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Aeropress Go Review: The Better Coffee Maker for Travel

You’ve almost certainly heard of the Aeropress, a popular portable coffee maker for travellers and home brewers alike. Now, for the first time since the Aeropress was released, the makers of the popular brewer have introduced a new product, the Aeropress Go travel coffee press.

So what is the Go, and how does it compare to the original? Is it the new champion of the travel coffee makers market? Read on to learn all about this ultra-portable device and find out whether it is right for you.

Summary: Aeropress Go

Aeropress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press Canada
  • An all-in-one coffee making travel kit, mug included.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Can make espresso-style shots, Americano and cold brew.

Be it camping trips, business trips, or any other manner of coffee dessert, with its slim profile the AeroPress is the first option for most undercaffeinated sojourners. And the beloved compact brewer just got compacter, thanks to the brand new AeroPress Go.

– Zac Cadwalader, Sprudge

The Aeropress Go Coffee Maker Review

All travel coffee makers are designed to be compact, but the Aeropress Go is perhaps the best of the bunch in this respect. This tiny and ultra-light brewer fits entirely inside the included coffee mug and the whole package weighs less than a pound. (1)

The Go is essentially a miniaturized Aeropress with the addition of a travel mug. Like the Aeropress, it uses pressure to brew the strong, smooth shots of coffee that have garnered that brewer such an avid following. If you already love Aeropress coffee, this travel-friendly version won’t disappoint.

The Aeropress Go Review
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Ease Of Use
  • Custom Brewing Features
  • Portability
  • Value For Money
Aeropress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press Canada

Aesthetic Appeal – 3.5/5

No one would ever accuse the Aeropress of coasting by on its looks, and the Aeropress Go is no different. These portable coffee makers are designed to be functional, durable, and portable. They aren’t showpieces for your kitchen counter.

However, this US-made coffee maker is not unattractive. It’s small and cute. The red silicone cap and coordinating red print on the brewing chamber show that someone with an eye for style put it together.

Ease of Use – 4/5

The Go is very easy to use. Even if you’re new to this brewing technique, a quick read of the enclosed instructions will have you up to speed in under ten minutes. And if you already own an Aeropress, there will be no learning curve at all. The process is identical.

Like its predecessor, the Go is an efficient way to make coffee. Inspired by the high pressures used in pulling a shot of espresso, the plunger design means that only a ten-second stir is required before extraction can begin. (2)

Unlike other portable options, the Go can brew a great cup of coffee in under two minutes, certainly a selling point for travellers in a hurry.

It’s also very easy to clean. The used grounds are left behind in a compact puck that can be conveniently knocked into the garbage or compost, and a quick rinse is all that’s needed to clean the chamber. 

Custom Brewing Features – 3.5/5

For such a simple design, the Go offers plenty of opportunity for experimentation. If you’re the type of coffee lover who likes to tinker with grind size, steep time, water temperature, and extraction pressure to achieve your optimum brew, this coffee maker won’t disappoint. (3)

a close aeropress go review - coffee being pushed out of of the coffee maker

In terms of brewing variety, it can produce a concentrated shot akin to espresso, an Americano, or even cold brew style coffee, though the manufacturer recommends brewing espresso strength and diluting with water or milk.

In blind tasting tests, people ranging from professionals to coffee lovers always choose this smoother brewing method over pushing all the water through the grounds, which is more bitter.

Like the original, the Go travel coffee press can also be used inverted. This technique, favoured by experts everywhere, is the most flavour-forward way of brewing using an Aeropress. Side note: get some Aeropress brewing tips here.

One thing to note, however, is that the inverted method shrinks the capacity of the brewer relative to the intended technique. In the miniaturized version, this has a greater impact.

Portability – 5/5

The Go travel coffee maker gets top marks for portability, and well it should as this is its primary selling point. It is essentially a more compact version of the original Aeropress Alan Adler invented. The entire set-up, which includes a small coffee scoop, a unique foldable stirrer, and a special filter holder, along with the brewer itself, fits inside the included 444 mL mug, which doubles as a carrying case. The whole thing weighs just 323 grams.

Aeropress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press Canada

That said, one feature that made the original so appealing was that a small hand grinder could fit inside the brewing chamber. While not everyone demands freshly ground coffee every day, those that do will find that needing to carry the grinder separately means they won’t save much space over the original.

The included mug has a cleverly ribbed exterior, which offers both insulation and grip for the coffee drinker on the move. It also comes with a silicone lid that snaps over the top. Be warned, though, that the lid doesn’t seal as well as a typical travel mug. If you’re looking for something a little more spill-proof, this Travel French Press from Bodum might be a better option.

Value for Money – 4.5/5

For the quality of coffee it produces, the Go is extremely affordable. It costs just a few dollars more than the original, but the fact that it includes a mug makes it a cost-saving if you’re a frequent traveller. Its price is on par with a mid-range French press, but many prefer the concentrated, low-acidity coffee shots of the Aeropress.

Like the original, it is extremely durable. This isn’t a coffee maker you will have to replace frequently, if at all.

If you happen to lose a part, they are all sold separately for easy replacement, and most, like the filter cap and plunger seal, are interchangeable between the two brewers.

You do need to buy paper filters, but they are inexpensive and can be reused a few times each, and 350 are included to start. Alternatively, a one-time investment in a metal filter will save you money in the long run and help cut down on waste. (4)

Aeropress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press Canada

Do Not Buy The Aeropress Go If…

You already have an Aeropress – The Aeropress Go is just a slightly more compact version of the original, with a plastic cup included. Unless you’re planning a backpacking trip where every ounce of weight and millimetre of space counts, the Aeropress you already have is perfect for most travel situations.

You like large cups of coffee or want to serve a crowd – One of the few complaints regarding the original Aeropress is that the brewing chamber is too small. You can only make 295 ml of coffee at a time, though it is relatively concentrated. In this era of the Starbucks Trenta, that won’t satisfy everyone. The smaller Go exacerbates this problem, brewing only 235 ml at a time. Here’s a more detailed comparison of the original Aeropress and the Aeropress Go.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and portable way to make coffee for a crowd or one very thirsty person, consider a French press instead.

You want something showy for your countertop – The Go is not a showpiece. It’s built for function not form. It actually looks a bit like a tiny garbage can. If you’re looking for something beautiful for your countertop that also brews great coffee, consider the Nespresso Pixie Machine or the graceful Kalita Wave dripper. 

The Verdict

The Aeropress Go is the perfect travel coffee maker for those occupying the niche market for which it was designed. It’s a compact, all-in-one coffee making system. It’s durable enough to be tossed in the bottom of a hiking pack. It’s tiny enough to fit in the cup-holder of your car. And like the original Aeropress, it brews undeniably great coffee. So is it better than the original? That depends entirely on you.

Aeropress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press Canada

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