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Semperflorens Coffee: Do Not Confuse It With The Flowering Plant

You might have come across Semperflorens before if you have a green thumb. Wax Begonia plants are part of a group of plants called Semperflorens-Cultorem. Basically, it means they bloom all year instead of only once.

But Semperflorens can also refer to a type of coffee. They share a name because they share a property: Semperflorens coffee also blooms all year instead. In this article, we’ll walk through everything we know about this rare coffee plant.

semperflorens coffee

What Is Semperflorens Coffee?

Semperflorens coffee is a type of coffee that is unique in coffee plants. It describes a relatively new varietal. Semperflorens is a niche coffee varietal. It’s listed as a subtype of Bourbon beans by the SCA (1). It comes from Brazil and has been around for almost one hundred years.

Semperflorens is a mutant cultivar with Bourbon genetic background, named for the fact it flowers year-round (is resistant to photoperiodism).

Semperflorens isn’t a word unique to coffee, though. It’s a word mostly applied to Begonia plants that are known for being tough, easy to care for, and blooming all year (2).

Coffee typically has two harvesting periods throughout the year. And that means that if one harvest or the other is poor, then the world’s coffee supply can change drastically. If, however, coffee farmers are able to harvest year-round, those risks are mitigated.

Sermperflorens is a variety that needs to be studied and grown more to get more information.

But the bad news is that it seems like this varietal doesn’t produce as many coffee cherries per plant as other commercial varieties like Red Bourbon, despite having a year-round flowering (3).

Final Thoughts

Semperflorens coffee is a type of coffee plant in the Arabica family.

It’s a mutated type of coffee that closely resembles the Bourbon varietal. But it’s a little bit different. What makes semperflorens an interesting coffee plant is that it flowers year-round instead of twice a year like most coffee plants.


Bourbon coffee is grown all over the world. It grows best at higher elevations and produces a crisp and clean tasting coffee. It’s one of the primary varietals from which many other coffees are bred, including semperflorens.

Semperflorens coffee is a growable and harvestable coffee varietal. It doesn’t produce as much coffee as other varietals, which doesn’t make it a great option for farmers.

Brazilian coffee is special because of its huge flavours and big bodies. You’ll find an intense citrus and chocolate sweetness and a rounded, full mouthfeel. It can be a little intense at first, but once you’re used to it, you’ll find it incredible.

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