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Anacafe 14 Coffee Variety: A Well-Balanced Guatemalan Coffee

Coffee farmers and industry professionals are still finding new ways to cultivate and brew coffee. Whether systematically breeding rust-resistant coffee plants or developing great recipes for turbo espresso shots, industry professionals are finding new and better ways to enjoy their morning brew.

This spirit of innovation led to anacafe-14. Keep reading to find out what it is and how to brew it.

anacafe 14 coffee bean

Anacafe-14 History

Anacafe-14 is an Arabica coffee variety and Timor hybrid developed by crossing Caturra and Pacamara coffee beans.

First discovered by coffee farmer Francisco Manchamé in 1980, industry experts developed this hybrid over several years. First, farmers selected specific plants for their yield and cup profile until it was released for commercial production in 2014 by the National Coffee Association of Guatemala, or ANACAFE (1). Anacafe-14 plants are relatively hardy and have a high yield in coffee cherries.

While Anacafe-14 plants are susceptible to nematodes and coffee berry disease, they are nonetheless resistant to coffee leaf rust.

Though rust-resistant, they yield an excellent, velvety cup typical of the region. To learn more about the unique cup profiles of single-origin beans, check out this video from FreshGround Roasting.

Anacafe-14 Cup Profile and Brew Methods

While the brew method is a personal preference, it’s best to brew these beans with the French press as a medium roast. This brewing method works well for preserving the full body of these beans.
You’re in luck if you enjoy coffees with a more complex flavour palate (2). According to JayArr Coffee, these beans are:

Full-bodied—having complex flavours—floral, fruitful, and spicy aromas, containing hints of chocolate, fruit, and nuts.

What’s more, Anacafe-14 has a mild, kiwi-like acidity with herbal tea notes, making this the perfect single-origin coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Final Thoughts

This modern Arabica variety is a hardy, high-yield coffee that yields an excellent cup. Anacafe-14 is full-bodied, bright, complex, and best brewed with the French press.

Have you tried this interesting bean? Let us know how you like it!


The high altitude, ample rainfall, nutrient-rich soil, and warm climate contribute to Guatemalan coffee’s unique cup profile. More specifically, the high altitude contributes to Guatemalan coffee’s bright acidity (2).

Yes, the Anacafe is great for espresso. Because of its full body and complex cup, Anacafe-14 stands up well to milk and other flavourings.

You can buy Anacafe-14 at various online roasters. However, because not all coffee roasters roast their beans just before they ship, Home Grounds suggests sourcing this Arabica variety from a locally-based coffee roaster whenever possible.

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