Coffee Makers

It's time to purchase your coffee maker. By now you should already have your grinder, and you want to get brewing! Coffee makers can be expensive so you're doing the right thing by researching before diving in. Below we look at the best coffee makers from each category, then dive into some coffee maker reviews to help you choose. (if you're looking for espresso machines, go here)

Featured Roundup Guides

Heres a list of the top picks for coffee makers from each category. We've looked into drip coffee makers and grind-and-brew coffee makers to find the models which will keep you happily caffeinated, for longer. We've also looked at the best cold brew coffee makers, however we go into more detail further down on the page into each cold brewer. Last but not least, we have rounded up the best coffee makers in the french press and pour over categories; don't miss them.

Best Coffee Maker With Grinder 2019 (Grind and Brew)
You know grinding your coffee right before brewing is the best way to preserve flavor. So why not include the grinder with the coffee maker?
10 Best Single Serve Coffee Makers [JUNE 2019 update]
Need just one cup to head out the door? Here are our choices for the best ways to get to "one and done."
The 9 Best French Press Coffee Makers of 2019
We looked at thousands of french presses, and only 9 are really worth your money. Here are the best picks
Best Stovetop Espresso Makers 2019 [Reviews + Buying Guide]
The classic moka pot has been around since the Thirties. We show you which ones make stovetop espresso as popular as ever.
9 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers of 2019 [Buyer Guide]
Yearning for the clean, bright flavor of pour over coffee? Our guide to the best pour over coffee makers will let you know which one will do the job for you.
The Best Coffee Maker 2019: Drip Coffee Maker Reviews
Convenience and flexibility - the key virtues of the familiar drip coffee maker. Our Buying Guide lists the features so you can get the best for your needs.
7 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers [May 2019]
Cold brew produces some of the smoothest, richest coffee you'll ever taste. Read our review of cold brew coffee makers and start enjoying it at home.
5 Best Siphon Coffee Makers (AKA Vacuum Coffee Brewers)
You don't need a lab coat, goggles, and a Tesla coil to appreciate a siphon coffee maker. But who are we to judge?
5 Awesome Travel Coffee Kits [+ How To Build Your Own]
Nothing says "home away from home" like having your own coffee, the way you like it, wherever you are.

Pour Over Brewer Reviews

Looking for a pour over coffee maker? We've reviewed the best picks here but we go into a few detailed reviews of the best manual brewers below. When choosing a pour over brewer you have to understand that each brewer caters to a different consumer. As an example, some require lots of tweaking, and others are more 'set and forget'. Below we reveal which brewers are best for whom, and give you a clear idea of which you should consider.

The Beehouse Coffee Dripper Review
Stylish, functional, and foolproof, the Beehouse Coffee Dripper makes a great pour over coffee maker for the novice.
The Chemex Review: Functional or Just Funky?
From the Museum of Modern Art to your kitchen counter, the Chemex brings mid-century design - and a damn fine cup of coffee.
The Hario Drip Pot Review – The Woodneck
This all-in-one pour over coffee maker includes a reusable cloth filter specially fitted to its shape. But what's the coffee like?
Clever Dripper Review [An In-Depth Buying Guide]
Those toys that turn from a race car into a killer space robot? This is kind of like that - part French press, part pour over, all cool.
Hario V60 Review: Our In-Depth Review + Buying Tips
Simple, beautiful, well-made - and it produces incredibly clean, rich, flavorful coffee in minutes.
Kalita Wave Review – Why We’re Smiling
With a slower draw-down than some other pourers, the Kalita Wave produces a rich, more fully-flavored cup. Read why.
13 Sexy Pour Over Coffee Stands (And Brewers)
From steampunk to Bauhaus, these thirteen pour over brewers and their stands are part art installation, part brewing technology.

Cold Brewer Reviews

So you need a cold brewer? Great. We've reviewed the top cold brewers here, but below we dive deep into the most popular brewers through our reviews. For each cold brewer, we reveal what features we love and hate; who should buy it, and who should steer clear. 

Our current favourite brewer is the OXO good grips; it ticks many boxes and simply makes amazing cold brew coffee without much fuss. Click and read through our other reviews below.

A Review Of The Filtron Cold Brew Coffee Maker
With two filters and quick setup, the Filtron is consistently rated as one of the top cold brew coffee makers around. Read why here.
Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot Review [Read Before Buying]
Looking to get started with cold brew coffee? The Hario Mizudashi is a foolproof way to make great-tasting cold brew.
A Review Of The Toddy T2N Cold Brew System
More coffee. Less work. We like the sound of that. Find out why the Toddy T2N Cold Brew System offers both.
A Review Of The OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Always thoughtful and creative in their designs OXO's Cold Brew coffee maker is no exception. It solves problems you didn't even know were problems.

Other Coffee Maker Roundup Guides

Ok, so you're looking for a different type of coffee maker? We've reviewed the best drip, pour over and cold brewers above, but since you're reading this i'm going to assume you're still looking. Never fear! Below you'll find our other roundup guides that show you the top picks for brewers, including: best for RVs, best for travellers, best BPA-free brewers and a whole lot more. Click the links below to uncover your next coffee maker.

The Best Bunn Coffee Makers [Top 5 Reviews]
There's an art to picking the perfect coffee maker, and we'll walk you through it in this top-five review.
Best Coffee Maker for RV
Making great coffee on the road has its own set of challenges - and rewards. Read our review of RV coffee makers to keep you moving.
What Are The Best BPA Free Coffee Makers of 2019?
Whether for health or just taste, BPA-free plastic is an important consideration in your coffee maker.
Best Travel Coffee Makers (Portable / Camping Coffee Makers)
On the road or on the go, these portable coffee makers will help ensure you're never under-caffeinated while traveling.
5 Super Fast Coffee Makers [Reviews + Buying Guide]
Let's face it - when we need coffee, we need it right now. Here are five coffee makers that deliver.


A common question we get around here is: "which should I choose: X  or Y coffee maker?". Well, I wish the answer were that simple but the reality (and the answer you don't usually want to here) is: it depends. It depends on you, and what makes you happy! So here are the most common X vs Y product review guides.

French Press vs Drip Coffee – The Difference Is Clear
Do you like a chewy cup of coffee? There's no right answer - but there's the right machine for the answer you give.
Moka Pot vs Espresso Machine – Do They Really Compare?
The moka pot is a beloved part of Italian and coffee-lover culture. So why do many people claim it doesn't make espresso?
Chemex vs Aeropress – Should you Pour, or Press?
We put these two iconic coffee makers up against each other, and test them against a range of criteria. Which one is right for you?
Chemex vs French Press: Pour over, or Plunge?
For some, it's a matter of taste. For others, it's a matter of texture. What kind of brew do these two classic devices make?
Moka Pot vs French Press [The Differences Are Obvious?]
The classic Italy vs. France face-off: two ways of making rich, dark, and strong coffee. But which one wins: la dolce vita, or vive la difference?