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22 of the Best Homemade Healthy Coffee Recipes

Coffee nuts are constantly seeking out the best coffee, hunting down new cafés and trying new concoctions.

But when you really evaluate the matter, it’s clear that you can’t control what goes into your coffee drinks.

Instead, consider what you can do at home to create the perfect cup of java. You can ensure that your caffeine will come in healthier dosing while also pinching a few pennies on the cost of corporate coffee.

Check out 22 of the best homemade healthy coffee recipes we’ve found, and try your hand at healthy creations! 

1. Luscious Latte (Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe)

Most people avoid making their own coffee at home because they think it’ll take a lot of work. Others fear they will never create a confectionery delight to rival their favorite café drinks. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to put together your own refreshing — and often healthier — version at home.

This cool, caffeinated latte requires only three ingredients, and you can adjust the calorie level (or even make it dairy free) by using skim milk or choosing almond or coconut milk. Avoid sugar and calories with a sugar-free vanilla syrup.

2. Mocha Madness (Frozen Mochaccino Recipe)

Keeping with the careful calorie counting, take a load off (and don’t worry about getting dressed up) and create your own frozen coffee drink at home. Use coffee or espresso as you like, and make coffee ice cubes so the flavor doesn’t get diluted.

Using low-fat milk and unsweetened cocoa powder cuts the calories to a fraction of what they would be at your local big box coffee shop. Best of all, once the cubes are frozen, it only takes a few minutes to prepare.

3. Colorful Coffee (Four Flavoured Syrups and a Coffee Brew Recipe)

This is a bonus. Not only can you create your own cold brew coffee with the recipe here, but you can also create four different at-home syrups that are healthier than what you’ll find at the café and can be combined for very interesting flavors.

If you need a light version, use a sugar substitute. Almond syrup, cinnamon brown sugar syrup, and vanilla bean syrup are all standard favorites, but the blackberry syrup is excellent as well and gives your coffee drink a fun purple or pink color when mixed with creamer!

4. Sugar and Spice (Honey Cinnamon Iced Latte Recipe)

If you’re looking for something sweet and light (and natural) it doesn’t get any more basic than this. Honey and cinnamon are two of the least processed substances you can find, and you can use organic milk or opt for a non dairy alternative if necessary.

Coconut milk tends to be sweetest, and almond milk adds a nutty flavour that blends well with the other ingredients. There’s no need for processed sugar, since the honey sweetens on its own, and the entire process only takes about ten minutes! You can spend that much time doctoring up your drink at the café.

5. Traditional Taste While Carb Counting (Low Carb Café Mocha Recipe)

Zero net carbs? If you’re counting carbohydrates instead of fat (hello, diabetic diet), you probably haven’t stepped into a coffee shop for a while. Too many of the choices are high in sugar and other bad carbs. But you don’t have to give up caffeine to save on space in your carb allowance.

Flavored, unsweetened almond milk is a great alternative, especially if you’re lactose intolerant, and sugar substitutes like Stevia offer the same sweetness without sugar. Don’t worry, you can create a low fat version, too, if that’s what you’re looking for. Just change your choice of milk product!

6. Vanilla Chiller (Skinny Vanilla Iced Coffee Recipe)

To keep your coffee “skinny” and vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and/or dairy free, you can switch up this recipe a bit. Choose from low-fat/skim milk, rice milk, soy milk, almond or cashew milk, or even hemp milk. There’s even coconut milk if that floats your boat.

Vanilla is a favorite flavor for coffee blends, but you can dress it up as you like with other spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg. Best of all, the recipe includes no refined sugar, which makes it a guilt-free drink with enough caffeine to keep you going.

7. Caffeinated Smoothie (Coffee Banana Smoothie Recipe)

Smoothies are packed full of vitamins, fiber, and protein, and adding coffee to the mix gives you a jolt of caffeine to get your energy flowing for the rest of the day. Don’t forget the great taste! Bananas also have a lot of potassium, which is good for muscles as well.

This recipe is filled with natural ingredients that boost your immune system and keep your body clean, while also adding elements to the complex taste and texture that will leave you craving more…and not because you’re hungry! It’s a great way to start your morning to assure a healthy day!

8. Bit O’ Honey (Honey Coffee Recipe)

The Brits have been drinking milk and honey in their tea for centuries, and it’s natural to add milk products to coffee. That’s the basis of a “latte,” which really just means “milk.” So is it surprising that some people put honey in their coffee, too?

It’s a natural alternative to refined sugar, giving it an extra layer of flavor. Add other spices as well to make it more complex. Choose a milk that fits your diet if you need to be dairy free or low fat. No matter how you dress it up — or down — it tastes great!

9. Christmas Coffee (Gingerbread Spice Coffee Recipe)

When the holidays roll around, people flock to the nearest Starbucks for the smell and taste of Christmas. Forego the wait and create your own two-minute concoction that packs just as much flavor and is much lower in carbs than the standard café offering.

If you want to cut back on fat, replace the heavy cream with something lighter — whole milk or half and half should work. Leave the whipped cream off the top to back off on calories and fat. Otherwise, the all natural ingredients are going to pack a lot of flavour without a lot of guilt!

10. Nutty Buddy (Almond Iced Coffee Recipe)

More and more, coffee lovers are turning to cold drinks, especially in the heat of the summer. Rather than seeking the perfect cold brew from a local shop, create your own. You can store a concentrate in your refrigerator and add it to your drink later, along with the rest of the ingredients.

Coffee tends to have a nutty taste to it anyway, so adding almond just brings out that underlying hint.

11. Try Some Chai (Iced Coconut Chai Latte Recipe)

This recipe is written for a single serving, but you’ll probably love it so much you’ll mix up enough to dish out the single servings at will! The spices blend for a wonderful warm tingling sensation in your stomach, and you’ll find that using coconut milk not only reduces negative effects caused by drinking dairy but also brings out pungent flavors for an amazing blend.

If you use sugar-free vanilla syrup, you don’t have any refined sugar in this beverage, so you can drink it to your heart’s content!

12. Pumped with Protein (Chocolate Espresso Protein Smoothie Recipe)

Here’s another great way to incorporate your caffeine into a healthy breakfast blend. Yogurt thickens the mixture and helps you keep your digestive system balanced. Unsweetened cocoa powder is great for blood pressure and regulating sugar levels.

Banana adds a dose of potassium and, of course, espresso gets your blood flowing, boosting your energy before the protein kicks in to keep you going. This smoothie is guaranteed to please your palate with the delicious chocolate flavor and the thick, creamy consistency.

Make it the night before and store it if the fridge if you’re one of those who rushes out the door in the morning.

Want to try more coffee protein recipes? Check this complete article here.

13. More Mocha (Skinny Ice Blended Mocha Recipe)

This ten-minute solution saves time and effort used to get to the coffee house in the middle of a busy day while also keeping it clean and light. Enjoy the great thick mocha taste without the guilt. The secret to the thickness of the drink?

A mashed, ripe banana, which fuels you with good calories and potassium while giving your drink the right consistency. If you want less sugar, use a substitute, and if you need to make it lactose free, use an alternative to nonfat milk, like almond or soy milk. Make sure your cocoa powder is unsweetened for best results.

14. Coco Loco (Coconut Frappuccino Recipe)

Specialty diets make it difficult to frequent the local coffeehouse, considering the rich ingredients used in so many coffee drinks.

You never know when you might run into a problem. But take a look at this recipe that’s easy to follow at home and gives you the perfect taste without the worry. What diet are you following? Paleo? Gluten free? Dairy free? Vegan? Vegetarian? Diabetic? Low carb? It doesn’t matter.

With only three ingredients (coconut milk or whatever dairy alternative you prefer), coffee, and banana, this recipe meets the requirements of every diet!

15. Shake, Rattle, and Roll (Café Mocha Protein Shake Recipe)

When it comes to keeping it clean and simple, you don’t get much better than this. Brew your coffee the night before and keep it in the fridge so it’s cold in the morning. Make sure your ice tray is full so you can add ice to taste.

The secret to this particular mixture is the use of both chocolate and vanilla protein powder. By the time you get the blend together, this high protein, high energy coffee shake will kick you into high gear while satisfying any craving you have for chocolate, caffeine, and nutrition.

16. Cocoa-Coco (Better Than Bulletproof Coffee Recipe)

For those who prefer espresso to coffee and have a negative reaction to the thought of putting butter in their coffee, this “better” recipe goes back to milk alternatives. It’s packed full of vitamins and healthy fats that, like any version of bulletproof coffee, will fill you up all day long.

If you don’t like chocolate, try using pure vanilla extract to taste instead. This one clenches a spot near the top of the list of recipes that are suitable for all diets, too, with no dairy or added sugar.

17. Smooth Criminal (Coffee Smoothie Recipe)

So, a lot of people caution against replacing breakfast with a cup of coffee (or several cups), but there are ways to skirt around that. Enter the coffee smoothie recipe here, rich in wholesome nutrients from the added “food” in the drink. Coffee is great with oatmeal or a banana, and a lot of people might put peanut butter on their toast.

But imagine a drinkable concoction containing all of these, and you have the perfect solution to the breakfast blahs. If you aren’t worried about fat, consider using whole milk or half and half to make it even smoother and creamier!

18. Pump Up with Pumpkin (Pumpkin Spiced Bulletproof Coffee Recipe)

This twist on bulletproof coffee offers the traditional taste of autumn and the holidays without all the additives and fats you find in the common café order. Using real pumpkin purée makes the drink thick, and the spices add a lip-smacking kick to the brew.

You can omit the butter entirely if you need to go dairy free, replacing it with additional coconut oil instead. Make the recipe your own by adjusting the ingredients to your taste, but any way you go, you’ll be nice and full between meals without the added calories of coffee with traditional creamer.

19. Mint Chocolate (Skinny Dark Chocolate Peppermint Coffee Creamer Recipe)

Coffee on its own doesn’t carry any significant calories — no carbohydrates, no fat. It’s essentially empty. The problem comes with coffee creamer and other additives that give coffee its creamy consistency and fabulous flavor.

By making your own creamer at home, you can avoid giving up the taste to steer clear of calories and fat. This recipe for skinny creamer is to die for, especially if you’re a fan of rich dark chocolate and the aroma and puckering goodness of peppermint. Be sure to have some of this healthier sweet treat for the holidays, and share it with your family.

I bet they’ll never know it’s not chock full of fat!

20. Brewing Bulletproof (Bulletproof Coffee Recipe)

The paleo diet has proven so successful for so many people that you can’t turn your nose up at the idea of cutting many unnatural foods from your life. Enter into the picture bulletproof coffee, which works well for those who can’t stomach food in the morning and want to adhere to the specialty diet.

Try a dark-roast flavored coffee bean and, if you want to keep it completely clean of dairy, you can clarify the butter before you add it to your brew. Choose high quality butter, though, preferably from grass-fed cows. It will keep you satisfied for hours!

21. Clean Caffeine (Clean Eating Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe)

Dump a little pumpkin spice in your coffee grounds and you get the gorgeous fall favorite. Pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere throughout the autumn and into the winter, but they can be wholly inappropriate for a healthy diet.

Try making yours at home with unsweetened almond milk or low fat or skim dairy milk. Make sure to add the vanilla extract — this is the key to bringing out the best of your at-home coffee drink. You can adjust the amount of spice you use to taste; some people don’t like the pumpkin flavour to overwhelm the coffee.

22. Very Vegan (Vegan Gingerbread Coffee Creamer Recipe)

By making your own homemade coffee creamer, you can avoid some of the food groups and ingredients that lead to nasty results. This particular recipe transcends issues with gluten, dairy, and soy by using coconut milk.

It’s also healthier because it uses coconut sugar rather than the ultra-processed white sugar. Toss in some natural spices and a little molasses and you’ve got a winning recipe that tastes as good as or better than what you can get at any café. And best of all, it caters to your dietary needs without special ordering and risking a mistake.

There’s more at stake than just fabulous flavor when trying new brews.

Coffee is great for energy and good for the soul, but sometimes the ingredients may not be. When you make your own delicious drinks, you’ll discover your inner barista, and you can control what you put into your body. It can also help you save a few dollars and a lot of time.

Besides, you get the added benefit of enjoying whatever you want without having to go anywhere and browse through a complex menu. Take a chance on a homemade healthy coffee recipe, and improve your overall outlook on life!

Alex Azoury
Alex is an Editor of Home Grounds, who considers himself as a traveling coffee fanatic. He is passionate about brewing amazing coffee while in obscure locations, and teaching others to do the same.