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47 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Have You Laughing

If you love coffee, you probably appreciate any joke or tongue-in-cheek declaration regarding the caffeinated delight. And with the digital world full of memes, you’re sure to come across a good one now and then about coffee and coffee drinkers.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best coffee memes out there!

Take a look while you sip a mug, and tickle your tongue with flavour while we tickle your funny bone with humour!

You’ll come away with extra energy and high spirits between the caffeine and the laughter.

Funny Coffee Memes That Will Have You Laughing

1. Dear Santa…

Yes. It’s the holiday season. The time when we look back at our lives with appreciation, thanking our closest persons and wishing everyone the best. That relaxing time we spend with our family…


Let’s face it. The holiday season is freakin’ exhausting. Let’s admit it, before anything else; we need to be fueled up with some delicious coffee to be able to enjoy the holiday season. 

So, dear Santa, hear us!

2. Santa’s Star-Bucks

Well, kids, sorry to disappoint you. Even Santa has favourites. Did you think those stars shine on their own? 

Coffee is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of all good things. Why would Santa’s crew be any different? So what if a little favouritism is involved here. As long as the presents get where they’re supposed to, I’m okay with Santa’s little coffee bribery.

3. The coffee order gone wrong

I’m sure you’ve all witnessed people reacting differently to a barista mixing up the coffee order. Some get CRAZY, demanding revenge, throwing chairs (OK, I’m making this up). But, honestly, no one likes their coffee order mixed-up. Why? Because then you have to wait longer for them to make a new one. Or, if you’re too nice, you’ll accept the one they brought. 

Let’s just say this waiter was lucky that Mr. Snowman has a MELTING POINT, RATHER THAN THE BOILING ONE. Who knows how he’d react had he not been made of ice.

4. Holiday season transitions

Every reign comes to an end. You’ll know it’s Christmas season by Eggnog spice coffee’s RECLAIM OF THE THRONE.

Also, you’ll know that WINTER’S COMING. So, you know what to do – get the nearest blanket, make yourself some delicious holiday-spiced coffee and stay away from the cold.

5. We’ve all been there Santa…

How many times have I laughed at how baristas misspell my name on the coffee mug. Oh, boy. I’ve gone from different genders to pet’s names and different nationalities. But it was always funny.


Never have I ever been called a SATAN. Sorry, Santa, you were given some funny cards the night you were born. Try laughing at it. Coffee will make it better.  Coffee makes everything better.

6. The Grinch Who Stole My Coffee

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is such a classic tale, one of the most popular Dr. Seuss stories, and Jim Carrey’s take on the not-so-cuddly creature thrilled audiences. Especially notable was his portrayal of the grumpy disposition the Grinch had.

Of course, the grievous green grouch may have blamed his troubles on a lack of Christmas cheer, but we all know the truth — he just needed a cup of coffee! Maybe with enough caffeine, the blood would have pumped through him better, and he wouldn’t have needed his heart to grow three sizes to warm (1) up!

7. A Case of the Mondays

Everyone has come to love the deviant little yellow creatures known as the Minions. They appear everywhere and are particularly popular in memes. With their special language and overly dramatic reactions to everything, it’s no wonder that they seem a bit strung out on caffeine.

Of course, you may not have the same aspiration of taking over the word that these little creatures have, but enough coffee to start your day off right can certainly make you feel capable of joining in that endeavour! Proceed with caution, though: an entire pot could actually lead to profound happiness!

8. Vices and Virtues

Okay, maybe this is taking things a little far. Few people are actually going to take up homicide as a pastime if they give up coffee. Then again, we’ve all had mornings where we felt particularly murderous before consuming our caffeine.

A lot of people claim too much coffee is unhealthy and an addiction even worse. But consider the alternative: if you take away an addict’s coffee, there could be severe consequences (2) to mood and personality. The point is, there are worse things than drinking coffee, and if you’re going to have a vice, coffee is the least of the evils!

9. Moral Dilemmas (our favourite coffee meme)

Coffee and alcohol have more in common that you might think, but the underlying principles are the same. Coffee helps liven up the mood and increases energy. Alcohol helps liven up personality and relax in a social environment.

Wait, isn’t coffee drinking a social activity, too? Coffee is frowned upon after a certain time of day as a stimulant, and the confines of society tend to put a stigma on drinking alcohol earlier than a certain time. Hence, the confusion of morality in this hilarious meme! Split the difference — have a spiked coffee just after lunch!

10. Glamour Shots

Remember when it was popular to get a makeover so you could have a photo shoot that made you look like a movie star? Well, who needs glamour shots to remind us that we aren’t at our best first thing in the morning?

All we have to do is look in the mirror on our way to grab that first cup of coffee to know we’re monstrous. Even if we don’t look particularly dishevelled, we tend to feel it. That shot of caffeine really does wonders on our outlook and, like a glamour shot, it changes our perspective so we feel like a million dollars!

11. Morning Monster

Jim Henson’s Muppet creatures hold a place in the hearts of several generations, and any reference to them, especially in memes, is going to be humourous. Add a coffee theme, and you’ve made it especially laughable.

Crazy hair, Neanderthal appearance…that pretty much defines how many of us feel in the morning, and the only way to change our self perception is to consume coffee in quantity. What better representation than a Muppet to show just how difficult it is to act like anything human first thing in the morning without your dose of caffeine?

12. Giant Cravings

I used to give my dad a hard time about drinking two full pots of coffee every day. “You’ll get ulcers!” I would tell him. As an adult, though, I understand. There are days when you can never get enough caffeine, no matter how hard you try.

Or perhaps it’s the warmth and comforting flavour in the dead of winter that calls to us. Either way, this image has it right: no matter how large your cup of joe and how beautiful your surroundings, there are days when all you can think is, “More coffee!”

13. Cheeky Chick

The cutest and cuddliest creatures pop up all the time in memes, and quite often they are portrayed as the complete opposite of their appearance in terms of personality: harsh, sarcastic, prickly, and all-around grumpy.

So it’s no surprise that this cheeky chick offers a falsely pleasant greeting before demanding its caffeine. Sound familiar? As a coffee drinker myself, I know there were times I’ve had to paste on that mask of pleasantry long enough to walk through the room where my family is to get to the kitchen and pour my coffee. I’m sure I’m not alone!

14. Cyndi Lauper Fan Alert

Cyndi Lauper bounced around in fluffy skirts with pink hair, crooning how “girls just wanna have fun.” While there’s nothing wrong with that, and it was an anthem for decades, coffee drinkers may disagree with her claims.

After all, there are days where fun has no appeal. Typically, these are days when we lack sleep, have encountered problems at work, or face cold weather. On these days, we’re a little less punk rock and a lot more hipster. And under these circumstances, you’ll find, as seen in this meme, that girls just want to drink coffee.

On another note, we wrote an article about women in the coffee industry.

15. Never Ever

When Grumpy Cat first appeared, the world had no idea how viral her face would become…and her personality clicked with all of us. Through her, we’ve said the things we can’t say in real life, and here is another instance where she speaks our minds for us.

Maybe we joke that we don’t want to be bothered until we’ve consumed our coffee. Some people take it a step further and don’t want to be bothered with conversation at all, much like Grumpy Cat. Especially if your line of work involves dealing with difficult people, you can relate to the anti-cuddly Grumpy Cat!

16. Extreme Exaggeration

When did coffee cups start to come in different sizes? Maybe it was when coffee started being served in large cappuccino and latte cups, or perhaps it just went along with the super-size mentality of Americans .

Either way, a lot of people claim they have “one cup of coffee” every day. But that single cup might be big enough to hold an entire pot! Exaggeration is part of the humour found in memes, and this particular one should be well received by avid coffee drinkers. After all, get enough caffeine, and we can all be a bit over the top with the drama!

17. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

This goes back to the transformation of a bit of liquid energy. Cinderella was at her worst — degraded and bereft, her beautiful dress torn to shreds and her hopes dashed — when her fairy godmother arrived and made her the literal belle of the ball.

Her smile reflected her joy, and she had the aura of the princess she should always have been. Likewise, when we hit that pit of despair, our energy running out, coffee restores us to the beautiful people we imagine ourselves to be otherwise. If caffeine makes you glow, you definitely aren’t alone!

18. Eternal Flame

Let’s trade the “coffee is bad for you” vibe out for the opposite idea. There are always conflicting studies coming out about the health value of any particular food or drink. Coffee is among those studied, so it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that coffee can lead to a longer life.

For once, coffee drinkers have something to lord over the rest of the population, and this takes that to the max. A longer life from drinking coffee? Doesn’t that equate to eternal life for those who prefer an IV drip of the caffeinated beverage? If science ever uncovers the secret to everlasting life, it just might be through coffee!

19. No Jollies Without Joe

One of the biggest unanswered questions regarding Santa is how he manages to make it all the way throughout the world to deliver presents to good little girls and boys in a single night. The answer? Coffee! Huge, ridiculous quantities of it.

He moves faster and has no trouble staying awake, and he probably fuels his reindeer with a brew that has an especially high caffeine content. That means that Santa likely gets grumpy when he doesn’t have his coffee, leading to the possibility of marking good kids as naughty! Instead of milk next year, leave him cookies and coffee.

20. Desperately Seeking Coffee

Again, cats seem to represent our inner demons in a lot of crazy memes. Desperation — lips pulled back, eyes wide and popping — can hit midday when you’re between meals and need a pick-me-up. The poor creature here is at his wit’s end, desperate for coffee, and the distorted image is all too close to the way you might feel during the mid-afternoon dip in energy.

Grab that cup of brew quick, before you start pulling your fur (or rather, hair) out. Your coworkers will thank you; desperation isn’t a good look for anyone!

21. Bugged-Eyed Buzz

Do you remember that first high-caffeine-content drink you consumed? Maybe you tried to give up coffee for a while, and then you caved to the craving. The “zing” that courses through your system with that initial burst of energy brought by caffeine infusion can make you feel skittish, on edge, and full of life.

Then again, it may make you the wide-eyed, wired creature that’s presented here. Either way, we love the tongue-in-cheek humour about anyone first getting into coffee and how it puts them on fast forward!

22. Meditating Monkey

On the other hand, there are times when we’re so in need of caffeine that we’re highly strung before we consume it. That leads to a relieved, soulful perspective once we get the coffee in our systems. Like the wise, old monkey here, we feel grounded and ready to face anything with a peaceful aura about us when we have the coffee we need.

Some people don’t understand how you can consume a stimulant and actually be calmer, but then, not everyone understands why some people are such coffee fanatics to start with. Don’t bother explaining, just keep calm and drink coffee!

23. Munster Madness

The Munsters television show may not have lasted a dozen years, but it was highly popular and has become an icon, especially the face of Herman Munster. His deep scowl made smiling awkward, and it was hard to comprehend if he could ever be truly happy. But did you ever see him drinking coffee?

The humour here is in the expression: it doesn’t settle and makes you want to laugh. You have to wonder if any member of the family ever offered poor Herman a cup of joe. Maybe if he’d been a steady drinker, he wouldn’t have developed that permanent scowl to start with!

24. Delightful Delivery

It’s no secret that women have a particular sense of humour when it comes to their interest in beautifully carved chests and abs. Greeting cards have long played on this penchant for what women commonly refer to as “eye candy,” and now memes have joined in the game.

What better way to interest a woman in anything than to offer her a delicious cup of gourmet coffee and a gorgeous, shirtless man to deliver it? Thank you, Ryan Gosling, for lending your image to this meme, reminding women that there are other pleasures in life aside from great coffee!

25. Lord of the Beans

Several memes have popped up from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and this image of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn is one of the most popular. As he gives his boosting speech to the “halflings” to get them on their feet and ready to fight, we take heart in his determination and sense of hope.

Yes, we may one day be able to catch up on our slumber, and there may come a time when coffee is a luxury rather than a necessity. But until that day comes, no one needs to give up the tasty vice.

26. The Mug Life

Tupac Shakur was more than a rapper or musical artist — he was a poet at heart, and there have been memes galore touting one of his most well known phrases: “I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me” has become a statement of pride for those who choose the lifestyle.

Creating a play on words was bound to happen, and the “mug life” would essentially represent dependency upon coffee. What’s not to be proud of? After all, avid coffee drinkers can point you to the best cafés, the best espresso drinks, and the best roasts in the world!

27. Very Pun-ny

Some may find Biblical humour a bit distasteful, but then some find coffee that way too, claiming the bitter brew just isn’t for them. So it only makes sense that this particular line of satire would come into play with coffee puns and other fun quips.

Besides, coffee beans have been around for ages, and though it’s not exactly a topic of discussion in the Bible, there’s no doubt a drink similar to coffee probably prevailed in Biblical times. How else did the Israelites have the energy to cross the Red Sea or continuously labour during their enslavement?

28. Morning Rituals

Take the Bible out of the equation and we move to the opposite end of the spectrum. Pagan and Wiccan religions are almost as commonly referenced in memes and jokes, and when it comes to coffee, there’s no escaping the comparison.

You’ve heard reference to “pagan rituals” and you’ve likely got your own morning ritual that starts with a cup of coffee. Honestly, “rituals” are created because we’re creatures of habit, and who wouldn’t love to summon a cup of coffee out of thin air anyway? You’d never have to drag yourself out of bed to make it…

29. Jack’s Back

This is probably the most widespread image of Jack Nicholson from The Shining. You can just hear him saying, “Here’s Johnny!” In the story, the hotel was haunted, and that’s what drove the main character crazy. Nicholson plays mentally disturbed faultlessly, and it is terrifying.

We all know what the real problem was — the hotel ran out of coffee. That might drive anyone crazy, and it’s no wonder he went on a homicidal rampage! We all get a little cranky without the proper dose of caffeine! Like Jack Torrance, you’d “give anything for a drink!” Of coffee, that is.

30. The Return of Grumpy Cat

This just goes to show how versatile Grumpy Cat can be. Same drab, unhappy face; different quote. Her expression never changes, and yet, how we portray her in tens of thousands of memes changes constantly.

When it comes to coffee, she’s still grumpy, and so she doesn’t handle questioning well. No matter how much we laugh, we aren’t laughing with her because Grumpy Cat doesn’t laugh. She takes life and coffee seriously, and we’ve learned to respect that, even if we get a chuckle at her expense. Her silly expression is somewhat similar to the grumpy cat in this funny coffee shirt.

31. Hallelu-java!

Squirrels — the root of jokes about hyperactivity — are perfect subjects for coffee jokes. They hoard nuts for the winter the way coffee drinkers stock up on their favourite roasted beans, and they are a bit skittish, as if they’ve had too much caffeine. As the subject of a meme, they’re a good fit for a coffee joke.

Just wait: one day, you’ll find your trash torn, the used grounds all over the patio, and a group of squirrels dancing around in the mess. Or maybe that’s just the dream you have when you nod off between coffee breaks.

32. Begging Baboon

You know how sometimes you give subtle hints that you want something and then have to switch to not-so-subtle methods when no one picks up on your desires? This baboon seems to be in Stage One of subtle nudging. The bright, goofy smile, the mention of his love for the subject of conversation…

We’ve all been there, right? Beware, though; like coffee drinkers all over, baboons have a mean streak when they don’t get their way, and if you don’t catch on soon, he just might get irritated and come at you with a much more overt demand!

33. Homicidal Squirrel

Remember the celebratory squirrel earlier? Considering that they are fickle creatures, you might begin to understand the complete one-eighty turnaround in this particular meme. Rather than a sweet, grateful, and gracious animal, you’re looking at a squirrel on the verge of going over the edge.

Or, to be more realistic, falling off the electrical lines. Cute creatures are much cuter and inspire much more laughter when they seem to be disturbed, like this homicidal squirrel who just needs to be left alone with his coffee! It’s a constant theme in memes that isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon.

34. Dangerously Disgruntled

Capturing cat expressions must be a full-time job for several people because memes are always showing new looks and new thoughts behind those subtle looks. In this case, we have a gorgeous cat narrowing his eyes in a threatening manner, and based on his reaction, you can just picture the person behind the camera trying to get him to strike a pose.

Perhaps it’s safer just to catch the candid moments and not try to make them model for us, especially when the cup of coffee in front of the cat is still full. We wouldn’t want the claws to come out and trouble to brew — pun intended.

35. Drug of Choice

Jeff Dunham and his puppet, Peanut, have addressed this issue in their comic schtick. Peanut’s hyperactivity leads to him claiming that he’d consumed “coffee-coffee-coffee-coffee-COFFEE!” Upon the questioning look from Jeff, he hangs his head and says, “I admit, it was crack.”

Of course, drugs aren’t exactly a source of humour on their own. But when comparing to coffee and reminding people humourously that coffee is a much less detrimental source of pleasure in the brain, it becomes an ever-popular joke. So, consider the health benefit of caffeine — at least it’s not an illicit drug!

36. Star Wars: A Brewed Hope

“Help me, Obi-Wan. You’re my only hope!” Princess Leia’s famous line from Star Wars lends itself perfectly to a desperate plea for just about anything. The classic scene stands out in everyone’s minds: the first view of the lovely princess, and with the loss of Carrie Fisher, it’s even more memorable.

In this case, you can relate to a form of the plea, likely having been in a position where the only way to make it through your workday was to keep the caffeine coming. When coffee is your only hope, it’s time to seek out backup, whether from your local café or your own coffee pot!

37. Confused Kitty

Once again, we count on the cat to give us the 4-1-1. How many times have you tried to speak in the morning and nothing made sense? Your mental wheels weren’t turning and synapses weren’t making connections, leading you to sound like a drivelling idiot.

Enter the cup of coffee, and you’re suddenly back to your intellectual analysis of the meaning of life and everything (otherwise known as the number 42). Just like us, the cat’s profound statement fades into nothing without the driving fuel of caffeine.

38. A Little Impatience

This image grabs at my heart. Some mornings, you just can’t take the time to dress up your coffee in a mug before you get your first drink. Something has to jumpstart the mental process. Others have trouble with the idea that we have to get up and refill our cups over and over again.

How many times have you considered the merit of picking up the pot and drinking straight from it? It’s really not that much different from drinking out of the milk jug, though you should be warned — you will likely burn your tongue!

39. Before & After

Like our earlier glamour-shots reference, the candid before-and-after of this adorable cat represent the mood swing from a caffeine-free morning to the tranquility and sweetness of someone who has had their morning cup of java. If you drink coffee every morning to kickstart your day, you probably feel harried and dishevelled until you get it.

Then, after a cup or two, you’re practically purring. It’s easily relatable, and you can share a good laugh with your friends over the not-so-great disposition prior to your infusion solution.

40. Feline Favourite

What’s better than a nuzzle from a soft ball of white fur? A sip of perfectly brewed coffee, that’s what! And the feline here knows it. Think about the deep-seated look of ecstasy on a cat’s face when it gets what it wants, the way it purrs and its eyes close with delight.

Now, relate that to the way you feel when you’ve waited too long for your coffee. Maybe you showered first, or perhaps you had to stand in line at the Keurig at work. When you finally get that first sip, it’s instant relief, like a gift from nature, or a kiss from your favourite furry pal!

41. Fighting for Food

William Wallace is celebrated to this day for his bravery in fighting for the freedom of Scotland, but most people are familiar with Mel Gibson’s portrayal of him and the quotable quips from the movie Brave heart.

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The enlivening speech he gives to the men about the British not taking their freedom can easily be turned into a perfect picture of how society keeps telling us that everything we consume is bad for us. And the image in this meme represents everything a coffee lover stands for! You can give up almost anything, as long as you get to keep your coffee.

If someone asks you to give up coffee, find a pair of the best boxing gloves you can find, and challenge them to a dual! Or if that is too intense, simply share this meme with them and they’ll get the message.

42. Oh, priorities…

Oh, Friends; everyone’s favourite show for decades. We’ve learned so many things from them. I don’t know about you, but I’d be craving coffee every time they went to their favourite coffee shop in the neighbourhood. I fell in love with HUGE COFFEE MUGS by watching that TV show.

This meme is summing up all the important things in life: love, friendship, and coffee. You gotta know your priorities, right?

43. Batman’s Brew

Even superheroes need a little help from time to time. Batman (and other superheroes from both DC and Marvel comics) doesn’t get days off. But imagine Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent actually spent the weekends at the lake, with no phone booths or bat symbols.

By Monday, they would need a cup of coffee to fight crime and generally rid the world of degenerate, evil humans and monsters. You can’t deny it makes sense. So, when you have a case of the Mondays, just remember, even the strongest and most physically enhanced heroes rely on caffeine from time to time!

44. Finding Dory’s Coffee

Finding Dory, the spinoff of Finding Nemo with everyone’s favourite forgetful fish, stems around Dory’s attempt to remember her family and find them. Of course, she can’t even seem to remember the cup of coffee she just consumed or what she should be doing from one moment to the next.

While this is an extreme situation, you’ve probably felt the same way. If so, you haven’t consumed enough caffeine and, like Dory, you should seek out another cup of the dark brew to help you keep your mind engaged in your daily tasks! Hey, maybe that’s been Dory’s problem all along.

45. Not So Idle Threats

You can’t say no to Grumpy Cat, and this time we get to the heart of the matter. Again, some experts claim there are health benefits to coffee, while others seem to think it’s one of the worst things you can put in your body.

Quite likely, the good and bad balance out. But as Grumpy Cat points out, maybe there are other things that should concern them more, like what happens when all the coffee addicts in the world go into withdrawal, should they be forced to give up their caffeine source. Take heed: Grumpy Cat gives fair warning!

46. Bitter Coffee

Have you ever met a coffee this bitter? Huh, you don’t want to step on its toes. So, sugars, RUUUN FOR YOUR LIFE. This coffee is for true coffee fans.

And we approve!

47. Sean Bean…Coffee Beans…Any Questions?

This image, and the quote from The Fellowship of the Ring, has become one of the most viral meme sources in the world. “One does not simply walk into Mordor” has become iconic, and there are a great many things one simply does not do all across the internet.

Of course, considering that Boromir is played by Sean Bean, it’s hard not to chuckle at the fact that we’re using his quote to talk about coffee, which is made from beans. But best of all, the quote here is right — who wants to try to get through a day at work without coffee?

Be sure to share your favourite humorous quips and coffee memes with your friends, especially those who love coffee as much as you do. It’s always good to be able to poke fun at yourself and your habits. After all, we all have our vices, and coffee is one of the most common and least harmful.

At the same time, coffee drinkers have specific habits, and these memes are great ways to express the stereotype without any hard feelings. Have a laugh, share a laugh, and grab some more coffee! You can never get enough!

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