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16 Funny Coffee Mugs That Will Offend Your Colleagues


As serious as I am about coffee (I mean, I do have a website devoted to it), I know how to have fun with it. A witty coffee mug is one of the best ways to break the monotony of the early morning.

To help you loosen up while you take those first few sips of the day, here are 16 of the funniest coffee mugs from 2016. You can also check out our pinterest page for more.

1 — Let Them Know When You Are Ready

Everyone knows there are distinct stages to the morning’s first coffee, and here is a coffee cup to let everyone know exactly where you’re at. The first half is meant to be enjoyed while stopping anyone from harassing you.

Let this mug run defense during the first 30 minutes of your morning and help you make a quick exit when duty calls.

2 — Not Everyone is Cut Out for the Mug Life

None of us chose the mug life: we were each sucked in by the delicious smell of fresh coffee, and we’ve all stayed here ever since.

Once you’re in, there’s no turning back. This is our way of life, and everyone else just needs to accept it and move out of our way.

3 — The Nerdiest Mug of Them All

The hidden brilliance behind this mug is that it is a great friend finder. If someone has to ask you to explain the joke, then you know this person’s not for you.

Just move on and enjoy the wink from all your fellow nerds who do get it.

4 — Our Favourite Funny Coffee Mug: Embrace Your Inner Cat

You’re cute. Some might even say you’re adorable. People just want to be near you, but hey, someone has to let them know that you play by your own rules. That you basically wrote the book on Punkism.

Let this mug do all the talking for you as you adjust your studded, pink bracelet.

5 — We Prank Only Because We Love

There’s a certain, unexplainable magic to watching your friends hopelessly try to recover from a good prank.

Sure, there is a slight chance that you may need to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation after your friend takes the last gulp from this mug, but that’s why you give it to the cute one in the first place.

6 — Honesty is the Only Way

Why try and sneak by, hoping no one catches a whiff of your coffee, when you could just let your freak flag fly? After all, an honest relationship is a healthy relationship.

This mug will help you make sure that everyone who shares your mornings will know exactly what to expect.

7 — For Those Who Don’t Give a Fox

Need a way to express your views on life, but the boss has a strict no-cursing policy? This mug was made for you.

When other people can’t handle the cold truth, there’s no better way to get your personal philosophy across than with a little wit and charm.

8 — It’s Not Easy Being Awesome All the Time

We’ve all got one person in our life that, no matter what day it is, always manages to have epic stories from the night before. This mug is for that person.

If your personal goal in life is to continuously outdo yourself every day, then you may be that person, and this may be the perfect mug for you.

9 — Let Them Know Where You’d Rather Be

Yoga: what’s that? I just poured myself a fresh cup of tasty coffee, and my bed is calling my name. If I curl up into a ball under the sheets, does that count as yoga?

Leave this mug somewhere easy to reach, because we all know that the less time spent out of bed, the better.

10 — The Struggle is Real

True story: Dante originally got the idea of Purgatory during a brief writing break while he waited for his coffee to be ready.

There were no percolators back then, so the word “perkatory” didn’t catch on until this century. But just as Dante knew, the time spent waiting for your coffee to finish is a special sort of torture.

11 — It’s Important to Set Some Ground Rules

If it rhymes, it simply must be true, and in the case of this clever mug, it most certainly is.

Unfortunately, there are some people in this cruel world who simply just don’t understand that coffee always trumps talkie. Before you’re hounded by one of those people, stop them short by bringing this cup up for another swig.

12 — Embrace the Dark Side

Why ruin a good thing with sugar and cold milk? If you’ve got to dump that stuff into your coffee, then you’re brewing it the wrong way.

The reason I side with ol’ Darth here is because, as a man of few words, he understood that simpler is better, and the same goes for coffee. Brew it right in the first place and you’ll never want to pour in sugar again.

But if you just have to add a little something extra, check out my list of inventive flavor boosters.

13 — Caffiene is for the Strong

Let everyone know just how fearless you are with this fun coffee mug. Decaf is for sissies who are afraid to take on the day with full force, but you will be ready because you’ve got a steaming cup of extra-caf.

Unfortunately, all that caffeine has severely hindered your handwriting, and you’ve forgotten which letters need to be capitalized.

14 — Don’t Be Afraid to Get Serious

It’s not easy to find a mug just as fantastically sassy as you are, but luckily there’s this little guy. Feel free to let him do all the talking for you, unless you are feeling extra spicy and want to throw in a few quips.

Most would think this is a mug for introverts, but really it's a mug for those that are just too awesome to be bothered with all their crap.

15 — You Drink Coffee for Everyone Else’s Sake

Proudly display this mug on your desk and have fun watching as people try and guess its sinister meaning.

Whether they understand the illusion (and the imminent danger) or not is of no concern, because the implication is obvious: when I’m drinking my coffee, you are minding your own business.

16 — AKA “Ruthless”

While you sip on your prison reference mug, your partner in crime will be lounging just behind you drinking out of this one.

Whoever drinks from this cup is not someone to be messed with, at least not until they’ve completely drained its contents. If this is your mug, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a throwing knife somewhere on your person.

To break through the grog threatening to pull you back to sleep, it’s good to have a little morning humor to spark some life into you. Just try not to laugh while you’re taking a swig.

I hope you liked this list of 16 funny coffee mugs. Let me know what you thought in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with your friends!

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