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Coffee For Wellness Review: The Good Stuff Is Pretty Great

Coffee For Wellness is a new coffee brand headed by professional athlete Phil Mickelson and his coach. They offer a small selection of coffee and coffee supplements formulated to boost health and athletic performance.

We, at Home Grounds, ordered a full selection to taste the coffee and test their claims. Read this Coffee For Wellness review to learn what we found. Spoiler: drinking this coffee did not improve my golf game as I have none.

Summary Box: Coffee For Wellness

  • Health-focused coffee brand founded by athletes
  • Offers coffee, coffee supplements, and superfood energy bites
  • 100% Arabica coffee is certified Organic and Fair Trade

I’m a week in and already notice I’m not as fatigued as usual. The taste is fantastic, and there are no artificial sweeteners, which makes it even better!

– Customer

A Full Review of Coffee For Wellness

Coffee For Wellness was founded by professional golfer Phil Mickelson and longtime performance coach Dave Phillips. After Mickelson was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2010, he decided to take control of his health (1). Drinking coffee became a pillar of his new lifestyle – contributing to his physical and mental health. With Coffee For Wellness, he wants to offer the same benefits to all coffee drinkers.

Coffee For Wellness Review
  • Coffee Selection
  • Coffee Quality
  • Health Benefits
  • Brewing Methods
Coffee For Wellness

Coffee Selection – 3.5/5

Phil Mickelson’s Coffee For Wellness is a relatively new brand, so they’ve started with a small selection of crowd-pleasing products. There are two coffees – a dark roast and a medium roast – two powdered coffee supplements, and the Coffee For Wellness superfood energy bites. At this time, there is no light roast or decaf option.


The Coffee

The medium roast is a crowd-pleasing brew with more character than I would have expected. Along with the traditional nutty and caramel flavors, I was pleasantly surprised to taste notes of tangy tropical fruit. 

Even discerning coffee snobs will appreciate this delicious java’s complexity and hint of bright acidity.

The dark roast was more predictable, delivering precisely the robust flavor and intensity I expected. I tasted notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and just a hint of smoke. It isn’t bitter, even when consumed as black coffee, but I preferred it with milk or The Good Stuff coffee supplement – which I’m sure is the idea.

The Good Stuff Coffee Supplements Review

The Good Stuff is the name of the For Wellness coffee supplements, powdered additives similar to coffee creamer but nutrient-dense thanks to added healthy ingredients. There are two versions of The Good Stuff – Classic and Focus.

CFW Good Stuff
CFW Good Stuff Ingredients

I love the flavor of coffee, so I was skeptical about adding a flavored supplement. But The Good Stuff flavor is subtle and delicious. Its primary ingredient is flavorless collagen, with cinnamon, MCT creamer, and Himalayan pink salt for flavor and texture.

The Good Stuff™ Focus


You can enjoy all the benefits of The Good Stuff by adding it to drinks like tea or a smoothie, even if you’re not a coffee fan. I mixed some into almond milk for a tasty post-workout boost. The Good Stuff dissolves well in hot liquids with no left-over clumps, but it helps to use a little whisk or hand frother for cold drinks.

For Wellness Superfood Energy Bites

This is not typically a food review website, but when the boss asks me to sample something called “Cocoa Espresso Brownie,” who am I to refuse? 

The organic energy bites are as delicious as the name suggests. While they lack the texture of a traditional brownie, the flavor is exceptional. Coffee adds an energy boost and depth of flavor, and the Himalayan pink salt provides balance. 

I can see why Phil keeps these stocked in his golf bag. I powered through a long hike on just one energy square – half the serving.

CFW in Nature

Coffee Quality – 3.5/5

Coffee For Wellness sources exclusively 100% Arabica beans that are certified Organic and Fair Trade. Wisely, they don’t add anything to the coffee, simply roasting it to maintain its natural nutrition.

I would appreciate more information on the source of the coffee. Unlike most specialty coffee brands, there is no indication of a country of origin – presumably, it’s a blend – let alone a specific region or farm. There is also no information regarding the variety of Arabica.

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They don’t specify that the coffee is ground or roasted to order. But given that the brand is small, it’s a safe bet that they don’t have massive warehouses full of coffee going stale. The beans I received in my order were well packaged and smelled and tasted fresh.

CFW Ground Coffee

Health Benefits 4.5/5

Coffee is naturally healthy when consumed in appropriate amounts (2). Good coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. It boosts energy and mental focus. It fights or prevents many common diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, and certain cancers. It has been shown to contribute to brain health, lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

Coffee also contains antioxidants and other active substances that may reduce internal inflammation and protect against disease.

While there is no evidence that Coffee For Wellness is healthier than other coffee, you will enjoy these natural benefits if you drink it.

What Is The Good Stuff?

For the boost to overall health that Phil Mickelson swears by, add nutrient-dense The Good Stuff creamer. The special blend includes high-quality ingredients like:

  • Hydrolyzed bovine collagen, which supports skin, connective tissue, and joint health. 
  • L-Theanine is an amino acid commonly found in tea that aids cognitive function. It also promotes relaxation, minimizing caffeine jitters (3).
  • MCT creamer is a popular athlete supplement that reduces body fat and enhances fullness. It may also improve gut health and promote focus.
  • Ceylon cinnamon, cassia, and Himalayan pink salt add flavor and more anti-oxidants.
  • Silicon dioxide and mixed tocopherols are used for freshness.

The Good Stuff Focus maintains the benefits of the classic but adds theobromine. Commonly found in chocolate, theobromine has been shown to improve heart health, increase energy, promote a healthy respiratory system, reduce inflammation, and enhance brain function. The Focus blend has a more complex mocha flavor thanks to cocoa powder, vanilla, ginger, allspice, Ceylon cinnamon, and natural flavors. Stevia leaf is used as a natural, calorie-free sweetener.

What The Good Stuff doesn’t have? Bad stuff like sugar, dairy, artificial creamers, GMOs, or gluten. It does have sodium caseinate (a milk derivative) – worth noting for those with allergies.

How To Use The Good Stuff

To add The Good Stuff to coffee, use one scoop per 8 ounces of brew. The classic formulation has 25 calories per scoop. The upgraded Focus has a smaller scoop, with 15 calories per serving.

Brewing Methods – 4.5/5

Phil Mickelson’s Coffee For Wellness is sold as whole bean coffee, pre-ground coffee, or packaged into K-Cup style coffee pods. No matter which brewing method you use at home, there is a product for you. The only thing missing is Nespresso capsules, so if you have a Nespresso machine, buy a refillable capsule and add freshly ground coffee.

Organic Arabica Coffee Pods


I even whipped up a delicious batch of cold brew, which let the fruitier flavors shine. The bolder dark roast is better suited to the Moka pot, French press, or espresso machine. 

The medium roast beans are very versatile. I brewed them successfully with my V60, Moka pot, and French press.

The ground coffee is only available in one size, suitable for drip, Aeropress, or French press. For espresso or cold brew, you’ll need to buy whole bean coffee and grind it suitably fine or coarse.

CFW French Press
CFW Brewed

Things we liked:

  • High-quality Organic 100% Arabica coffee
  • Proven mental and physical benefits
  • The Good Stuff is delicious and dissolves well in coffee
  • Options for all brewing methods

Things we didn’t like:

  • Limited coffee selection without light roast or decaf
  • No information on the coffee origin
  • Not roasted or ground to order

Do Not Buy Coffee For Wellness If…

  • You enjoy light roast coffee: If you enjoy the bright acidity and complex flavors of a light roast coffee, Lifeboost Coffee is an excellent option. They offer a broad selection at all roast levels, including single origins and blends. Like Coffee For Wellness, Lifeboost was founded to emphasize the healthy aspects of coffee.
  • You want decaf coffee: If caffeine doesn’t sit right with you, Purity Organic Coffee is a high-antioxidant coffee brand that makes our favorite decaf beans this year. Their decaf blend is richly flavorful and available as whole bean coffee or coffee pods. Plus, you can always add a scoop of The Good Stuff to your decaf brew.
  • You want low-acid coffee: The Coffee For Wellness dark roast is relatively low in acid, but if you feel safer with a brand that has made low-acidity a focus, try Fabula coffee. Their 100% Organic coffee is naturally low in acidity thanks to careful sourcing.

The Verdict

If you’re buying Coffee For Wellness to play golf like Phil, I’m sorry to say that drinking coffee isn’t the magic bullet to improve your short game. But for a healthy way to kickstart your daily routine, this new coffee brand fits the bill. The coffee beans are high quality and flavorful, but it’s the addition of The Good Stuff that makes For Wellness stand out from the crowd. Its subtle flavor is the perfect pairing for your morning brew, making the nutritious ingredients just the cherry on top.

Coffee For Wellness


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