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National Coffee Day 2023: Cool Deals + Get Free Coffee!

Did you know coffee was partially responsible for the changes in our workforce during the Industrial Revolution? Because of caffeine, workers could shape their day around the 9-5 workday and the time clock, which helped us move from the agrarian lifestyle to the modern industrial one.

In a way, we have coffee to thank for all our modern creature comforts. And what better way to celebrate the humble coffee cherry and the people who work to bring it to our cups than by celebrating National Coffee Day?

National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day History

While the origins of National Coffee Day aren’t entirely clear, the origin of coffee itself is.

In the middle of the 1400s, Ethiopians had already harvested coffee cherries and traded them across the Red Sea (1). Then, in the late 1400s, Sufi devotees began drinking coffee to stay awake and alert during their late-night, religious rituals.

By 1511, coffee had made its way to the Islamic holy city of Mecca, and from there, it rapidly spread across North Africa, through the Middle East, and to India. Even during its early history, coffee was integral to Islamic society.

Finally, in 1651, Europe’s first coffee house opened in Oxford, where it became the beverage of choice for students and professors alike. Then, starting from the late 1600s, coffee cultivation and consumption exploded throughout all the European colonies and the Americas—where it became an important trade commodity and fuel for the Industrial Revolution.

Here in North America, coffee or tea was placed during the 1700s. Since then, some of the largest coffee companies—like Tim Hortons—have taken Canada and the world by storm (2).

How about espresso?

We have Dr Angelo Moriondo to thank for his patented espresso machine back in 1884.

People were looking for a faster way to brew their coffee, so he used the power of steam to hasten the coffee-brewing process.

But as James Hoffmann notes, this steam-powered coffee was no modern espresso (3).

This was not a new recipe..a new type of drink. This innovation was about small cups of filter coffee at speed.

But it wasn’t till 1948, when the Gaggia Gilda was invented, that we got our first taste of pressure-extracted espresso.

Curious to see a vintage Gaggia Gilda in action? Check out this video of a Gaggia Gilda pulling a ristretto shot.

When Is National Coffee Day?

While the world celebrates International Coffee Day on October 1st, National Coffee Day is celebrated in Canada and the US on September 29th. To celebrate, why not try out some of the best coffee subscription services, treat yourself to some coffee gifts, or embrace your inner coffeeholic by scrolling through some hilarious coffee memes?

Best Coffee Deals

If you look around, you’re sure to find some great coffee deals on subscriptions, books, coffee beans, and even brewers and brewing accessories, like tampers and espresso machines.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like working from a cosy corner of a local cafe. So whether you’re making your coffee at home or working from a nearby cafe on National Coffee Day, remember to celebrate everyone who makes the coffee world go ’round—from the farmers who cultivate coffee cherries to the barista making your cappuccino at the bar.


On National Coffee Day, people from all walks of life drink, talk about, remember, and celebrate the families, workers, and baristas who work hard to bring us that perfect cup every morning.

You can get free coffee on National Coffee Day. While your mileage may vary, most large chains offer free coffee drinks or great coffee deals and/or merchandise every year on this day. Check back at Home Grounds for the latest coffee deals and freebies.

To celebrate National Coffee Day at work, start by stacking some chocolate-covered espresso beans in a lockbox at your desk.

Seriously, though, it’s an excellent opportunity to educate your co-workers on the importance of Fair Trade coffee and supporting those roasters and farms that provide their workers with liveable wages and sustain healthy ecosystems.

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