Coffee Gear Reviews and Guides

Quality coffee beans are the life of great coffee, but the gear and accessories you use can greatly affect your coffee’s taste, aroma, and strength. There is a lot of gear out there that can help you make nice cup of coffee while there are some that can make your coffee a whole lot better.

Not sure which coffee maker, accessory, grinder, or roaster to buy for your home? We are here to help you decide. Remember, there are a few factors to consider when getting coffee gear: size, price, your preference in coffee, durability, and more.

Scroll down and check out our reviews on a bunch of espresso machines, coffee makers, coffee making accessories, burr grinders, and coffee roasters to see which ones are worth your money and which ones are not.

Coffee Grinders​

Do not underestimate the power of a good quality grinder. After all, you cannot make a great cup of coffee without a good coffee grinder unless, of course, you are using pre-ground coffee....Which I would NEVER recommend.Without the right coffee grinder, you may never come close to brewing a great cup of coffee. If you wish to make barista-level coffee, it is important to have a good quality coffee grinder in you arsenal.

Below you'll find links to some of our best articles on grinder and grinder reviews, but click the button below to see all our posts on coffee grinding equipment and reviews. We review burr grinders only (never use a blade grinder) and look at both electric and manual options.

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Espresso Machines​

Espresso machines use pressure to force hot water through coffee grounds and leave you with a perfectly extracted espresso shot, which you can then turn into a drink or drink straight as is. The problem is; there are thousands of espresso machines available for sale, making the choice tough. Big machines, small machines, home machines, commercial machines, electric machines, manual machines...the list goes on, and these are only the categories!

Here are our gear reviews of everything espresso. We mostly dive into espresso machines for home use, however we also go in depth into commercial, automatic, lever and small/portable espresso machines. The most important thing you can do before purchasing is to decide on what style/category of machine you want, and then shortlist a few. We've done all of that for you below.

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Coffee Makers

As a newbie home barista or a hobbyist, you are probably in search of a good coffee maker for your coffee laboratory and we are right here to help. The right coffee maker differs from one person to the next and the best one for you depends on a number of factors including your preference in size, style, price, and ability to produce a great cup of joe

In our coffee maker review section we look at a range of different types of coffee makers, and reveal which ones are worth your money; and which are not. We look at drip coffee makers, pour over coffee makers, and everything in between, including your standard home brewers like the french press and moka pot.

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You cannot make great coffee with coffee beans and a coffee maker alone. The thing is, there are many coffee-making accessories that can help you improve the taste of your coffee and coffee-making experience. Who wants to drink crappy coffee anyway? Sometimes accessories are not required, and sometime they are. For example, if you buy an espresso machine; you'll need a tamper. And sometimes, accessories are not mandatory but they are recommended. Eg. if you brew some amazing friggen coffee, put you have nothing but crappy plastic cups to drink it from; well its not going to taste the same.

We have rounded up the best coffee-making accessories and reviewed them to help you decide which ones to get and which ones to ditch.

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