Coffees That Will Delight Your Taste Buds Are:
From South America

Beans From South America

Cup profile:

Coffee beans from South America have low to medium acidity, a smooth & silky mouthfeel, and are sweet, mellow, & balanced in taste. They usually contain notes of chocolate, nuts, caramel, & tropical fruit.

Roast recommendation:

The sweet & mellow nature of these coffees is best brought out by medium to dark roasts. Although, you may be able to find some excellent light roasted microlots from this region too.

Suggested brewing methods:

The mild & pleasant tasting South American beans can be brewed using any method that you like – espresso, Moka pot, French press, Aeropress, & drip machines. Although there's not much to be gained by brewing manual pour overs with these beans due to their low acidity.

Highly prized beans from South America:

Brazil, Colombia, and Peru produce some of the best single-origin Arabica beans in Africa, and we highly recommend you try them.

That's not all…

To help you enjoy these beans to the fullest extent, we've got all the juicy details on how they are grown, harvested, roasted, and where you can buy the best ones from.

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