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Butter in Coffee? Here’s The Right Way To Do It + A Simple Butter Coffee Recipe

 Let’s face it: thick buttery coffee sounds disgusting. Why would anyone want to try that? The idea invokes a bunch of melted butter just floating on top of your coffee. Fortunately my love of coffee and insatiable curiosity led me to finding a recipe and pulling out my blender for a test drive of this odd […]

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15 Bulletproof Coffee Recipes That Will Get Your Body and Mind FIRING!

So you’re in love with Bulletproof coffee? Me too. I love it because it helps me skip breakfast while intermittent fasting. It also stops those morning hunger cravings, boosts energy, and improves cognition.But you already know this. You don’t need to be sold on bulletproof coffee – you already are. You want more bulletproof coffee […]

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How To Make Vietnamese Coffee (Hot, Iced and Authentic)

How to Make [an Authentic] Vietnamese Iced CoffeeWe’ve all been there, desperately awaiting a cool and creamy iced Vietnamese coffee after slurping down a fiery bowl of exotic, oriental spices. There is nothing better at cooling the fever-sweats dripping down your reddened cheeks — and saving you from looking like “The Silly Whitey Who Thought He […]

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