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Timemore Fish Electric Kettle Review

It may sound fishy, but the Timemore Fish Smart Electric Kettle is far from it! With a minimalist design that rests atop a touch-responsive base, this good gooseneck kettle offers a swift and streamlined customizable boiling experience! You’ll feel smart using this Timemore kettle rather than waiting for the singing of a stovetop kettle.

This article reviews the Timemore Fish Electric Kettle to determine if this is a suitable kettle for you.

Summary: Timemore Electric Kettle Review

  • Quick: boils in just 3 minutes
  • Precise: pours with a vertical water flow from a gooseneck spout
  • Accurate: STRIX technology temperature controller accurate to 1℃

[The pouring experience and flow control is] really good . . . I like the small capacity of the Timemore, [which] also helps with the control.

– Steve Howkins, Timemore Kettle Owner

The Full Timemore Kettle Review

The Timemore Fish Electric Kettle is easily one of the best gooseneck kettles for Pour Over coffee brewing. It is also suitable for AeroPress, Chemex, Drip Coffee, espresso, French Press, and tea brewing. This smart kettle comes from Timemore Coffee, which was created by a community of coffee lovers who value coffee and art and mindful living. 

The Timemore Fish Electric Kettle is faster than most electric kettles, taking just 3 minutes to come to a complete boil. The resulting temperature of the water is accurate to 1℃ with the STRIX technology temperature controller. When it comes time for the pouring experience, the gooseneck spout and steady water filtration structure offer excellent control for a precise vertical water flow (1).

But is this electric kettle the best for your boiling and pouring needs? Are there advantages to choosing this Smart Fish from other well-known brands? Let’s dive in and find out more in this Timemore Electric Kettle review.

Timemore Fish Electric Kettle Review
  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Value For Money

Design – 5/5

The Timemore Fish Smart Electric Kettle is a safe 304 food-grade kettle that comes in a black or white version in two sizes. The 600 ml home edition has a maximum water capacity level of 560 ml with 1000 W. Differently, the larger 800 ml commercial version contains a maximum water capacity level of 750 ml with 1500 W. There are the minimum and maximum markings for the recommended water level etched inside as part of the design language. The kettle’s build quality is made of stainless steel and is surprisingly light. The lid and handle are both made of plastic. A rubber seal is outside the lid, and a copper finish is at the bottom of the handle.

To start the kettle, push the hold or start/stop button to engage its heating mode.

The handle and spout are elegantly crafted, practical, and easy to use. The base has a good and sturdy build quality, with an on/off switch at the bottom of it near the back. Three touch-responsive buttons only light up when the kettle is on: a hold button, a target temperature button, and a start/stop button. 

Features – 4.5/5

Traditional kettles found on the manual brewing market for pour over coffee brewing are not as precise in attaining the target temp when it comes time to heat water. Also, if it’s a bit fancier, coffee kettles may have a stylish element, some air holes, and rotation dial knobs.

Well, there are no old-school rotation dial knobs here! The Timemore Fish Electric Kettle has a nifty control panel with touch-responsive buttons on its flat surface base. All you have to do is swipe your finger left or right. One stroke from end to end moves the desired temperature up to 5℃ at a time and is accurate to 1℃. To note, the temperature only displays ℃ and not F.

The dual data clear LED display lets you view the current and desired temperature in real-time. However, some customers have mentioned that the water may boil at a lower temperature for longer than expected before jumping to the pre-set temperature. 

The Timemore Electric Kettle even recognizes when the water has already boiled when you replace the kettle, so it will not attempt to boil it again with any unwanted agitation.

Although the kettle is responsive with both light and firm touches, some people find the finger left to right swiping undesirable. In any case, we took off half of a point here.

Performance – 4.5/5

Timemore products are always thoughtfully considered. So it’s no surprise that this Timemore Fish Electric Kettle has an unmatched pouring experience. The practical and stylish element of the gooseneck features a stable vertical flow. This, along with the steady water filtration structure, offers a nice and slow pour with even more stability due to its small water capacity. 
Using this pour Over kettle for pour Over coffee brewing will grant you control over the water flow rate while maintaining a stable water temperature for a reliable and better extraction (2).

Thermal stability in manual brewing means more consistency in your extraction . . . Consistency helps to reflect the coffee’s inherent flavours and lets you prepare the best-tasting coffee.

Otherwise, the final flavour profile of your brew is at risk of being too bitter or too acidic (3).

Temperature accuracy is vital. Just 3°C higher or lower than significantly intended affects flavour by over or under-extracting coffee compounds.

The better extraction comes at a cost, as the smaller capacity for boiling water is also one of the few drawbacks to this Timemore Fish Electric Kettle. For this, we took off half of a point.

Value For Money – 4.5/5

This electric gooseneck is not one of the more expensive kettles, nor is it the cheapest option. When it comes to Timemore products, you will get your money’s worth, especially with the heating speed, pouring process, and temperature control offered by this electric pour-over kettle. Getting such a great pouring performance out of a not-so-expensive kettle is rare. 

This Timemore kettle is affordable, but it still loses half of a point for not being the most budget-friendly pick.

What we liked:

  • Speedy to boil within only a couple of minutes
  • Great pouring performance via thin spout for good flow rate
  • Ability to monitor and control current and desired temperature

What we didn’t like:

  • Limited capacity prevents batch brewing
  • Temperature only displayed using ℃ and not F
  • Temperature slider panel may be finicky for some

Do Not Buy Timemore Fish Electric Kettle If… 

  • You want more features – Suppose you want a kettle that offers an even easier pour with a counterbalanced handle that shifts the centre of the kettle’s mass closer to your hand as you use it and crave features like BlueTooth connectivity that will set and read out the temperatures you’ve chosen. In that case, you’ll be blown away by the Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle. Read our Fellow Stagg EKG review for more on this stylish coffee kettle suitable for all home brewing levels.
  • You want better heat-source compatibility – There’s a conflict of interest in the kettle realm: some people value the convenience of an electric design, whereas others prioritize the nostalgia of a simpler and more mindful time with a stove top model. If you can’t decide, nor want to, then prepare for the question to become moot with the Hario Smart G Pour Over Kettle. This kettle is compatible with any heat source – electric, gas, halogen, induction, etc. – to suit all manner of moods and accessible heating methods. Sounds interesting? Check out our Hario Smart G Pour Over Kettle review. It also has a large practical capacity of 1 L if you want to brew multiple coffees at once.
  • You want a different aesthetic – Prefer an alternative Pour Over kettle with similar compatibility options yet a different aesthetic? Then take a look at our Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle review to see if this Pour Over kettle is a better fit.

The Verdict

Don’t be fooled by the “fish” in its name, there’s nothing fishy about it! The Timemore Fish Smart Electric Kettle is a nice gooseneck kettle with a minimalist design available in black or white. It is fast to boil, exact in its pour, and accurate with its temperature settings. 

Despite a limited capacity and the occasionally finicky temperature slider panel only displaying ℃, the thoughtfully considered build design of this electric pour Over kettle guarantees a swift and smooth pouring process. Novice home baristas and coffee connoisseurs will enjoy this gooseneck kettle’s overall feeling of control.

Timemore Fish Electric Kettle


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