Coffee Gifts: 34 of the Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

From rare and unique coffees and popular monthly subscriptions to brewing equipment, novelty gifts, and pre-assembled gift sets, our ultimate list of gift ideas for coffee lovers is sure to have something for everyone in your life.

Here are 34 cool coffee gift ideas for you. We've broken this list down into 5 parts: subscriptions, unique coffee beans, coffee equipment, coffee accessories, random coffee-themed gifts, and the coffee gift sets.

Subscription Gifts

A great gift for a coffee-obsessed friend or a loved one is a coffee subscription. It puts the “heavy lifting” of the decision making (i.e. what coffees to pick!) in the hands of the experts.

4 Packs of Drift Away Coffee

Driftaway Coffee is a Brooklyn-based, small-batch coffee roaster with an eye for both quality and equality. They’re invested in connecting the coffee drinkers to the coffee farms that grow the beans and even have a “Farmer Feedback” program that allows you to send feedback right to the farmers themselves.

Their personalized subscription is a great option, especially for any coffee drinker with taste preferences that are hard to pin down. Along with prebuilt gift options, their tasting kit (which consists of four 2 oz bags) is a perfect way to expose your “giftee” to Driftaway’s large selection of high-end beans. Once they have that first tasting kit under their belts, they can use the Driftaway app to track what they like and tailor their subscription accordingly. Read more about Driftaway here.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: The picky coffee fanatic that’s impossible to please (aka your coffee snob friend).
2 boxes and 2 cards

When a coffee company has been endorsed by the likes of USA Today and Food & Wine, you know they have something good going on.

Case in point: Atlas Coffee Club.

Coming to you from the Lone Star state, this Austin-based roaster delivers a variety of hand-picked, freshly roasted, single origin coffees to your door every month.

With Atlas, it’s all about presentation. From the carousel of elite coffee beans to the tasteful touch of including a postcard in each box, Atlas Coffee Club provides you with more than just coffee – they take you on an adventure! Each shipment comes replete with the background of the single origin coffee it contains, along with tasting notes and brewing tips. Read more about Atlas here.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Someone who already has everything they need - because this will give them variety.

Chances are, if you love coffee you also love chocolate. And Bean Box has a unique and elevated view on the concept: pair specific, high-end chocolates with specific, high-end coffees from some of the best roasters in Seattle and Portland.

Their basic gift box pairs eight handpicked coffees from some of the Pacific Northwest's finest coffee roasters with specially matched chocolate bars, chosen to highlight and complement the character of the coffees. Naturally, there are tasting notes for the specific combinations so you can explore the nuances of flavor as they play off one another.

They have a wide number of other subscriptions available, but this one makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves coffee and chocolate. 

Whole Bean Coffee Gifts

Of course, a subscription isn’t always the answer. Sometimes all you need is a bag of good coffee. The only problem… which one to choose? There are literally thousands of choices out there!

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish is a coffee company that delivers some of the most caffeine-packed java on the planet. And we’re not just exaggerating for emphasis here. Whereas your average cup of black coffee delivers a smart, but not too intense, 100-200 mgs of caffeine, a cuppa brewed from Death Wish beans translates into a ridiculous 600+ mgs of the stuff!

Their painstakingly sourced coffee beans are Fair Trade certified and organically grown, ensuring that the whole process of gifting a killer cup of coffee is done above board and with respect to both the farmers and the earth. Read our full review here!

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: The type of person (student, a workaholic, a parent, etc.) who’s always trying to keep their eyes open.
peaberry made from blue mountain

JBM beans are renowned both for their superior quality as well as their incredibly rare status. These beans are from the Wallenford Estate (one of the few places certified to grow and sell 100% Blue Mountain Coffee), and they have a beautiful profile that includes delicate aromatic and flavor notes, from orange and floral to crisp chocolate and mint.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Coffee drinkers who know their coffee beans.

If you’re looking for a coffee gift that will bring shock and awe, you may want to consider getting some Black Ivory Coffee. What is it? Well, another name for it is Elephant Poop Coffee. That’s right, these beans have actually gone on a “pre-brewing” trip through an elephant’s intestinal tract before being lovingly washed, roasted, and packed up in bags.

Fans of the pricey, exclusive beans claim that it creates a delicate cup of coffee with no bitterness, although the flavors themselves include malt, chocolate, cherry, floral, tobacco, leather, and even a hint of grass!

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Any diehard coffee fanatic that has a bucket list of “coffee-musts.”
a cup of steaming hot coffee

While unique and rare beans can be fun to shop for, sometimes it’s simply the gift of the right kind of well-grown beans that leaves the drinker satisfied and smiling. That’s precisely why these beans are in our top four.

If you have a friend, family member, or co-worker who loves their java but wrestles with bouts of heartburn from the higher acid content typically present in coffee, coffee brewed with Volcanica’s Low Acid Coffee Blend can be the perfect remedy to help keep their eyes open, their tummies content, and their minds at ease.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Anyone who loves coffee but struggles with digestion issues, especially heartburn and upset stomachs.

Coffee Brewer Gifts

Sometimes the best coffee gift is simply getting a newer, better brewer! In the modern, Third Wave coffee world there are a whole host of different ways to concoct the perfect cup ‘a joe, from simple yet elegant pour overs to impressive espresso machines.

Breville Barista Express

If you’re looking for equipment for a serious coffee drinker (and have a healthy budget to boot!), you may want to consider getting an espresso maker. There are a lot of great espresso makers out there, but one in particular stands out from the pack: the BES870XL Breville Espresso Machine.

This machine is well-built and powerful for a home espresso machine, so you know it’s going to last.

It also gives the brewer a huge amount of control (which translates into a more hands-on experience), and is impressively well-priced (well below the price of other high-end machines), making the Breville an easy candidate for the best gift espresso maker out there.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Anyone looking for a legitimately high-end espresso maker that is well-made, loaded with features, and affordable.
Silver Coffee Maker

If you have an extremely accomplished coffee connoisseur on your shopping list, an amazing way to help them take their skills to the next level is to get them a manual espresso machine. And if you’re going to look for a good one, the La Pavoni Europiccola Manual Espresso Maker is where you want to start.

While you can easily drop a crap-load of cash on a well-made manual espresso machine, the Pavoni is that perfect blend of quality, affordability, and ease of use, much like the Breville mentioned above.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: The accomplished coffee lover on your list who is ready to take things to the next level!

Nomad Coffee Maker

If you’re shopping for that espresso lover in your life, another, more portable option is the UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine. This fancy gadget is a new twist on the classic manual lever espresso machine, simplifying the process and delivering a steady flow of well-brewed espresso wherever you go. It's small, portable, and doesn’t require electricity or batteries. Perfect for the travelling coffee nomad.

It is a perfect replacement for that clunky old espresso maker that takes up half your kitchen. The unit also comes in Cobalt Blue, Paris Red, and Silk White, giving you some festive colors to choose from that will make it pop under the Christmas tree.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: The espresso fanatic who wants to take their coffee with them no matter where they go.

Wacaco Minipresso

The last straight-up espresso maker on our gift list is both a coffee maker and a fun novelty gift at the same time. The Wacaco Minipresso is a fully portable travel espresso maker.

It does brew a decent shot, and can easily be stowed away in a small pocket of your luggage to be whipped out in triumph when you’re faced with that nasty hotel “coffee in a bag”.

The small size, along with the “all you need are hot water and ground beans” factor make this a nifty novelty gift that can (literally) be kept in a coffee lover’s back pocket.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Espresso lovers who travel.

Bodum Chambord

There's something charmingly old-world and old-school about a French press, and the Bodum Chambord captures it with beauty and simplicity. The heatproof borosilicate glass carafe nestled in a polished stainless frame looks like something Ernest Hemingway or Edith Piaf would have ordered at a little Left Bank cafe.

It's famous for making a full-flavored cup that doesn't filter out the essential oils (or finely ground solids) the way a paper filter does. It's also one of the simplest ways to make coffee: add grounds, pour in water, wait four minutes, and press the plunger.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Someone who will appreciate the hands-on romance of the French press.


What's an Aeropress? It’s the perfect blend of a coffee maker and an espresso maker, delivering the delicious java in under a minute.

The best way to get an AeroPress (especially as a gift) is to look for something like this AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker kit. Particularly if you opt for the full kit with AeroPress Filters and even a tote bag, you can rest assured that you’ll be giving your giftee the whole package.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: This is the perfect way to set up your friends and family with a coffee brewing option that A) comes with everything needed, B) is VERY affordable, and C) is an awesome way to make a killer cup of joe!


The most iconic brewer of the modern coffee movement has to be the Chemex Coffee Maker. Its sleek, glass-blown, chemistry-lab appearance makes it a treat to look at even when it’s just sitting on your counter. Add onto the “gaze in awe” element the fact that it also easily makes some of the best coffee out there, and you’ve got yourself a gift for anyone from the rawest coffee newbie to the most audacious coffee snob. Read more about the Chemex here.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Any coffee lover on your list.

Belgian Coffee Siphon

Yes, siphon coffee makers are still a thing. No, not because they’re convenient or make better coffee than, say, a pour over or espresso machine. It’s because they’re just plain cool!

Case in point: the Belgian Luxury Siphon Coffee Maker.

This elegant machine is designed to raise eyebrows and make sure that anyone who drinks coffee made by one of these remembers the experience. From its extravagant gold & chrome-colored body to its wooden base and heat-resistant glass, this device is sure to bring that spark of pizazz to any coffee lover’s collection.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: This one is for that show-off on your list who loves to stand next to their equipment, grinning from ear to ear, as everyone gawks and exclaims, “you actually brew coffee in that thing?”

OXO Cold Brew

If you've got a friend who's been itching to try cold brew coffee, or who's tired of brewing it in a Mason jar, the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the perfect gift.

OXO makes some of the most respected coffee brewing gear in the business, and their Cold Brew Coffee Maker is no exception. The 4 cup carafe brews enough concentrate for 14 cups of cold brew coffee. Yet it's compact enough to fit on a crowded kitchen counter, and excellent at making just enough for one person to go through in a few days.

These are many of the reasons the OXO Cold Brew is our #1 choice for cold brew coffee makers.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: The cold-brew coffee lover who is ready to take their brew to the next level.

Coffee Accessory Gifts

While coffee and coffee brewing equipment are some of the best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers, the truth is, sometimes they already have everything they need in the “beans and brew” department.

If that’s the case, you may want to consider some of these coffee accessories to spruce up your particular coffee fanatic’s setup.

Stanley Vacuum Bottle

Sometimes you have to look for something from a company with a track record for quality and for delivering on their claims. Such is the case with the Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle.

This impressive coffee thermos is built to house your drinks for a lifetime. Literally, it comes with a lifetime warranty! Made of stainless steel so you know it can take a beating, and leak-proof so you can stow it away wherever you need to without worrying about spills.

The quality make of the container itself also means your freshly brewed coffee will stay hot (or your cold brew will stay cold) for upwards of 24 hours. And, on top of it all, the lid doubles as a cup!

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Your travelling coffee lover friends

Most coffee fans are in it for the experience as much as for the coffee, and when that’s the case, sometimes a good hand grinder can be a perfect gift. You want to get something that will improve your giftee’s equipment rather than hold them back. That’s why our suggestion for a genuinely high-quality hand burr grinder is the OE LIDO 3 Manual Coffee Grinder.

The device (its not an electric grinder) features a 48 mm Swiss-made, steel conical set of burrs. The entire thing is extremely well made, using high-quality parts from top to bottom, and even comes with an anti-static cleaning brush and a travel bag so you can keep it by your side. Inconsistent coffee grounds - a thing of the past!

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Serious coffee-drinking friends who love to travel and keep things simple.

Chorreador Coffee Stand

If you’re looking for a gift for your environmentally and socially conscious coffee-loving friend, you may want to consider the Chorreador Costa Rican Coffee Sock & Stand. This clever device is a wonderful combination of convenience and consideration.

First, you have the sock filter. We’re big fans of these in the first place, as they brew some darn delicious coffee. On top of that, though, they avoid overuse of paper filters, which helps both the environment and your pocketbook.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: The environmentally socially conscious coffee lover that still enjoys the convenience and the lure of clean, trendy equipment.

Behmor Coffee Roaster

If you know anyone who’s passionate about coffee and is thinking of roasting their own, the Behmor 5400 1600 Plus is an incredible gift that gives a coffee nut the ability to roast upwards of a pound of coffee beans at a time in their own kitchen.

You heard us, this nifty little roaster – which sits prettily on your countertop at no bigger than a small microwave – allows anyone to roast their own green coffee beans at home. This is our favorite coffee roaster! See the other picks here.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: That fanatical coffee friend who is ready to take the plunge into the kickass world of home roasting.

Contigo Autoseal

Leakproof, spill-proof, and heat-proof, the Contigo Autoseal is a coffee-loving commuter's best friend. Its double-wall stainless-steel insulated construction promises to keep beverages hot for 5 hours or cold for 12. The autoseal lid is leakproof from any angle, meaning you can pop the Contigo into your briefcase, travel pack, or gym bag and not worry that your files or workout gear will get doused with coffee.

For these and other reasons, the Contigo is our pick for best travel mug.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Your coffee-loving friend with a long commute and a desperate need for on-the-go caffeine.

Coffee Gator Kettle

With all of the focus on coffee beans, grinders, and brewers, sometimes it’s easy to skimp on the basics like boiling the water. However, as any good coffee drinker knows, things like boiling temperature and pouring control can take a cuppa from good to great!

That’s why the Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle is an amazing, quality upgrade for any coffee fanatic’s water-boiling equipment. The classic temperature control gooseneck spout creates the perfect pouring control, restricting the flow of the water and giving the home-barista command over their brew. Our favorite pour over kettle. See our other picks here.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: An already established coffee guru looking for more precision in brewing.

Fred Cool Beans Coffee Ice Tray

The concept is simple. Rather than using regular ice cubes to cool off that iced coffee, pre-freeze some coffee into ice cubes (or more accurately, “coffee cubes”) ahead of time. That way, as they melt, the drink isn’t watered down!

The only problem with making coffee cubes, though, is that if you swap between those and the need for regular ice cubes, you have to deal with cleaning out trays so that the taste doesn’t carry over. The solution? Get a tray just for your coffee cubes!

Of course, if we’re talking about a gift, you don’t want to just wrap up a boring old pasty white ice cube tray. You want to get something trendy, cool, and aesthetically pleasing. The solution? Fred COOL Beans Coffee Ice Trays.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: That iced coffee fanatic in your life. If you know someone who loves to cool off their java on a regular basis, these trays can usher them into a new, less-watered down world!

Coffee Cup Luggage Holder

Calling all fans of convenience! If you have someone on your holiday gift list that travels a lot, you may want to consider getting them the Freehand Luggage Travel Cup Holder.

This is one of those nifty travel gifts that you didn’t realize you needed… until you used one.

Rather than hold that cuppa in one hand while you pull your luggage with the other, why not kill two birds with one stone? Clip this little gadget in between your luggage handles and slip your drink in there.

“But wait,” you object, “I walk with my luggage at a pretty steep incline.” That’s okay! The device is designed to self-level so you can angle that luggage all you want and your coffee will still be upright.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: This is an ideal novelty gift for those coffee-loving dudes and dudettes that are constantly on the road.

First, let’s consider those dratted coffee bag tabs. Sure, they help seal up the bag the first few times, but eventually, they start failing and the bag refuses to close properly. This clip is the perfect solution to ensure your coffee stays closed and doesn’t get exposed to more air than necessary.

This little brass-colored device is actually made of stainless steel, too, so you know it’ll last a lifetime. To top it all off, it’s just a few dollars to purchase, making it a great stocking stuffer!

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: This is the perfect stocking stuffer, providing an affordable, elegant, and practical option that is sure to be useful to any coffee fanatic.

Hario V60 scale

One of the little coffee-brewing details that often goes unnoticed is weighing the quantity of beans and water that you’re using. Sure, you can just “eyeball it” and scoop them into the grinder until you think it feels right, but as any experienced barista will tell you, consistency is KEY.

Of course, with quantities this small, you’ll want to make sure you have a good scale that’s built for the task, which is why we’ve chosen the Hario V60 Drip Scale and Timer.

It measures in as small as .1 gram increments, so you can get as detailed as you need to be; it’s battery operated (no hassle with plugging things in), and auto-powers off after 5 minutes of not being used, so you won’t waste the batteries if you leave it on in your morning fog.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Any coffee guru who takes their brewing extremely seriously.

Unique Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Of course, just because your friends like coffee doesn’t mean you have to get them actual coffee brewing equipment.

If you’re still in need of gift ideas for coffee lovers, sometimes a simple java-themed novelty gift can be the perfect tip of the hat to their obsession.

While many “themed” jewelry pieces can be a bit gaudy, sometimes all that’s needed is a small yet tasteful piece to send the message that you care about those you love… and that, yes, you are well aware that they love their coffee.

This coffee bean necklace is the perfect way to say “I love you, and I’ll brew coffee for you until the day I die.”

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: That certain someone who already has all of their coffee needs met.

Morning Mug

Whether you like your coffee cold or hot one of the best things about drinking coffee is getting to choose the mug. And, as diverse as they can get, a well-chosen coffee cup can be as great a gift as the java that fills them. Of course, there are countless cup designs on the market (many, MANY of which we love!), but there’s one that is hands-down the best: the Morning Mug.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: This one is a great novelty item for parties, white elephant gift exchanges, and any time you know coffee drinkers may be present and in need of a gift to hold their next cuppa!

World Atlas of Coffee

If there’s one thing coffee aficionados love to be, it’s knowledgeable. And we’re talking annoyingly so. From the best kind of bean to the right brewer and burr grinder, any coffee fanatic worth their salt is going to have something to say about their cup of coffee.

So why not give them more of what they crave? No, we’re not talking about the coffee itself here; we’re talking about coffee knowledge!

The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing is an awesome way to equip your java-guzzling friends with a boatload of knowledge to feed their caffeine-fueled obsession.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: This is the perfect “wink and nod” gift to give to any coffee-obsessed friend.

Coffee Mug Warmer

A universal coffee fanatic struggle: how do you keep your coffee hot? If you (or anyone on your holiday shopping list!) are familiar with this age-old coffee temperature dilemma, this Mug Warmer is the perfect solution to your cold coffee woes.

Small and simple, the device is designed to retain the perfect temperature to keep your cuppa nice and warm without scalding your mouth or having to microwave the crap out of it over and over again.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Anyone who consistently has a cuppa by their elbow.

If you’re a fan of trendy furniture, the Lagoon ID5 Coffee Table is the ultimate experience. Made to order from natural stone in the Caribbean, the tables are one of a kind and can take a few months to design. If you’re a fan of customization, you can also have built-in LED lights, phone chargers, and more built right into the design.

A cup of coffee is only as good as the surface that prevents it from crashing to the ground, and with a Lagoon ID5, you know your coffee will be resting on one of the most unique and elite coffee tables on the planet.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: This is by far one of the most high-end, first-class items on our list. It’s the perfect way to utterly flatter someone with a gift that is off the charts!

Gift Baskets for Coffee Lovers

Sometimes you just need something that has already been picked out, pre-assembled, and even pre-packaged.

If you don’t feel like you have the time to pick out the “perfect coffee-themed gift,” you may want to consider one of these coffee-themed gift sets!

Coffee Therapy Gift Set

This “Coffee Therapy” gift set from Thoughtfully is not just a cool coffee mug or a bag of nice beans. It’s all of it put together! The set comes with some nice Colombian coffee, a ceramic mug, and even some really cool alphabet and symbol magnets so you can leave coffee-inspired messages behind as you exit the kitchen, fresh-brewed coffee in hand.

The whole set comes in a box (which showcases what’s inside of it, so be careful when having it delivered!), and is an ideal option for an easy, pre-packaged coffee gift.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: If you’re looking for something coffee-related but can’t decide on a single item to choose, this is a great way to give a thoughtful gift that comes pre-packaged with all sorts of fun items.

Turkish Coffee Set

Do you know any coffee fanatics that are fans of Turkish coffee? If so, you may want to consider getting this handmade Turkish Coffee Set from Turkish Coffee World. The set comes with everything you need to brew up a couple of cups of world-famous Turkish coffee!

Along with the Mustafa Efendi Gourmet Turkish Coffee – which comes specially ground fine enough to brew with this unique method – you get a Turkish coffee pot, commonly known as an ibrik, and two cups and saucers.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Any coffee fan that is interested in the broader, global coffee culture, bringing a taste (quite literally) of what it’s like to drink coffee in Turkey.

One of the latest phenomena in the coffee world has been nitro cold brew. Usually, though, if you’re craving one of these creamy new twists on a cold brew coffee, you need to purchase it from a store after a team of baristas brewed and packaged it in a lab that looks like it came straight out of Breaking Bad.

Not anymore, thanks to the Jacked-Up Nitro Cold Brew Keg. This sweet little system allows anyone to bring that nitro cold brew experience right into their own kitchen.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR: Your cold brew-loving coffee friends that love to take the time to make micro-batches of their favorite beverages at home.

Alex is the Founder and Editor of He is passionate about brewing amazing coffee at home, and teaching others to do the same.