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Iced Coconut Milk Latte Recipe

iced coconut mlk latte recipe

Sipping your way through an iced coconut milk latte is a great idea for so many reasons. Vegan? Yes. Is lactose-free? Yes. Delicious coconut flavor? Of course! There are even some health benefits you may not be aware of.

We’ve created an easy recipe you can follow at home, with some suggestions to make it fancier when you want. You might have seen a version of the drink at your local Starbucks, but you don’t need to be a barista to whip this up.

  • 2 shots of espresso
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • Sweetener of your choice (optional)
  • Ice cubes
  • Tall glass



5 mins plus cooling time


1 serving

Let’s talk about coconut milk. In years past, this was generally only available in a can, as people primarily used it for cooking. But as people look for more dairy alternatives, you can now find coconut milk made especially for drinks, including coffee.

coconut milk may be a better option for those looking for those stiff peaks of creamy froth, as coconut milk has a higher fat content than other milk alternatives.

Don’t let the fat content put you off choosing coconut milk for your latte. It does, of course, add calories, but it’s also said to have health benefits, including aiding with weight loss (1). If you don’t like milky drinks, even coconut oil in coffee will give you the same great benefits.

How to Make an Iced Coconut Milk Latte

Let’s see all the steps now – they’re super-easy.

1. Make your coffee

Pull your espresso shots as normal and set the coffee aside to cool. This will stop the coconut milk from curdling when it comes in contact with the hot coffee (2). An alternative is to make this drink with cold brew – which is also a great option if you don’t have an espresso machine.

Top tip: Try using coffee with caramel or nutty notes that will complement the flavor of the coconut.

2. Add your extras

We recommend stirring this into the espresso directly if you want to add any extras such as honey or vanilla. This will ensure it’s fully dissolved. The only exception is anything you want to sprinkle on top, such as cinnamon.

Top tip: Granulated sugar is slow to dissolve in cold liquids, so if you’re using cold brew and table sugar for this recipe, try making a simple syrup first (3).

Extras for making the best coconut milk iced latte

3. Combine and serve

Add your ice cubes to the glass, then pour in the coffee, followed by the cup of coconut milk. You can either stir to combine or leave it in layers for a nice visual effect. Make sure you drink it before the ice cubes melt and dilute your coffee to really enjoy the flavor.

Top tip: To elevate your coffee to a delicious cafe experience, try rimming your glass with maple syrup and toasted coconut.

If you’re not into coconut-flavored things, this drink is probably not for you, but there are plenty of other delicious iced coffee recipes to discover. Or you can make these other lattes instead:

Final thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a dairy free alternative to an iced latte, or you just love the taste of creamy coconut, give this drink a shot. It’s easy to make at home and can be flavored with extra ingredients for a special occasion.


You can make a coconut iced coffee Starbucks style by following the recipe above and adding a cascara sugar topping (4). In store, Starbucks uses what they call coconutmilk, which is a mix of ingredients including coconut cream, coconut water, sugar, and stabilizers.

The calories in a coconut milk iced latte will depend on the ingredients you use, especially when it comes to any added sweetener. Different brands of coconut milk will also vary in their fat and calorie content.

There is around 63mg of caffeine in a 1 oz shot of espresso (5). Keep in mind that many drinks start with a double shot, which will mean twice the caffeine.

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