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Caffeine in Death Wish Cold Brew: Is It The Strongest Cold Brew?

A coffee company called Death Wish is sure to make strides toward living life to the fullest. Death Wish Coffee Co. has self-proclaimed itself to have the World’s Strongest Coffee. They took this one step further and sent their coffee to the International Space Station, gunning for the title of Strongest Coffee in the Galaxy. 

How much caffeine is in Death Wish Cold Brew, and is it the strongest cold brew? Let’s find out.

caffeine in death wish coffee

What Is Death Wish Coffee Cold Brew?

Death Wish Coffee Cold Brew is available in cans of 8 fluid oz. as either Slightly Sweetened or no-nonsense Just Black Dark Roast Cold Brews. The recipe features only high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that have been perfected in the trademark Death Wish way by optimizing the boldness of the Dark Roasts while minimizing their bitterness.

Besides coffee beans, no other ingredients are used in these intense brews, except for all-natural sugar in Slightly Sweetened Cold Brews.

Death Wish Cold Brew Caffeine Content

Death Wish Cold Brew’s caffeine content amounts to 300 mg per can of 8 fluid oz. This is roughly equivalent to a cup of any of their Dark Roast or Medium Roast blends or three-quarters of the recommended daily intake of caffeine. Death Wish Coffee has 59 mg of caffeine per fluid oz. (1).

Death Wish Coffee has the highest caffeine content in the highly caffeinated coffee grouping. It is advertised to have twice the caffeine of an average coffee, thus making it the most caffeinated coffee globally by bean (2).

As proud as Death Wish is about the strength of its brews, everyone needs to be mindful of the caffeine consumed simultaneously and over time (3).

It is not advised to consume that much caffeine at once . . . Over time, drinking that much caffeine can cause high blood pressure. And it can cause mood swings from the ups and downs of the caffeine leaving your system

As with anything, drink this coffee in moderation.

Is Death Wish The Strongest Cold Brew Coffee?

Death Wish is the strongest cold brew coffee. For more, read our Death Wish Coffee review.

Why is Death Wish Coffee the World’s Strongest Coffee? Check out this YouTube video.

Final Thoughts

Death Wish Cold Brew coffee is the strongest cold brew coffee with 300 mg of caffeine per can of 8 fluid oz. The bold and bitterless Arabica-Robusta blend makes this coffee live up to its title of World’s Strongest Coffee. If this coffee is strong enough to keep the astronauts running up in space, surely it is strong enough to give you that morning boost.


Death Wish Coffee is so strong due to its unique roasting process. The Arabica and Robusta coffee beans used come from Peru and India, and these are roasted slowly to a dark roast with specific temperature manipulation and timing. This results in a double-strength, low-acidity blend with sweet notes of chocolate and cherry.

Death Wish Coffee is stronger than Starbucks, and death Wish Dark Roasts have 59 mg of caffeine per fluid oz. and Starbucks Dark Roasts have 24 mg per fluid oz. Even though cold brew is stronger than regular coffee, Death Wish beats Starbucks on both fronts. There is 163 mg of caffeine in Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew coffee in 8 fluid oz, compared to the 300 mg in Death Wish Cold Brew in 8 fluid oz.

Death Wish Coffee cold brew is safe if consumed slowly and over a longer period. A healthy adult can safely have 400 mg of caffeine a day or one can of Death Wish Cold Brew. However, a caffeine overdose is possible if more than 1200 mg are rapidly ingested. If you want to be more vigilant in how much coffee you are consuming, try our caffeine calculator.

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