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17 Amazing Coffee Posters That Will Rock Your Coffee Spaces

Would you define yourself as “coffee obsessed?”

If so, you’re not alone. We can’t get enough coffee paraphernalia. We’re not just talking about brewers, either.

Sure, it’s fun to have your shelf resplendent with that Chemex, Bodum French press, Bialetti Moka Pot, Hario V60, etc., while you stand there like a coffee god, with hand on chin and furrowed brow as you take your pick.

But… We. Need. More.

And we’ve found the perfect solution:

Literally, wallpapering your living quarters with coffee posters.

Chic, hip, and just plain awesome, these coffee-themed posters bring a splash of life to your kitchen, bedroom, or wherever else you want to boast about your coffee obsession.

1 – Sweet and Simple

In an era that craves simplicity, this poster is as straightforward as it gets.

A simple message for an uncomplicated brewer, this “Push It Real Good” banner is a great find for any French press enthusiast who can’t get away from this classic press it and forget it brewer.

From its caffeine-infused message to its vintage style and color palette, this one’s as trendy a poster as ever you’ll find.

2 – A Cosmic Kick

Have you ever heard the phrase “the world in the palm of your hand”?

Well, this poster is the perfect summation of that sentiment… and then some.

If you’re a Chemex (1) fanatic (and even if you’re not!), this ink illustration is the perfect motivational piece to hang above your brewing gear to help bring a smile to your face and make you feel like not just the world, but the galaxy itself is in the palm of your hand.

3 – No, Not a Canine…

Dogs of the world, step aside! There’s a new best friend in town, as this poster unequivocally declares.

This “Coffee is my Best Friend” placard is a sweet way to honor a drink that is by your side from dawn until dusk. The uber affordable digital print from Etsy comes as an instant download so that you can have it hanging proudly over your brewing station in no time.

From the sleek Moka Pot image that stands front and center to the trendy blue backdrop, this poster is the best way to shout your java obsession from the hilltops.

4 – A Vintage Poster from Another Age… That Still Had Coffee

If a digital print isn’t quite what you had in mind for your living ensemble, you might want to consider this vintage “Wieder Meinl Kaffee” poster.

Not only does it come with a classic, retro eye appeal, but this one is the real deal. In other words, it’s an original. Coming from the folks at Galerie 1 2 3, this not-quite-in-mint-condition poster is the perfect way to spruce things up with a lovingly worn, venerable piece of coffee heritage.

The 1930 artwork comes backed on cotton canvas and ships to you free no matter where you live!

5 – Why Settle for One, Though?

If you have a lot of wall space, you may be considering taking the whole “wallpaper” thing seriously. If that’s the case, this gorgeously illustrated Chronicle Poster Series can be the perfect solution.

This cohesive yet varied set of posters brings the same style and theme (coffee!!!) throughout each in the series. But rather than just showing baristas doing fancy brewing tricks and latte art, they actually follow the journey of the coffee from bean to cup!

Scatter them at random or set them up strategically throughout your apartment to tell the tale. Either way, these beauts are a great addition to any coffee-craving household!

6 – Stovetop Es-dress-o?

Do you sometimes feel like you love coffee so much you wish you could wear it? And we’re not talking about some disturbing “Lady Gaga meat dress” kind of thing, here.

Coffee screams style and sophistication these days, and if you’re going to wear it, you want it to look good.

Of course, actually wearing coffee is a bit difficult, but this poster that features a Moka Pot doubling as a woman’s gown and necklace is the perfect way to vent your coffee-attire desires all in one fell swoop.

7 – A Quality Canvas from the Middle East

If you’re a fan of African or Middle Eastern coffee, we understand. It’s the homeland of coffee, after all, and the java from those regions is exceptional.

What better way to honor your African/Middle Eastern coffee love than with a poster? And we’re not talking about glossy paper that you slap on the wall with some sticky tack.

We’re talking about a vintage, quality piece of art that combines airbrushing with digital techniques to create an image printed on canvas and mounted on a wooden frame.

From the quality of the art to the excellence of the production, this one is a perfect piece for some serious interior decor.

8 – Take a Trip to Central America

Costa Rica is a wonderland. And not just because it’s a hot spot to kick up your feet for a vacation. It also grows some darn delicious java.

If you’re a fan of Costa Rican coffee (and toucans to boot!), this vintage poster is a great way to show that off to all of your guests.

This one is another download – which means your instant gratification meter will be off the charts! It’s designed with a quaint, old-school vibe and a perfect balance of earthy coffee colors and bright tropical consciousness that is reminiscent of a cup of the CR java itself!

9 – A Seriously Good Combo

Raise your hand if you like coffee! Raise your hand if you like chocolate! Okay, okay, all of our hands are up, big surprise.

Coffee and chocolate go together really, really well. And this poster sums that up in a gorgeously rugged image that glorifies all that is to praise in a cuppa that comes with a little piece of chocolate on the side.

But wait, there’s more. This is actually the third poster in a set! All designed along the same theme, these posters are a great way to bring a splash of color (and cream) to your coffee brewing abode.

10 – Taking it Back to Italy

Ah, espresso (2). The Italian-born bedrock of the coffee cafe. If you’re fan of a well-pulled shot (we see that manual espresso machine luminously displayed on your counter there!), this masterful piece of cubist artwork is exactly what you’ve been missing.

Bringing together a classic look with a venerable coffee beverage, this one comes once again printed on a high-quality canvas backdrop and can be made in various sizes, from a small 9” x 11” “framed picture” feel to a larger 44” x 56” poster display.

11 – Become the Superhero You Were Always Meant to Be

Coffee has this magical, otherworldly power to rouse us from the deep depths of early morning sluggishness and rally us to accomplish things that seem absolutely superhuman when seen through the dim slits of our pre-java, daybreak peepers.

Hence the beautiful message of this inspirational, motivational poster. Boasting the slogan, “With Enough Coffee Nothing Is Impossible”, adorning your walls with this placard can be the perfect reminder that within that warm cup of coffee goodness nestled between your hands lies the formula to unleash the superhero in all of us.

12 – The Only Menu That Matters

Whether you’re a coffee newbie or an old pro, this one is worth checking out.

If you spend countless hours Googling coffee drinks on your phone trying to remember how exactly each one is made, why not kill two birds with one stone and turn your decor into a dual-purpose ornamental coffee menu?

Even if knowing what’s in each of the various coffee drinks is old hat for you, though, this is still the perfect wall-trinket conversation starter that is sure to lead to countless discussions about the beverages and why one is better than the next!

13 – The Sound of Silence

This one brings more than just a vintage look and a great cuppa to the table. It also seamlessly weaves in a time-defying lyric from a couple of music legends.

Simon and Garfunkel may have had other things in mind when they wrote the song, but the truth is, there’s nothing quite like a friendly dark roast to greet you in the morning. And hanging on the wall next to that dripper filled to the brim with fresh java? You’re going to want this poster constantly reminding you why you brew it all.

14 – Do the Wave

Sometimes the perfect centerpiece for your decor is using something that is as appealing to the eye as that barista-level, home-brewed cuppa is to your senses.

Case in point: This flat white (3) poster from Coffee Inn. While the message may be “Less Milk More Coffee”, the image itself is So. Much. More.

The grainy look of the white-capped tidal wave is really made up of a myriad of almost pixel-looking coffee beans topped off by flakes or drips of milk that bring a sweet eye-candy appeal to this coffee-focused masterpiece.

15 – Would You, Could You, Go Minimalist?

This next print is a gorgeously austere poster of coffee beans on a variety of colored backgrounds.

The mid-century minimalist style isn’t marred by words that might distract the viewer, though. Rather, it sits elegantly on display, open for interpretation, with nothing to influence the reader except a smorgasbord of rainbow colors… and the message of a coffee bean.

The print comes from Montréal, Canada, and is offered in an impressively ridiculous number of sizes from a postcard all the way up to a full-blown two by three-foot image.

16 – Do Stupid Things Faster

If drinking booze is an excuse to “forget it all”, then drinking coffee can surely be an excuse to do things faster. And not just productive things, either. Stupid things, too!

This vintage poster makes that very point, sending the message to “Drink Coffee Do Stupid Things Faster With More Energy.” Who doesn’t love a license to drink coffee and then use it as an excuse for our behavior?

Message aside, the color and style of this one make it another piece with a fantastically retro overtone. It’s a sweet poster to pin up in your kitchen as a reminder of why you brew and then you do.

17 – A Little Reminder… To Leave Me Alone

Life begins after coffee. PERIOD. The message of this one is as old as the hills. Don’t touch me, don’t talk to me, don’t look at me… until I’ve had my coffee.

Once again being offered in a plethora of sizes — as well as a few colors this time! — this poster uses that endlessly retro brewer, the Moka Pot (4), as a centerpiece and a reminder to all morning people that even if they’re awake, life doesn’t start for the rest of us until the coffee is in hand.

Just Let Go… And Let Coffee Consume Your Life

The truth is, coffee is so incredible that it’s not difficult to simply let it consume you.

A coffee poster or two is a perfect way to let the world know that you take your coffee as seriously as that punk barista with the nose ring at the cafe down the street. Hell, you take it even more seriously than they do.

If you enjoyed the article, please consider giving it a share! And, share or not, we’d love to hear which poster was your favorite in the comments below!

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