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Fabula Coffee: Is This Organic Coffee Worth It?

We’re often looking for a “healthier coffee” but it’s difficult to find exactly what we want. Let’s just put it this way, if you’re a huge coffee lover but have a sensitive stomach or coffee mold allergy issues, Fabula might be the solution to you.

Fabula Coffee is a cleaner, healthier alternative to the run-of-the-mill cheap coffees out there. It gives a smooth taste that stays with you for long. And they roast each bag before delivering it to you.

Read this Fabula coffee review to see if it’s really worth the hype.

Summary: Fabula Coffee

  • Fair trade coffee
  • All coffee variants are 100% organic
  • Low in acidity so it’s ideal for people with stomach issues

Truly the best coffee ever and no heartburn…

– Jason, Fabula coffee customer

The Full Fabula Coffee Review

If you’ve ever wondered what the best coffee beans are, your quest must have brought you to Fabula coffee. This low acid coffee goes easy on your stomach, which means no burning sensation or cramping.

The acid in coffee can cause reflux and gastric ulcers in people with sensitive stomachs. A low acid coffee can be the perfect solution for them.

If you have a sensitive stomach and your doctor asked you to reduce your coffee intake, you should try Fabula coffee.The company uses shade-grown beans from high-altitude small-batch farms. This makes their coffee smooth and low on acid. As a result, you get a pure clean cup that doesn’t upset your tummy. It’s also mold-free.

Hearing that there might be toxins in your coffee would concern anyone, especially since we know that mold illness can be a contributing factor to chronic illness.

Fabula coffee company was formed when the founder tasted the cleanest and purest coffee in the mountains of Peru and wanted to come up with a similar coffee. They searched for the right partner and found small organic coffee farms to create healthier coffee.

Full Fabula Coffee Review
  • Quality, Health, Environment
  • Coffee Bean Selection
  • Brewing Methods
  • Buying Options

 Fabula coffee’s mission is to deliver 100% organic coffee that’s not just delicious but also eco-friendly. And it seems they are successful in that, given the love they receive from their customers as well as small coffee farmers.They follow fair trade practices and ensure that the farmer is compensated decently.

Let’s see how Fabula coffee scores against our quality benchmarks.

Quality, Health, Environment – 4.5/5

It’s a smooth coffee. You’ll feel a well-rounded flavor without tart harshness. You can experience all the notes in the coffee without bitterness. It’s not overpowering and goes down easily. Basically, it’s what every barista aims for – natural coffee sweetness without the acidity.

The bean carries a chocolate-like taste that varies in flavor depending on the roast. Brew it and you’ll experience a sugary aroma with a hint of nuts.

It’s an organic coffee that’s free of mold (1). Some people are allergic to coffee mold. If you’ve experienced sneezing, nausea, watery eyes, or coughing and shortness of breath (2), it’s probably coffee mold. Switch to mold-free Fabulaand get your coffee-fix again.

Even if you’re not allergic to mold, you’ll still feel a difference with organic coffee. There is no pesticide residue on the bean, which means enhanced taste without pesky gut issues.

And that’s not all, Fabula is environment-friendly. They have a partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that plants trees around the world. So when you buy a bag of Fabula Coffee, you help them plant more trees.

Coffee Bean Selection – 4.5/5

Fabula coffee has a wide selection of coffees. You’ll find the basics: light, medium, and dark roasts. But, the coffee also comes in many yummy flavors. One bonus they offer is decaf coffee. They even have Keurig coffee pods so if you hate the idea of coffee sitting on the hot plate for long, this is the choice for you.

Medium roast

I tried the Fabula medium roast coffee. It’s a low-acid, mold-free, non-GMO, single-origin, fair-trade coffee. Lots of features in a single coffee, I’d say.

The packet has a one-way valve to keep the beans fresh long. All beans are pretty uniform in shape and size. Normally other coffees have broken bits at the bottom but there was very little of that in Fabula. The coffee beans are carefully selected and look good.

The medium roast is slightly dark, as expected. There was no bitterness, though I could sense a good flavor profile. The aromas are rich enough to entice you for a second cup.


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Fabula medium roast tastes amazing with French press. It gives a strong cup without any sharpness. It was a smooth cup that went down pretty easily. If coffee makes you happy, these can be the perfect beans for you. As I always say, “more espresso, less depresso.”

If you’re a fan of richer and darker coffee, you should probably skip this one and go for Fabula coffee dark roast. Medium roast is way too light for people who like their coffee like I like my humor: dark. The medium doesn’t give the same robust feeling.

The quality of the coffee shows that it’s roasted carefully. It gives the cup a good body that feels good in your mouth. If you’ve been having your daily coffee at coffee shops because of their premium taste, you can now get it right at your home with Fabula coffee.

Keep in mind that medium roast will not have the same complexity or depth as darker roasts so if you’re an avid coffee drinker, you might want to try the dark roast. Even then, the medium roast can always satisfy your coffee cravings.

Let’s look at some other offerings by Fabula.                                                             

Fabula’s Special brews

Fabula offers various special brews with different roasts. You’ll find delicious offerings such as French Press coffee, cold brew, half-caff, and others.

Light roast gives you the original bean flavor. Taste the original coffee bean and enjoy the sugary sweet flavors of red apple, mixed nuts, and cocoa. Medium offers the classic coffee taste – the perfect balance for a daily fix. The Dark roast helps you kickstart your day with vigor.

fabula half calf

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Flavored coffee

If you want the K-cup, Fabula offers pods in many flavors including vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, chocolate, and cinnamon. However, the bag alternatives are available in vanilla, buttery caramel, chocolate nut, and hazelnut. Most of the flavored Fabula coffees are Caturra variants, which is still pretty rare in the commercial coffee world.

fabula k pod caramel

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Get the right flavor and aroma without the caffeine to keep you awake. There are two decaf variants – medium and dark, so you don’t have to give up dark roast just because you’re off caffeine.


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Fan of fresh-serve Keurig coffee? Fabula has pods for the perfect K-cup. Whether you’re looking for flavored coffee, decaf, or even samplers, you’ll find pods for your favorite variant. And they are sustainably packaged, with each K-cup made of compostable material and paper.


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Brewing Methods – 4.5

Your coffee brewing method affects how your cup will be. If you love different types of brews, Fabula Coffee has many options for you. Let’s discuss the options they offer.

French Press

Enjoy roasted and coarsely ground organic coffee that gives a clean and delicious low acid  brew. Fabula coffee french press brings out a good mouthfeel and enhances the body of the coffee.

french press coffee

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Cold brew

Roasted to perfection, Fabula coffee cold brew has enhanced sweetness that’s perfect for an icy cold brew. It’s coarsely ground so you can get the maximum taste from your beans.


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Fan of frothy foaming Turkish coffee? Enjoy the Turkish coffee brew that gives an exquisite taste and a unique cup experience.

Fabula french Turkish

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Buying Options – 3.5

You can buy Fabula Coffee by visiting their website. They offer retail as well as wholesale options. If you want to try their coffee before buying, they have samplers as well. There are mixed varieties in bags and K-machine pods and you can taste them before going for a larger order.

Fabula coffee offers free shipping on orders above $35, which is a win-win deal.

Also, they have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so if you’re a first-time customer trying their coffee, they’ve got you covered. Don’t like their coffee? Make a claim within 30 days of the delivery date and Fabula coffee will exchange the product or refund your money.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker (who isn’t?), you can get a subscription and get a discount on it. When you order your coffee from their website, you’ll see an option for adding a discount. You can click on it and get a better price for the same coffee.

Apart from this discount, Fabula coffee runs regular promotions and discounts. Some of them offer up to 35% off and maybe even 50% off! They even have a rewards program where you’ll win Fabula points for different actions. Collect these points and get a discount on your coffee.

Things we liked:

  • It’s environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Offers healthy low acid coffee
  • Comes in various flavors
  • Available for different types of brewing
  • Their coffee bags come in resealable ziplock pouches to maintain freshness after opening

Things we didn’t like:

  • Available online only
  • The refund guarantee applies only to first-time buyers
  • Sample options are limited
  • Limited to Latin American origin coffees

Don’t buy Fabula coffee if…

  • You want healthy coffee but from various regions: Fabula coffee is almost exclusively limited to Latin American origins. While Latin America produces amazing coffees, some people have other preferences about coffee origin. For example, you might want to try Ethiopian coffee. Or maybe a Vietnamese variant. Fabula doesn’t offer these options. Instead, look for coffee beans from Lifeboost Coffee or Purity’s finest healthy options
  • You don’t want low acid coffee: Acidity is the crisp or sharp accent you get when you take a sip. If you like a bright, citrusy flavor in your coffee, you’re looking for a high-acidity cup. If not, then opt for something more traditional like some of the best Lavazza coffee beans. Acidity is a prominent coffee characteristic. While some prefer smooth coffee, others like an acidic beverage that offers a sharp taste and slight bitterness.

The Verdict

Our Fabula coffee review is here to help every coffee lover who’s struggling with things like acid reflux. Good news is that Fabula offers a smooth and clean cup perfect for coffee lovers who have acidity or mold allergy issues. This healthy coffee has several flavors and roasts and is available in bags and K-cup pods. With so many features, there was only one thing left to wonder – Is Fabula coffee legit? Luckily, it is. It’s easy to order and tastes great. If you’ve given up your coffee fix because of stomach issues, it’s time to get it back.

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