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7 Best Aeropress Accessories

Do you want to make your Aeropress more versatile, practical, or efficient? Then you need some Aeropress accessories. Lucky for you, the popularity of this brewer ensures there are tons of brands making affordable add-ons and upgrades.

Your Aeropress can mimic an espresso machine or a French press for just a few dollars. It can morph into a Japanese-style cold brew maker or a Chemex. Does that sound too good to be true? Keep reading to learn about the best Aeropress accessories in 2023.

At A Glance:

  1. OUR TOP PICK: Able Disk Metal Filter Set
  2. PERFECT GRINDER: Porlex Mini
  3. FOR ESPRESSO LOVERS: Fellow Prismo

The 7 Best Aeropress Accessories in 2023

The best Aeropress accessories are simple and affordable. They make life easier, and they make the coffee better. 

Our picks run the gamut from basic filters to a manual grinder, so there is something for everyone. And with only the most expensive on the list topping $100, you won’t have to break the bank to upgrade your brewing set-up.

Best Overall Best Overall Able Disk Metal Filter Set Able Disk Metal Filter Set
  • Filters
  • Full-bodied coffee
  • $
Best For Espresso Lovers Best For Espresso Lovers Fellow Prismo Fellow Prismo
  • Attachment
  • Espresso-style coffee
  • $$
Best For Cold Brew Best For Cold Brew PuckPuck Cold Brew Attachment PuckPuck Cold Brew Attachment
  • Attachment
  • Cold brew
  • $$$
Best Burr Grinder For Aeropress Best Burr Grinder For Aeropress Porlex Mini II Porlex Mini II
  • Separate accessory
  • Classic coffee
  • $$$
Best For Couples Best For Couples 2POUR Dual Press Accessory 2POUR Dual Press Accessory
  • Attachment
  • Classic coffee
  • $$
Best Aeropress Organizer Best Aeropress Organizer HEXNUB Organizer Stand HEXNUB Organizer Stand
  • Separate accessory
  • n/a coffee style
  • $$
Budget Pick Budget Pick Aesir Paper Filters Aesir Paper Filters
  • Filters
  • Clean coffee
  • $

If you don’t already own an Aeropress, first read our review of the original Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker and our guide to making better Aeropress coffee.

1. Able Disk Metal Filter Set – Best Overall

  • Type: Filters

  • Coffee style: Full-bodied
  • Price: $

Aeropress recently launched its branded metal filter, but Able Disk filters are still the gold standard (1). These made-in-the-USA metal filters aren't a simple mesh weave but a piece of precision photo-etched stainless steel.

A reusable metal filter doesn't absorb coffee oils or remove all the coffee fines like a paper filter. Instead, they end up in the final cup to produce a much more robust brew, according to the experts at Blackout Coffee Company (2).

When you use a metal coffee filter, your coffee will have richer flavor, fuller body and more fines in the cup.

The Able Disk is available in either a standard or fine version. You can choose one or the other, but we suggest buying this set that includes one. The standard metal filter yields a much fuller-bodied cup than the Aeropress paper filters. The fine mesh filter produces a similar result but filters out more of the fines for a slightly cleaner cup. 

The stainless steel Able Disks should last as long as your Aeropress. However, the fine filter version can be damaged if it’s accidentally bent or creased, so treat it carefully when travelling.

2. Fellow Prismo – Best for Espresso Lovers

  • Type: Attachment

  • Coffee style: Espresso-style
  • Price: $$

Want to turn your Aeropress coffee maker into a budget espresso machine? The Fellow Prismo gets you pretty close! 

The clever device replaces the Aeropress filter cap with a metal filter and pressure-actuated valve. The valve increases the brewing pressure – though not as high as a real espresso machine – to produce a rich brew with a hint of crema. And the metal filter produces the fuller body and heavy mouthfeel of an espresso-style coffee. 

As a bonus, with the Fellow Prismo in place, no water can leak through before you press the Aeropress plunger.

So you get the benefits of using the inverted Aeropress method without the precarious setup. With the no-drip seal, you can let your coffee grounds steep in the fridge overnight before plunging to yield a delicious cold-brew coffee.

If the idea of espresso coffee has caught your attention, learn more in our detailed review of the Fellow Prismo.

3. PuckPuck Cold Brew Attachment – Best for Cold Brew

  • Type: Attachment

  • Coffee style: Cold brew
  • Price: $$$

I know what you're thinking. You think the Aeropress can make cold brew – no accessory needed. But the PuckPuck cold brew drip system doesn't make your run-of-the-mill immersion cold brew coffee; it turns your Aeropress into a Kyoto-style slow-drip cold brew maker (3). 

It does this using a patent-pending “twist drip valve” that releases a slow drip of water, at a rate of your choosing, from a cold water chamber above. The valve can even be paired with an app for precise control.

The PuckPuck Aeropress attachment includes a water reservoir that holds 500 mL. But it has been cleverly designed so that the valve also fits many common mineral water bottle brands. If you’re on the go, as Aeropress users often are, you can travel with only the tiny PuckPuck valve.

4. Porlex Mini II – Best Burr Grinder for Aeropress

  • Type: Separate accessory

  • Coffee style: Classic
  • Price: $$$

You should grind the coffee beans yourself to brew the best Aeropress coffee. Pre-ground coffee beans are not only less fresh but also the wrong grind size, according to Aeropress inventor Alan Adler (4).

For single servings, espresso grind will give you more flavour for your money. I often set a grinder about halfway between drip and espresso.

Any burr grinder will do the trick. But if you plan to travel with your Aeropress, the Porlex Mini II has an extra trick up its sleeve. It’s so tiny that it fits inside the Aeropress brewing chamber, forming the perfect compact kit for high-quality coffee anywhere.

The original Porlex Mini was a wonderful little grinder; Home Grounds has been recommending it for years. But the new-and-improved Porlex Mini II is even better, while maintaining its predecessor's 47 mm diameter and stainless steel build.

The biggest change in the Porlex Mini II is the redesigned ceramic conical burr set. It grinds 1.3 times more coffee beans per rotation than the original, and the coffee grounds are more consistent. The Mini II also has a new adjustment mechanism with finer steps, so you can perfectly dial in your Aeropress brew – or any other style of coffee you might crave on the road, from espresso to French press. 

The Porlex Mini II has a small 20 g capacity, as you would expect from a tiny grinder. While impractical for batch brewing, it’s the perfect size for one Aeropress brew.

5. 2POUR Dual Press Accessory – Best for Couples

  • Type: Attachment

  • Coffee style: Classic
  • Price: $$

This clever device is worth your attention if you regularly brew for two. Set your Aeropress atop the 2POUR stand. As you press the Aeropress plunger, it precisely divides your brew into two coffee mugs using a concept similar to a dual-spouted espresso portafilter.

I can see how this might seem like an unnecessary luxury. After all, it's pretty easy to divide an Aeropress brew in two. But the affordable price tag of the 2POUR makes it a practical purchase for couples who typically brew and share. Adding to its value, the 2POUR is compatible with the Delter Press, and many pour-over drippers.

Note that, at the moment, the 2POUR isn't compatible with mugs over 9.7 cm tall. It was designed in Europe, where smaller coffee mugs are typical. If you're a fan of taller glasses, stay tuned because the brand is promising an accessory or taller model in the future.

6. HEXNUB Organizer Stand – Best Aeropress Organizer

  • Type: Separate accessory

  • Coffee style: n/a
  • Price: $$

The Aeropress is popular among campers, hikers, and travellers, but many people enjoy it as an affordable home brewing option. An organizer stand is a perfect accessory if you’re a coffee lover who falls into that latter camp. Instead of tossing the Aeropress back in the drawer daily, it can live proudly on your counter like any other coffee machine.

We love this Aeropress stand from Hexnub for several reasons. There’s its attractive and durable bamboo frame lined with heat-resistant silicone mats. There’s the compact design, measuring 22 x x 20 x 12 cm, which is suitable even for small kitchens. There are dedicated spaces for the stirrer, scoop, and Aeropress filters. And finally, the top surface makes a perfect storage compartment for your favourite coffee mug.

7. Aesir Paper Filters – Budget Pick

  • Type: Filters

  • Coffee style: Clean
  • Price: $

Want to brew like a world champion? It’s easier – and less expensive – than you think. These Aesir Paper Filters are the least expensive Aeropress accessory on the list, but they played a crucial part in the victorious brew in the 2019 World Aeropress Championship (5)!

These premium filter papers are popular with champion baristas because they’re a step up in quality from standard Aeropress paper filters.

The Aesir paper has a more consistent thickness and smaller pores, so it yields a coffee with less sediment, greater clarity, and brighter flavours. It’s similar to a Chemex brew but, I would argue, with even more coffee flavour. Lovers of specialty light roast coffee beans will be especially excited.

How to Choose the Best Aeropress Accessories

The best Aeropress accessories for you will depend on your needs. What do you want to do with your Aeropress coffee maker? Do you brew at home or on the road? What style of coffee do you enjoy?

This buyer’s guide will help narrow down your options. Keep in mind that these accessories are very affordable, and some can even work together. So there’s no reason to choose only one.

Aeropress Accessories

What style of coffee do you like?

Many of the best Aeropress accessories are designed to alter the style of coffee the Aeropress brews. 

Aeropress is known for producing espresso-style solid coffee drinks. It's similar to a Moka pot but cleaner because it uses paper filters. If you purchased the Aeropress because you love this style of coffee, accessories like alternative filter papers or attachments that change the brew method aren't for you. Instead, accessorize your Aeropress with separate accompaniments like a great coffee grinder, an automatic milk frother, or an organizer stand.

Buying alternative filters is an inexpensive way to impact coffee style significantly. A metal filter allows the coffee oils through, yielding a fuller-bodied cup of coffee with intense flavours and a creamier mouthfeel. At the other end of the spectrum, denser paper filters produce a cleaner cup than traditional Aeropress coffee, more like something you would expect from a Chemex.

There are also brewing attachments that change your coffee more than a filter. If you’re an espresso lover, you can make a decent facsimile of espresso with the Fellow Prismo or the JoePresso. Fans of slow-drip cold brew will be impressed by the PuckPuck Cold Brew Attachment.

Do you travel with your Aeropress?

The Aeropress is one of the most popular travel coffee makers, and it's lightweight, compact, and durable. Buying accessories that meet these criteria makes sense if you usually use your Aeropress for travel. For example, the Porlex Mini coffee grinder fits inside the Aeropress, or the Fellow Prismo takes the place of the filter cap.

On the other hand, some Aeropress accessories make it more practical for home use. An organizer stand or a dual press takes up space but makes home brewing far more convenient. 

What’s your budget?

Good news! None of the Aeropress accessories on this list are costly. We've divided them into three price categories:

  • Under $40 is $
  • $40 to $80 is $$
  • Over $80 is $$$

The Porlex Mini II grinder is one of the most expensive on the list, but still a remarkable bargain for a good grinder. And it has functionality far beyond just the Aeropress. But stick with the $ items on the list if you’re looking for the most affordable way to treat yourself or a friend, 

The Verdict

All of our best Aeropress accessories are worthy additions to your brewing arsenal. Whether you want to change your coffee style or make using the Aeropress more practical, there is one (or more) Aeropress accessory to meet your needs. 

If you only have the budget for one item, the Home Grounds' top pick is the Able Disk set. It’s small and affordable while adding greatly to the versatility of your coffee maker.

Able Disk Metal Filter Set


The Aeropress Go is a smaller-capacity version of the Aeropress. It includes a travel mug that doubles as a carrying case. If you have an Aeropress Go, double-check the specifications on all these accessories because not all are compatible with the Go. For example, the Fellow Prismo only works with the original Aeropress.

You can brew up to 300 ml of coffee with an Aeropress coffee maker, and it is a single serving if you use a standard coffee brewing ratio. Using a larger coffee-to-water ratio, you can dilute the 300 ml with hot water or milk to make three 240-ml cups.

The Aeropress inverted method is an alternative way to brew with your Aeropress (6). It flips the whole brewer upside down, so there is no way for water to leak through the paper filter before pressing the plunger. Unfortunately, the Aeropress isn’t very stable when balanced upside down, so this method can lead to messy spills.

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