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Javy Coffee Review: Is This The Future Of Home Brewing?

Javy delivers specialty coffee without sacrificing convenience. With just a teaspoon or two of Javy coffee concentrate and a couple seconds, instantly transform a glass of water or cup of milk into a decadent cold or hot coffee. Experience artisanal flavours with more ease than coffee pods and less time than with instant coffee. Plus, Javy Coffee is dairy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free.

Is this the future of home brewing? Read our review of Javy Coffee to find out.

Summary: Javy Coffee

  • Ethically sourced, sustainably packaged coffee concentrate.
  • Partnered with Raíz Sustainability to prioritise regenerative farming practices.
  • Made from 100% natural Arabica coffee beans and the purest water.

This is so simple and easy to make it tastes amazing. No more worrying about if there’s going to be too much sugar or cream in my iced coffee…

– Billie, Javy Coffee Customer

The Javy Coffee Cold Brew Concentrate Review

If you hate the long process of making your own cold brew coffee concentrate at home, then we found something that might just pique your interest. The Javy Coffee Company makes it easy to enjoy premium specialty coffee with no long prep time. Keep reading to learn more about Javy cold brew concentrate and whether it’s right for your morning iced coffee needs.

Javy Coffee Review
  • Coffee Quality and Flavour
  • Selection and Variety
  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Brewing Methods

What Is Javy Coffee?

Javy coffee is a 100% Arabica specialty coffee in a highly concentrated liquid form. According to its founders, “Javy strives to ethically source its coffee beans from organic farms with direct trade relationships.”

Javy uses a mix of art, science, and extremely pure water to turn coffee beans into bottled coffee concentrate.

Each 6-ounce (177 ml) bottle has enough liquid to make 30 servings of 180 ml of coffee each. Unopened, a bottle lasts up to 6 months, whereas an opened one is best consumed within 6 weeks and kept refrigerated.

To use this product, measure out 1 or 2 tsp of any flavoured Javy Coffee Concentrate to add to 180 ml of water or milk in your favourite mug. Javy recommends oat milk for the best flavour.

Javy Coffee ensures they give more than they take (1). Read on to learn more about the coffees this company offers, the positive impact this brand has on sustainability and the environment, and some Javy Coffee recipes to try without the need for any bulky coffee brewing equipment.

Coffee Quality and Flavour – 4.5/5

All of Javy’s 100% Arabica coffees are sourced from Central America and Columbia. They are turned into thermal blends, a process that helps preserve their flavours without burning the beans.

Cold brew is often thought of as having lower levels of acidity or more fruity flavours.

Javy Coffee coffee concentrate is bold, creamy, and delicious. Many of its flavours are sweet yet sugar-free and suitable for those on gluten-free and dairy-free diets. They’re one of the most affordable coffees. Unfortunately, they are untraceable by specific origin, growing regions, or the farmers involved.

Selection and Variety – 3/5

Javy Coffee concentrate is only for medium roast lovers. They are roasted this way to showcase the natural flavours of the Arabica coffee beans. There are no dark or light roasts, with the lack of the latter indicating that this brand is not keeping up with the current Third Wave coffee trends. Javy only makes liquid coffee concentrates. They don’t have any whole beans, ground coffee, or coffee capsules.


For a powerful coffee taste, Original is ideal for waking you up with a bold cup of rich flavours. The Decaf is the same as the Original, but a touch creamier and bolder – and without the jitters.

French Vanilla

French Vanilla makes for a creamy and slightly buttery-tasting rich brew to appease all coffee drinkers with a sweet tooth who love Javy. It’s a great choice for those who tend to add creamer, flavoured syrups, or toppings to their coffee, latte, or cappuccino.

Javy Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate French Vanilla Canada

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The Caramel flavour is buttery, creamy, and rich. It is similar in body to the Vanilla, but sweeter and with the characteristic caramel taste.

Javy Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Caramel Canada

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On the fence between hot cocoa and coffee? Mocha combines both in a decadent velvety cup.

Javy Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Mocha Canada

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Special Options

Many bundles are available if you prefer to sample a variety of flavours. Three bundles feature the Original Javy Coffee Concentrate, such as the Original and Vanilla bundle, the Original and Caramel bundle, and the Original and Mocha bundle. Three other bundles feature the Decaf Javy Coffee Concentrate, like the Decaf and Vanilla bundle, the Decaf and Mocha bundle, and the Decaf and Caramel bundle.

Some interesting limited releases to keep your eye out for include the Red Velvet, Iced Vanilla, Hazelnut Mocha, Maple, Caramel Brulee, White Chocolate, Peppermint Cocoa, Frosted Gingerbread, Pistachio, Sugar Cookie, Trick Or Treat, and Pumpkin Spice.

Where To Buy Javy Coffee?

You can buy Javy Coffee from their website, Amazon, or other online retailers. Luckily, there’s no expensive price tag. But you likely won’t find Javy Coffee concentrate in your local coffee shop.

Sustainability and the Environment – 4/5

Javy Coffee is partnered with Raíz Sustainability®, so they source coffee only from farms around the globe that use regenerative farming practices. Regenerative farming entails rebuilding the land meant for coffee growing for long-term resiliency in the face of climate change, using renewable energy, protecting the water, planting more native shade trees, and eliminating deforestation.

This partnership supports farmers and offers them training in biodiversity, soil health, and rebuilding.

Despite ethical sourcing, Javy coffee concentrate is not denoted as Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, or Fairtrade. They also don’t use a low-emission roaster, a common feature among sustainable brands.

The good news is its packaging is sustainable. As a delicious liquid coffee concentrate inside a convenient bottle, Javy Coffee makes a lot of brew for a little packaging. And it does not leave any messy leftover grounds to clean up.

Brewing Methods – 3.5/5

There is not much versatility with Javy Coffee concentrate regarding its brewing method compatibility. Just 1 or 2 tsp is all you need to add to a cup of milk or water to make a delicious brew. This brand doesn’t offer coffee pods, instant coffees, espresso blends, or pre-ground coffee. But it does lend itself to some creative recipes for making cold brew or hot coffee with your own personalized touch.

Javy Coffee Recipes

There are many ways to up your Javy Coffee game to the next level, and the coffee concentrate system makes it easy to experiment. For example, you can sip on recipes like a flavoured cold brew, a classic iced latte, or even a Javy Coffee protein shake.

  • For a flavoured cold brew, just mix cold water, any syrup you love, and liquid Javy Coffee concentrate.
  • For an iced latte, you just need your favourite milk, ice, and Javy Coffee concentrate.
  • For protein shakes, pour and blend ice, milk, protein powder, cool whip, and Javy Coffee concentrate.

You can even craft desserts with a caffeine kick, like coffee cake or brownies. Or, as a post-dinner treat, use a bit of Javy Coffee in a coffee cocktail like the Carajillo.

Things we liked:

  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free.
  • Sourced ethically and packaged sustainably.
  • Focuses on regenerative farming practices.
  • Uses pure water and 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Only medium roast options.
  • Does not specifically mention partnered farms.
  • Not available in whole bean or ground coffee form.

Do Not Buy If…

You prefer a stronger dark roast – If a smooth medium-roasted Javy Coffee concentrate won’t awaken you from morning zombie mode, a delicious morning cold brew alternative is Wandering Bear Coffee. Their extra strong cold brew Straight Black offering has the caffeine equivalent of two shots of espresso per glass (2). Each cup yields a strong yet smooth taste and, like Javy Coffee, it is dairy-free, sugar-free, and sustainably packaged.

You want coffee beans to make your own cold brew – Perhaps you prefer a more hands-on approach, and you pride yourself on making your own cold brew concentrate at home. In that case, you’ll need to look into choosing the best coffees for cold brewing that you grind, steep, and store yourself for up to a day (3). Our top suggestion is the Lifeboost Optimist light roast for a crisp and clean cup. Alternatively, check out the Atlas Cold Brew Coffee Subscription to add some novelty to your cold brewing process with various roasts, origins, and tasting notes.

The Verdict

No more gross instant coffees for the sake of a convenient daily grind! Javy packs tasty liquid coffee concentrate into a bottle so you don’t have to factor in brewing time any more. You can go straight to enjoying your morning brew. Add just one teaspoon of Javy to one cup of milk or water, and you are good to go. Delicious cold coffee or amazing hot coffee awaits!

Javy Coffee

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