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About Home Grounds

Homegrounds.co is a resource that empowers you to brew and enjoy better quality coffee from the comfort of your own home.

We are a community of passionate coffee hobbyists who research, test and educate around issues relevant to the home barista market.

As a community we strive to simplify the mis-information in the home brewing market so that you can make better informed decisions about buying and brewing amazing quality coffee (without having to train as a professional barista).

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We are a proud member of the Specialty Coffee Association

To us (and you, since you’re here) coffee is more than just a drink that wakes you up each morning; it’s a passion and a lifestyle. To help you cut through all the noise and misinformation online surrounding coffee, HomeGrounds.co strives to educate and inspire you to improve your relationship and skills surrounding coffee brewing.

After wasting a painful amount of time and money brewing bad tasting coffee due to the lack of transparent online education aimed at the home-barista community; founder and director Alex Mastin began to teach himself how to brew better coffee via trial and error – and hence, gave birth to HomeGrounds.co in 2015.

Over the years a team of coffee loving content creators and industry professionals have come together with the sole intention of ‘cutting through the noise’ and educating the home barista market on brewing better coffee without having to go through expensive and time consuming professional training.

Our Mission: To help you brew and enjoy better quality coffee from the comfort of your own home.

Our Values

  • We Love Black Coffee – milk based brews have their place but we prefer to brew and enjoy black coffee most of the time. Through black coffee you learn to appreciate a certain region; its characterizing tastes, aromas and history. We do not touch instant coffee.
  • We Love The Process Of Brewing Coffee As Much As We Love The Coffee Itself –  For us, home brewed coffee is not about the cost savings, nor is it about the caffeine kick. The process of brewing coffee is a daily ritual that we cherish. Sourcing, roasting, grinding and brewing coffee is hobby that gives us true satisfaction.
  • Respect For The Environment – we believe in a strong connection and respect to mother earth, and therefore do our best to help reduce our impact and create lasting sustainability in the industry. For this reason, we are strongly against wasteful methods of coffee brewing such as pod-machines and K-cup #KillTheKCup
  • Support For Coffee Farmers – Where possible, we seek to support and pay recognition to all members of the coffee value chain, and in particular, the farmers and direct plantation workers in the coffee industry.
Promotional image of Alex in bed with coffee gear
coffee cupping school

Attending a coffee cupping class at the Sydney Aroma Festival

Media Appearances

Featured in coffee lovers magazine part 2
Contribution: ‘ A Coffee Tour of Ubud, Bali’
Featured in coffee lovers magazine part 2
Contribution: ‘ A Coffee Tour Of Chiang Mai, Thailand’

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