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Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee: The Best Coffee You’ve Never Had

Ethiopian Sidamo coffee beans deserve a place in your regular coffee rotation, with their bright acidity and fruity, jammy notes.

How do you brew the best cup of Sidamo coffee? Keep reading to find out.

sidamo coffee

Ethiopian Cup Quality

In terms of cup quality, Ethiopian coffee beans are highly prized. Ethiopian beans are also known for the broad range of flavour profiles. From the spicy, jammy notes of Ethiopian Harrar coffee to the floral, tropical notes of Yirgacheffe coffee beans, these unique coffee cherries have a cup profile for every palate.

What Is Sidamo Coffee?

Sidamo coffee belongs to a series of three trademarked coffee regions, along with Yirgacheffe and Harrar. Located in the fertile highlands of southern Ethiopia, Sidamo is home to some of the best strictly high-grown coffee beans in the world.

Strictly High-Grown Coffee

Cultivated at an elevation of between 1600 and 2200 metres above sea level, Sidamo beans are considered strictly high grown coffees (1).

Because most Ethiopian coffee beans are shade-grown and cultivated at such high altitudes, the coffee cherries take longer to mature. This longer maturation period, along with the additional nutrients from the surrounding ecosystem, yields a flavorful, sweet, well-balanced cup.

Best Brew Method for Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee Beans

While you can brew this coffee using any method you prefer, the ideal brew method for these beans is the coffee siphon.

The coffee siphon looks really cool, but it also yields a complex, delicate cup. Last but not least, to bring out the best flavour in these beans, Home Grounds recommends a medium roast.

Understandably, this brew method might be a bit intimidating, so check out this video from Morgan Drinks Coffee for an overview.

Final Thoughts

Ethiopian Sidamo coffee is the perfect single-origin bean for those mornings when you’re looking for a great, back-to-basics cup. With a medium body, bright finish, and citrus, floral notes, Sidamo beans are the best place to start if you’re looking to move away from milk-based, espresso drinks.


Yes, Sidamo coffee is an Arabica coffee and is a mutation of the Typica subvariety. Coffee produced here has low acidity and has a well-balanced flavour profile with notes of cane sugar.

The best roast level for Sidamo beans is medium roast. While lighter roasts allow you to taste the unique flavour of these heirloom beans, the medium roast will give you a more developed flavour and medium body without the bitterness.

Shade-grown coffee is more flavorful because it absorbs the nutrients from the trees and shrubs that grow around it. What’s more, this type of coffee matures, allowing the sugars to develop and flavour the bean.

Yes, you can use dark roast Sidamo beans to pull espresso shots for a cappuccino. However, brewing this coffee with a dark roast will yield a cup that has lost much of its natural brightness. This is why gentler methods—like pour-over and the coffee siphon—are best for Sidamo beans.

In Ethiopian culture, you should always start out with green coffee beans. After thoroughly washing your Sidamo coffee, gently roast them over medium heat until the coffee beans are brown, with just a slight sheen of oil.

Next, allow your guests to inhale the aroma of the fresh-roasted beans before grinding them. Using a burr grinder, you’ll want to grind them to a medium-coarse grind.

To start the brewing process, place your ground coffee beans into a small saucepan with boiling water. The ratio will be roughly the same as other immersion methods, like French press, and the time will be similar as well (2).

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