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The 6 Best Filters for AeroPress

No one wants their last sip of delicious coffee to be full of sediment. A coffee lover deserves better than that! Especially if you’ve already spent some time in the niche AeroPress world. You know how great this brewing method is. Why not maximise its greatness with some of the best filters available?

Change up the flavour profile of your go-to coffee by experimenting with the best filters for AeroPress.

At A Glance:

  1. TOP PICK: AeroPress
  2. MOST VERSATILE: Slimm Filter
  3. BUDGET PICK: Shibadou

The Filter For AeroPress: 6 Best AeroPress Filters Reviewed In 2023

Home Grounds has compiled a review of the best AeroPress filters in 2022. We have looked into the materials used, their compatibility with AeroPress devices, and the number of pieces involved.

Image Product details
Best Overall Best Overall AeroPress classic filter AeroPress
  • Paper
  • Compatible with AeroPress, AeroPress Go
  • 350 pieces
Best Paper Filter Best Paper Filter Aesir Aesir
  • Paper
  • Compatible with AeroPress, AeroPress Go
  • 100 or 300 pieces
Budget Pick Budget Pick SHIBADOU filter SHIBADOU
  • Paper
  • Compatible with AeroPress
  • 1500 pieces
Best Cotton Filter Best Cotton Filter CoffeeSock Aeropress Disk Filter Coffesock Disc Filter
  • Cotton
  • Compatible with AeroPress
  • 2 pieces
Best Metal Filter Best Metal Filter Able Disk Able Disk
  • Metal
  • Compatible with AeroPress
  • 1 piece
Best Reusable Variety Set Best Reusable Variety Set Slimm Slimm Filter
  • Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with AeroPress, AeroPress Go
  • 3 pieces

1. AeroPress – Best Overall

  • Material: Paper

  • Compatible Devices: AeroPress, AeroPress Go
  • Number Of Pieces: 350

Coming in first with the best coffee filters for the AeroPress is, well, AeroPress! This could not be more fitting (literally)! These paper filters were designed to be compatible with AeroPress and AeroPress Go coffee and espresso makers. Each one of these AeroPress paper filters is 63.5 mm in diameter. Every pack comes with 350 Microfilters made in the USA from biodegradable white paper. The Microfilter material prevents coffee grounds from ever reaching your brew and works better than your average French Press.

Thousands of satisfied customers agree that this is the go-to golden standard for AeroPress coffee filters, ensuring a rich and smooth coffee low in acidity with remarkable reliability. With so many filters in one affordable pack, you’ll have enough for a whole year’s worth of daily coffees and possibly even longer, depending on how many times you reuse them, with no worry of waste (1)!

2. Aesir – Best Paper Filter 

  • Material: Paper

  • Compatible Devices: AeroPress, AeroPress Go
  • Number Of Pieces: 100 or 300

As great as the AeroPress filters detailed above are, there’s a reason why Aesir has the best paper filter: they make award-winning coffee! AeroPress Championship winner Wendelien van Bunnik used Aesir filters when she took out the competition in 2019.

So what makes these filters so special? The paper has smaller pores and more consistent thickness than cheaper brands. This results in a cleaner cup of coffee, similar to something a Chemex might produce. Even if you’re not trying to wow any judges, these filters will allow you taste the full palate of more delicately-flavoured coffees, especially light roasts.

3. SHIBADOU – Budget Pick

  • Material: Paper

  • Compatible Devices: AeroPress
  • Number Of Pieces: 1500

If you’re looking for tools to make delicious coffee on a budget, SHIBADOU knows just what to do! Their natural coffee filters are unbleached paper, offering excellent permeability through air and water. They are also clearly embossed, firm, and durable. Every pack has 1500 filters, each being 64 mm in diameter and compatible with a standard AeroPress coffee maker. This easily keeps you going for five years if you use each filter once and over a decade if you reuse every single one!

Shibadou filters remove micro coffee fines, particles, oils, impurities, and bitterness from your coffee. Once they do, you’re still left with an original style of coffee featuring a fuller-bodied cup that is delicious and smooth! This yields a Goldilocks-approved coffee as it will not be too bitter nor too acidic but somewhat just right.

4. Coffesock Disc Filter – Best Cotton Filter

  • Material: Cotton

  • Compatible Devices: AeroPress
  • Number Of Pieces: 2

Disposable paper and reusable metal are by far the most popular filters for the AeroPress, but Coffesock offers another alternative for reusable options. 

These organic cotton discs combine the benefits of both paper and metal. Like paper, the cotton removes most of the oils from the coffee – so they’re perfect for anyone looking for a clean, bright brew without any paper taste. 

Just like metal, these are reusable and simply need rinsing and hanging up after use. They come in a packet of two so that you can use one while the other is drying. They’re not as durable as metal, but should last you over a year. 

5. Able Disk – Best Metal Filter

  • Material: Metal

  • Compatible Devices: AeroPress
  • Number Of Pieces: 1

The most durable and long-lasting option for the Aeropress is a metal filter. As long as you look after it (and don’t lose it), you won’t have to replace it for many years to come. Our favourite is the Able Disk.

This US-made filter is of higher quality than mesh filters, instead made from a single photo-etched piece of stainless steel. This is the Standard model, which will produce a full-bodied cup of coffee, but Able also makes a Fine version, for a cleaner, sweeter brew.

“I usually use a metal filter when I want all those oils in my cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter whether the filter pores are coarse or fine, you will always have oils when using metal filters, increasing the body and profile of your cup.” – Ben Jones, 2016 USA AeroPress Champion, Member of the Training & Education Team at Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters

You’ll save a lot of money and hassle over time by investing in a one-time purchase of a reusable AeroPress metal coffee filter for your daily coffee needs.

6. Slimm Filter – Best Reusable Variety Set

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Compatible Devices: AeroPress, AeroPress Go
  • Number Of Pieces: 3

Are you overwhelmed with these options and don’t know where to start? Slimm Filter offers the best variety of 3 different filters made from high-quality stainless steel metal with a mesh filter, a filter-fine metal filter, and an ultra-fine stainless steel filter, all with varying grind sizes.

Mesh enhances coffee’s sweet and smooth qualities; Fine retains acidity and a full body; Ultra-fine guarantees subtle acidity with no grit.

Why does grind size matter? Grind sizes significantly impact how much sediment gets into your final brew, with smaller holes permitting less sediment from snaking through.

These filters are compatible with AeroPress and AeroPress Go coffee and espresso makers. Save yourself the cleanup and disposability of paper filters by experimenting with different grind-size filters guaranteed to enhance your coffee’s flavor and aroma. The cleanup is a no-brainer, requiring just a quick rinse under hot water or a handy dishwasher.

things to consider

What Is The Best AeroPress Filter?

Choosing the best AeroPress filter ultimately comes down to personal preference. To discover what that is, consider the following factors:

  • The material type it is made from
  • The compatibility with AeroPress coffee makers
  • The number of pieces to account for

Biodegradable Paper vs Reusable Stainless Steel

The biodegradable paper holds back more oils and sediment from ending up in your brew but may remove too much of that characteristic “coffee-ness” that reusable stainless steel filters retain. If you’re a fan of lighter roasts, paper filters yield brighter coffees that are more on the acidic end, whereas medium-to-dark roast lovers will prefer the bitter brews from metal AeroPress filters.

Paper filters are easier to clean as some sediment may get stuck in the holes of metal filters. When cleaning metal filters, throw out the coffee grounds in the compost, not the sink!

Paper filters are cheap but cost more over time, whereas metal filters have a more significant investment that pays off with long-term use. Ultimately, neither is better nor worse than the other, and both are environmentally friendly methods of coffee filtration.

Coffee Maker Compatibility

All of the filters listed here are AeroPress coffee maker compatible. However, not all of them are listed as able to fit an AeroPress Go. What’s the deal? All filters should fit the same in either coffee maker, but some are advised not to. For instance, the budget pick SHIBADOU does not list itself as AeroPress Go compatible. This could be due to the longer stir stick that comes with an AeroPress Go, which is likelier to scrape down and rip the paper filter at the bottom. An AeroPress Go also comes with a reusable metal filter, so some filter companies like to advertise to AeroPress original owners instead, as Able does.

Another factor to note is that AeroPress and AeroPress Go coffee makers differ in size. An AeroPress Go is smaller with a filter holder only allowing room for storing 20 filters as opposed to an AeroPress, capable of holding 350. This makes the AeroPress Go more suitable for metal filter options, whereas the AeroPress has a greater capacity for paper ones.

How Many Pieces Are Involved?

If you’re relying on reusable coffee filters or other metal filters, you only need to keep track of one piece, the single filter, in addition to your AeroPress coffee maker. This makes things much easier when you’re travelling and trying to minimize the amount of stuff you have on your person, especially with the limited filter storage of an AeroPress Go. Otherwise, you could be handling tens or hundreds of paper filters, an amount that even a standard AeroPress cannot help you with.

You should choose what’s most convenient for you. All of these different filters are compatible with a traditional or inverted method of brewing in an AeroPress coffee maker.

Where To Buy AeroPress Filters?

AeroPress filters are available to be bought online or in select stores. Cafes, in particular, tend to stock up on them, proving how much they understand their clientele. Filters are everywhere. If, however, you’re completely in a bind and have no filters available, try using fruit (3)!

Using orange slices instead of paper filters [makes] for an extra juicy filter coffee.

This still gives you all of the caffeine you need plus that burst of vitamin C in your C-offee!

The Verdict

Home Grounds’ favourite AeroPress filter this year is aptly named AeroPress. These 63.5 mm biodegradable white paper replacement filters were literally made for the AeroPress and AeroPress Go. They’re sure to last you at least a year of daily coffee use and will purify your cup by preventing any grounds or grit from getting into your precious brew.

AeroPress classic filter



Yes and no. AeroPress and AeroPress Go coffee and espresso makers are compatible with three filter types: a cotton or AeroPress cloth filter, a standard disposable paper disk, and a reusable metal filter. The most common of these are paper and metal filters for AeroPress. Each of these will fit as long as every filter is 63.5-64 mm in diameter. Larger ones are adjustable by cutting them to fit.

Yes, coffee filters make a difference in taste, although this also depends on personal preference. Using metal filters results in a bolder and richer coffee similar in taste and intensity to a French Press coffee due to the coffee oils that slip in. Paper filters yield a brighter cup both in appearance and taste with sweeter and fruitier notes. (4)

The metal AeroPress filters are reusable indefinitely with care, and they should be rinsed and dried immediately after each use to maximize their lifespan. The paper AeroPress filters have about three uses each before they lose efficacy. But you could get a week’s worth out of one with up to five uses if you feel environmentally conscious. To know when to switch out your paper filter, monitor for sediment buildup in your cup and taste-check regularly.

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