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Why Does Coffee Taste Sour?

Have you ever had a cup of sour coffee? It’s a pretty common problem, right up there with coffee tasting too bitter. In fact, the two problems are actually related!So why does coffee taste sour? In this article, I want to address the problem of sour (and bitter) coffee, and what options you have to eliminate these […]

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Is Coffee Gluten-Free?

Simple question: is coffee gluten-free?Unfortunately, the simplest questions are sometimes the most difficult to answer… but when your body is craving that morning cup of coffee, the answer becomes imperative.The worst part is that we’re not just talking about a guilty conscience here, either. We’re talking stomach aches and pains, along with all sorts of […]

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Why Put Eggshells in Coffee?

The first time I heard about eggshells in coffee I thought, “Do what now? Those things come out of a chicken!”But the truth is, using eggshells in your coffee can be a game changer for your coffee regimen, especially if you struggle to enjoy those more acidic brews.I’ve broken down the reasons why below, along […]

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Is Instant Coffee Bad for You?

I have a confession. I’m NOT a fan of instant coffee. Frankly, it’s disgusting. But a question keeps popping up that has me curious (and is a bit more serious than just taste preference): Is instant coffee bad for you?While I’m sure I could win any argument against instant coffee regarding taste and experience, I […]

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What is French Roast Coffee?

What is French Roast Coffee?Dark roasts, light roasts, medium roasts, oh my! These are things we can understand, right? Then why do those punk roasters have to go and throw extra categories in there, like French roast?When I hear French roast, I think, “Okay, a darker roast…” and that’s it. But that can’t be it, right? […]

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What is Cascara?

What is Cascara?Have you heard of this new drink, cascara? Technically, it’s not that new. It’s been around for a long time in places like Africa, the Middle East, and South America, but to the rest of the world, the drink is pretty fresh on the scene.So, exactly what is cascara, then? Let’s jump in […]

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Is Coffee Vegan?

Is Coffee Vegan?When you embrace a restrictive diet, choosing appropriate food can be a challenge. Can I eat this dish that someone else prepared? Can I have my favorite dessert? What can I buy at the store?But there’s one food-related question that is absolutely crucial (for us, at least!): is coffee vegan?I had to find […]

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What is Fair Trade Coffee?

What is Fair Trade Coffee?Have you ever seen that little “Fair Trade” or “Fair Trade International” label on your coffee bag and wondered, “What does that mean? How does Fair Trade even work?”Well, I have.I had a vague idea of the fair trade concept, but just enough to get me confused. So, with my head […]

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Where Do Coffee Beans Come From?

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From?Saying “coffee comes from coffee beans” is like saying a car comes from a car dealership. It’s kind of a lame, uninformative answer.So, for this post I decided to answer the question, what is a coffee bean in the first place… and where do coffee beans come from?The results I […]

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