatic espresso machine for your home? If so, don’t delay in securing one this holiday period at a screaming bargain.

Here are a few espresso machine Black Friday deals that will save you hundreds of dollars, most of which are featured in our guide here.


De’Longhi EC9335R La Specialista Espresso Machine

An elegantly designed professional-caliber machine that lets you handcraft exquisite espresso shots.

List Price: $799.95

Discounted Price: $639.96


De’Longhi Dedica EC680M Espresso Maker

A sleek, compact, easy-to-use espresso maker that fits perfectly in any kitchen.

List Price: $278.5

Discounted Price: $249.99

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List price: $5,400

Discounted price: $5,100

La Marzocco Linea Mini Home Espresso Machine

La Marzocco home espresso machines are one of the finest prosumer machines on the market. This year, we’re lucky to have our partners PrimaCoffee offer $300 off the Linea Mini from 11/15 – 12/16.
Also, $150 OFF on CUSTOM COLOR.

Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Deals (save thousands)

Looking for a super-automatic espresso machine that does not required you to sell your car, or first born child, to finance? Well​ during the current sales, you may just have a chance. Here our the best automatic espresso machine black Friday deals, which represent the biggest savings you can find on this page, in some cases, thousands saved.

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Regular Price: $2999

Discounted Price: $2399

Jura J6 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Its unmatched design aesthetic combined with state-of-the-art brewing technologies make it one of the best coffee makers you can buy this year.

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Regular List Price: $2999

Discounted Price: $2599

Jura S8 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

This touch screen coffee maker’s impressive range of specialty coffee drinks result in a cup that can satisfy even the most demanding coffee connoisseurs.

De'Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine, TrueBrew (Iced-Coffee), Burr Grinder + Descaling Solution, Cleaning Brush & Bean Shaped Icecube Tray, White, ECAM35020W
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Regular Price: $899.95

Discounted Price: $719.96

De’Longhi ECAM35020W Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine

Hot or cold, this machine’s brewing technology ensures that you get coffee at the perfect temperature every time.

Philips 2200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ Milk Frother, Black, EP2220/14
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Regular Price: $649.99

Discounted Price: $511.99

Philips 2200 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ Milk Frother

Enjoy fresh coffee, at the perfect temperature, by simply pushing a few buttons. The built in burr grinder does the hard work, while the milk frother allows you to create a silky smooth cappuccino or latte.

Black Friday Coffee Makers: Drip Deals

There are a few coffee makers that you may have your eye on, but they just cost too much to justify most of the time. If you really think about it, when you spend $300-$500 on a coffee machine, you recover your costs after only a few months, but that initial upfront investment makes you a little nauseous.

Below we’ve listed the best deals on ​these great coffee makers:

  • Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker ​see deal via Amazon here
  • Bonavita BV1900TS one-touch 8-cup coffee maker – see deal via Amazon here.
  • Bunn GRB Velocity Home Coffee Brewer – see deal via Amazon here
  • Ninja 12-cup coffee maker – see deal via Amazon here
  • Bundle: Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker + Coffee Bean Canister + Urnex Descaler – see deal via Amazon here

Bundle: Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker + Coffee Bean Canister + Urnex Descaler

Breville’s most popular drip coffee maker; featuring 6 brew modes and customizable drink settings, bundled with Urnex Dezcal coffee and espresso machine descaling powder and a Cuisinart coffee canister.

Combo Price: $289.95


Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker

Our top pick for drip coffee makers. Just hit the ON button and get perfect coffee every time in just 4-6 minutes. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

List Price: $359

Discounted Price: $309


Bonavita BV1900TS one-touch 8-cup coffee maker

One of our favorite drip coffee makers​, and it’s certified​ by Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). ​Which means it makes a damn fine drip coffee, at the push of a button.

List Price: $189.99

Discounted Price: $149.99


NINJA CE251 Coffee Maker

​​This programmable, customizable coffee maker will brew you a great cup of coffee, without ​any fuss.

List Price: $99.99

Discounted Price: $79.99


BUNN GRB Velocity Home Coffee Brewer

It is one of the fastest 10-cup home coffee makers, and can brew a full pot of coffee in about 3 minutes!

List Price: ​$109.99

Discounted Price: $​92

​Keurig Black Friday Coffee Maker Deals (and Nespresso machines)

We don’t LOVE Keurig/Nespresso machines, but understand that sometimes, they get you by. Or sometimes, your non-coffee appreciating uncle serves you a Keurig brew, and what the hell, its coffee, right? Either way, here are the most enticing Keurig/Nespresso coffee maker deals to check out:

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer
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List Price: $89.99

Discounted Price: $79

​​Keurig K-Classic

The K Classic is a customer favorite for convenient coffee that tastes good, at the push of a button. The newly introduced reusable My K-Cup capsule mean its not so bad for the environment.

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer
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List Price: $169.99

Discounted Price: $119.99

​​Keurig K-Elite

The K-Elite coffee maker brings together a modern design with programmable features and a ton of beverage customization options. It features five brew sizes, so you can brew your favorite coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or iced beverage at the touch of a button.

​​Keurig K-Cafe Coffee, Latte and Cappuccino Maker

Brew delicious coffee, or make hot or iced lattes and cappuccinos with the simple press of a button. Compatible with the My K-Cup universal reusable filter.

List Price: $199.99

Discounted Price: $169.99

Nespresso Inissia EN80B

The Inissia utilizes a patented extraction system which delivers up to 19 bars of pressure to brew impeccable single-serve coffee or espresso every time.

List Price: $149

Discounted Price: $120

Nespresso Pixie + Aeroccino Milk Frother

This bundle includes the ultra-compact Nespresso Pixie with the Aeroccino milk frother to create the perfect cappuccino or latte.

List Price: $249

Discounted Price: $174.30

Burr Coffee Grinder Deals

When you drink high quality coffee, you tend to pay top dollar for best beans..and you should. The only time of the year that you’ll hear us using the words ‘bargain’ and ‘coffee beans’ in the same sentence is right now. Here are some of the best deals for coffee beans:


OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO’s conical burr coffee grinder has with a simple, intuitive design and delivers consistent grinds for a range of brewing styles.

List Price: $99.99

Discounted Price: $79.95


Breville Dose Control Pro Grinder

With stainless steel conical burrs and 60 precise grind settings this grinder will allow you to adjust grind time in 1 second increments for consistent dose every time.

List Price: $279.99

Discounted Price: $230.27


10% off select Mahlkonig grinders

PrimaCoffee is giving 10% OFF on select Mahlkonig grinders.

Don’t miss your chance to join the elite coffee community.


Manual Coffee Brewer Deals

And if you’re looking to invest in a manual brewer, this is a great time to invest in one because you can get it for less $$$


OXO Brew Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This compact cold brew coffee maker has a unique rainmaker top, which distributes water evenly over the grounds for a better, richer flavor.

List Price: $29.95

Discounted Price: $23.99


Primula Aluminum Stovetop Espresso Maker

This 6-Cup espresso maker features a modern, stylish design with a high-quality aluminum body and a heat resistant handle for firm and reliable grip.

List Price: $30.55

Discounted Price: $16.99


Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker

This French Press has a 4-level system – two stainless steel screens, a spring loaded base for sealing the edges while pressing, and a lid strainer to trap grounds.

List Price: $24.95

Discounted Price: $21.20


Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

This pour over coffee maker is made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass and includes a permanent, stainless steel mesh filter that helps extract your coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors.

List Price: $30.00

Discounted Price: $19.99

Coffee Accessory Deals

​If you’re looking to take your coffee brewing skills to the next level, here are a few accessories that will help you get there, fast.

Acaia Scales

10% off Acaia scales

PrimaCoffee is giving 10% off of fancy Acaia scales. Treat yourself right this year, and join the Acaia family.

Peak Water Pitcher

10% OFF Peak Water Pitcher

Another treat from PrimaCoffee this year: 10% OFF ON THE NEW PEAK WATER PITCHER. An excellent accessory for you shouldn’t miss out while the deal’s on. Go for it!


Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

Allows for the water temp to be adjusted in one-degree increments between 140˚-212˚F (60˚- 98˚C) & the hold button heats and holds at temperatures between 140˚-208˚F for up to 60 minutes.

List Price: $99.99

Discounted Price: $52.49


Contigo West Loop Travel Mug

West Loop’s Autoseal technology makes it leak and spill proof, and keeps drinks hot up to 5 hrs and cold up to 12 hrs.

List Price: $20.99

Discounted Price: $17.99


The Stanley Classic Thermos

This rust-proof 18/8 stainless steel thermos offers superior insulation that keeps coffee hot or cold for up to 24 hrs.

List Price: $40.00

Discounted Price: $19.82


Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Container

This premium stainless steel container looks amazing and has an innovative freshness valve to release co2 but lock out oxygen, keeping coffee fresh.

List Price: $28.99

Discounted Price: $24.64


Airscape Coffee Storage Canister

Its patented plunger lid removes and locks out air and humidity, while the two-way valve releases CO2 to preserve freshness & flavor.

List Price: $28.00

Discounted Price: $24.60

Deals on Gourmet Coffee Beans

When you drink high quality coffee, you tend to pay top dollar for best beans..and you should. The only time of the year that you’ll hear us using the words ‘bargain’ and ‘coffee beans’ in the same sentence is right now. Here are some of the best deals for coffee beans:


​15% OFF SITE-WIDE (use ‘BF20’ at checkout)

Volcanica coffee is offering 15% off site wide, from Novemeber 24 to December 2 (code: BF20). Grab a bargain on gourmet coffee beans. They are roasted only after you place your order, meaning you’ll be getting super fresh, high quality beans for a great price.

lifeboost coffee organic espressobag
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Lifeboost coffee is giving 50% OFF of your first order + FREE SHIPPING. Don’t miss out on this delicious healthy coffee. Their beans are among 0.5% of world coffee beans to meet the strict standards of farming, roasting and environmental preservation.



Coffee Bros. are a fresh NY-based coffee company, offering coffees of similar taste profiles, that are carefully picked and always fresh. Their Cyber Monday deal includes 50% discount code on all first time Subscribe and Save orders through their website.

Deals on Coffee Subscription Clubs

Coffee subscription companies tend to do a big push at the end of each year to increase their customer base. For you, this means that right now is the best time to sign up for a subscription and save. By signing up for 1,3,6 or more months of subscriptions, you could be brewing with amazing beans all year long at un-heard of prices.

Here are some of the most enticing subscription deals on offer right now:


Up to $55 off of coffee gift subscriptions

Who would day NO to discounts? Get up to $55 off your coffee subscription. Check out as gift or gift for yourself – your choice.

Claim this deal here before they change their mind.

peets coffee review
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Peete’s coffee is joining others in offering juicy Black Friday deals. This year, they’re providing a CYBERWEEK discount: 20% Off Sitewide + 20% Off Subscriptin Add Ons. Use the code “BESTWEEKEVER”.

We love Peet’s specialty coffee, so we’re glad to help here!

Keep checking this page as we update it daily to bring you the biggest deals and savings on quality coffee gear for black friday and cyber monday!

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