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The 20 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes and Clubs of 2022

Coffee subscription boxes have grown in popularity over the past few years. As a result, there are an overwhelming number of companies offering an online coffee subscription. While some of these offer excellent coffee, there are many others that are thinly veiled cash grabs. As a result, choosing the best coffee subscription can be a time consuming process, especially if you care as much about your coffee as we do. Luckily, Homegrounds has done the hard work for you. We've subscribed to more than 100 of the top rated coffee subscription services and have summarised the best coffee subscriptions below.

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Different coffee subscriptions cater to different coffee drinker types. So before choosing one, you must know what type of coffee drinker you are. Do you want to try exotic new coffee every week? What way do you like to brew coffee? Do you prefer light or dark roasts?

Buckle up as we take you on a tour of the best coffee subscriptions. As a bonus, we've managed to secure some unique discount codes for HomeGrounds readers.


Trade Coffee Subscription

Trade Coffee sources the best coffees from independent roasters around the world and delivers them straight to your door. You can choose your own coffee, but a better option is to let Trade select for you. They’ll learn your preferences and then suggest great coffee beans you might otherwise never have found!

The Best Coffee Subscriptions

We promise you'll find the perfect coffee subscription service for you. How? In our buyer's guide, you'll learn what type of coffee drinker you are. You'll then know how to choose the best coffee subscriptions for you from our curated list below. So, keep reading to find the perfect coffee subscription box, tailored to your personal preferences.

Best Overall Best Overall Trade coffee subscription Trade Subscription
  • 400+ coffees to choose from
  • Fast and simple ordering
  • Prices from $17.35
Most Variety Most Variety Atlas Coffee Club
  • Exotic, single-origin coffee
  • Sourced around the world
  • Prices from $9
Most Ethical Most Ethical 4 Packs of Drift Away Coffee Driftaway Coffee
  • Personalized
  • Ships within 6 hours of roasting
  • Prices from $16
Bean Box Bean Box
  • Gourmet coffee only
  • Ethical sourcing
  • $5 starter pack
Mistobox Coffee Subscription
  • 50 top roasters
  • Simple and seamless experience
  • Prices from $10.95
Blue Bottle Subscription Blue Bottle Subscription
  • Reliable delivery
  • Gold-class sourcing/roasting
  • Prices from $8
Craft Coffee Craft Coffee
  • Great value
  • Price match guarantee
  • Prices from $10
moustache coffee club Moustache Coffee Club
  • Single-origin specialty coffee
  • Curated to taste
  • Prices from $13
Volcanica Coffee Logo Volcanica
  • Top beans from around the world
  • Never run out of coffee
  • Save 20% by subscribing
Crema.Co Crema.Co
  • Delivered fast and fresh
  • 450+ coffees to choose from
  • Prices from $17
check them out
Peets online coffee subscription order form Peet's Coffee Subscription
  • Three series to choose from
  • Roasted to order
  • Prices from $16
(For Offices) (For Offices) Coffee Thermos Joyride Coffee
  • For the office
  • Staff training included
  • Prices from $75
Angels Cup Angels Cup
  • Curated to taste
  • Unique cupping experience
  • Prices from $8.99
  • Fresh roasted
  • Dark, medium, and seasonal roast
  • Prices from $15
  • Small-batch coffee
  • First dibs on rare coffee
  • 10% in cafe locations
the roaster's pack coffee The Roaster’s Pack
  • Filter, espresso, or decaf
  • Brew guides included
  • From $25 a month
equator coffee Equator Coffee
  • Huge variety
  • Ethical coffee
  • Prices from $16
le colombe coffee La Colombe
  • Roasted to order
  • Cold brew options
  • Priced from $13
brothers coffee Brothers Coffee
  • One roaster per month
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Priced from $19
yes plz coffee Yes Plz
  • A unique coffee each week
  • Fresh roasted
  • Priced from $17

1. Trade Subscription

Best for those who want access to an impressive number of gourmet US coffee roasters that you would otherwise never find

Trade coffee subscription


How it works: You opt for a blend or single-origin as they take you through a quiz that finds your first perfect match. Then, based on your feedback, they'll start recommending different types of coffee beans.

Trade keeps things simple, while slowly learning about your coffee preferences. How? Well, you take the short survey, and they'll deliver fresh beans each month. Then you give them feedback. Trade will learn about your style and build a profile for you; sending you high-quality beans from 400+ coffee types with even more flavor notes.

They put themselves in YOUR shoes when creating their quiz. Rather than getting a bunch of hard to answer questions, they keep it simple and build from there. Read our full Trade review here. Or watch our YouTube review below.


  • Over 400 quality beans in their coffee library. New coffee will become a regularity.
  • Are committed to matching you with your perfect option
  • Easy to order and shipped very quickly
  • Prices start at $12.50
  • Shipping locations: USA only

2. Atlas Coffee Club

“The best choice if you're looking to try exotic, single origin coffee's that you can't find almost anywhere else”

Bags of coffee sitting on a world map
3 bags of coffee on a table by Atlas coffee club

Their current promotion likely makes this most affordable subscription available right now

How it works: Choose a shipment size, delivery frequency, roast type, and grind size (or whole bean). They then send you the best single-origin coffees from all over the world, along with a postcard, tasting notes and brewing tips. You'll never get bored.

Atlas Coffee Club gives you a “world tour” through your coffee cup. They are connecting you to the farmers and varietals that you’re passionate to know more about. Their single-origin coffee beans are some of the most exciting out there.

THE Perfect Gift For A Coffee Lover.

Atlas feels like an educational experience. Each coffee bag features custom designs reflecting the culture and environment of the origin (1). The postcard teaches you about the region and its coffee, and you a handy little card revealing tasting notes, flavor notes and best ways to brew.

If you want more of the juicy details read our full Atlas coffee club review here….or check out a video breakdown on why we feel Atlas is the best coffee subscription:


  • Our Pick for 2022
  • Amazing, rare micro-lot single-origin beans sourced from all over the world
  • Feels like you're on a guided tour of the world of coffee beans
  • Prices start at $9 (but you can take 50% off with this coupon for larger orders, or $10 off with this coupon for smaller orders)
  • Shipping locations: USA and Canada.
  • Free shipping available

3. Driftaway Coffee

Best for those who prioritize freshness and personalization

4 Packs of Drift Away Coffee
Packs of Driftaway coffee being rated


How it works: Start with a tasting kit and based on your feedback they curate your shipments to fit your flavor profiles. They have even developed an app that lets you rate and review the coffees they send you. This gives the company more data to help select the right beans for your subscription.

Driftaway promises single-origin coffees sourced directly from farmers. Coffees are roasted for you in-house less than 6 hours before delivery. Moreover, they now offer an office subscription option (bringing the price down to $10/pound) with free delivery in the U.S + brewing and equipment support. Read our full review of Driftaway Coffee here.

Best for the coffee reliant, the foodie folks, or to give as a gift. Basically, it’s simple. You like coffee? Driftaway brings you really good coffee.


  • Personalized – Provide preferences and feedback, and they do the rest
  • Shipped within 6 hours of roasting
  • Fair trade, direct trade and Rainforest Alliance-certified sourcing, with heavy farmer support and feedback
  • Prices start at $16
  • Shipping locations: Many (see the list here)

4. Bean Box

“Best for coffee snobs who want the best beans available – and they have have a great new deal – a starter kit for just $5

A box of coffee beans from bean box coffee company
A pack of roasted coffee besides in a white mug

How it works: Bean Box handpicks the best beans from the best roasters in Seattle, then ships them to you based on your preferences. Seattle is known as one of the leading third wave coffee cities in the world. So the quality is amazing (2)!

Bean Box works with 30 different roasters who source from some of the world’s leading green coffee buyers. They’ve built an impressive library of coffees. You'll never get bored. There are several ways to start but the most popular are the Bean Box Coffee Sampler (4 x 1.8-ounce bags from Seattle heavy hitters) and the Coffee of the Month option.

Think of it as an ongoing coffee tour of the city [of Seattle] without having to buy plane tickets. It’s a great idea.

Coffee lovers love Bean Box because they are experts in sourcing quality coffee and they handpick roasters from the epi-center of 3rd wave coffee. They currently offer a free trial box to help you get started. Why not?

Read our full Bean Box Coffee review here, or see what you get in this video:


  • Extremely picky sourcing (from the best coffee roasters in the best coffee city in the world)
  • Supports ethical coffee only (they carefully vet the sourcing of each roaster they work with)
  • Feels like you have an expert coffee sourcing advisor handpicking great coffee for you.
  • Prices start at $5 (for a starter kit)
  • Shipping locations: USA only.
  • Free shipping for orders over $30

5. Mistobox coffee subscription

“Best for those who just want to find their perfect coffee choice and have it sent to them on repeat

Misto Box products and manual
Bags of online coffee delievered from mistobox

How it works: Once you sign up, you fill out a simple quiz that helps you choose. you select the roast (but not the grind) and can opt for single-origin coffees, espressos, or blends. Every 1-4 weeks (you choose) they ship 12 ounces of gourmet coffee directly to you.

Mistobox is one of the biggest names in the coffee subscription game. They source from the top 50 US expert roasters such as Ruby and Verve. Unfortunately, they only ship within the US. Mistobox is popular because they score VERY high for user experience. They walk you through a short quiz to find the best option for your needs. They also plenty of information about their coffee how to best brew it.

Read our full Mistobox review here.


  • Easy to order with: fill out a quiz, get coffee sent, and start brewing.
  • Source from the top 50 roasters in the US. Many chances to try new coffee types.
  • A very simple and seamless experience
  • Prices start at $10.95
  • Shipping locations: USA only

6. Moustache Coffee Club

“Best for single-origin coffee geeks.”

moustache coffee club review


How it works: When you sign up, you choose how much coffee you want to receive, either 6oz or 12oz, and how frequently you want it delivered, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. You’ll be asked to visit their website and rate each coffee you receive, and they’ll use your ratings to tailor your subscription.

Moustache Coffee Club is a niche subscription specializing in single-origin specialty coffee. They source their coffee from around the world, roast it perfectly to highlight the characteristic flavor profile of its region of origin. Plus, they deliver it to your doorstep impeccably fresh. 

This subscription box won’t appeal to everyone, because their variety is relatively small. Moustache Coffee Club only offers single origins, no blends, and almost all their coffees are light roasts. But if this is the style of coffee you prefer, Moustache Coffee does it best.

Read our full Moustache Coffee Club review.


  • The best coffee subscription for lovers of light roast single-origin specialty coffee.
  • They use Artificial intelligence technology to tailor your subscription to your tastes.
  • Guaranteed to arrive at the peak of freshness (within the USA).
  • Prices start at $13, but you get $10 off your first shipment.
  • Shipping locations: USA (free), Canada, International

7. Blue Bottle Subscription

Gold class (aka best for true coffee snobs)

blue bottle coffee coffee subscription bags

How it works: Unlike with many coffee subscription boxes on this list, you’ll have to choose the coffee for yourself (though they do have a quiz to find your coffee match). They offer subscriptions to any of their 8 blends as well as espresso, blend and single origin assortments. Blue bottle is always a good choice, and their subscription is no different.

Blue Bottle Coffee's subscriptions are for coffee enthusiasts who know what they like. They want expertly roasted beans from some of the best lots in the world. But It's more like regular home delivery for the same products you could buy in-store than a curated coffee box. They offer decaf coffee subscriptions and ship internationally to a shortlist of countries, for now. We dove deep into the blue bottle coffee club recently. Read our full blue bottle coffee subscription review here.


  • You get sent high quality coffee beans from roasters you know and like.
  • More like a regular home delivery of quality beans
  • Gold class in sourcing and roasting
  • Prices start at $8
  • Shipping locations: Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and USA.

8. Craft Coffee

“Best for value seekers”

An open box of craft coffee beans
Craft Coffee bags from their Subscription on a table

How it works: Take their survey to get a recommendation for the right coffees to start your coffee subscription, or try their famous 3-variety sampler pack; a gateway to the world of specialty coffee.

Craft Coffee is all about bringing you high-quality, freshly roasted coffees that are new to you, without costing you more than you’d pay at the grocery store. They roast it all in-house and ship your coffee box within 72 hours of roasting. Read our full Craft Coffee review here.


  • Amazing value for such high quality coffee
  • Fresh: shipped within 24 – 72 hours of roasting.
  • Offer a price match guarantee
  • Prices start at $10
  • Shipping locations: USA, Canada, and most other locations (via USPS)

9. Crema.co

Best for those who already know exactly the type of coffee they want

Box of crema coffee on a table
box of Nosa Familia coffee

How it works: After signing up you create your personal “Brew list” – a coffee playlist for coffee you would like to try. You can search for coffees to add to your list based on various criteria like region and roaster or have their website suggest options for you.

Crema lets you take an active role in selecting what goes into your coffee subscription. Start with their sampler pack; try and rate 3 coffees and use this data to build a subscription that fits you (It's stored in a Brew Log for you). You can pause or cancel deliveries from your coffee list at any time.

Customers love how Crema ‘drop-ships' their beans; meaning the coffees are shipped directly from the roaster to ensure maximum freshness.  Read our full Crema.co review here.


  • Source from both popular and underground small-batch roasters
  • Extremely fresh, delivered straight to your door, fast.
  • You take a more active role in choosing
  • Prices start at $17
  • Shipping locations: USA only.

10. Peet's Coffee Subscription

Peets online coffee subscription order form

How it works: It's simple to make the right choice. In my opinion, that's where Peets excels. When choosing coffee, you either know exactly what you want, or have no idea. Peets make it easy; either choose what you want, add some variety, or take the quiz and get matched pronto! Read our full Peet's Coffee Subscription review.

Peets coffee may not be a new brand to you. However, their new subscription service might just be. Peets coffee is a household name in the North American coffee delivery space – and they are well known for coming up with amazing blends, and delivering fresh coffee at lightning fast speeds.


  • A few different options available: Small batch series, single origin series, or signature blend series.
  • Answer a quiz and have coffee curated to your tastes; or choose what you know you like.
  • Roasted after you order for maximum freshness.
  • Prices start at $16
  • Shipping locations: USA, CA and international (shipping fee's apply)

11. Joyride Coffee (for offices)

Office coffee on a table

How it works: You contact them on behalf of your office, and they kill bad office coffee in your workplace. You can have a subscription for cold brew on tap and specialty coffees from the country’s best small roasters: Blue Bottle, Counter Culture, Intelligentsia, Stumptown. It's like you now have your own coffee shop in the office.

Joyride Coffee is on a mission to help teams of coffee appreciators get high-caliber brew into their offices. They deliver premium coffees and the gear to help you and your co-workers enjoy craft coffee at your desks. Better yet, they’ll teach everyone how to brew a mean single cup or pot of coffee on the fancy Joyride rigs.


  • Set up your office with quality gear and beans
  • Will even train your staff to use the equipment
  • Only available in Los Angeles, New York, and the Bay Area
  • Prices start at $75

12. Volcanica Coffee

“Best for those who never want to run out of their favorite coffee.”

Volcanica Coffee Logo


How it works: Volcanica’s subscription service is brand new. It’s not a curated tasting experience but rather a way to ensure you never run out of coffee — and net yourself a nice little discount in the process.

Volcanica offers hundreds of high-quality coffees sourced from around the world, primarily from renowned volcanic growing regions. They roast their beans fresh each week, and grind to order for whatever brewer you choose. 

To subscribe, just choose your favorite coffee and the frequency you want it delivered. You’ll always have fresh coffee waiting when you need it, and you save 10% off the regular price.


  • Hundreds of coffees to choose from, including blends, single origins, decaf, and flavored coffee.
  • Not a curated subscription; you choose your coffee.
  • All 100% Arabica specialty coffee from the world’s top growing regions and freshly roasted each week.
  • 10% discount for subscribers.
  • Prices from $16.99/pound, before discount.
  • Worldwide shipping

13. Parachute Coffee

“Best for those who want flexibility but don’t want to be overwhelmed by options.”

parachute coffee subscription
Photo credit: Parachute coffe


How it works: Parachute Coffee, based in Canada, roasts and ships fresh coffee each week. They offer three choices for your subscription, either a dark roast, a medium roast, or a seasonal single-origin coffee that changes each month. All their coffee is ethically sourced and Direct Trade.

The subscription offers a lot of flexibility. You can choose delivery every 2 or 4 weeks. And you can decide between 1, 2, and 3 bags per shipment, with more bags netting you a better deal. All your choices can be easily modified at any time, and you can also choose to skip a month or cancel as needed with no penalties. 

You also get to opt for whole bean or pre-ground coffee. If you select pre-ground, you’ll be happy to hear that it is ground fresh to order.


  • Choose from dark roast, medium roast, or a seasonal single-origin that changes monthly.
  • Roasted and packaged by hand and shipped the same day.
  • Top quality Direct Trade coffee sourced from premier growing regions.
  • Prices start at $19 CAD per 10 ounce bag.
  • Shipping to Canada and the U.S.A.

14. Angels Cup

Best for curious coffee drinkers who thrive on new tastes and experiences

Angels cup black box on a table
a coffee subscription box from Angels cup

How it works: you simply choose one of 4 options and they will send you simple looking black bags of coffee, identified only by a number. No fancy branding or hype. After you’ve tried the brew, you can look up the origin and roast.

Angels’ Cup is big on the “discovery” aspect; sourcing high-quality gourmet coffee from a variety of underground roasters. Their philosophy is “Never the same thing twice – once something is gone, it's gone forever.“ You'll get the chance to try 208 different coffees in a single year if you play it right. They offer whole beans and ready-ground options. They also let you select your roast preference (light, medium or dark roast – they can do it all)

We like to try a lot of coffees, thats why we subscribe to Angels’ Cup

Listen to this: All-Stars coffee subscription box, which ships a full top-rated 12-ounce bags of coffee every week. The coffee is selected based on customer reviews of coffees from their other subscription plans. Customers love Angels cup because of the discovery aspect: It's the most exciting way to try new coffee. As a bonus – they ship internationally!

Read our full Angels' Cup coffee review here, or watch our video review here:


  • The most exciting way to discover gourmet coffee
  • A HUGE library of beans. You'll never get bored
  • Fresh roasted and shipped internationally
  • Prices start at $10.99
  • Shipping locations: USA and Canada

15. Unravel Coffee

“Best for adventurous palates and lovers of rare and unique micro-lot coffees.”

unravel coffee signature line


How it works: Unravel Coffee has a broad selection of coffee to choose from, but they specialize in small batch and micro-lot coffees. So this is the perfect subscription for anyone who likes to experiment with unusual brews for their daily cups of coffee. Most of their beans comes from unique special projects they run in Ethiopia, but they also source rare and exciting coffee from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

With your subscription, you choose the style of coffee that interests you, the quantity you want to receive at a time, and the frequency of delivery. Your subscription entitles you not only to regular delivery of coffee but also to discounts in Unravel Coffee locations and priority access to new releases of rare coffees.


  • Choose between blends, single origins, espresso roasts, micro-lots, and even tea.
  • The best for unique small batch and micro-lot coffee.
  • Free shipping and a 5% discount for subscribers.
  • Receive 10% off at Unravel Coffee locations.
  • Prices from $18, before discount.

16. The Roaster’s Pack

“Best for coffee or espresso lovers looking to discover new specialty roasters from the Great White North.”

The Roasters Pack coffee subscription
Photo credit: TheRoastersPack


How it works: You can choose to tailor your subscription for filter coffee, espresso, or decaf. Then, with each shipment you’ll receive a tasting flight of three different coffees from top Canadian roasters. Each coffee is roasted specifically for your order and shipped (for free!) within a week of roasting.

The Roaster’s Pack is another Canadian coffee subscription, highlighting some of the best roasters in the country.

Each shipment comes with a detailed guide to the coffees, which includes tasting notes, brewing tips, and a deeper look into the story behind the coffee. Special extras are also included with your subscription. Expect things like exclusive contests and discounts on coffee gear.

the roasters pack gift card
Photo credit: TheRoastersPack


  • A new tasting flight of three coffees each month from top Canadian roasters.
  • Tailor your subscription for filter, espresso, or decaf coffee.
  • Includes a detailed guide to each coffee.
  • Prices from $26.95 CAD per month.
  • Ships free to Canada and the U.S.A.

17. Equator Coffee

“Best for indecisive coffee lovers who want a huge variety of coffee to choose from.”

Equator coffee subscription
Photo credit: Equator coffee


How it works: Equator Coffee subscriptions is the sheer variety of coffees. While many companies give you options like filter or espresso and single-origin or blend, Equator has a whopping TEN choices. These include exotic options like Curated Single Origin and the seasonal Snow Leopard Blend as well as reliable favorites like Curated Espresso or Organic French Roast.

You can also choose the frequency and quantity of each delivery and whether you want whole bean coffee or a specific grind size. With so much customizability, this is truly a subscription service for anyone and everyone.

Equator Coffee started in 1995 as a small garage-based business in California.

They set out to blend quality, sustainability and social responsibility. Several decades and a number of expansions later, they continue to showcase those values. 

equator coffee subscription box
Photo credit: Twitter


  • Many styles of subscription, including single origins and blends.
  • Subscriptions can be curated or your choice.
  • Available with whole beans or four different grind sizes.
  • All subscriptions ship free.
  • Pricing starts at $15.50 and subscribers receive a 15% discount.

18. La Colombe

“Best for lovers of cold brew and ready-to-drink canned coffee drinks.”

la colombe subscription
Photo credit: La Colombe


How it works: If you opt to go the more traditional route, you’ll have plenty of options. You can either choose your favorite coffee or opt for a curated selection catered to a particular roast level. Prices are very reasonable, starting at $13 for bags of beans.

La Colombe is a major coffee roaster in the U.S., so this subscription is a great choice for affordable variety. In particular, if you love cold brew or ready-to-drink canned coffee drinks, this is the coffee subscription for you. No others offer such a variety of these products. Never again find yourself on a hot summer’s day wishing you had thought to prepare some cold brew! You can have a gallon delivered at whatever frequency you choose.

la colombe coffee subscription box
Photo credit: La Colombe


  • Huge variety, including whole bean coffee, brewed cold brew, and canned coffee drinks.
  • Coffee is roasted fresh to order.
  • You can pause or cancel at any time.
  • Ships to Canada and the U.S., with free shipping on all new subscriptions.
  • Prices from $13.

19. Brothers Coffee

“Best for ethical coffee lovers who want to spend their money on great coffee AND on supporting the men and women growing it.”

Brothers coffee company
Photo credit: Brothers Coffee


How it works: Each month you can choose to receive between 1 and 3 bags of fresh coffee from a different specialty coffee roaster that has met Brothers’ high standards. But you don’t have any say in the coffee, so this is not the subscription for picky drinkers. You’ll also receive detailed information about the coffee and the roaster, including why they were chosen and why you can feel good about supporting them with your morning brew.

Brothers Coffee is the only coffee subscription company that both sources new roasters each month AND puts a priority on ethical sourcing. And I don’t just mean Fair Trade or Organic. Brothers works only with roasters that go above and beyond to improve equality throughout the coffee supply chain.

brothers coffee


  • A commitment to high-end specialty coffee AND ethical sourcing.
  • Get one, two, or three unique 12-ounce bags of coffee each month.
  • You don’t have any input into which coffee you receive.
  • Skipping a month is easy and penalty-free.
  • Prices start at $19 a month for one bag, but $48 for three bags is better value.
  • Ships worldwide, and shipping is free if you opt for 2 or 3 bags a month.

20. Yes Plz

“Best for adventurous coffee drinkers who are willing to try anything once.”

yes plz coffee subscription


How it works: With this subscription, the only decisions you make are how much coffee you want and how often you want it. Beyond that, you just need to trust that the experts at Yes Plz will send you the best of the best. And we’ve found them to be very trustworthy in this regard.

The Yes Plz coffee subscription is a very simple model.

It will appeal to anyone with an adventurous palate and a desire to experience new flavors. Each week, the team at Yes Plz sources and roasts a new coffee. Sometimes it’s an exotic single-origin; sometimes it’s a carefully crafted blend. The only thing you can count on is that it will be top-of-the-line specialty coffee roasted by pros.

yes plz coffee subscription box
Photo credit: Yes PLZ


  • A new high-end coffee is roasted and released each week.
  • You have no input into what type of coffee you receive. It could be a single origin, a blend, a dark roast, or a light roast.
  • Prices start at $17, and shipping is free.
  • Ships to the U.S. and Canada.

How To Choose the right coffee of the month club

You're probably wondering if coffee subscriptions are worth it since there's a lot to consider before signing up for one. Today if you look for a coffee subscription online you'll be overwhelmed but the number of options. Here are a few pointers that will help you navigate the landscape of coffee subscriptions available, so you can choose the right one:

Does the Coffee Subscription fit your desires?

As a coffee drinker, the first thing you should consider is, naturally, the coffee itself. What coffees does the coffee subscription offer? Where do the coffee beans come? How do they source their coffee beans?

Man choosing a coffee subscription, thinking about what he wants.

In terms of your desires, there are two different approaches you can take:

  • If you like trying lots of different coffees, look for a coffee subscription box that ships you new coffees (new to you) each time.
  • If you already know what you like, look for a coffee of the month box that offers subscriptions for the type of coffee you know and like it.

Before choosing, make sure you're clear on what you want. Is your priority freshly roasted coffee? coffee delivered quickly? or a service that will help you find your favorite coffee? Each coffee subscription box has a strength, and it's your job to match your order with that strength.

How much can you customize? (And do you even want to?)

The best coffee subscriptions allow you to customize your experience while others offer fixed options. These are curated by professionals but often fairly inflexible.

Want to be active in choosing? Look for a coffee of the month club that tells you what types of whole bean coffee will be sent to you in advance, and will allow you to pick and switch varieties or roasts. Some services will tell you what’s coming in the mail, but won’t allow you to make changes.

Want the company to decide for you? Choose a service that curates coffees and roast types based on your preferences/feedback to a sample box. This is the best way to try beans that the coffee professionals at each coffee box company believe are truly great. You should also consider if you want them to grind for you or not.

How will it be delivered?

Obviously speed is of the essence, because freshly ground coffee is better.

Consider the frequency of coffee delivery: the better companies offer a few different schedules (e.g weekly, bi-weekly or monthly coffee deliveries). If you want a new bean delivered straight to your door every week, but the service offers monthly shipments, it ain't going to make you happy.

two coffee bags and calendars

How much coffee do you need per week? Look for a company that will get you as much as you need, but no more. There’s no point in getting a delivery each week if you take two weeks to get through a bag of coffee. Conversely; few things are as annoying as running out of coffee.

Do they sell Fair Trade Coffee?

Most coffee-of-the-month clubs on this list emphasize paying farmers fair prices for coffee and supporting sustainability all along the supply chain. Paying farmers fairly means supporting them to grow better coffee and improve practices, but exclusively fair trade subscription services aren’t the only model (3).

Some companies on this list view fair trade prices as too low to support farmers.

Fair trade coffee vs normal coffee

This is of course up for debate, but many companies that are not technically fair trade coffee subscriptions instead verify the farms’ practices firsthand and pay them directly. This also allows companies to ensure the coffee is of the highest quality.

It also goes without saying that you should consider quality – you want coffee better than what you'd find at the grocery story. but that's a given.

The Bottom Line

Good coffee starts with good beans. Sure, starting with a list of great coffee beans can work, but the above coffee subscriptions make choosing great coffee even easier.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to selecting the best coffee subscriptions. The market is saturated and unfortunately, they are not all great offerings. This list has been curated by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers, and we update it a few times a year. In summary:

Trade Coffee is the best overall subscription in 2022. They source coffees from boutique roasters from all over the US and ship them to you. You drink amazing coffee and get to experience the best products from the best roasters in the country. The other options on this list are all great choices, so choose whichever feels right as you read our reviews. Happy coffee drinking!


A coffee subscription is a service that delivers coffee to your door in a quantity and at a frequency of your choosing. Some coffee subscriptions just deliver your chosen coffee on a set schedule, ensuring you never run out. Others offer a curated experience. They choose the coffee for you based on your preferences, helping you explore new roast levels and origins.

You subscribe to a coffee service by visiting the website of the coffee company that interests you and signing up. In most cases, you will need to answer a series of questions in order to tailor your subscription to your needs. This will ensure you get coffee beans you enjoy and that you get the right amount delivered to fit your coffee drinking habits.

The best coffees to subscribe to are the ones that taste best to you and that fit with your preferred method of brewing coffee – though high-quality Arabica beans are always a good bet. When signing up for a coffee subscription, if you’re not choosing a specific bean, you will get to choose your preferred roast level. Many services also offer a subscription for espresso lovers.

Yes, most coffee subscription service companies offer holiday deals. Check our Black Friday, National Coffee Day, and other deal pages to learn more.

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Alex Azoury
Alex is an Editor of Home Grounds, who considers himself as a traveling coffee fanatic. He is passionate about brewing amazing coffee while in obscure locations, and teaching others to do the same.

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