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Kenyan Coffee: How to Buy, Brew And Enjoy It Like a True Coffee Connoisseur

Kenyan coffee is widely considered to be among the best in the world. Ideal growing conditions, advanced research, and a sophisticated auction and export strategy combine to yield a consistently exceptional product.Worryingly, urban expansion and coffee price fluctuations have begun to affect export yields. Read on to find out more about the coffee industry in this East […]

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Guatemalan Coffee: Why It’s A Secret Favourite Among The Coffee Community (brewing and buying tips within)

Have you ever noticed that Central America produces some of best coffee in the world? Guatemala in particular is a favorite among coffee fanatics, and for good reason too. Coffee from Guatemala can be the perfect balance of full bodied, strong and sweet with a gentle acidity and complex flavor notes. It can appeal to a wide range […]

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Are You Making These Coffee Brewing Mistakes?

Making a great cup of coffee – whatever brew style is your jam – doesn’t come easy. And even members of the “café quality coffee at home” tribe, who are invested in making a good brew, make mistakes that seriously impact the quality of what you end up with.  Fear not, there are ways to address this. And […]

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Costa Rica Coffee Guide: This Is What Makes It Special

Why is coffee from Costa Rica so good?  How are farmers in this area able to consistently produce some of the best coffee in the world year after year?It’s a beautiful combination of the right growing conditions along with a solid infrastructure in place. This enables farmers to grow, process, sell and export coffee better than most […]

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