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21 Mind-Blowing Cold Brew Coffee Recipes That Will Transform The Way You Drink Coffee

With the sweaty fist of vengeance, summer is now upon us. There are few things that can combat the asphalt-melting, pit-stain-inducing heat, and I’m here to talk about one of… well, 21 of them to be perfectly honest. To armor you up against the blistering rays of the sun here are 23 cold brew coffee recipes […]

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How To Make Vietnamese Coffee (Hot, Iced and Authentic)

How to Make [an Authentic] Vietnamese Iced CoffeeWe’ve all been there, desperately awaiting a cool and creamy iced Vietnamese coffee after slurping down a fiery bowl of exotic, oriental spices. There is nothing better at cooling the fever-sweats dripping down your reddened cheeks — and saving you from looking like “The Silly Whitey Who Thought He […]

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17 Strange (Yet Intriguing) Coffee Experiences That You MUST Try

Have you ever given much thought to how other people drink coffee? Not just your significant other; but how other cultures and countries enjoy their morning cup-of-joe? Even though you can grab a cup of coffee wherever you travel, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all coffee drinking experiences are the same. In fact, there are many different, […]

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