Breville Coffee Grinder Reviews – The Top 3

Just as Coca-Cola dominates soft drinks, Breville dominates kitchen appliances.

As a one-stop-shop for kitchen gadgets, the brand has expanded its umbrella of awesomeness to include coffee grinders.

Great coffee grinders.

Breville has created many coffee grinders over the years. It’s three most recent creations, however, are undoubtedly its best.

Today we show you Brevilles 3 best coffee grinder reviews.

TOP PICK: The Breville Smart Grinder Pro

This grinder stood out for us because of its undeniably good features. With its variety of 60 grind settings, you can definitely say it's well worth the price. 

It's also a little faster than its predecessor. Best of all, it's within the affordable price range!

Why Breville?

The three Breville coffee grinders on the market today have more in common with each other than with other brands.

To understand what makes a Breville grinder stand out let’s see how it measures up to other coffee grinders.

Conical Burr Grinders (And What You Should Be Looking For...)

Among newer coffee grinders, the conical burr is becoming a rarity.

Many coffee shop grinders are beginning to use the flat burr, but the conical burr is still seen among home-use grinders.

Though the shop baristas like to think of themselves as coffee gurus, you shouldn’t blindly follow them like a lemming off a cliff.

The flat burr is newer than the conical burr, which has been grinding coffee ever since coffee grinders were invented, but it is not necessarily better.

A decent argument could be made for the flat burr grinder in a coffee shop, but at home a conical burr grinder works just fine.

The conical burr is perfect for classic espresso recipes, and will fulfill any of your filter coffee needs.

The main difference is that the flat burr will allow you step out of the conventional espresso mold, but for a heftier price.

If you want a more in depth comparison of these two types of grinders, you can read more here.


As well as quality, the Breville brand builds for convenience.

Compared to other well known grinder brands, like Baratza, Breville grinders offer considerably more user-friendly features.

Side by side with the Baratza Virtuoso, one of my favorite grinders, you can tell just by looking that any three of the Breville grinders comes with more adjustable elements.

The most obvious difference is that Breville grinders are programmable, allowing you to easily set your grind without daily fiddling.

Another attribute unique to Breville grinders is a smart sounding feature called “Dosing IQ,” which takes the pain out of making grind adjustments by automatically adjusting the dose when you change the grind.

With other grinders, changing the grind requires a few micro adjustments to make sure you are getting the right dose.

The system also allows you to easily switch between sizes, and has an intuitive interface to help you decide the perfect setting.

Once you’ve selected the proper grind size and dose, you can increase the strength to your taste with an easy micro-adjustment knob.


In general, conical burr grinders are significantly less expensive than their flat burr brethren; however, Breville grinders are more expensive than the average conical burr grinder.

The priciest Breville grinder is about the same price as the Baratza Virtuoso, one of the more expensive and highly regarded grinders on the market.

This difference isn’t huge, but, considering all the extras Breville grinders come with, it is impressive that they are still cheaper than the Virtuoso.

Though it is more expensive than the average grinder, the added control and convenience of a Breville grinder makes up for the cost.


Whether for coffee or cooking, many people have come to associate the Breville brand with consumer consciousness.

Breville, more so than many other producers, has a knack for understanding what consumers look for and appreciate.

True to their reputation, Breville designed their coffee grinders to be quieter than most others.

Whereas most grinders are loud enough to replace your alarm clock (even from all the way in the kitchen), Breville grinders won’t pollute your entire home with a headache inducing squeal.


Just in case the techy, convenience features and fancy LED screen weren’t a dead giveaway, Breville coffee grinders are some of the most modern grinders currently available.

Though this may seem like a good thing at first, there is a drawback to being the newest kid on the block.

Unlike other, older grinders, Breville coffee grinders have not yet made their rounds.

The Virtuoso may not look like much of a contender to any of the Breville grinders, yet its reputation says otherwise.

Breville grinders have not yet been subjected to the same sort of scrutiny that other grinders have, and they don’t yet have the sort of certainty only prolonged criticism can provide.

These promising little grinders may be just as good as the whispers suggest, but, for now, only time will tell.

The Top 3 - Breville Coffee Grinder Reviews

With a better picture of how Breville stands out from other brands, let’s see how its three grinders compare to one another.

hg-table__imageThe Smart Grinder
  • Has 25 grind settings
  • Simplified fine ground adjustments
  • Includes an airtight grind container and two portafilter cradles
hg-table__imageThe Smart Grinder Pro
  • Has 60 grind settings
  • Includes all the features of the Smart Grind but has the same price
  • Made from durable stainless steel
hg-table__imageThe Dose Control Pro
  • Has 60 grind settings
  • Least expensive coffee grinder


Breville’s Smart Grinder was the first grinder to feature Dose IQ, and it is one of the least expensive burr grinders you can find with an LED screen.

Unlike other conical burr grinders, the Smart Grinder truly looks like a capable kitchen accessory with its metallic finish and blue LED screen.

With 25 different grind settings, the Smart Grinder is more than just a pretty accessory.

From espresso to French press, this grinder has you covered. In comparison to its big brother, the Smart Grinder Pro (which we’ll get to soon enough), the Smart Grinder is sufficient for straightforward coffee brewing.

The simple interface makes it easy to switch grind settings, and the helpful grind classifications uncomplicate finding the right setting.

As if these (comparatively) luxurious features weren’t enough, the Smart Grinder, at no extra cost, comes with both a small and large removable portafilter cradle, as well as an airtight container.


  • Dose IQ simplifies fine adjustments so you don’t have to worry about making tweaks in between grind changes.
  • Convenient controls streamline the grind setup.
  • Includes an airtight grind container as well as two portafilter cradles.


  • With 25 grind settings, it has fewer than both the Dose and Pro.
  • The exterior is made from plastic, which is easier to crack or break than the Pro’s steel.

If the Smart Grinder could be compared to the iPhone, then the Smart Grinder Pro is the newer iPhone “S” with extra memory. Without being completely new, the Pro is a step up from the Smart.

Whereas the Smart is plastic painted to look like metal, the Pro’s casing is brushed stainless steel, which looks nicer than the Smart and is also more durable.

Apart from looks the Pro also features more than double the amount of grind settings than the Smart does.

Depending on your taste sensitivity, the 60 separate grind settings may not be very necessary, but you may be saying “what the hell” for the same price.

The Pro is also a little faster than the Smart, grinding a double shot of espresso in about 17 seconds and an 8-cup drip in 36 seconds.

However, these improvements don’t come without some sacrifices, as the Pro is an inch larger on each side than the Smart.


  • Includes all the features of the Smart, but is the same price.
  • It has 60 different grind settings, as well as Dose IQ to help you narrow in your grind.
  • The brushed, stainless steel finish is more durable and looks better than the plastic on the Smart and the Dose.


  • The hi-tech parts can be hard to replace.
  • It is a little larger and heavier than both the Dose and Smart.


Among the Breville trio, the Dose Control Pro is the least expensive.

Consequently, it is also the least convenient, as it lacks any programmable functions or an LED screen.

Though the Smart and the Pro appear almost indistinguishable from each other, the Dose easily stands out. It is roughly the same dimensions as the Smart, yet its face is much more squat, and its bean hopper is about half the size.

Instead of an LED screen and a series of adjustment buttons, to adjust the Dose you twist the hopper to select your grind size, and use the front dial to set the dose amount.

The interface is simpler than the Smart, but the Dose offers just as many grind settings as the Pro.

One of the main differences, and drawbacks, of the Dose is that its internal mechanics (besides the burrs) are made from plastic.

Because of this, the Dose has a shorter lifespan (about a year) than the other two Breville grinders.


  • At $168, the Dose is the least expensive electric grinder from Breville.
  • Like the Pro, it has 60 different grind settings.


  • Its exterior shell, as well as its interior components are made from hard plastic, which can break over time.
  • It does not have the Dose IQ function that the Pro and Smart have.
  • With only a 12-ounce hopper, it holds the least out of all three grinders.

THE VERDICT: What's Our Choice of Breville Coffee Grinder?

Deciding between products of the same brand is hard enough, and Breville only makes it harder with these three great grinders.

Though it wasn’t an easy choice, the Smart Grinder Pro is the winner of this review roundup.

There may be a little 'paradox of choice' going on here given the quality of all 3.

But do you know what?

Either of these grinder will let you achieve the perfect grind, so there are no wrong decisions.

The Pro stands out among the best Breville coffee grinders for its extensive list of convenient features.

Despite being the most expensive it is not much more expensive than the Smart, and it falls within the expected price range of high quality conical burr grinders.

This grinder is well worth the price you pay, and it offers even more features than other, similarly priced grinders.

What did you think of the roundup? Have you used any of these grinders?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with your friends!

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