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13 Sexy Pour Over Coffee Stands (And Brewers) You’ve Never Seen

Does making coffee in the morning make you feel sexy? Do you become aroused and passionate thinking about your coffee maker sitting out on your kitchen counter waiting for you “touch it?”

If you do, you are not alone. Many brewers and kettles are designed to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Sometimes, these pieces can spur on primal feelings of passion and love for craft coffee brewers.

Let’s explore some rather sexy stands and brewers. There are even some DIY options here for you!

1. The Brit Coffee Maker

This little DIY project (1) will definitely be perfect for a girlfriend or wife. With its slim curves and dainty nature, it would look perfect on the countertop of any beautiful woman’s home.

Plus, as an added bonus, you will look like a strong and burly handyman cutting the copper pipe and gluing it together!

2. The DIY Iron Pipe Coffee Maker

A copper stand is sexy and dainty. This iron pipe DIY brewer (2) is the masculine equivalent with its large, sturdy base and thick pipes.

The combination of wood and iron would look perfect in the log cabin of any lumbersexual (3) who just wants to chop wood and drink coffee with you.

3. The Brass and Walnut Flexible Stand

The phrase “old school” perfectly describes this delectable brass and walnut coffee pour over stand. Imagine this in a steampunk coffee bar!

This brewer would look right at home in an early 1900s safari camp or hunt club.

With its distinguished colours and adjustability, it makes for a beautiful and classic centrepiece.

4. The Poppy

For the house with all the fancy toys, this addition will make you look like the smartest, richest, and sexiest bachelor around.

With a built-in burr grinder and automated brewing controls, this is your own personal servant serving up fabulously fresh coffee. You won’t need a coffee grinder with this one, just some great beans for pour over coffee, and standard paper filters.

5. Kuju Coffee Bag

Sometimes when you go camping you don’t want to be asked in the middle of the throes of passion, “Did you bring it?”

The Kuju coffee bag is a new take on camp coffee. Ease of use? Check. Lightweight? You betcha! Makes the best cup of coffee on the mountain? You better believe it!

These little coffee bags combine the ease of tea bags with the quality and flavour of top-notch coffee. You will definitely make that special moment even better with this little package.

6. The Bodum Pour Over

Arguably, what men find most attractive in women are their curves. The same thing can be said about a shapely coffee brewer.

This Bodum pour over coffee dripper – from the maker of some of our favourite French press pots – has a super narrow neck and very large round base. It is aesthetically pleasing and has the shape in all the right places, making it easy to hold when pouring and helping to retain heat.

7. The Pier 1 Stand

For the BDSM type, this brewer may “tickle your fancy.” The glass brewing vessel is held in place over your serving carafe or mug by a 3D printed collar (4).

This collar fits tightly onto the brewer and holds it in place allowing you to dominate the coffee. Make your coffee submit to being delicious by pouring hot water all over those grounds.

8. The Trinity Coffee Brewer

The Trinity is a triple-threat brewer. Not only can you make coffee, but you can also make cold brew and an Aeropress-type forced extraction.

This brewer uses a durable glass beaker supported by a stainless steel and walnut timber stand. You can extract directly into your coffee mug – and simple is sexy, right? The Trinity is elegant, mature, and refined. Nothing says sexy more than someone who can do it all and do it well.

9. 100% Glass Manual Coffee Brewer

This brewer bares it all for everyone to see. It’s not ashamed showing off all of its private parts to you. Slowly pour your water in and watch as the brewer gets hot and steamy.

Mmm, it makes you feel like a peeping tom watching that black brew fall delicately into your mug.

10. Double Coffee Stand

What’s better than sexy? Sexy squared.

This chic stand is the perfect option for lovebirds looking for a double dose of joy – once you finally get out of bed. When “coffee lovers” is its own special kind of double-entendre, look no further.

From its reclaimed hardwood and industrial fitted pipe to the gorgeous splash of a matching pair of Harios, this pour over stand is the perfect way for you and your loved one both to get simultaneous cups of fresh, hot java.

11. Walnut Coffee Dripper Stand

Sometimes sweet and simple is best. Don’t overwhelm your coffee brewing with a bunch of unnecessary equipment. This beautiful walnut stand is a basic yet elegant solution to looking like “you’ve got it under control.”

From its simple, stained wooden frame to the Hario dripper that sits gently on top, this brewer is radically austere in its stylish simplicity.

12. Coffee Brewer or Modern Art?

A well-crafted coffee dripper is going to look inviting even when it’s not in use, and that’s the case with this artistic dripper. Designed by artist Ben Medansky, this brewer gracefully stands like a piece of sculpted, cutting-edge art, exuding a simple yet alluring style and charm along with a confidence that just makes you want to pick it up and use it over and over again.

13. Hario Stand with Dripper

Elegance is often soft and dainty and rarely has harsh edges. This stylish dripper’s sleek, alluring copper coils around your cup as it exquisitely rises to hold a Hario V60 dripper. This stand takes the simplicity of a single piece of pipe and turns it into an exquisitely useful decoration that is so elegant, it’ll call to you every time you enter the kitchen.

It is the pervading law of all things […], that the life is recognizable in its expression, that form ever follows function.

If you had to step away from your computer and cool down after reading this article, I can’t blame you. These curvaceous, sophisticated, and sexy brewers could make anyone swoon with lust and desire for a delicious cup of coffee.

What’s the sexiest coffee station you own? Did we miss something on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best pour over brewer in our experience is the Kalita Wave Dripper. It’s a little less fussy and easier to use than the iconic Hario V60, which also brews an outstanding cup. You can find the best pour over coffee makers in this list.

The difference between pour over and drip coffee comes down to attention to detail – it’s a manual coffee method. When you pour your own coffee, you’re in charge of everything: the coffee grounds, the water temperature, the speved at which you pour, how carefully you cover all the coffee grinds. With a drip coffee maker, it’s all done automatically (in some cases, even the grinding.) 

Yes, most baristas agree you need a special kettle for pour over coffee. The gooseneck gives you much more control over the placement of the water stream as you’re pouring, and a really great kettle is much easier to use. Read our selection of gooseneck kettles here.

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Since 2016, I've been brewing hot & iced coffees in my trusty Aeropress. I've also recently acquired a V60, and enjoy switching between it & the Aeropress. I've also self-published a sci-fi novel, written spec scripts (for film, TV, and games), and completed 100+ scuba dives.