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7 Most Expensive Espresso Machines

A great cup of coffee or a stellar shot of espresso is priceless. That is until a price is inevitably involved… You’re either buying it from someone else in a coffee shop or purchasing the means to make it home for yourself. But can the cost be too great? With perfection comes sacrifice, and these espresso machines are no exception.

In this article, we look at the 7 most expensive espresso machines.

unique features of expensive machines

Expensive Espresso Machines

Home Grounds has compiled a list of the seven most expensive espresso machines in 2022. When looking at espresso machine models for home use or highly-recommended espresso machines for coffee shops, the key specifications are the type, dimensions, capacity, pressure, and milk frothing capabilities. All these factors in each espresso machine justify its cost and influence the espresso-making experience in its nuanced way (1).

There are all kinds of little automations . . . Auto tampers, dosing funnels, ergonomic portafilters, and so on.

How much is each machine? How large is it? How intense is the espresso? How involved is the barista? Is it worth it? It’s all a matter of personal preference. Let’s take a look and find out.

1. La Marzocco Strada Electronic Paddle – The Most Expensive Espresso Machine 

La Marzocco Strada Electronic Paddle

The most expensive espresso machine is worth nearly 50,000 dollars! What could possibly cost so much? La Marzocco Strada Electronic Paddle (EP). It is the most expensive coffee maker on the market to date. What makes this such a high-end coffee machine? For one, it incorporates technology utilized in the medical and aerospace industries, so you are guaranteed failure-free luxury coffee machines from this company. 

This 3-group 9-bar pressure commercial espresso machine measuring 47.5 x 100 x 67.5 cm is designed to give the barista ultimate pressure control during the entire extraction process with pressure profiling that dictates the balance, body, and boldness of flavours in every espresso shot. This makes it a one-of-a-kind innovative design inspired by baristas for baristas. The efficient pro touch steam wands are safe to handle and cool to touch. The coffee boiler capacity is 3 x 1.3 L and the steam boiler capacity is 11.8 L. Play around for a brew unique to you!

2. Eversys Shotmaster S/Classic – Express Espresso With Milk Moderation

Eversys Shotmaster S/Classic

At a near whopping 40 thousand dollar value, the Eversys Shotmaster S/Classic is the life of the party! This more cube-like super-automatic machine measures 56 x 74.3 x 65 cm. 

This machine can make four espresso shots at once or a ludicrous 350 shots an hour with an extraction time of 23 seconds!

With this one, you’ll go above and beyond in meeting the high expectations of a busy cafe lunch rush. The coffee boiler capacity is 2 x 1.5 L, and the steam boiler capacity is 5.4 L with pressure ranging from 2.5 to 4 bars. It’s got not one but two steam wands to froth milk with. It even comes with Everfoam, which increases the foam amount and stability. Espresso? More like express-o!

3. EGRO NEXT Top Milk Super-Automatic – UX Friendly Design

EGRO NEXT Top Milk Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

NEXT up is the Egro Next Top Milk Super-Automatic Espresso Machine. Measuring 30 x 77 x 57.5 cm, this Switzerland-made espresso machine is capable of holding 0.5 L in its coffee boiler, 1.9 L in its steam boiler, and 6.5 L in its fridge with a single milk pump system. 

What separates this 33 thousand-plus dollar value super-automatic from the rest? It handles personalized requests with orders to be inputted into its app-controlled 10-inch tablet. This high-definition user-friendly interface auto-adjusts the grind to draw out subtle tastes and accounts for environmental influences. Ask, and you shall receive; the Egro Next is quite the milk-based coffee specialist.

4. CONTI – MONTE CARLO 3 GROUP – MC-3G-WOOD – Innovative Multi-Boiler Technology


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could make espresso? I don’t know either, but the CONTI – MONTE CARLO 3 GROUP WOOD/WHITE has an aesthetically pleasing white wood finish capable of delivering up to a 9-bar pressure level. It measures 55.4 x 112.6 x 61.2 cm and has a total capacity of 14 L, with independent coffee boilers capable of holding 0.9 L each. It’s got a non-stick-coated steam wand that is safely cool to the touch. 

Enjoy the convenience of preheated water, coffee, and steam temperatures adjustable via a PID system and a helpful keypad with large keys and barista lights when preparing tall or espresso shots. Although it is just half the cost of the most expensive espresso machine on this list, this still places its worth at over twenty grand.

For more information on this particular espresso machine, check out this YouTube video.

5. Nuova Simonelli Talento Super-Automatic – The Newest In Espresso Technology

Nuova Simonelli Talento Super-Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

This just under twenty grand worth Nuova Simonelli Talento Super-Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine is small yet mighty, measuring 40.6 x 86.4 x 63.5 cm and available with a standard or high-capacity filter. It brews a stunning 240 espressos an hour, which is close yet still a long way off from the amount an Eversys Shotmaster S/Classic produces in the same period. Its double-tamping system adjusts the pressure needed via programming in a built-in tamper, thus allowing for various coffees to be extracted from one blend to suit all sorts of personal preferences.

There are two main configurations that this machine is available in 1 Step Talento and 2 Step Talento. If you want a fully hands-free approach to making high-quality espressos, the 1 Step Talento has got you covered. It will grind, tamp, brew, steam, and assemble everything with the push of a button. However, it needs a milk cooler addition. This is where the latter option comes in for a more manual milk-steaming approach. This one is for all of you latte artists seeking the perfect froth. Both feature 20 reprogrammable drink button options.

6. Victoria Arduino Adonis Core 3 Groups – Stainless Steel Elegance

Victoria Arduino Adonis Core 3 Groups Commercial Espresso Machine

The Italian-made Victoria Arduino Adonis Core 3 Groups Commercial Espresso Machine is a silver beauty that is part of the Simonelli Group, which has been producing high-quality espresso machines for commercial use since 1905. Price-wise, this measures up to just under twenty grand.

With a petal-like push-button panel, easy lever-like flipping of its two steam wands that are cool to the touch, and a sleek, timeless aesthetic, this machine’s design is simple, classy, and intuitive to the barista using it. The Victoria Arduino Adonis measures 109 x 63 x 57 cm and has a boiler size of 17 L. Its soft infusion system yields consistently creamy and soft espressos by automatically monitoring and raising the pressure throughout the extraction process. It can brew 150 to 300 coffee beverages daily with four programmable doses per head. 

The affixed computer controls the shot timer built into each brewing head. It also configures automatic cleaning and off-on systems and adjusts the electronic grind settings. There is even a reverse mirror to show you the output of the coffee filter more quickly. Just be mindful of the water quality you are using here, as with long-term use, poor water options will erode your espresso machine!

7. ASCASO – BARISTA T PLUS RAISED 2 GROUP – Energy Efficient Espresso


And last but not least, though in price, it comes in at the lowest on this list at about 15 thousand, is the ASCASO – BARISTA T PLUS RAISED 2 GROUP ESPRESSO MACHINE BLACK/WOOD. This one measures 70 x 47.5 x 53.5 cm and has an 8 L steam boiler capacity. Thermal stability and clean filtered water always find their way into each brew you make here. This espresso machine is a technician’s dream, offering easy access to internal valve repair, steam wand cleaning and dismantling, and insulated electronic and electrical components for protection. 

Regarding energy savings, we’re looking at 50% compared with other standard espresso machines and 25% versus other multi-boilers. The boiler and pump pressure are controllable simultaneously with a high-precision dual-pressure gauge. The powerful professional steam emulsifies the milk used for top-notch lattes and cappuccinos with great steam stability from the boiler. The steam wands stay cool and are anti-limescale with minimal milk build-up. 

Other nifty features of this espresso machine include:

  • A cup warmer function.
  • A handy work area light.
  • A back-lit button pad.
  • A wire tray.

Final Thoughts

We’ve scoured the web for the 7 most expensive espresso machines. The most expensive espresso machine is La Marzocco Strada Electronic Paddle (EP) at almost 50 thousand! Each item listed here has unique customizability in drawing out nuanced tastes of espresso shots and influencing their intensities. 

Every machine also varies in temperature controllability and the number of servings produced in one sitting. Milk frothing is a critical component in some and less in others. Whether you’re looking for one for commercial or personal use or browsing for fun, there’s an option for everyone. High price, high quality.


The best espresso machine brand is Breville. This brand is globally renowned for its automatic and manual espresso makers. For instance, the Breville Barista Express offers a streamlined semi-automatic home barista experience with the flexibility to texture your milk the way you want it with its steam wand while grinding the beans for you with its built-in auto-grind feature (2). Breville has high-end coffee machines; fortunately, they are not as expensive as the ones on this list.

The three types of espresso machines are steam-driven, lever-driven, and pump-driven. Pump-driven machines are the most well-known and have three additional semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic subcategories. Each espresso machine type is nuanced in its underlying mechanisms of operation (3).

Expensive espresso machines are better because they are of higher quality in terms of durability in their build for long-term use and utility in their built-in functions for convenience. For instance, many fancy coffee makers offer features like high-pressure bars. This yields a finer grind with the most optimal extraction to elevate the natural flavours of your espresso. It’s not just expensive espresso, it’s an experience that’ll change the game for your morning routine and caffeine intake.

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