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Coffee Tequila Recipe: The Best Way To Pair Two Favourites

Coffee tequila is a flavourful combo you’ll love making. You probably already have all the ingredients you need in your home, so all you have to do is mix them up and wait a few days for the drink to be ready.

Get the tequila of your choice, infuse it with vanilla and coffee, and you’re in coffee-shot heaven. Best of all, you can make a bottle of this drink at once, so it’ll last for months. Here’s a step-by-step recipe for making your own coffee tequila.

coffee tequila ingredients Canadian recipe


  • One empty bottle
  • One jug
  • One tequila bottle
  • Vanilla pod
  • 150g ground coffee beans
  • 150 g sugar
  • 200 ml water

At a Glance


24h to 72 h


800-900 ml drink

How to Make Coffee Tequila

If you like alcoholic drinks with coffee, we guarantee you’ll also love this unique coffee experience. It’s a perfect combo of tequila, freshly ground coffee, vanilla, and sugar that creates smooth flavours. Here’s how to make your own drink.

1. Add the Vanilla Bean to Your Tequila

Start by choosing your tequila. Patron is traditionally used to make Patron coffee tequila. However, Patron tequila is on the expensive side, and you can use whichever brand you have on hand.

The rich, creamy flavour of vanilla is a perfect complement to the smooth, mellow taste of tequila.

Add the vanilla pod to your tequila bottle and leave between 24 and 72 hours. Make sure to check the drink daily. The goal is a gentle vanilla flavour. If you leave it too long, your drink will be too floral.

2. Add Coffee

Once your tequila has a soft vanilla flavour, it’s time to add coffee. Transfer the tequila to a jug (without the vanilla pod). I like to use a jug because adding coffee to a bottle is difficult.

Measure out the coffee, and add it to the drink. Stir everything well, cover the jug, and place it in the fridge or freezer, so you have a chilled brew. You can keep the ingredients in the fridge or freezer between six and 24 hours.

Pro tip: The longer you let it steep, the stronger the brew and the more syrup you’ll need.

3. Make Syrup

Boil water in a saucepan and slowly add sugar. Turn down the heat, and bring water and sugar to a simmer. Make sure to stir until the sugar completely dissolves. This usually takes three to five minutes. Leave the syrup to cool.

4. Mix Syrup and Coffee Tequila

Once your tequila in coffee is brewed, strain the drink into a jug using a coffee filter. Add the cooled syrup and stir to combine.

5. Bottle the Drink

When your coffee tequila is done, it’s time to bottle it up. You can use any old whiskey bottle or a bottle with a stopper to make sure it closes tightly, so no oxygen gets into it (1). Store the drink in a dark place, and you’ll have a tequila coffee drink for months.

Pro tip: Use a funnel to pour the coffee tequila liqueur into the bottle.

Finally, enjoy your coffee tequila. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, add whipped cream and cinnamon on top. This may be too much if you’re having this drink in the morning, but it works extra well as an after-dinner treat.

Alternative Recipes: Coffee Tequila Cocktail

If you’re looking for an alternative that doesn’t take days, you can make coffee tequila cocktails. Mix a cup of strong coffee, half a cup of heavy cream, 30 ml tequila, and 15 ml coffee liqueur.

You can use any liqueur of your choice, but chocolate is a popular option. Or, make Mexican coffee tequila with Kahlua liqueur. Serve cold in a cocktail glass with ice and whipped cream.

Pro tip: If you’re a fan of Mexican caffeinated alcohol pairings, try Carajillo coffee.

Final Thoughts

There you have it — the easiest way to make coffee tequila at home. You can experiment with more or less vanilla and sugar, depending on how sweet you want the taste.

Make this recipe the next time you’re having a friend or family gathering, and wow them with your bartender prowess.


Yes, tequila is good with coffee. Tequila is made in three levels: light, medium, and dark, and coffee is also roasted in three levels: light, medium, and dark beans, so they pair together nicely. You can serve tequila with coffee heated or cold with ice. Coffee tequila smoothies and tequila coffee liqueur are also popular combos to try.

You can drink tequila with coffee as a shot or make a cocktail. This combo can be drunk hot or cold, depending on the specific drink you make. It doesn’t pair great with food, but you can drink it as an after-dinner treat or add a shot to your morning brew.

The alcohol that’s best in coffee is dark alcohol, such as brandy and whiskey. These are great when you want to spice your coffee. You can also use liqueurs when you want a sweet drink. Nutty and creamy liqueurs work well, but you can also experiment with fruity and herbal liqueurs.

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