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Smeg Milk Frother Review: is it pricey for a reason?

You can’t be a proper at-home barista making latte macchiatos, flat whites, cappuccinos, and other cafe-style drinks without a high-quality milk frother. The Smeg Milk Frother heats and/or froths your milk for all kinds of milk-based beverages. With its stylish retro look, it can make smooth, thick, and creamy milk froth. Is this automatic milk frother the one for you? Read this Smeg Milk Frother review to learn more.

Summary: The Smeg Milk Frother

Smeg Milk Frother
  • Showcases an exceptional design.
  • Able to froth both hot and cold milk.
  • Comes with 6 pre-set functions plus a manual one.

If I could give the SMEG frother 10 stars, I would. It is very stylish and looks beautiful in the kitchen. The froth is thick, creamy and better than [other] cappuccinos in town.

– Smeg Milk Frother Owner

The Smeg Milk Frother Review

Smeg is a global brand known internationally as a “mastermind of excellence made in Italy” (1). This Italian brand is best known for its innovative technology used daily in households worldwide. Design is at the forefront of their practical and stylish products, which are renowned for their retro 1950s aesthetic.

Smeg Milk Frother Review
  • Design
  • Features
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money

The Smeg Milk Frother is one of the best milk frothers on the market. Coffee lovers will greatly appreciate this generous gift for themselves or for their loved ones as they experiment with the various frothing modes to produce the best coffee drinks and hot chocolates.

Will the Smeg Milk Frother win you over? Read on for the details.

Design – 5/5

The Smeg MFF01 Milk Frother is so pretty that it is internationally recognized for its overall aesthetic. This retro-style milk frother won the Good Design Award in 2019. If that doesn’t deserve top marks in the design category, I don’t know what does. It shows off its classy build in five colours: pastel green, pastel blue, red, black, or pink. 

The Smeg Milk Frother comes with two frothing discs and a removable metal jug. The two included whisks are a smooth whisk for heating and a notched whisk for frothing milk.

The Smeg Milk Frother is made from stainless steel and measures 18.4 x 14.2 x 25.1 cm, making it one of the larger milk frothers on the market. This could be a problem if you are short on space, but it’s a perk for those who love a large latte because the Smeg Milk Frother has a large capacity. It can heat up to 500 ml of whole milk and can froth 250 ml at a time.

The plastic lid includes a built-in measuring cup, which is great for those who hate dirtying extra dishes. It’s made from a durable material that is 50% certified recycled content. The feet holding up the milk frother base are anti-slip silicon rubber, and there is also a built-in cord wrap to keep things neat and tidy.

The Smeg Milk Frother has a handy ergonomic handle for optimal control to pour impressive latte art for yourself and your guests.

Features – 3.5/5

The Smeg Milk Frother is equipped with an extraordinary amount of technology for a countertop appliance. It features 6 pre-set functions plus the option to froth manually. The control knob has an icon for each of the following settings: hot chocolate, hot milk, hot froth light foam, hot froth thick foam, cold froth light foam, and cold froth thick foam.

This milk frother is compatible with all types of milk, including the most common plant-based alternatives like oat milk and almond milk.

Many milk frothers are only built around using dairy milk, so this is a definite step up. Just note that whichever milk you choose will influence the flavour profile of your final coffee drink or hot chocolate (2).

People don’t consider the difference of flavour when you add milk, be that dairy, oat, or soy. It will dramatically change the flavour of the coffee.

Not a fan of coffee? Hot chocolate lovers will be just as excited about the Smeg Milk Frother. You can make hot chocolate directly in the frothing jug without damaging it. Simply add chocolate flakes or hot chocolate powder before frothing. You can also make cold drinks with cold foam, like milkshakes and chocolate milk.

Some customers have complained about the Smeg Milk Frother’s induction heating system, either underheating the milk or burning it at the bottom. We didn’t encounter this issue in our tests, but beware that it has been observed. Nothing is worse than scalded milk in your latte or cappuccino (3)!

There is also a loud and unnecessary beeping sound that occurs whenever the milk frother is done, which is honestly annoying. This was also an issue with the Smeg Coffee Maker that the brand eventually resolved, so we expect the same fix will occur in future generations of the milk frother.

Ease Of Use – 5/5

The Smeg Milk Frother is really easy to use; if you can push a button, you’ll be enjoying hot frothy milk in no time. The control knob has clearly visible icons etched around its sides. The start/stop button is found in the centre of the control knob, and it lights up when the milk frother is turned on. All you have to do to use it is turn the knob to your preferred setting, insert one of the whisks, pour in the milk, plug the frother in, and push to start.

The interior is etched with two easy-to-see maximum lines: one for heating and one for frothing. The ergonomic handle has a comfortable grip so you can pour with precision for your latte art.

To clean, simply use a damp cloth with warm, soapy water. The stainless steel jug and two whisks are dishwasher safe, although the jug also rinses out well if you don’t have a dishwasher.

Value For Money – 4/5

Why is Smeg so expensive? Some of the cost is justified by its array of features – the ability to froth hot or cold milk to varying textures. However, the Smeg is still overpriced when stacked against comparable milk frothers on the market. 

You’re paying a premium for the brand name and the cool style. If aesthetics are important to you, the extra cost is worth it; it is certainly the most beautiful milk frother around. But if you just want to froth milk, you could save money and opt for more simplicity without losing out on too much in the realm of at-home milk frothing. 

What we liked:

  • Its design is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Can control milk texture and temperature.
  • Great for hot chocolate.
  • It comes with a manual function plus six pre-set options.

What we didn’t like:

  • It is an expensive choice.
  • It beeps annoyingly when it is done.
  • It has a heating system that is sometimes finicky.

Do Not Buy the Smeg Milk Frother If … 

  • You want better value for your money – If you just want to froth hot milk and don’t need all the bells and whistles, check out our Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother review. While it doesn’t have the same funky 1950s vibe, the Aeroccino is an attractive frother that nails the basics. Both the Aeroccino 3 and 4 can froth hot or cold milk to a dense cappuccino-style foam.
  • You want something cheaper – In case you’re looking for something basic, then the Bodum Bistro Electric milk frother is for you. This frother is simple and compact and has an auto-shutdown feature. Learn more about it in Home Grounds’ Bodum Bistro Electric frother review.
  • You don’t have a lot of counter space – If you can’t accommodate the size of the Smeg Milk Frother, the Breville Milk Cafe Electric Frother is one of the best milk frothers on the market. It measures 16.2 x 15.4 x 26.1 cm – narrower and taller than the Smeg – but still has the same capacity to froth milk for a large latte. Like the Smeg Milk Frother, it has an appealing design and gives you lots of control over milk temperature and texture. And as a nice bonus, it has a lower price.

The Verdict

Is the Smeg MFF01 Milk Frother worth it? That depends on your budget and needs. If you like to prepare a variety of milk-based drinks, plus instant drinks like hot chocolate, you’ll appreciate its six pre-set programs and control over frothed milk texture and temperature. And if you appreciate style and design, you won’t find anything nearly as attractive on the market. On the other hand, if you just want to add a dollop of hot frothy milk to your morning coffee, there are frothers that offer better value for money.

Smeg Milk Frother
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