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Coke With Coffee: What Is Coca-Cola’s New Drink?

Want a caffeinated drink that will satisfy your inner child’s soda craving and your adult need for coffee? You’re not going to believe this! Coca-Cola created a solution just for you: a Coke coffee drink!

This innovative and refreshing hybrid beverage “sips like a Coke and finishes like a coffee,” giving you the best of both as the ideal pick-me-up.

Read on for more in this brief, informative article about Coke with coffee.

When And Where Was Coca-Cola with Coffee Released?

Coca-Cola with coffee aka Coke Coffee was released as a pilot launch in 2018 in Japan. It has since been released in over 50 countries. When making its 50th debut in the U.S. in 2021, Coca-Cola partnered with Walmart and DroneUp to deliver this new drink to select interested participants via drones (1)!

If you’re traveling anytime soon, try this Coke coffee drink from multiple places to get a nuanced flavor profile each time.

The recipe and packaging for this Coca Cola coffee drink are tailored to meet the specific tastes that are local to every country! Knowing this, take any Coca-Cola with coffee review with a grain of salt and experiment with making your own Coke with coffee review noting the subtle differences.

Why choose between coffee vs soda when there is now coffee AND soda?

coffee drink option

Coke And Coffee Flavors

Coca-Cola with coffee has 5 different flavors: caramel, dark blend, mocha, vanilla, and vanilla zero sugar. The variety and flavors available change by location.

Coke with coffee dark blend in Canada tastes like Coke. The coffee part is a faint aftertaste and is more suggestive of something extra than anything specific. You wouldn’t know it was coffee unless someone told you. It’s smoother than you’d expect and neutralizes the coffee’s bitterness.

Vanilla overpowers everything in the taste despite still smelling like Coke in vanilla Coke with coffee. There are a lot of fizzy bubbles, a lot more sweetness, and little, if any, coffee taste.

Want to make your own? Here’s how.

How To Make DIY Coke Cola With Coffee

Making a Coca Cola coffee drink is as easy as making traditional rum and Coke. Ditch the rum and add in coffee! Perhaps you have already heard of Fat Americano? Well, there you have it.

Experiment with the types of coffees on hand and the brewing methods available to make your innovative personalized version. Add a couple of drops of vanilla extract or syrup flavoring and start sipping on a sweetened hybrid brew of your own. 

Need some recipe ideas? Check out this YouTube video.

If you are wondering what kind of coffee is in Coke coffee drink, the answer is Brazilian coffee. 

Most Brazilian coffees are natural . . . or pulped natural . . . [this adds] a substantial body, sweetness, smoothness, and complexity to the coffee’s profile.

Brazilian coffee is known for being high-quality, specialty-grade, low in acidity, and distinctive, with a delectable mix of sweet caramel and chocolate notes (2).

Final Thoughts

For brave coffee lovers who want to enjoy the soda-like taste and consistency of Coke, this new Coca Cola with coffee drink offers a harmonious blend of both that works well! This new drink has exploded in popularity and is now offered in over 50 countries, each with its variation.


Coke coffee has 69 mg of caffeine per every 12 oz. shelf-stable can. For reference, a typical cup of coffee has 100 mg of caffeine, and caffeine pills have between 100 to 200 mg per tablet. There is less caffeine in Coke zero vs coffee, with 34 mg of caffeine per every 12 oz. shelf-stable can. It is comparable to the amount of caffeine in Pepsi at 38 mg per 12 fluid oz.

Coca-Cola coffee is not the healthiest option. Be careful if you plan to enjoy your morning coffee and have this Coke coffee drink. Both are best enjoyed in moderation. Check what’s listed on each flavor of Coke coffee nutrition facts for more information.

Yes, coke with coffee is good. If you’re the kind of person with a strong sweet tooth and likes trying new things that are both coffee-related and overloaded with sweetness, then this is for you. The buttery-sweetened Coke notes go surprisingly well with the buzzing bitterness of the coffee. The coffee and flavoring are there, but it is undeniably a Coke through and through.

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