Coffee Facts

Is coffee good for your health? Is it vegan? What does 'fair trade coffee' really mean? How is instant coffee made? You'll find a list of strange yet interesting facts about coffee below

15 Research-Backed Health Benefits of Coffee
What's better than the satisfying aroma of a freshly brewed cuppa? Knowing that it's actually good for you. We look at 15 ways coffee can improve our health - and bust three coffee myths while we're at it.
Why Does Coffee Taste Sour?
If your coffee tastes sour, or bitter, here's why - and more important, here's what you can do about it.
What is Fair Trade Coffee?
Fair Trade coffee sounds simple: pay the people who produce our beloved beans a fair amount. But there's more to it.
What is French Roast Coffee? (And Should You Avoid It?)
As with their famous Gauloise black cigarettes, the French have a reputation for dark, strongly flavored coffee. Learn how it measures up to other dark roasts.
Is Coffee Acidic? Tips on Brewing The Perfectly Balanced Coffee
Heartburn, sour stomach - coffee can contribute to a number of digestive woes. Here are some tips for reducing the problems without giving up that wonderful cup.
8 Reasons For Bitter Coffee (and How to Fix)
Bitterness in coffee can stem from a few specific points in the brewing process. Learning to make coffee you love is about managing these danger points.
What Is Shade Grown Coffee?
Shade-grown coffee has benefits for the coffee plant, the wildlife near where it's grown, and for you, the coffee lover. Here's why.
Does Coffee Go Bad? (Tips to Make Your Beans Last)
Once you grow used to the aroma and flavor of fresh beans, you'll never go back. Here are some of the reasons why, and ways to preserve that freshness.
What is Cascara?
You probably know that coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee cherry. But what about the fruit - can you drink that? We talk about how you can do just that.
Where Do Coffee Beans Come From?
Beans? From cherries? If this all sounds confusing, read on and we'll clarify it.
The History of Coffee [FACTS + GRAPHICS]
Scientists believe the first humans came from East Africa - the same place where coffee originated. Coincidence?
How Much Coffee is Too Much? [Truth About Caffeine in Coffee]
There's an old saying: "the dose makes the poison." So what's the truth about caffeine consumption?
Can You Freeze Coffee? [Grounds or Whole Bean]
Here's how to prevent your coffee from tasting like the garlic shrimp that's been in your freezer for three months. (NOBODY wants that.)
What Is Nitro Coffee? [How To Make Amazing Nitro Cold Brew]
No, it's not coffee with an earth-shattering kaboom - think of it as coffee for Guinness lovers.
Can You Eat Coffee Beans?
Coffee beans are edible - but why would you want to? Here are some of the pros and cons. (Exception: adding finely ground espresso powder to chocolate cookies has no cons, it's all wonderful.)
What Is An Americano? [Americano vs Drip, Long Black, Latte]
You've heard people order it. You may have ordered it yourself. But what is an Americano, and why is it called that?
What Is A Coffee Bloom?
Letting your coffee grounds bloom is important, no matter what method you choose for brewing. Take a look at why this is so.
What is White Coffee?
Not to be confused with the flat white, white coffee has a completely different derivation - and flavor.
How Long Should I Boil Coffee For?
Some traditions (notably Turkish coffee) involve boiling coffee. But why, and why not in other traditions?
How Long Is Brewed Coffee Good For?
Once you get used to the taste of coffee made from freshly ground beans, you get sensitized to the off aromas of stale coffee. Surprise - brewed coffee goes off soonest.
Espresso Vs Coffee – What’s The Difference?
You probably know that espresso is stronger than other forms of brewed coffee. But how much - and why?
17 Unusual Ways to Use Coffee in Your Daily Life
Did you know you can paint with coffee? That and sixteen other neat tricks are the subject of this article.
Coffee Before Bed: Is It Such a Terrible Idea?
Are the java jitters a thing? Is there any way to minimize them? Learn about how caffeine affects circadian rhythms, and more.
45 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Have You Laughing
Coffee is a natural source for humor, and these memes will give you something to smile about as you sip.
Why Is Coffee Called a “Cup of Joe”?
Why not a cup of Fred? Or Wilma, for that matter? The answers are lost in time, though not quite as far back as the stone age.
How Is Instant Coffee Made?
It's not really made from the tears of coffee lovers - it just tastes that way. Learn what goes into - and is taken out of - instant coffee.
Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Food Processor or Blender?
We're big proponents of the burr grinder as the best way to grind coffee beans. But as the saying goes, needs must when the Devil drives.
Why Is Freshly Ground Coffee Better?
Oxygen is one of the biggest enemies of coffee. Grinding just before use reduces the damage. Here's how.
How To Clean Your Coffee Maker
Those off flavors and stale aromas you've been noticing could mean it's time to clean your coffee maker. But how?
Steamed Milk vs Foamed Milk (& What You Need to Know)
Steaming milk, foaming milk - what's the difference? Learn how to get them both, and what effect they have on your coffee.
Espresso Beans vs Coffee Beans – What’s the Difference?
The brewing process highlights some of the different characters between beans prepared for espresso, and beans prepared for other forms of coffee.