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27 Cirkul Coffee Flavors For Caffeine Fiends

Cirkul is a coffee lover’s dream for convenience. Fill a Cirkul bottle with water and lock in any iced coffee or caffeinated cartridge. Enhance your water and vary the flavor’s strength easily. It’s my favorite way to enjoy a caffeine boost on the go!

Read on for 27 Cirkul coffee flavors. The first 8 are instant iced coffee. The rest are caffeinated beverages of all flavors.

1. Caramel Iced Coffee

Caramel Iced Coffee

Source: Cirkul

Creamy, rich, and deliciously sweet, Cirkul’s Caramel Iced Coffee is a buttery-tasting, energy-boosting caffeinated blend. It’s the perfect treat to start your day with determination and caramel goodness. 

Like all of Cirkul’s iced coffees, the Caramel Iced Coffee consists mainly of filtered water with natural flavors and freshness-preserving additives. The caffeine content for all of Cirkul’s iced coffees is 30 mg/1.5 ml, and there are no artificial flavors, calories, or sugar (1).

2. Classic Iced Coffee

Classic Iced Coffee

Source: Cirkul

There’s no comparison to this tried-and-true timeless coffee. Cirkul’s Classic Iced Coffee is a bold way to jumpstart your morning. This icy caffeinated blend goes down smoothly with every sip. By turning the Cirkul lid’s dial, enjoy this fresh coffee at your desired intensity level. Amp it up to a higher number when you need a stronger flavor boost, and keep yourself hydrated by drinking delicious caffeinated water!

3. Mocha Iced Coffee

Mocha Iced Coffee

Source: Cirkul

This one’s for dark roast coffee lovers and chocoholics. In Cirkul’s Mocha Iced Coffee, you get all of the chocolatey goodness of hot chocolate with the energizing kick of boldly flavored coffee. It has the capacity to quench your thirst, pep you up, and satisfy your sweet tooth.

4. Vanilla Iced Coffee

Vanilla Iced Coffee

Source: Cirkul

Scented like a rich cupcake with a taste that’s even sweeter, the Vanilla Iced Coffee from Cirkul is an airy delight to sip. Don’t miss out on this bold, rich, and creamy caffeinated cold brew. It’s as decadent as any treat, but with all the hydrating benefits of a bottle of water.

5. Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee

Source: Cirkul

Cirkul knows how to spice up coffee with its pumpkin spice flavoring! Cirkul’s Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee is a limited edition seasonal offering replete with the classic notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. Be sure to catch this sweetened pumpkin-y caffeinated cold brew when the fall season next rolls around (2). 

6. Peppermint Mocha Iced Coffee

Peppermint Mocha Iced Coffee

Source: Cirkul

If you were already excited about Cirkul’s Mocha Iced Coffee, get ready for a refreshing minty boost for the holiday season! Cirkul’s Peppermint Mocha Iced Coffee is another limited edition seasonal offering that delicately intertwines the fresh taste of peppermint with a coffee-chocolate mix. It tastes like candy canes, baking, and the warm glow of a fireplace burning in wintertime.

7. Hazelnut Iced Coffee

Hazelnut Iced Coffee

Source: Cirkul

Want a limited edition seasonal offering that is not exclusive to just fall or winter? Taste Cirkul’s Hazelnut Iced Coffee. This roasted hazelnut coffee is an iconic nutty blend that may well be the best flavored coffee you try all year.

8. Crème Brûlée Iced Coffee

Crème Brûlée Iced Coffee

Source: Cirkul

Can’t decide between a caramel or vanilla flavor? Now you don’t have to! Cirkul’s Crème Brûlée Iced Coffee is another fall and winter limited edition pick that brings your water bottle to life with caramelized sugary notes. This is the coffee equivalent of the feeling you get when you snack on caramelized popcorn while curled up under a blanket to watch your favorite movie.

9. Strawberry Watermelon

Strawberry Watermelon

Source: Cirkul

We’re moving on from Cirkul’s iced coffee to their caffeinated blends. For a sweet kick balanced with powerful tartness, Cirkul’s Strawberry Watermelon does the trick. These complimentary, energizing, and fruity flavors pop to give you a mental boost for your day. 

Like Cirkul’s instant iced coffee, all of Cirkul’s GoSips have 30 mg of caffeine/1.5 ml, but with the added bonus of a vitamin boost with Niacin, B6, and B12.

10. Cherry Limeade

Cherry Limeade

Source: Cirkul

Tangy fresh and juicy sweet, cherries and limes mesh together like two peas in a pod! For a natural energy booster, Cirkul’s Cherry Limeade’s crisp sweetness is just what you need. It may not be coffee, but it’s an invigorating combination that’ll get you ready to tackle your to-do list.

11. Black Cherry

Black Cherry

Source: Cirkul

Cirkul’s Black Cherry is intensely flavorful. This hydrating caffeinated blend puts a pep in your step and makes your water come alive. Like other Cirkul GoSips, there are no artificial flavors, no calories, and no sugar – just energy bursting with taste.

12. Grape


Source: Cirkul

The nostalgia of grape-flavored popsicles you enjoyed ages ago, or perhaps just yesterday, is expertly captured in Cirkul’s Grape flavor. Don’t worry: this grape taste is sweet, unlike the bitter stuff you endured as a kid with your medicine. This is caffeinated sweetness steeped in a mouth-watering grape taste that’ll leave you wanting more.

13. Green Apple

Green Apple

Source: Cirkul

An apple a day is said to keep the doctor away, whereas we know that a coffee a day keeps sleepiness at bay. So why not have both with Cirkul’s Green Apple? It’s a vibrantly-healthy and deliciously-concocted caffeinated blend that jolts you awake with its sweet tartness. Watch your morning transform with this one.

14. Blackberry


Source: Cirkul

If you don’t have a serious sweet tooth, you’ll love the more natural fruit flavor of the Blackberry GoSip. Cirkul’s unique Blackberry isn’t as sweet as the other options, but it’s still packed with the same energy-boosting properties and nutrients.

15. Citrus Twist

Citrus Twist

Source: Cirkul

Cirkul’s Citrus Twist is the closest thing to a Mountain Dew-tasting, caffeine-kicking energy drink for the sleep-deprived gamers amongst you (no judgment – I may be one myself…). This GoSip sings with a caffeinated zingyness that’ll keep you going through all hours of the night and day with its fresh citrus taste coursing through your veins. And it’ll leave you feeling a lot better than a Mountain Dew binge.

16. Orange


Source: Cirkul

Orange you glad I didn’t say this is a Banana flavored blend? Cirkul’s Orange is the perfect beverage accompaniment for your morning, combining a caffeinated kick with the taste of one of the most popular breakfast staples: a refreshing glass of orange juice. Your productivity will soar as your regular procrastination melts away.

17. California Green Tea

California Green Tea

Source: Cirkul

We now present “all of life’s flavors” with Cirkul’s Gateway Teas, each with 20 mg of caffeine  per 1.5 ml. As with all Cirkul flavors, there are no artificial flavors, calories, or sugar.  

Cirkul’s California Green Tea has the cool crispness of California mountains, the subtle bitterness of green tea, and the colorful fruitiness that characterizes this state.

18. Pennsylvania Tea & Lemonade

Pennsylvania Tea & Lemonade

Source: Cirkul

For when you don’t want to decide between having a nice cold tea or a chilled lemonade on a warm summer’s day, Cirkul’s Pennsylvania Tea & Lemonade gives you the best of both worlds. Sipping this will bring to mind the sensations of a beaming sun and flowers blooming in nature.

19. South Carolina Sweet Tea

South Carolina Sweet Tea

Source: Cirkul

South Carolina is home to the only commercial tea plantation in the U.S. (3). Cirkul captured its essence with its South Carolina Sweet Tea. It’s so sweet that it’s in the name! It’s refreshing, soothing, and simply a delight as a crisp, fruit-tasting, and energy-enhancing tea. And did we mention that it’s sweet?

20. Washington Raspberry Tea

Washington Raspberry Tea

Source: Cirkul

If you’re a coffee lover, chances are that you’re also a fan of black tea. Well, Cirkul has just the thing for your tea enthusiast side with its Washington Raspberry tea. Bold and berry-filled, its rich raspberry taste perfectly balances the powerful black tea, offering a sweet respite from a fast-paced workday.

21. Georgia Peach Tea

Georgia Peach Tea

Source: Cirkul

Peachy-keen peach lovers will be a fan of Cirkul’s Georgia Peach Tea. Set your day right and your senses in order with a few sweet sips of this caffeinated tea. You’ll feel grounded the moment you taste this fruity tea and meditate with the imagery and aroma of peach blossoms.

22. Florida Man (Orange Citrus)

Florida Man

Source: Cirkul

We’ve all heard of Florida Man in the news, but this Florida Man, unlike the one involved in the banana tree fiasco, is Cirkul’s striking orange citrus-tasting energy drink (4). Like all of its other products, there are no artificial flavors, no calories, and no sugar. 

The caffeine content of Cirkul’s Florida Man and other Fission offerings is higher than the rest, at 43 mg/1.5 ml. You also get the added benefits of Potassium, Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12, as well as adaptogens and antioxidants. 

23. Nocturnal (Berry Blend)


Source: Cirkul

Night owls, rejoice! Cirkul’s Nocturnal energy drink will help you stay awake with a powerful caffeine boost. Pairing excellently with a midnight snack, this berry blend brew is just the thing for you. If you’re awake anyway, why not feel energized and productive? Make the nighttime come alive.

24. Send It (Fruit Punch)

Send It

Source: Cirkul

Cirkul’s Send It packs a fruit-tasting punch, so to speak. This energy drink is the Kool-Aid equivalent for grown-ups needing a boost of energy when caffeinated blends or teas just aren’t enough. So roll out of bed, sip on this fruity beverage, and muster up the courage to do what you gotta do.

25. Blue Magic (Blue Raspberry)

Blue Raspberry

Source: Cirkul

There’s magic in the air! Only it’s blue with the taste of raspberries, and it comes from Cirkul’s Blue Magic. This energy drink is surprisingly melodious with its cool, soothing sips. It doesn’t hit you as strongly as other energy drinks tend to do, but it’s a gradual energy booster.

26. Jackpot (Green Apple)


Source: Cirkul

You’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot with the endorphin boost that Cirkul’s Jackpot brings with its crisp green apple flavor. If you like the idea of the Green Apple GoSip, but just wish it were a bit stronger, this is the perfect level up. Drinking this feels like a rewarding boost of liquid luck.

27. E.T. (Lemon Lime)

Lemon Lime

Source: Cirkul

Leave it to Cirkul’s E.T. to get you up and running for the day. There’s arguably no better combination of citrus fruits than the tanginess and sweet tastes of lemon and lime. Here they are, wrapped up in a can full of caffeine and other energy-boosting, health-fuelling goodness.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy this list? From instant iced coffee flavors to blends, teas, and energy drinks, your caffeine needs will be met with any of Cirkul’s caffeinated products.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And if you enjoyed this list, be sure to share this article with your fellow coffee enthusiasts!

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