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30 Best Podcasts About Coffee

Listening to a coffee podcast is an easy way to learn about the topic. I love having one on when I’m driving in the car, going for a run, or doing chores around the house.

It’s so easy to make a podcast these days that everyone and their mother seems to have one. This means that there are tons of wonderful, terrible, and defunct podcasts out there. I waded through literally hundreds of coffee podcasts on Google in choosing these 30, all of which continue to contribute something valuable to the coffee conversation.


1. Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast

Cat & Cloud is a specialty coffee roastery and chain of cafes located in southern California. Their namesake podcast explores all aspects of the coffee industry, emphasizing what it takes to run a successful coffee business. They’re not afraid to dig into the mistakes they made and lessons they learned, making this a must-listen for anyone hoping to start their coffee shop or roastery.

Cat & Cloud, along with its founder Chris Baca, also maintains one of the best coffee YouTube channels, with nearly 4000 subscribers.

Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast

Source: Instagram

2. Keys to the Shop

Key to the Shop, as the name suggests, is another podcast by and for industry insiders. It digs into the ins and outs of owning a coffee shop, with details on everything from finances to staff training. It’s an incredible resource for anyone looking to start their cafe, but it’s also an informative listen for anyone who enjoys frequenting coffee shops.

Keys to the Shop

Source: Instagram

3. Stone Creek Coffee Podcast

Stone Creek Coffee is a sort of one-stop shop for all things coffee. They roast and sell specialty coffee beans both to consumers and wholesale; they operate a chain of cafes; they offer coffee education classes; they maintain an informative blog. And they have a podcast that covers all this and more. You can hear about the backstories of their staff members to the coffee-related impacts of Covid-19. Not every episode will grab you, but some are sure to!

Stone Creek Coffee Podcast

Source: Instagram

4. Specialty Coffee Association Podcast

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a non-profit organization that represents individuals throughout the coffee supply chain, from farmers to baristas. They host events worldwide, including competitions and conferences, and this podcast lets you be a part of them all. It features lectures, stories, and interviews with some of the coffee world’s foremost experts. 

Specialty Coffee Association Podcast

Source: Instagram

5. The Coffee Podcast

Expectations are high from a podcast with a name like “The Coffee Podcast,” but this one delivers. It covers a wide range of coffee-related topics, tackling each through conversations with experts and coffee influencers. Expect to learn about everything from sustainable coffee to brewing at home to the science of coffee. Whether you’re a serious coffee nerd or you just enjoy a tasty cuppa joe, there’s something here for you.

The Coffee Podcast

Source: Instagram

6. Coffee is ME

Coffee is ME is a podcast directed at coffee professionals and entrepreneurs. It’s hosted by Valerian Hrala, owner of a series of coffee businesses, and Marcus Young, a coffee expert, barista trainer, and licensed Q grader with decades of coffee industry experience. 

Between the two of them, they have the expertise to advise on all aspects of starting and running a coffee business. And that’s exactly what they do, in far-ranging discussions aimed at inspiring future coffee entrepreneurs.

7. Coffee Lovers Radio

Coffee Lovers Radio is a diverse podcast that explores all aspects of enjoying coffee, from brewing tips to health effects to the latest coffee trends. It’s a fun and easy listen – informative without feeling like you’re in a lecture hall. Be sure to tune in for the listener mail episodes, which tackle a wide range of coffee questions submitted by amateur coffee lovers just like you.

Coffee Lovers Radio

Source: Instagram

8. Coffee Cafe Podcast

Everyone can enjoy this podcast, but coffee-loving dads are sure to get the most from it. The hosts – both dads themselves – visit coffee shops, meet with coffee professionals, and sample different coffee drinks, all with the listener along for the ride. 

They interweave their coffee explorations with the experience of fatherhood. Expect topics ranging from Mothers’ Day gift-giving to taste testing Cuban-style coffees.

Coffee Cafe Podcast

Source: Instagram

9. No Free Refills

This podcast from Sprudge Media is hosted by two coffee industry insiders, Ezra Baker of Stumptown Coffee and Tymika Lawrence of Atlas Coffee. It’s not so much a coffee podcast as a pop culture podcast told through the lens of a couple of coffee obsessives. Every episode they brew up a fresh carafe and chat about what’s new on TV, the Internet, and in modern society. It’s as hilarious as it is compelling.

10. A Better Table

A Better Table is yet another Sprudge podcast, but while No Free Refills is all light and fun, A Better Table does a deeper dive into the more serious issues facing the coffee industry. Hosted by journalist and community organizer Umeko Motoyoshi, this podcast tackles the big and often scary questions facing specialty coffee lovers through in-depth interviews with coffee industry pros.

11. Coffee’s Done

Coffee’s Done is a fun and creative concept for a podcast. It has three hosts – coffee professionals and friends Jake, James, and Ross – and usually a guest, making it feel like you’re sitting in on a friendly chat among coffee lovers.

The unique feature of this podcast is the “# round” at each episode’s end. They select exciting topics in coffee and engage in heated but friendly 5-minute debates. Listeners can even submit their topics!

Coffee’s Done

Source: Instagram

12. Making Coffee With Lucia Solis

This is a podcast for serious coffee nerds. Think you know everything about coffee? I promise you will learn something new here. Lucia Solis is a former winemaker who has become one of the world’s foremost experts on coffee processing. I’m not just talking about natural vs. washed; follow along as Lucia explains measuring Brix, the science of fermentation, inoculating yeast, and so, so much more.

13. Boss Barista

I would describe Boss Barista, hosted by Ashley Rodriguez, as a podcast about modern culture, but seen through a coffee lens. She covers topics like gender, sex, race, and disability as they arise in the coffee industry, using hard-hitting interviews with some of its big names. She’s not afraid to take on challenging topics, and she treats them with equal measures of humor and respect. 

Boss Barista

Source: Instagram

14. Filter Stories

When is coffee more than coffee? Always, in fact. There is way more to your cup of coffee than meets the eye, from the farmer who grew the beans to the barista who poured the latte art. If you want to know the stories behind the coffees, then the Filter Stories podcast, which aptly describes itself as offering “coffee documentaries,” is for you.

Filter Stories

Source: Instagram

15. Coffea Podcast

No, that isn’t a typo; coffea is the genus of flowering plants that produce our precious coffee beans. The Coffea Podcast is the first coffee-focused podcast from Brazil, the world’s biggest coffee producer (1). Hosted by journalist Kelly Stein, it aims to explore Brazil’s coffee production and debunk stereotypes about its coffee quality. Some episodes are in Portuguese, but most are in English. 

16. La Crema

The highly regarded La Crema podcast, hosted by Abner Roldán and Karla Quiñones, interviews coffee industry figures from the duo’s homeland of Puerto Rico and throughout Latin America, including many of the world’s premier coffee-growing regions. 

La Crema is in Spanish, so you’re out of luck if you don’t speak the language. But if you do, you’ll be rewarded with wide-ranging and informative conversations with the folks on coffee’s front lines.

17. Bean Stuff Coffee Podcast

The Bean Stuff coffee podcast benefits significantly from having an incredibly knowledgeable host in Paul Allen, a longtime coffee roaster, coffee writer, and certified Q grader. Together with his son and co-host Reed Allen and industry pros, they discuss anything and everything about coffee. Experts and beginners will glean valuable tidbits from this podcast, from properly tasting coffee to choosing the suitable plant-based milk.

Bean Stuff Coffee Podcast

Source: Instagram

18. Cross Country Coffee Roadshow

In this unique podcast, the co-hosts travel significant routes through the US in search of the best coffee the country has to offer. They visit roasters and coffee shops, emphasizing small and independently-owned businesses. Moreover, they interview owners, baristas, and even colorful local clientele at each stop. It’s an exploration of the American soul as much as it is a coffee podcast. 

Cross Country Coffee Roadshow

Source: Instagram

19. Craft Your Own Coffee Podcast

As you might expect from the name, Craft Your Own Coffee Podcast is the go-to podcast for home coffee enthusiasts. Listen to enough episodes, and I guarantee you’ll be brewing better coffee, pulling better shots of espresso, and itching to try your hand at home roasting. Both experts and beginners alike will appreciate the approachable demeanor of host Joel Sigmon and the industry pros he brings on as guests.

Craft Your Own Coffee Podcast

Source: Instagram

20. Cxffeeblack Podcast

Cxffeeblack is a coffee company and a social justice movement aiming to “reclaim the black history of coffee and reimagine its black future.” The eponymous podcast explores these same themes in an informative and approachable way. Like many of the other best coffee podcasts on this list, this is so much more than you’d expect. Listen and prepare to be inspired.

Cxffeeblack Podcast

Source: Instagram

21. Seed to Cup

The third Sprudge Media podcast on our list, Seed to Cup, uses long-form interviews between coffee industry movers and shakers and a rotating cast of expert hosts to dig into what’s happening in coffee now. The topics vary widely, making each hour-plus-long interview feel like its own little independent documentary. 

Pick and choose the topics that interest you, or listen to every episode for a well-rounded view of the state of coffee. 

22. Cascara

Cascara is a traveling podcast perfect for the globetrotting coffee lover – or the stuck-at-the-office coffee lover with serious wanderlust. Each episode visits a new city and explores the unique aspects of its coffee culture. It’s a fascinating look at what makes us all different and what makes us all the same.

23. Coffee Sprudgecast

Yet another production from the coffee media juggernaut that is Sprudge, the Coffee Sprudgecast is their flagship podcast, hosted by co-founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen. Unlike the other Sprudge podcasts, this one has no well-defined theme, and instead, it is an exploration of all things specialty coffee. You never know when you’re going to get when you tune in, but you can trust it will be entertaining and informative.

Coffee Sprudgecast

Source: Instagram

24. Filtered Thoughts

Filtered Thoughts is a coffee industry podcast centered in the UK, though it explores themes that are relevant worldwide. It is well named, as it typically features seven professional coffee hosts simply sharing their thoughts on a given topic. The conversational style makes it easy to listen, and the diversity of topics is impressive. Recent episodes covered everything from the future of coffee to cupping protocols.

Filtered Thoughts

Source: Instagram

25. Coffee With Mirko

Mirko Bonmassar is a coffee lover and entrepreneur who has made quite a splash with this fun and informative podcast. With the stated goal as simply “to help,” Coffee with Mirko combines interviews, keynote speeches, and self-reflection to help not just with coffee but with life. Now 100 episodes in, Mirko has managed to attract some big names to his show, providing a fascinating look at the overlap between lessons in coffee and lessons in life.

26. Coffee, Pods, and Wods

Coffee, Pods, and Wods is a one-of-a-kind podcast combining coffee and fitness, a natural combination given caffeine’s role in many athletes’ lives. What was originally simply a recorded conversation among friends over coffee has grown impressively, demonstrating the mass appeal of the coffee-fitness niche. It now features interviews with top coaches and famous athletes from the world of CrossFit and will inspire you to put your caffeine buzz to good use.

27. Coffee With April

Unlike the Coffee With Mirko podcast, April isn’t a person; rather, it’s the name of a famous roastery located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Scandinavia is known for its specialty coffee scene, and this podcast gives you an inside look through interviews with top names in the industry. The most recent season focused exclusively on coffee in the time of Covid, offering a detailed and engaging look at how top coffee companies are handling the pandemic.

Coffee With April

Source: Instagram

28. Map It Forward

Subscribe to Map It Forward, and you’re getting two podcasts in one, released on a nearly daily basis – far and away from the most prolific of any on this list! 

The Map It Forward podcast uses long-form interviews to dig deep into all aspects of the coffee supply chain, focusing on the business side of coffee. The 15-minute-long Daily Coffee Pro is much less in-depth but offers quick ideas to get the brain churning daily. So if you plan on jumping into the coffee business, we recommend enrolling in one or some of the best online coffee courses.

Map it Forward

Source: Instagram

29. Adventures in Coffee

Presented by Caffeine Magazine, Adventures in Coffee is a fun look at the stories behind every cup of coffee, emphasizing the fun. They even “guarantee” you a laugh every episode. But this isn’t a comedy podcast; it’s incredibly informative and will have you looking differently at your next cup of joe.

30. A History of Coffee

A History of Coffee is not an ongoing series but rather a six-episode documentary (plus some bonus episodes) that details how coffee came to hold so much power in the modern world—as always, understanding the past is crucial for future success. This compelling narrative provides a lot of food for thought regarding coffee’s ongoing role – environmentally, socially, and economically.

Wrapping It Up

What did you think of this list? Do you have a favorite coffee podcast I failed to mention? Or perhaps you’re inspired to start your coffee podcast, destined for inclusion in a future update of this article. Let me know all about it in the comments below.

If you enjoyed this list, be sure to share it with your friends and contacts on social media. There is no such thing as too many well-informed coffee lovers!

  1. J. Ganan. (2018, March 15). COFFEA Is Brazil’s First Coffee-Focused Podcast. Retrieved from https://sprudge.com/coffea-podcast-130464.html
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