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Meet the Team Behind Home Grounds

This is some of the team behind Home Grounds. If you'd like to know more about our brand visit this page, and if you'd like to get in contact, visit our contact page here.

The Editorial Team & Marketing Team

The editorial team at Home Grounds handles the primary task of researching, writing, reviewing, publishing and fact checking coffee brewing guides and reviews into easily digestible guides.

steven Holm – Barista, Roaster, Video Content Creator.

My coffee journey began in 2014 when I found a $2 espresso machine at a thrift store and instantly fell in love with the process. I’ve done a bit of everything in the coffee industry ranging from barista, roaster, green coffee buyer, quality control and business owner.

As I’ve found another love for Videography more recently, I have the unique opportunity to make videos that I wish would have existed when I first began in coffee!

Outside of Home Grounds, I love to travel, hang out with my dog, Leo, and spend as much time outdoors as possible!

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Julia Bobak – Writer, Product Researcher, Email Community Manager

Like most people who live on North America’s west coast, I love good coffee and the great outdoors. Is there anything better than coming home from a long morning trail run to a fresh, steaming cup? Lately, I’ve been rediscovering my love of the classic Moka pot, especially with a medium roast bean from one of our many local roasters. That extra strong shot of coffee, topped with a dollop of foamed milk, really hits the spot on a cool day.

I have a graduate degree in physical chemistry, but my true passion has always been writing. At Homegrounds.co, I can combine the two, delving into the fascinating science of coffee.

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Jovana Durovic – Editor in Chief

I come from a country where people drink domestic coffee (what the rest of the world knows as Turkish coffee) and where Nescafe designates all instant coffees ever made. So, imagine my first encounter with, say, Hario V60…Yes, it was love at first sight.  Today I’m a moderate coffee connoisseur and a huge coffee lover.

My favorite brewing methods are the V60 and traditional espresso-making. Yet, despite my country’s long tradition of Turkish-coffee-adoring, I somehow cannot stand it. That’s just too dark, even for me.

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Lei Cruz – SEO executive

I’m a semi-reluctant homebody who enjoys cold brew in the company of two Dachshunds, Mommy Dog and Bibbo, and 20 house plants. 

I remember hating coffee until I was 20; that hatred resulted from my naive self trying to eat instant coffee powder when I was 5. That hatred blossomed into a love affair after having my first cold brew in a quaint coffee shop in the mountains of Antipolo. My love for coffee (and pastries) has encouraged me to run a small coffee shop with a couple of friends. As my passion for coffee grew, I started working at HomeGrounds.co to help share coffee brewing tips that work

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Alex Mastin – Writer & Product Researcher

My world consists of coffee, travel, water sports and dogs…sometimes all at the same time! I spent years as a travelling barista where I learnt the art of brewing-coffee-on-the-road. I'm a bit of a street art fanatic, and my favorite type of adventure usually ends at a coffee plantation.

In 2014, my love of coffee pushed me to start writing for and building out Homegrounds.co, in order to share my passion with the rest of the world.

Hedvig Ekmark – Swedish Section Editor

I am a coffee and family devoted bookworm, who rarely leaves the house without a good fantasy book at hand. My coffee interest grew by coincidence when I worked at a small restaurant cafe in Stockholm. I fell completely and utterly in love with everything that had to do with coffee. Since then, I have dedicated my time and love to the magical world of coffee.

I prefer to drink my morning coffee in bed, to the greatest extent possible. I favor the unique flavors only a high-quality light roast offers.



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