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24 Vanilla Iced Coffee Recipes That Will Leave You Craving For more

Who said vanilla coffee has to be boring? If you’re a fan of vanilla brews but want to try something new, we have many options for you to taste test.

Our list offers 24 vanilla iced coffee recipes that will satisfy your cravings and sweeten your day. Nom Nom!


1. Vanilla Caramel Iced Coffee

Tons of different flavors pair well with vanilla, and caramel is one of them. In this iced drink, you’ll mix vanilla syrup, caramel sauce, and half-and-half with your brew of choice.

P.S. There are also different flavored coffees you can use if you’re too lazy for recipes.

2. Starbucks Copy-Cat Vanilla Iced Latte

Sometimes, you just want your favorite Starbucks drink. But with this copy-cat blend, you’ll save time and money while enjoying a flavorful iced latte.

Strong coffee, milk or cream, and decadent vanilla syrup make this one a must-do when you’re craving something sweet.

3. Simple Syrup Vanilla Iced Coffee

If you’re ready to start mixing up vanilla iced coffee recipes but don’t want to splurge on store-bought vanilla, you can DIY a vanilla syrup to suit.

You’ll boil water, sugar, and a vanilla bean for an easy and additive-free (1) blend you can keep in the fridge for your next iced latte.

4. Vanilla Iced Skinny Coffee

Sugar-free low-calorie iced coffees aren’t always tasty, but this one promises to be.
Cut down on sugar and reduce calories with unsweetened almond milk and pure vanilla. Or, go a little sweeter with a dash of maple syrup.

While you’re here, you can also skim through 33 ways to flavor your coffee.

5. Rich Iced Vanilla Coffee

You don’t always need a specific recipe for a great vanilla iced coffee, as this method proves.

Recommendations range from using vanilla extract to vanilla bean scrapings and nut milk to half-and-half. Just choose the ratio and ingredient list you have on hand for a rich, personalized iced latte.

Why not also check out our list of iced coffee recipes?

6. Vanilla Mocha Iced Coffee

When you’re craving a decadent mocha treat, this recipe will deliver. Combine instant coffee granules, French Vanilla creamer, and Hershey’s chocolate syrup for a dessert-like drink.

Add a bit of whipped topping, and you’ll forget it didn’t come from a drive-thru.

7. Low-Calorie Iced Vanilla Coffee

If a venti or larger-sized iced coffee is on the menu, choose this low-calorie recipe to get your caffeine fix.

Rich unsweetened cashew milk makes it creamy, while a zero-sugar sweetener caters to your sweet tooth while keeping the cup low-calorie.

8. Keurig Iced Vanilla Coffee

With an extra bold K-cup and your Keurig machine, you can make the base for a vanilla iced coffee that’s simple, sweet, and full-bodied.

You’ll combine milk, ice, a sweetener, and vanilla syrup for this quick brew, and it’s an easily customizable recipe.

9. Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee Recipe

This recipe takes it back to basics with Folgers coffee, real sugar, your milk of choice, and a single vanilla bean.

The overnight coffee technique is also a welcome relief from brewing hot coffee and waiting for it to cool before you can start sipping.

10. French Vanilla Instant Iced Coffee

From Folgers Coffee comes this simple, instant coffee recipe that appeals to both taste buds and those who are short on time.

Blend hot water with instant Folgers Crystals, add ice, then top with your favorite vanilla creamer and it’s time to sip.

11. Vanilla Frappe Iced Coffee

Thick, ice-cold frappes are a highlight of summer (and winter for some caffeine fiends).

With this recipe, you’ll combine heavy cream, sugar, ice cream, milk, and store-bought vanilla iced coffee for a treat that can cure any sweet tooth.

12. Skinny Almond Milk Vanilla Iced Coffee

There’s no better way to enjoy a skinny iced coffee than with vanilla almond milk and pure vanilla extract.

In this recipe, you’ll combine strong brewed coffee, vanilla almond milk, pure vanilla extract, and a sugar-free sweetener for a low-calorie treat with full-on vanilla flavor.

13. Half and Half Vanilla Iced Coffee

Plenty of ice, half and half, Splenda, and vanilla equal a trim and low-calorie drink you can enjoy ice-cold.

This vanilla iced coffee is versatile and makes an excellent treat when you’re counting calories or carbs.

14. Vanilla Mint Iced Coffee

The classic vanilla iced coffee gets a fresh upgrade with the addition of mint in this recipe.

You’ll prepare a mint syrup with fresh mint leaves and sugar, then combine with iced coffee, a dash of creamer, and more fresh mint leaves for garnish.

15. Sweet Cream Collagen Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee

A paleo-leaning recipe with an added nutritional boost, this sweet cream collagen coffee uses a range of healthy ingredients.

Blend full-fat coconut milk with maple syrup and vanilla for a luxurious sweet cream, then add to cold brew coffee and top it off with a scoop of collagen peptides.

16. Lavender Vanilla Iced Latte Recipe

A lavender vanilla iced latte is another flavorful departure from traditional vanilla coffees.

The recipe uses dried culinary lavender, fresh lavender sprigs, vanilla beans, and vanilla extract to create a lavender-vanilla syrup. Mix with milk and espresso for a unique, spring-like treat. Plus, lavender may offer health benefits when ingested (2).

Here’s our own lavender latte recipe if you wish to make one.

17. Salted Caramel Iced Vanilla Coffee

With the help of Dunkin’ Donuts Extra Extra Vanilla Coffee Creamer and caramel sauce, take your latte from blah to wow.

Salted caramel is a decadent treat, and a spoonful of whipped cream is an excellent way to top off your brew.

18. Sparkling Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee

Another unique take on the vanilla iced latte involves sparkling vanilla bean soda and sweetened condensed milk.

Combine those two ingredients with cold brew coffee, and you have a sparkling iced coffee with a unique flavor.

19. McDonald’s Vanilla Iced Coffee

Copy-cat recipes help you recreate signature flavors at home, often for a fraction of the price.

Grab your cold coffee, half and half, and some Torani vanilla syrup to replicate the classic McDonald’s vanilla iced coffee with ease.

20. McDonald’s Sugar-Free Vanilla Iced Coffee

If sugar-free is your favorite coffee order, you can’t go wrong with a copy-cat recipe for the McDonald’s sugar-free vanilla option.

Just grab sugar-free French Vanilla Torani Flavoring Syrup and combine with your favorite coffee brew and some half and half.

21. Orange Vanilla Cream Iced Coffee

Upgrade your vanilla iced coffee with a dash of orange essential oil or orange extract to sample this Creamsicle-inspired recipe.

Honey and milk or creamer finish off the velvety blend and make this iced coffee a unique pick-me-up any time of day. Plus, honey offers a nutritional boost to your beverage (3).

22. Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee + Homemade Vanilla Syrup

Achieve a creamy vanilla coffee with a homemade syrup combining a vanilla bean and vanilla extract. You can keep the syrup refrigerated for up to two weeks for easy iced coffee every day.

Just blend your syrup with half and half until the drink is creamy enough for your liking.

23. Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee

Brew a pot of dark blend coffee to mix with vanilla beans and Simply Pure Vanilla Creamer in this simple recipe.

Or, skip the vanilla bean entirely and add another splash of vanilla creamer for a sweet and creamy drink that’s as quick as it is delicious.

24. Vanilla Cinnamon Iced Coffee

Vanilla meets cinnamon in this perfect flavor pairing. Mix granulated sugar, vanilla bean, vanilla extract, and ground cinnamon for a homemade syrup with plenty of flavor.

Combine vanilla cinnamon syrup with your favorite strong brewed coffee and get ready to greet the day.

Wrapping Up

Did this list inspire you to try something new to break out of your iced coffee rut? If you found a new favorite recipe, share with friends so they can enjoy it, too.

Have we missed a great recipe you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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