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Espressione Espresso Machine: The Swiss Take On Espresso

You can’t imagine starting your day without the caffeine kick that an espresso shot provides? But you don’t want to measure, grind, tamp, and dial in, especially first thing in the morning? You’ll love the Espressione espresso machine.

Espressione Concierge wows with espresso quality and ease of use. In this Concierge review, we will tackle every aspect of this machine, so you can decide if it fits your espresso needs.

Summary: The Espressione Concierge Machine

Espressione Concierge Machine
  • Super-automatic espresso machine
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Stainless steel burr grinder

It makes excellent espresso. Love the design and quality. Just press a button in the morning, and it grinds the beans and makes fresh espresso with a nice crema.

– Customer Review

Espressione Concierge Review

Espressione Concierge automatic bean-to-cup espresso machine is a compact device that brews espresso and froths milk and does the job well. We won’t lie, it doesn’t compare to the Jura coffee machines, but it offers great value for its price point.

Espressione Concierge Review
  • Design
  • Brewing Quality
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Price for Value

Design – 4/5

Design is a matter of preference, but we think Espressione has a simple and elegant design. The machine is made of stainless-steel and plastic combination.

The bean hopper, LED panel, and touch keys are placed at the top. This makes the front of the machine looks very clean, with only the nozzle and milk frother. You can lift and lower the nozzle, which prevents splashes and is handy for fitting smaller and taller glasses. The minimum cup height is 2.5 in, and the maximum is 6.3 in.

The machine is compact, and it’ll fit under your kitchen cabinets. However, the water reservoir is located at the back. You’ll have to pull out the machine to get to the reservoir each time you want to refill it. The water reservoir capacity is 40.6 oz, which isn’t quite as large as other more expensive automatic espresso machines, but it’s decent. Keep in mind that Concierge does a rinsing cycle each time you brew a drink and use the milk frother, so you’ll have to refill pretty often.

This machine has a stainless steel conical burr grinder with five settings at the side, which you can take out as needed. While more settings would be fantastic, this steel burr grinder is exceptionally sharp and creates uniform grounds (1).

Stainless steel conical burrs create uniform grounds for gold-cup flavor.

Finally, there’s a drip tray that catches the water and a storage box behind it that fits used coffee beans. The front of the machine shines blue during the brewing process. The blue light doesn’t have any special function, but it’s a nice touch.

Brewing Quality – 3.5/5

This coffee maker makes delicious espresso. We were pleasantly surprised by how good it was, considering there’s no pre-infusion. Pre-infusion softly saturates the ground coffee, lets the beans bloom, and results in better extraction and a richer flavor (2).

You can choose between a strong and a medium espresso shot. If you press the larger cup button, you’ll get an espresso with more water, so it’s not as strong. You can also double-tap the selection and get a double espresso. The machine will double grind and make a double shot without waiting and repeating the cycle.

You can also adjust the amount of coffee per cup. Hold the drink button and release it only when enough drink is in your cup. The range goes from 0.85 to 8.5 oz, which is impressive. 

There’s also a hot water function handy for making coffee and tea.

A steam wand froths milk for your cappuccinos and lattes. There’s no option to use espresso pods, but a pre-ground coffee bypass is handy when you want decaf. 

Espressione’s drink options aren’t up to par with these espresso machines that we highly recommend. But, considering Espressione’s reasonable price, the available drink options are more than decent and, most importantly, flavorful.

Cleaning and Maintenance – 4.5/5

Espressione Concierge gets almost full marks for cleaning and maintenance. Because of the machine’s pre-rinsing cycle, you’ll need to empty the drip tray reasonably often. The discarded grounds container has a decent capacity, so depending on how much coffee you drink, you can go days without emptying it.

You need to clean the wand after every use, but this is easy to do. Wait until it cools, and wipe it down with a cloth. You can twist off the wand to remove it from the machine, and the steam wand comes apart so you can rinse it underwater.

You should clean the steam wand after every use to prevent curdle milk (3).

Finally, there’s a little indentation on the side panel, which you push to pop off the wall. You’ll see two orange squeeze buttons, which you press to pull out the grinder. You’ll get a bristle brush with the machine, which you can use to clear out the leftover grounds.

Price for Value – 4/5

While we don’t consider Espressione Concierge a high-class machine, it has a good price-for-value ratio. We have no complaints about the coffee taste. The machine is solidly built, compact, and extremely easy to use. The stainless steel and plastic combo feels durable, so you’ll use it for a long time.

Things we liked:

  • Good coffee flavor
  • Programmable coffee amount
  • Hot water option
  • High-quality grinder

Things we didn’t like:

  • Basic steam wand
  • No pre-infusion

Do Not Buy the Espressione Concierge If…

  • You want to learn latte art: This isn’t the best espresso machine if you want to work on your latte art skills. The frother is very basic. There’s no option to adjust the milk and milk foam temperatures. You can’t choose between different milk textures, for example, a thin foam for lattes or a creamy foam for cappuccino, but it’s always the same. For latte art you should rather go with one of Home Grounds’ favorite Breville’s machine.
  • You want a huge drink variety: If you want the best automatic espresso machine that can make different drinks, this isn’t the best option. You are limited to drinking espresso. There’s no option for regular coffee, drip coffee, flat white, or other drinks.
  • You want complete control over the process: If you want to dial in the espresso and control every step of making your favorite coffee drink, the Concierge isn’t for you. This super-automatic machine does the work for you — from grinding to brewing. All you need to do is push a button to get your favorite drink. For full control over your brew, opt for something like a beautiful Rocket machine.

The Verdict

Espressione is an amazing machine if you want a flavorful espresso with a press of a button. It’s also a great machine if you don’t want to learn latte art and are happy with basic milk frothing. It has a fast heat-up time and a good grinder. It’ll definitely last longer than just a few months and provide you with amazing coffee espresso for years to come.

the front view of the Espressione Concierge Machine
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