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Coffee Gifts For Coffee Lovers: 19 Ideas to Go Bananas Over


The holidays are here, and we are all officially stressed with trying to find that perfect gift for each every person we hold dear. If you’ve got a coffee lover in your life, let me help relieve some of that stress.

Check out the following roundup of ideas on coffee gifts for coffee lovers. The perfect gift may just be a couple quick scrolls away.

#1 — Taste exotic beans from around the world - without leaving your home

Driftaway coffee ships fresh roasted, exotic and sustainably sourced coffees from farmers all over the world.

In fact - they roast only after you order, meaning you'll be getting some damn fine tasting beans.

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#2 — A Cup to Wake You Up

What better way to start the morning than with a mug that wakes up with you? This cutesy little cup has a special paint that changes as you pour hot coffee inside.

This is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t know how to smile until they take that first whiff of fresh coffee.

#2 — A Shower Curtain for Coffee Lovers

For some people, coffee is a way of life. It’s in their thoughts everywhere they go: at work or on the subway, coffee is always on their mind.

You may have even seen this person sneaking a fresh cup into the restroom with them while they clean up and get ready for the day. If you know someone like that, then this is the perfect shower curtain for them.

#3 — The Best Coffee Attire

Many think of fashion as a way to express their inner self. “Wear your heart on your sleeve,” so the saying goes.

With this oversized t-shirt, the coffee lover in your life can proudly model their true passion as they lounge about the house cradling a steaming mug of joe.

#4 —Give The Gift of Cold Style

Do you know someone who loves cold brew so much they’re still ordering it even after the last leaves of autumn have fallen?

If so, then you can be their hero this holiday season by giving them this sleek and modern OXO cold brewer. Now they can make cold brew in style, no matter what the temperature is.

This is a seriously good cold brewer. Read more about it here.​

#5 — A Basket of Everything Coffee

If you can’t settle on just one thing to get your favorite coffee fanatic, then why not fix them up a holiday gift basket packed full of coffee treats?

A few little knickknacks and some of the tastiest beans you can find, wrapped in a little creativity, and you’ve got the perfect gift. Besides, there’s only one thing better than getting one gift, and that’s getting multiple.

#6 — For the Truly Devoted

Every family has one: a diva whose phone is always buzzing in one hand, while a to-go cup from “Obscure Hipster Hangout” sits in the other.

These folks have no time for the spoken word, so you can help them express themselves with this phone cover. You may only get a sly smile at first, but later you’ll get the longest thank-you text you’ve ever seen.

#7 — Hot Coffee All the Time

Some people have a bad habit of fixing up a delicious cup of coffee only to totally forget about it once they get wrapped up in their work. I’m one of those people, and I’m so bad at it that I’ve even come to enjoy the taste of luke-warm coffee.

If you know someone like this, don’t let them suffer like I have. Fix them up with this coffee cup warmer, because there is still hope in this world.

#8 — For the Host Who Loves to Entertain

This is a gift that may have to be opened before Christmas morning, because it’s really a gift for everyone.

Sure, it’s best for the mother who likes to treat all of her guests, but everyone will enjoy making their own unique coffee art as they get ready for the holiday activities.

#9 — Dunking Has Never Been So Easy

This gift would go perfectly with #8, but it’s just as good on its own as well. A mug that can hold both your coffee and your favorite dunkable is hard to resist.

Gift this brilliant mug to the sweet tooth in your life with a package of their favorite cookies.

#10 — For the Traveling Coffee Lover

We all know at least one person that just can’t seem to stop travelling. Whether it’s for work or play (or both), this person has seen it all.

Unfortunately, not every destination can offer top-quality coffee, which is why they need their own travel kit to help them take on whatever new adventures they have planned.

Take a look at some of our other favorite travel coffee kits here.

#11 — For the Person You Always Get Coffee With

Who is that special person you can see yourself making coffee for each and every morning? Show them how much you care with this fancy coffee bean necklace.

Let them know that being with them is just as energizing as even the tastiest cup of coffee.

#12 — No Coffee, No Talkie

Scientists still aren’t sure how it happens, but coffee has some magical ability to turn grumps into absolute angels.

Because nobody wants to get caught in their morning rage, gift them this clever decal with the requirement that they hang it where all can see. For the sake of safety, protocol is important.

#13 — For the Manual Coffee Lover

If you’ve had a suspicion that this list is really just my holiday wishlist, now you have absolute proof. This modern, manual espresso press is every coffee lover’s dream.

For the person who loves to get hands-on with their coffee (me), this is the perfect gift. If any of you know my friends or family, please be kind enough to send them a link.

#14 — Coffee and Booze, a Match Made in Heaven

Let’s be honest: as great as the holidays are, spending so much time with so much of the extended family would be a trying experience without alcohol.

You can give the gift that everyone will appreciate when you show up to the family get-together with a couple bottles of boozy homemade coffee. Find the perfect recipe here.

#15 — For the Coffeeist Who Has It All

Fine coffee is the sport of a true gentleman (or gentlewoman). It takes class and grace to craft the very best coffee concoctions, which is why this fancy brass coffee spoon is a must-have for any coffee devotee.

It also doubles as a bag clip, keeping their favorite bag of coffee sealed and stylish.

#16 — Cold Brewing Has Never Been So Simple

Hario is one of the most respected names in the biz, and this cold brewer certainly lives up to the reputation.

It makes brewing crisp and clean cold brew a cinch. This brew tower would be best for that someone who always has a pot of cold coffee sitting in their refrigerator during the summer.

#17 — For the Caffeinated Business Traveler

Is there a frequent flyer in your family? Someone who is always off to another city on business? Someone who knows the airport Starbucks baristas by name?

If so, then this suitcase cup holder is just what they need. As they stroll to the departure gate, they won’t have to juggle their coffee while they fire off emails from their work phone.

#18 — Because Perfection is Everything

The Auroma was built for the pickiest of coffee drinkers. With each use, it will learn your coffee preferences until it can deliver the perfect cup time after time.

If you know someone who approaches coffee like a sommelier approaches wine, then this coffee maker will make an excellent gift.

#19 — Mustache Not Included

A couple years back, cold brew coffee was all the rage. Now, specialty coffee shops are taking it a step further with nitro cold brew.

It’s got everything that makes cold coffee great, but with a smooth velvety texture for a better drinking experience. Give this nitro keg to the person who loves to stay one step ahead of the trends.

As much fun as the holidays can be, they can also be a quite stressful. Finding the right gift is not an easy task. Coffee helps with this.

I hope this 2016 holiday gift guide for people who love coffee helped you find the perfect present. Let me know what you thought in the comments below, and don’t forget to help out your other fellow coffee lovers by sharing!

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