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Illy Coffee: Everything You Need To Know About This Iconic Brand

In over 150 countries, Illycaffè, shortened to “illy” for its brand name, is interchangeable with premium Italian coffee. It’s a family-run business that originated in Trieste. Knowing the reputation of espresso in Italy, they must be doing something right to garner such global admiration for their products since 1933.

In this all-encompassing Illy coffee review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this iconic brand. Keep reading to learn about illy coffee quality, flavour, selection, variety, sustainability, and brewing methods.

Summary: Illy Coffee Beans

  • Premium Italian coffee brand with delicious tasting notes.
  • High quality coffee from nine varieties of Arabica beans.
  • Available as whole bean, ground, single-serve pod, and instant coffee.

Coffee roasted to perfection: rich, full, hearty and smooth. Tastes like true coffee.

– Customer

The Full Illy Coffee Review

The Illy caffe business is family-operated and is now led by the third generation of the Illy family. Illy innovated the standard for retaining coffee’s freshness in storage and transit via pressurized packaging to combat oxidation. The company has a photo-chromatic way of identifying the best beans. It was the first Italian roaster to export espresso culture overseas (1).

Is Illy Coffee Organic?

No, illy coffee is not always organic. Since illy coffee comes from a blend of up to 9 different region-grown Arabicas, some organic coffee may be present. However, illy coffee does not deliberately seek out certified organic coffee. The company has stated their rigid standards for quality coffee beans do not often allow for organic coffee. Their priority lies with ensuring farmers are getting fairly compensated and in sufficiently replenishing the soil with nutrients.

Let’s look at a detailed illy coffee and illy espresso review covering processes from bean to cup.

Full Illy Coffee Review
  • Coffee Quality And Flavour
  • Selection And Variety
  • Sustainability
  • Brewing Methods
Illy Coffee Classico Beans Canada

Coffee Quality And Flavour – 4/5

The founder of Illy, Francesco Illy, created the informal blueprint of the contemporary espresso machine with the Illetta. His son, Ernesto Illy, put his doctorate in chemistry to good use and, like his father, used his entrepreneurial spirit to innovate the first premeasured espresso pods, ESE.

Illy is well known for having premium quality coffee from 9 types of Arabica coffee beans.

This coffee yields a characteristically smooth cup with a silky mouthfeel.

Illy is based in the “City of Coffee”: Trieste, Italy. It’s one of the largest roasters in Italy and one of the powerhouse suppliers of roasted coffee globally. With its international influence, illy is committed to educating people on coffee in the mainstream.

Illy has a “university of coffee” that trains both professionals and consumers . . . They have even started to offer a sustainable paper-based pod, acknowledging that capsules are one of the most popular ways to enjoy coffee at home.

These educational initiatives shine a light on the supply chain’s social and environmental responsibilities that are set in place to produce high-quality coffee (2).

Home Grounds encourages you to buy fresh whole coffee beans directly from a roaster.

Grind the coffee beans before brewing for the most optimal coffee flavour.

We understand this isn’t always possible. If you must resort to Amazon, illy has the best Italian espresso beans and other products available online. Since illy has such bold pre-ground coffee, you’re guaranteed a great cup. Just double-check the grind size.

Selection And Variety – 4/5

Here are the best illy coffee and the best illy espresso with options ranging from whole beans to grounds to coffee pods and roast levels starting from medium to dark to even extra dark.

Whole Bean Intenso (Dark Roast)

We would need a separate illy whole bean coffee review to detail this pick. Coffee drinkers looking for a strong coffee taste will be delighted by a bold and full-bodied cup of a dark Intenso roast. This blend is made from 100% Arabica and is also offered as a lighter Classico blend or a stronger Forte roast. Enjoy a great-tasting coffee with a subtle flavour of dried stone fruit and cocoa.

Illy Intenso whole beans

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Ground Drip Forte Coffee (Extra Dark Roast)

For tougher mornings, grab yourself an extra bold Forte roast, ground especially for drip machines. Its dark chocolate nature and aroma of freshly made toast will assure you all’s right with the world and wake you enough for you to tackle your tasks.

Illy Coffee Forte drip ground

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Ground Espresso Classico Decaffeinated Coffee (Medium Roast)

On days you’d opt to skip the caffeine jitters, try the medium roast decaf espresso illy Classico coffee. You’ll get the same caramelly sweetness as the original, minus the caffeine content, with jasmine and orange blossom flavours served in a perfectly sealed tin.

Illy Coffee Decaf Canada

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Keurig Classico illy K-Cup Pods (Medium Roast)

This Classico blends with the fruity taste of Columbia and Brazil’s caramel taste, resulting in a K-cup coffee lover won’t want to miss. These recyclable medium roast Classico coffee K-cups are the same classic Italian coffee goodness you’d expect from any of their other coffees.

Illy Classico KCups

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IperEspresso Capsules Classico (Medium Roast)

IperEspresso pods are designed to work with Illy’s own brand of capsule machines. For mild, delicate notes of caramel, brew the Classico instantly with the convenience of a recyclable iperEspresso pod. Your espresso will have a coffee shop quality with the most Instgrammable crema.

Illy IperEspresso Capsules Canada

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Sustainability – 4/5

Illy caffe made it on the list of the world’s most ethical companies.

Illy uses eight decades of business experience to choose and train the best coffee farmers. It pays its coffee farmers fair wages and frequently recognizes their work with numerous Thanks 4 The Coffee project initiatives. Illy achieved Benefit Company status in 2019. This shows it operates sustainably with its communities, which it works hard to build in-person and online. It’s also a B Corp Certified organization, the first Italian coffee company to attain this, planning to achieve carbon neutrality by 2033.

Brewing Methods – 3/5

Illy caters to the preferences of the Italian coffee market: espresso and moka pot, and French press drinkers are in luck with Illy’s medium and dark roasts. Pour over, drip, and instant coffee is “weaker” in taste, yet there are still products to fit these preferences for other coffee consumers.

Single-serve coffee pods are an easy way to enjoy this premium coffee quickly. There is even an illy and Coca-Cola collab with the Illy Buzz (3). Cold brew, however, was not too successful.

Things we liked:

  • Tasting notes of chocolate, fruit, and jasmine from 9 varieties of Arabica beans.
  • Global coffee powerhouse that innovated the pod design and pressurized packaging.
  • Offered as whole bean, pre-ground, single-serve ESE pods or K-Cups, and instant.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Some customers reported chemical smells and tastes.
  • Illy coffee products are not budget-friendly.
  • Not ideal for light roast drinkers.

Do Not Buy Illy Coffee If…

  • You’re a light-roast coffee drinker – The lightest roast illy has is medium. It caters to a more robust and earthier espresso bias. Segafredo Coffee features a light roast with butterscotch, citrus, and chocolate flavours to suit the nuanced palates of Third Wave coffee enthusiasts.
  • You want Arabica and Robusta blends – Illy is all 100% Arabica as Robusta tends to be stronger and more bitter. If you want a taste of both, there are two great mixes from Lavazza: the Super Crema with a 60:40 ratio of Arabica:Robusta and the Gran Crema with the reverse ratio.

The Verdict

For a wide range of premium Italian medium and dark roasts, illy has some great Arabicas with dessert-fitting chocolatey and fruity notes. They come as whole beans, grounds, ESE pods or K-Cups, and instant coffee, all packaged with pressure to combat coffee oxidation.

There have, however, been some complaints of bad batches. These coffees are also expensive, and there are no illy light roast options. If these facts concern you, try another coffee.

Illy Intenso whole beans

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